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tv   News  ABC  December 14, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EST

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in westminster. here maryland's most powerful doppler radar. we can highlight the snow frederick and montgomery county and some of it will try to slide off toward the east. you may see a band of snow crossing i-70 and into howard county over the next hour or. two but most of the stuff has been locked to our west. look out for the wind advisory. flurries of snow showers, 29 will feel like single digits or teens. here kim with more on how the wind is affecting traffic. >> reporter: that's right. wind warnings are in place at
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the bay and key bridges this morning. so keep that in mind. and you could see the occasional icy patch on the roadways. watch your speeds making are way on and off the exit ramps and on the bridges and overpasses. fortunately, we are off to a quiet start around the beltway. no problems on 695 at providence road. very light volume. no delays at this time. we have the two incidents in baltimore city including a crash at south president and fleet street and homewood avenue is closed between st. ann's and cokes bury because of a dwelling fire. traffic is diverted on loch raven road. now back to you. >> thanks. it's 5:32 right now. the health care overhaul has suffered a setback. a federal judge ruled part of the reform law unconstitutional. as john hennedrin. >> reporter: , the case could wind up in the supreme court. >> reporter: a federal judge decision in virginia could put the president's signature program on life support. >> the case is -- case is not about health insurance. it's not about health care.
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it's about liberty. and the judge said as much in his order. >> reporter: the judge hudson appointed by george w. bush ruse the mandate forcing individuals to buy health insurance is-counsels tuesdayal. >> if we cross the line now the unconstitutional line where the government can for us to buy private product and say it's for our own good, then we will give the government the power to force us to buy other products. cars, gym memberships, and asparagus. >> reporter: white house response, virginia's decision is a minority view with judges having dismissed 13 earlier lawsuits against the health care law. >> we are confident it's constitutional and quite frankly of the three courts that surrendered -- rendered decisions on this question, two have ruled in our favor. >> reporter: this case and another in florida with arguments on thursday are high-profile. the plaintiffs are the state themselves in the florida case, 20 of them. >> part of the health care system obviously needs to be
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fixed. yeah, expenses are out of control, and everyone's needs are not being met right now. but there are better solutions than giving up our freedom. >> reporter: that's a point courts could take months or years to decide. a senior obama administration says the department of justice most likely will appeal the case. a case that may end up in the supreme court. abc news, washington. time 5:34. 21 degrees outside. president obama says diplomat richard holbrooke was true giant of american foreign policy. president went onto call him one tough son of a gun. he died last night after having heart surgery. holbrooke was hospitalize after colappetting -- collapsing at state department e played a key role in the afghan peace effort and brokered a peace agreement between the warring bosnian factions. michael steele plans to run
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for a second term as the head of the republican national committee. this will be one of the toughest fights of his political career because five others want the job. steele kep the decision secrets until a conference call last night. a lot of members of the gop are unhappy with the fund raising efforts as well as management style. dramatic video caught on tape. >> yeah. police officer stops to help an accident victim and when he is hit by a car, we will show you what happens. and the slow moving storm that brought bone chilling cold and dropped heavy snow moves out to the midwest. and we will show you all the problems it caused. time for a look at trains and buses throughout the metro area. good morning kurt. hope you are warm this morning. >> reporter: yes, once i got in the building. that's good thing. we have of course warm bus and trains out there moving folks along and a delay on the light rail northbound running about 20 minutes late. metro subway on schedule. warm buses are moving along. 8 bus with a 15 minute delay.
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welcome back. mid-december seems too early to deal with icy arctic blast. >> but the brutal weather system that dumped feet of snow in the midwest is moving east dropping temperatures into a deep freeze. abc karen travers has latest. >> reporter: winter doesn't arrive for one more week, but this early season storm made quite an impact. in northern indiana, icy conditions high winds and six foot snowdrifts made interstate highways impassable. state troopers used snowmobiles to reach drivers stranded in their cars some for more than 12 hours. >> i am stuck because i can't go back north or west or east. so what's left, you know? so technically you are stuck. i can move but i can't go nowhere. >> reporter: one tow truck driver was digging out vehicles for 17 hours. >> i ran into one lady down there and she was in tears. she couldn't function in the car. it was really disorientating.
