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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  December 14, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EST

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>> reporter: the snow that doesn't stick is the best kind before you head out the door. traffic is a good start. light volume early on. no problems north on southbound on # 5. heading towards the tums, that looks good. we have a couple things happening in baltimore including a street closure because of a dwelling fire. homewood avenue closed between's avenue and cokesbury because of a fire. use look rain to get around it. south president street at fleet street there's an accident. wind warnings in place at the key and bay bridges. now back to you. >> thanks a lot. it's straight up 5:00. you may be done but not completely out this morning after the ravens blew a 3 touchdown lead only to pull out a wild one last night against those houston texans to the lone star state we go a highflying high scoring game and baltimore made things interesting until the end. houston tied it up at 28 after going for two in the 21 second
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left in overtime. josh wilson picks off matt schaub and returns it for the game winning touchdown. the 34-28 win over houston in overtime. let's listen to joe flacco after the game. >> it's a lot of joy when you see josh pick the ball off and go into the end zone. was a huge play. you don't rice to have these kind of -- like to have these kinds of games when you are up and to be able to win that after giving it up is pretty big for us right now. >> can you qualify something as tough win? that's hard. ravens improved to 9-4 and moves them into a tie with the jets for the two afc wild card slots. coming up. it's been a daily rue phene for eight years. for one pharmacy delivery truck driver, he would drop off the drugs and do it every single week. except it took a different turn. yesterday, crooks robbed and
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kidnapped a pharmaceutical deliveriy driver and they took him his truck on west pratt street and dropped him off on ford avenue. this is a map of the area we are talking about. sherrie johnson is live at police headquarters in downtown baltimore with more. sherrie. >> reporter: good morning, megan. that's right. this morning, detectives with the baltimore city police department, they are investigating a very different type of robbery this morning. yesterday, three suspects kidnapped a driver with a pharmaceutical company and basically they -- as he was making a delivery in the 2000 block of west pratt street outside the tiny west side pharmacy and wellness center. the robbery stole about 87 crates full of narcotics. they went to ford avenue where police say they unloaded the drugs into their own u haul. now the 55-year-old driver was forced at gunpoint into the back of the truck during that robbery. he was left behind unhurt and able to call police.
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now police say the value of the drugs is pretty significant and right now, city police are actually working with the fbi and the dea to find the suspects. reporting hive from downtown baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> all right. thanks so much. it's 5:02. the wood lawn man accused of a terrorist plot will remain in jail until his trial. antono martinez' lawyers will say that he was set up by feds. the hearing in federal court downtown, prosecutors said he was grinning ear to ear as he prepared to blow up the military recruitment center on route 40 in catonsville. but it was a fake bomb planted by the fbi. listen to what the woman who says she is martinez mother had to say about her son. >> i don't care -- he is not a terrorist. >> how can you be sure? >>i know him. i am the only person that knows him. >> he is not guilty?
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>> i just believe it's entrapment. that's all i am saying. >> she started off by saying tony is not a terrorist. i don't care what the court says he isn't. how can you be sure? i know i am the only person who knows him. some of that was blocked by the wind. the fed say martinez planned the video the explosion after detonating the bomb at the site near catonsville. bwi is marking a milestone this morning. more than one million passengers traveled through the airport last month. that's ion crease of 7.2% from last year. last month was the straight 6th monthly record for passenger traffic at bwi including july, the busiest month in the history of the airport. a storm across midwest is blamed for 16 deaths. indiana authorities say drivers strand on snowy highways have been rescued. more than 100 have been stuck so far. coming up later in the morning on "good morning, maryland" we will look at how other states are dealing with the strong and very slow moving band of
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wintery weather. it's four minutes after five. no one wants to pay more when they are flying. >> but there's a new fee airlines are offering. why one carrier says fare lock is working. it may look like a holiday decoration a winter wonderland. but this happens all because of an accident. we will show you coming up. now for a check of the trains and buses, let's check in with kurt with the mta. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are looking pretty good. we have a delay on the light rail. 20 minutes northbound on the light rail. metro subway operating on schedule. marc trains look good no delays on the penn camden or brunswick lines. the 8 bus 15 minutes late. 5, 8, 20, 23, 40 and 91 buses all diverting at vaultmore and life. for the mta transit team, i am kurt.
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pretty cool video to show you this morning from kansas city missouri. a home is encased in ice. and it's become a tour of the attraction. this was not done for holiday decorations. a water main break in front of the home broke early sunday morning covering the water
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covering home with water with temperatures in the teens and wind chills below zero. the water quickly froze. justin what do you think of that? >> reporter: now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> looks like the citrus crops in florida this morning. we have got ourselves extreme cold down towards the south. and we will show that. at 5: 09, officially 21 in baltimore. 23 in easton. yet, teens outside the beltway. and yes, we have the forecast showing you that we will expect temperatures to stay in the 20s for today. but that is only part of the story. you need to see the wind chill right now which is 7 in baltimore. 17 below in oakland. we pull it back and take you down with the clear, cold air through central florida. 30 in orlando. 35 in west palm beach. and miami 38 but just inland alligator alley you're freezing. they have got problems for the citrus crops down there.
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we will hear more about that coming up later this morning and more on our cold and maybe snow. right now let's hear traffic with kim brown. >> reporter: all right. as you head around the beltway this morning, you won't find problems on the outer loop from 795 to 70. that runs well. inner look looks good between reisterstown road to the 8 3. looks good north and southbound 95. no major problems. and 83s looking good this morning. in baltimore city, that's where we will find a couple issues including an accident on south president and fleet street. dealing with a dwelling fire that has homewood avenue closed between st. ann's and cokesbury. now back to you. >> thanks a lot. 5:10. look at this. baltimore's holiday spirit shining bright. the decorations. abc2 news photographer preston mitchum spotted it at a home on joppa road in parkville and we wanted to show you the holiday spirit going strong. look at that. >> that's amazing.
