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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  December 13, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> now abc 2 news at 11:00. blizzard like conditions in minnesota, 8 degrees in chicago, and roads closing down in indiana. >> is pleasing in florida could in his 32 in miami right now. >> -- freezing in florida. it is 32 in miami right now. >> just a sign of the harshness of this winter blast. it has meant a lot of wind and a really low windchill factor out there. let's take a look at maryland's most powerful radar did you
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make a car and one of those quick snow showers. let's look at some of these wind gusts. we have had gusts of 30 or 40 miles per hour out there tonight. in a sharp windchill. belair is feeling like one below right now. manchester feels like zero. linthicum is nine above. you get the idea. it is a cold, cold night. 29 or so by noon tomorrow as this cold, wintry blast continues to funnel in. we will talk about when things finally let up and calm down a little bit in a few minutes. >> if your house catches on fire you can see and smell the
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smoke. but if there's a carbon monoxide leak you will not see it, smell it, or taste it until it may be too late. we have more on this story. >> reporter: detectors like this one are able to sense the carbon monoxide. we are more likely to use heating sources that can create c.o. builds up. one incident over the weekend that killed two people could be much different if the home had an alarm. they had no chance of surviving carbon monoxide levels about 40 times the safe limits. the men were sleeping in the basement of this home on sunday. investigators are trying to determine the source of the c.o. builds up pay there was no
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detector to alert them. >> his bedroom was in the basement. my first thought was, whoa, what if that had been my baby. this woman plans on adding two more co detectors to her house and she is most concerned with placing teddy bears and flowers on the stairs of the home where two men died. they will place boxes in the area stores to raise money to send them bodies back to guatemala. >> we hope people can open up their hearts and put some money in here. >> reporter: the owner of the home says he was renting to them and according to can a lot every property to have carbon
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monoxide detectors. at ace hardware several customers came to buy a device after he menus. >> what he said to me was, $3999 is not worth -- $39.99 is not worth dying >> the alarm will go off in the levels are extremely low so you know something is wrong and you can get out and take some action before you start showing symptoms. >> reporter: a fair warning could be lifesaving. >> it would have been different if they had even one in the basement. >> reporter: a spokeswoman says virtually every home is susceptible to carbon monoxide buildup which makes alarms
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important. you should have one near bedrooms and one in rooms with fuel burning appliances. we have a link on her website at with more information. >> thank you, cheryl. antonio martinez is not going anywhere could he was in trial until his trial. his lawyers say that he was set up in this. prosecutors say that martinez was grinning ear to ear as he prepared to blow up a military recruitment center. it was a fake bomb planted by the fbi and what is interesting two days listening to the woman who says she is his mother. listen to what our microphones picked up. >> it is not fair. i do not care what people say. he is not a terrorist. i know him. i am the only person who knows him. >> she said that tony is not a
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terrorist. he detonated a bomb near a site in catonsville. police say a driver for a pharmaceutical company was making a delivery in the 2000 block of west pratt when he was approached by three suspects be they kidnapped the driver and took off with 87 crates full of narcotics. cops say they unloaded the drugs into their own u-haul and the driver was left behind unhurt and able to call police. they are working with the fbi and dea. speed cameras are bringing in some serious cash. the department of transportation says from november 1st, 2009, to the same time this year it has handed out more than 379,000 citations paid that is $40 a pop,
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equaling two more than $15 million. transportation officials insist they are not a revenue generator, rather a tool. one judge says that parts of the health-care reform law is unconstitutional. john henry reports tonight. >> reporter: a federal law decision in virginia could put the decision on life support. >> it is not about health insurance, healthcare could is about liberty. >> reporter: judge henry hudson appointed by george w. bush ruled that government mandates forcing individuals to buy health insurance is unconstitutional. >> if we cross this line now were the government can force us to buy a private product that we have given the government the power to force
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us to buy other products could cars, gym memberships, asparagus. >> reporter: judges have dismissed 13 earlier lawsuits against the law. >> we are confident that it is constitutional and two courts have ruled in our favor. >> reporter: these cases are high-profile and the plaintiffs are the states themselves. >> part of our healthcare system needs to be fixed. he imac come expenses are out of control and everyone's needs are not being met right now. but there are better solutions -- yeah, our income expenses are out of control. >> reporter: the department of justice most likely will repeal the case. some sad news to share
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tonight. richard holbrook has died or he was hospitalized friday after collapsing at the state department be he underwent 20 hours of surgery to repair a tear in his ardrey. he played a key role in the afghan peace efforts. he was 69 years old. call him the man of steel. michael steele announces tonight he wants to run again for a second term. it is no secret this'll be the toughest fight of his political career because five other republicans want the same job. he said, i am asking you tonight for your support for a second term. a lot of republicans are unhappy with his fundraising efforts and management style. republicans, independents, and democrats are joining forces for a new movement
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called "no labels" to find nonpartisan solutions to some of the nation's biggest problems. he could not sleep, could not eat, and you are not even playing but such is the life of a ravens fan these days peewee went over to the park to see how fans are managing tonight. >> it has been kind of tough. you can cannot sum game stippled way -- game slip away, it has been tough on ourselves. >> i think tonight we have got it going on peewee are going to beat them good -- and we are
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going to beats them good. >> we have to interesting travel stories to tell you about. would you pay extra to lock in your airfare? would you pay a few extra dollars to lock in your seat? it you'll be running to your computer after you hear this story. you can find prices like you would not believe. almost 40 degrees today. tonight, arctic air continues to flow in. we'll talk about when this begins to let up a little bit right after this. [ female announcer ] safeway talks gift ideas.