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>> reporter: with the storm moving out of the midwest, crews in minneapolis are work around the clock to shovel off the ripped apart roof of the metro dome stadium. the goal, get the roof and the field back in shape for next week's game. >> everything is a challenge, right? >> reporter: the storm bitter cold air reached as far south as florida where the governor declared a state of emergency. and citrus growers are worried about losing crops. >> we are not ready for this. certainly last week we were enjoying nice weather and now to get bombarded with freeze or below temperatures, so it's a concern. >> reporter: more than half the country felt the effects of the massive winter system and the cold weather is not going away any time soon. >> the cold behind it, that will be impacting mostly the eastern third of the country at least another day or two. >> reporter: so far, there have been at least 14 deaths attributed to this storm. and officials are urging people to take precautions to stay warm and stay prepared.
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karen travers, abc news. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. to warm your spirits look at this bag with the snowman i got. it was -- dish was visiting north carroll high school and hang out with the foot forecast team that you will see on a special airing this weekend. north carroll and everybody else dealing with a chill. it's teens outside the beltway. but officially 21 in baltimore. 23 in easton. wanted to calculate the wind and show you it feels like seven in town 11 in easton and that's not a advertisement for your morning slurpee which is probably the last thing you want. look at oakland, the wind chill is 15 below. the rest of the east coast, they are talking about a deep freeze in the south. look at florida this morning. it's currently 30 in orlando. there's ice on makeey's ears.
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35 in west palm and 38 in miami. we are going to stay at 29 today a wind advicery are gusts to 45 miles per hour and occasional flurries. here's kim with the traffic. >> reporter: well, traffic is a fairly smooth start this morning. as we look live at the beltway, traffic is flowing freely on the northeast side at providence road. no problems heading towards the top side on the 83s and outer loop headed around towards 795 towards 70. traffic looks really good. we are dealing with one crash in baltimore city at south president and fleet street. we still have a road closure in place because of a dwelling fire at homewood avenue which is closed between's and cokesbury. stay with us, there is more of your news, weather and traffic when "good morning, maryland" comes back after this.
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it's 5:45. you know folks, thee are the games that will drive you to drink. the ravens looked like they were in control and would beat the texans by four or five scores but the ravens d collapsed to come alive again in overtime. to houston. the texans tie it at 28 after
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going for two point conversion. 21 second left in regulation and that send us to overtime. oh, but in that extra frame, josh wilson picked off matt schaub and returned it for the game winning score stealing the ravens win 34-28 in ot. so with the d giving it up at regulation, they can take it away in ot. >> quarterback threw it inside, and i said this can't be happening. and, i was concentrating catch the ball. and the game was over. >> our guys overcame a tough situation and found a way to win. >> the ravens included 9-4 and moved into a tie for the jets for the two wild card playoff slots. baltimore 16-1 against sub.500 teams during the past two years. 5:46. the wood lawn man accused of a
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terrorist plot is going to stay in jail up until his trial. antono martinez' lawyers claims was set up by federal agents. at a hearing in federal court downtown prosecutors say martinez was grinning grinning ear to ear as he prepared to blow up a military recruitment cornet route 40 in catonsville. but it was a fake bomb planted by the fbi. listen to what the -- listen to what the woman who says she is martinez' mother says. >> [audio not understandable] >> i don't care he is. >> the terrorist. he is not. >> how can you be sure. >> i know him. i am the only person that knows him. needs guilty? >> i just believe that it's entrapment. >> the fed said martinez planned to video the explosion after he detonated the bomb from the site near catonsville. new reports that george hughley the former university
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of virginia lacrosse player could get a plea deal. they don't plan the death penalty. he is charged with the murder of yardley love. he admitted to police he fought with love shake her as her head repeatedly slammed against the wall. baltimore speed cameras bringing in some serious revenue. baltimore's department of transportation says from november 1st of 09 to the same time this year it hand out close to 379,000 citations. megan, do you have any. >> no. none. are you kidding. no. i do not speed. >> receipt reely? $40 a pop that equals a total of more than $15 million for the city. the city leaders and department of transportation officials insist the cameras are not about generating revenue but calling it a safety tool. and new this morning, we are learning a lot more about the
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plans to build slots parlor nearan arundel mills mall. a developer says temporary casinos with 2000 slot machines would be built on the ground floor of the parking garage and the first phase of the casino would open in late 2011. cordish president says the full complex would open about a year later. a consume are alert this morning. walgreens and mcdonald's say that they have had unrelated security breaches. walgreens says hackers gained access to a list of customer e-mail address and sent spam seeking personal data. mcdonald's says a subcruetor improperly handled data from customers who signed up for certain promotions. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar, and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> a bitterly cold day yesterday that seemed to get colder and colder. the high temperature early on 39 degrees. we had some snow that did not amount to too much.