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i like the deer with the moving heads. we can use your help make holidays brighter for needy kids in the area. our 12th annual kindertime toy drive is in full swing. this we are year helping the kid make a little music. we teamed up with the baltimore symphony orchestra. if you have old instruments, bring them in. and if you want a list of all that you need to donate or we could use or even the drop off location the, it's on the website. go to and click on kindertime link under the marketplace tab. it's 11 minutes after the hour. are you looking for a way to get awhich with a price that won't break the bank? a lot of new sites are there to help you do that. coming up, jammy costello looks at a few sites inten to help you travel the world without having to sell your soul. [ male announcer ] earlier today, your living room s s game day central.
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fare lock. a service allowing you to hold a seat at given price to avoid rising airfare. it can vary depend on the eye tennary and other factors itinerary and other factors but starts at 5 bucks from there's a way to travel in luxury at a low price. jamie costello has a look at a members only shopping site. >> reporter: aaron likes to dish about travels. >> i went to australia and europe for three months and it opened up a new world. >> reporter: these days she has not been able to take off as often. >> having kids, it's harder. we do try to create family vacations, but it's slowed down. >> reporter: when erin got an invitation to a members only travel website she flew to the computer and invitation opens the door to sites like jet setter, ruela a. and where travel packages are offered at steep discounts. travel expert known as johnny
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jet says these sites have grown as vacation budgets have shrunk. >> the ecomony tanked a couple years ago and everyone is looking for ways how to save money. and unique ways. >> reporter: it's unique and discrete way for hotels to unload rooms at low rates. here's how it works. members get an e-mail announcing a travel sale. deals are posted for a week in advance or until they are sold out. think of it as a flash sale. and you can snag a steal for around 30% to 70% off. >> most are hotels or villas or even luxury yachts, some are cruises. and it's all four or five star. >> reporter: domestic international and island get aways are available and on- site, you can pick up the type of room you want to bunk in. >> the garden view to a double and king and suite. each hotel has a great variety. >> reporter: now erin used this website to book a weekend trip with her husband. knee saved probably about 400 dollars on the two-night stay
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and it also included the valet parking and discounted the resort fee. >> reporter: the key to deals like erin's you have to click fast. the travel windows available are limited and there may be blackout dates. paying attention to the date is everything for the sites because there's no cancellations and no refunds. you can rarely change the date. >> reporter: so check hotel reviews and read the fine print. >> when members make purchase on any travel website be aware of any limited restriction that may apply. they outlight what the policies are. >> reporter: erin did the homework ants discount paid off. >> when we are away, we were able to splurge on other things like a nice dinner. >> so there's no fee to join the sites but you must be ensighted or sponsored by another member. you can also log on and place your name on a waiting list. so we put the story on the travel section on with all the links. if you want to check it out,
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you can find out what the deals are for you. now, maryland most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> well, good morning on this tuesday. the clock is about to turn 5:18 and temperatures currently 21 degrees. but -- but we go back to yesterday a. high of 39. that he a kurd just after midnight. we spent the afternoon sliding below freezing and into the 20s. they stayed to the 20s back towards the west, they are in the teens this morning officially 21 here in baltimore with the wend chill of 7. that's the calculated average wind and occasional strong gusts that will burst higher. the wind chill will go lower. a lot of us are low single digits to near zero is what it feels like and colder towards the mountains them. a snow flying out there. we have flurries and a band of light snow to the west of baltimore this morning. you can see that highlighted here. the strong winds carried the snow showers across the great lakes. they dry out across the
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mountains, there's some enhancement and upper level strong winds that help to carry some of the snow bands. even on to the eastern shore they got flurries this morning in sals bury and lower portion of the delmarva. let's show you what's happening across the east while we are watching a storm system is winding up across new england and helping to stir up the strong wndz along the east coast. the jet stream has dipped down or dove down to the south the last couple days and will park here for the next couple days. the colder air surges into the south. we talked about the subfreezing temperatures in central florida. there's also a couple disturb ands sliding through enhancing snow bands this morning. another one sliding out of the northern plains. tough to see on the edge of the screen. that will ride its way through the south and south of the mountains and pass off the east coast. it will be close to us but could give us a shot of getting into some more light snow on thursday. if not, baltimore south, there will be some more snow and it looks like southeast virginia
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beating us on the snow and that may continue with the next event on thursday. now, the other thing to keep in mind is the temperatures. and i want to let brett know the temperature in atlanta georgia is 15. that's colder than here in central maryland. the cold air dives south and pushes east and we are locked in a few snow showers or flurries. a wind advisory with gusts up to 45 miles per hour. regardless of maybe reaching 29 as the two degree guaranteed, it will feel like the single digits and teens into the afternoon. 15 overnight. we will match atlanta's number by daybreak tomorrow with clearing skies and partly cloudy. maybe a flurry tomorrow with temperatures back to 30. now there's another shot of snow in the extended forecast. we will talk about that in a few minutes. right now let's talk about traffic with kim brown. >> reporter: this morning, traffic is off to a good start driving through anne arundel county. no issues on route 50 or i-97 this morning. there are wind warnings in place at both the bay and key bridges. keep that in mind. looking live at the beltway on the west side, 695 at liberty
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road, traffic is picking up a little bit. no major delays or any problems right now. we have a couple incidents in baltimore city including an accident at president and fleet street. a crews are on the scene of a dwelling fire that has homewood avenue closed between st. ann's and cokesbury. >> thanks a lot. 5:21. we know they can be addictive and if you abuse them they can destroy your life. >> we are talking about pain killers. there's a study that questions whether taking them to ease the pain is worth it. ready sensei.
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