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>> more fruits and vegetables are heading to school lunches. it's part of the federal mandate signed into law by the president today. michelle obama was a strong advocate. it is part of her ongoing efforts to combat childhood obesity. >> when school meals are the main source of nourishment for so many kids, we have an obligation to make sure that those meals are as nutritious as possible. >> this new law comes with a
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$4.5 billion price tag and also subsidizes meals for lower income children. your kids will be eating healthier, but what about you during the holiday season? watching your wait is easier said than done. the health-care system has a few tips. use the 50% rule. make half of your plate fruits and vegetables. do not drink your calories. and use your body, burn calories. for a full list of healthy holiday tips, logon to the and click on the health section. plan to pay less. that is part of a new service
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which allows you to hold a seat at any given price to avoid a rise in fare and starts at $5. want to get away someplace warm? what if we told you there is a way to travel in luxury at a low price. we have a password for a members only shopping site. this woman likes to dish about her travel. >> i went to australia and europe for three months. >> these days she has not been able to take off as often. >> having kids, it's a lot harder. trying to create family vacations. >> when she got an invitation to a members only website, she flew to the computer. travel packages are offered at steep discounts. travel expert john discalla
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says these sites have grown because of the economy. >> everyone is looking for ways to save money. >> is also unique and discreet way for hotels to unload roussell low rates -- to unload rooms at low rates. think of it as a flash sale. you can stake a steal for around 30% to 70% off the. >> most are hotels or villas or luxury yachts that are four or five stars. >> you can also pick the type of food that you want to bunk in p she recently used his website to book a weekend trip.
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>> received about $500 on a two night stay. it also included valet parking and a discounted airport fee. >> you have to click fast. there may be blackout days. there is no cancellations, no refunds so check hotel reviews and read the fine print. >> purchaser should make themselves aware of the policies. >> she did her homework and the deep discounts paid off. >> we were able to splurge on other things like a nice dinner. >> there is no fee to join these sites but you have to be invited if you can also log on and place your name on a waiting list. we posted the story on
11:19 pm with all of the links, so check it out. let us know what you think of the deals you make it out there. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> take a look at these pictures. flurries across the county tonight. >> a dome collapsed, what happened? >> in the city. >> is just enough to add a little insult to injury with the lights know you get that cold blast in your face -- the light snow you get with that cold blast in your face.
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take a look. at times there's a little bit of snow coming down in areas. 22 right now. that is so misleading because windchills are in the zeros right now. it is a blustery night. some pretty long streamers coming across the mountains into the central states. these have enough oomph so to speak to get some snow on the ground. this is interesting. you can see these no streamers get a little bit enhanced. kind of like a bay affect snow. you have enough of a updrafts
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to give you a snow flurry. some of these were on the alert -- on the lower eastern shores. temperatures tonight are frigid. upper teens at the best. pasadena is one of the warmer spots. 17 in bel air. wind gusts have been howling all day and all. these will be stronger tomorrow. it will be a harsh one if you have to be outside. wind chills around the single digits tonight. nine above is what it feels like tonight in baltimore. the highs today are in the mid to upper '30s. tomorrow we will stay in the
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20s. i think most of the day all of us in the 20s tomorrow across the central part of the state. let's see how much more frigid is north and west of us. we have way below readings in pennsylvania and west virginia. the good news is the core of that storm system that brought so much heavy snow to minneapolis with a dome collapsed and all of that rough weather that swallowed travelers is now pushing while offshore. the problem is to different areas of low pressure. we have a huge area of high- pressure coming-out of the west. and that wind loves to rush from the high pressure cell to the low pressure storm. right now we have a connection to arctic air. this is cold stuff.
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tonight, 19. tomorrow still some snow showers, 29. windy, frigid conditions paid still quite breezy -- and still quite breezy. the rest of the week does not warm up much at all. 40 on sunday when the ravens come home to play. >> it is cold outside. you might as well get in the christmas spirit. check out these lights. @
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>> this is stan "the fan"
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charles. the big ten, now with 12 teams, announced their new formats today. nebraska will compete in the legends division. in addition to the ravens playing tonight there was a rare second monday night game that was played in detroit tonight. here is a view of the damage in minnesota at the metrodome. here is coached sal alosi sticking his knee out, tripping a miami dolphins player. no word yet undisciplined by the nfl or the jets. go to for more.
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>> are news photographer is out there -- our news photographer is out there, isn't this something? >> is a showstopper. >> look at all of the reindeer. that is a good look. it feels like christmas. it feels like january. really quick, teens out there tonight and tomorrow a slow climb to the 20s. probably our coldest day of the year so far tomorrow. >> it feels like antarctica. >> have a good one. check out you. one rior operations due to
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