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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  December 14, 2010 6:00am-6:30am EST

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baltimore. the kidnappers made off with close to a hundred crates of narcotic. accused of planting a dummy bomb and hear what his alleged mom had to say about her son. i still can't believe it happened. >> the win is a win is a win. we will keep telling ourselves that after the ravens d gives up a 3-touchdown lead only to pull it out in overtime. good morning. thanks for joining us. it's december 14, tuesday morning, i am megan pringle. >> i am charlie crowson. the big story is the winter weather. what's in store for us for the days to come? let's turn things over to justin berk this morning who is so happy that it's that time year. >> that's got to put you in good mood right? a happy snowman in a bag. want to thank the students at 's forecast and the folks at north carroll high school in carroll county yesterday for hosting an
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event that we will talk about coming up this weekend. i wanted to say good morning to them and let them know that we have got the deep chill and i've got the gifts. i feel hike i raided the utility closet. we have dangerous cold this morning. the strong gusty winds could be gusting as high as 45 miles per hour. we have a wind advisory. there's a winter weather advisory to the west. but that is mainly in the form of snow showers and flurries. nothing too bad accumulating on the roads. hook at this, 18 in arnold and sykesville and westminster. manchester is at 15 this morning. warmest spot is rock hall, and they are at 22. wait until we calculate the wind chills for you coming up in a moment. look at maryland's most powerful doppler radar. wanted to show you president ribbing mont -- fred like montgomery county. the snow showers are extending towards harl with a light coating on the ground. that's it. we are looking at flurries and snow showers. teens and low 20s this morning. only 29 this afternoon. kim. >> reporter: everyone headed out the door is glad to know that
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snow is not going to be a big problem for the morning commute. if you are heading on southbound 795, all lanes are open and traffic is flowing freely. 695 at liberty road the inner and outer loop moving well. no problems or delays up and down 95. harrisburg expressway look good. only incident we have is a street closure in baltimore city. you will find the 2200 block to the 2400 block of homewood avenue closed between st. ann's and cokesbury and closures along bartlett because of a fatal fire. and crews want you to avoid the area until they clean it up. no problems at the tunnels and jfx reporting in without issues. two minutes after six and we have breaking news. baltimore city fire officials confirmed that five people have died in an early morning house fire that happened in east baltimore. the fire started around five this morning in the 2000 block of homewood avenue. at least three row homes caught on fire. investigators say that wind
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played a huge factor in this fire that caused it to go to a two-alarm fire. this forced fire fighters to evacuate from the home. in other news this morning, you may be a little down and out after the ravens blew a 21- point lead to pull out a wide game last night on monday night football against the houston texans. it was a high scoring affair and baltimore made it interesting up until the end. houston tied it up with 28 all with 21 second left in the fourth quarter. but then in overtime, this is the game tying touchdown pass and two point conversion to ot we go. matt schaub drops back and josh wilson returns it 12 yards. baltimore wins 34-28 in a win over houston in overtime. here's derek mason after the game. >> regardless of what happened in regulation, as long as we got the win that's all that matters. stuff like this is going to happen in the nfl, you know. there's plenty of games that
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went into overtime this year and this is one of them. i think we have had two. luckily we pulled out this one. >> they are now 9-4 and move into a tie with the jets for the two wild card spot. nabbingo ravens are back home this sunday take on drew brees and the saints the defending superbowl champions. kick offset for one. thieves pulled off a really sophisticated robbery in west baltimore yesterday morning. police say the driver for a pharmaceutical company was making a delivery in the 2000 block of west pratt street when he was aprobed by -- approached by three men one with a gun. they kidnapped the driver and took off with 87 crates full of narcotics. they then went to ford avenue where cops say they unloaded the drugs on their own u-haul. driver was left behind unhurt and able to call police. city police are working with the fbi and the dea in part because of the huge a drugs stolen in this certain circumstance. the man accused of trying
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to blow up a military recruitment senter will stay behind bars. antono martine lez stay in jail until his trial. his lawyers will say he was set up by feds. prosecutors say martinez was grinning from ear to ear as he prepared to blow up the recruitment center. but, turned out to be a fake planted by the fbi. what was really interesting is that the woman who claims to be martinez' mom what she had to say to report erstwhile leaving the courthouse. >> i don't care i don't care what they say. he is not a terrorist. no he is not. >> how can you be sure. >> i know him. i am the only person that knows him. >> notes guilty? -- he is not guilty? >>i believe it's entrapment is all i am saying. >> the first part says he is not a tear of the i don't care what the court says. how can you be shoe and she said i know him. i am the only person who knows him and you heard the red. the fed said he planned to
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video explosion after detonating the bomb at the site. the fbi began their investigation because of a facebook post he made about violence and ending muslim oppression. george hughley, former university of virginia man's lacrosse player charged with killing his ex-girlfriend could get a plea deal. prosecutors don't plan to sect death penalty against hughley. he is charged with the murder of cockeysville native yardley love at her off campus apartment. he admitted to fighting with love shaking her and he says he stole her computer and tossed it in dumpster. six minutes after six. if your house catches on fire, you can see the smoke and smell it and you have show detectors to alert you first, what about carbon monoxide. you won't see it or smell it or taste it until maybe it's too late. but a detector could have saved two lives of two baltimore county men over the weekend. they were sleeping in the basement of a home when a co
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leak killed them. carbon monoxide is the odorless colorless killer. next door michelle smith has two co detectors in her house. she plans on adding more. >> my oldest son, his bedroom is in the basement, you know. so my first thought was wow. what if that was my baby. >> several customers came in to buy the device on monday after hearing the news. carbon monoxide detectors cost a little more than smoke alarms but difference could be life saving. time 6:07. head of the republican party and prince george's county native michael steele announces he is going to run for a second term. this will be one of the toughest races with five other republicans also wanting's job. he kept his decision a secret until last night on a coffins call with fellow members of the gop. he said "i am asking you for your support and i am asking you for your vote for a second term." a lot of republicans appear to be unhappy with his fund raising efforts and
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management style. it looks like you will be able to play your first slots game next year. a developer said the temporary casino with 2,000 slot machines and limited menu bar would be built at the first floor of the -- floor of the park garage next to the mall. parking garage will be built starting early next year and the temporary casino could open at the end of next year. here's video of the final casino project. the casino with nearly 5,000 slot machines nice restaurants and a concert venue is expected to open in late part of 2012. the ravens and texans were not the only game in town last night. because of the collapse of the metrodome on sunday, the giants and vikings faced off at detroit's ford field. brett farv had the record streak of 297 consecutive starts at quarterback end in detroit. the 41-year-old was inactive because of numbness in the throwing shoulder. afterwards he called the streak a great run.