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but temperatures continue to slide below freezing during the afternoon from any spots where they stayed in the 20s to the west. now we have a full grip across the reasonableon, we look at the almanac and we are not close. on this 14th of december, the normal low of 28 degrees. it's close to the forecast high for today. so nowhere near the 46 degree mark we would expect. record of 11 was set in 1960. 719 high mark in 1929. and the sun up at 7:18 and goes down at 4:45. satellite and radar composit during the morning hours highlights a band of streamers. coming off lake erie they ride up the algeany plan toe and dry out. we have a little hit back towards montgomery county and another hit near salisbury and he essentially that's it. snow showers and flurries. nothing accumulating around these parts. but there will be the bitterly cold win as low pressure churns up and spins across northern new england and eastern canada. the wind will increase during the afternoon as we expect high temperatures essentially stuck in the 20s with wind chills
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that can be stuck into the single digits as gusts reach 45 miles per hour. you can see the storm winding itself up, up towards the northeast. and with that in mind, we watched the jet stream work to the deep south opening up the floodgates of cold air all the way down to florida this morning. we are watching a little disturbance to the west that may ride the upper level winds, could stay just to the south. we may get clipped by that. but that would be a thursday event. there's a possibility we do get a little snow. but the forecast models indicate we may have flurries and clouds stuck around today, we lift that pattern on thursday. and there's the next system and we will watchite if it skirts to the south or clips with us another chance of light snow. 29 with wind adviews ris it will feel like single digits. teens overnight and tomorrow expecting a high of 30.
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wind ease up a little bit. temperatures come back a little bit. but thursday, a chance of light snow a possible coastal storm again on sunday. records this morning the winds are playing a part in the community as we have wind warnings in place as you head towards bay bridge and the key bridges this morning. as we look live at the beltway, however, traffic is beginning to build a little bit on the outer loop side. but we are incident free around 695. no problems up and down the 95 corridor. 83 is checking in good. look live at the maps -- looking live at maps, a earlier accident at south president and fleet street are being cleared. but homewood avenue in the 2200 block to the 2400 block of homewood avenue is closed because of a fire that has confirmed with a fatality. it's going to be closed between st. ann's and part of bartly is shut down. traffic is being diverted on loch raven road. avoid the area until they get it cleared up. no problems on the jfx, tunnels checking in without issues. maryland -- stay with us,
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oh, i see. a throne for the tv... room for movies... your workout gear... non-stop football... it's a man cave! the boys next door will never leave. who says we want them to? 5:55. we have breaking news this morning. baltimore city fire officials confirm that five people have died in an early morning house fire in east baltimore. the fire started around five this morning in the 2000 block
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of homewood avenue. at least three row homes caught on fire and investigators say the wind played a huge role in this causing it to go all the way up to 2 alarm. this forced fire fighters to evacuate from the home. in news from around the nation, this morning, video from cincinnati. remarkably a. police officer doing okay after surviving a serious accident. take a look. he stopped by the side of the road to help someone in a wreck when another driver lost control and hit them. they were pinned between the car and a concrete barrier. both taken to the area hospitals and doing okay. official say slick icy roads are partly to blame for that very dramatic crash. check this out. a block in one oregon town is now below the street level. this incredible huge sink hole opened up in astoria. crews fenced off the area so no one could get near it and get hurt. officials say the rain likely caused the block to collapse.
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