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the new york giants took advantage of farv's new role aspect tateor and they beat up on the vikings 21-3 in the process. the giants sacked farv replacement jackson four times and moved back into first place with a tie with the eagles atop the nfc east. both teams are at 9-4. we are a little more than a week away before the official beginning of winter. >> but it doesn't feel that way in maryland and doesn't look that way in the other parts of the country. the winter is not over yet. and your kids love cereal and you figure it's because of the sugar. a study says that's not what they are craving in the morning. we will explain. he died last year burks the michael jackson album is going to hit store shelves today and songs that date back to the thriller era. but before we go anywhere, we will look at the latest business news happening right now. >> reporter: good morning. we begin your money scope report with fewer homeowners under water. about 10.8 million households owed more than their houses were worth in the third quarter.
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down from 11 million the previous three months. but the decline was mainly because more homes had fallen into forechosure and not because home prices rose. yahoo is laying off as many as 700 workers reduing the work force by 5%. it's the a struggling's company late of the attempt to cut cost as they try to turn themselves around. the chevy vault will be on road in days. first batch left the assembly plant monday head fog texas california washington dc and new york. and another new fee from the airlines, but this one is optional. continental will let you lock in fare before you buy a ticket costing at least $5 to hold a reservation for three days and $9 for a week. that's your money scope report.
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welcome back. mid-december seems too early to deal with icy arctic blast. but that brutal weather system that's been dumping feet of snow in the midwest is dropping temperatures to near zero kins eastward. factor in the wind chill and readings are near zero in many parts of the country today. abc karen travers has the latest. >> reporter: winter doesn't officially arrive for one more week, but the early season storm made quite an impact. in northern indiana, icy conditions high winds and six foot snowdrifts made interstate highways highways impassable. state troopers used snowmobiles to reach drivers who were stranded in their cars, some for more than 12 hours. >> i am stuck because i can't go back north or west or east. so what's left? you know. so, yeah, technically you are stuck even i can move but i can't go nowhere. >> reporter: one tow truck driver was digging out vehicles for 17 straight hours. >> i ran into one lady down
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there and she was just in tears. she couldn't function in the car. it really disorientating down there. >> reporter: with the storm moving out of midwest, crews in minneapolis are work around the clock to shovel off the ripped apart roof of the metrodome stadium. the goal is to get the roof and the field back in shape for next week's game. >> everything is a challenge, right? >> reporter: the storm bitter cold air reached as far south as florida where the governor declared a state of emergency. and citrus growers are worried about losing their crops. >> we are not ready for this. certainly last week, we were enjoying very nice weather and now to get bombarded with freeze or below temperatures it's a concern. >> reporter: more than half the country felt the effects of the massive winter system and the cold weather is not going away any time soon. >> the cold behind it that will be impacting mostly the eastern third of the country at least another day or two. >> reporter: so far, there have
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been at least 14 deaths attributed to this storm. and official are urging people to take precautions to stay warm and stay prepared. karen travers, abc news. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar, and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. all right. good morning. k4r-67b 15 on the chock. looking at maryland's most powerful doppler radar, there's been streamers through frederick montgomery county all night long. they have been clipping laurel and doing so right now dropping enough to coat maybe the windshield on the cars and some of the ground. with you not much is sticking like we dealt with yesterday morning. it's flying and falling and looks like it on doppler radar, but it's not doing much on the ground. overall, it could be sliding through sections of anne arundel back towards howard county even baltimore city over the next hour. so we will continue to watch this. an extension of the streamers are continuing in the lower eastern shore where they are getting flurries in sals bury and ocean city. it's not the true story here.
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it's about the temperatures. widespread 20 degree readings will match the 20 in baltimore to dulles, dover, fill did he have yeah, york and hagerstown. we are down to 8 in baltimore factoring in the wind. go back into western maryland, and the wind chill is 18 below in oakland. and yes they pinged up a fresh foot of snow in the last two days. good for them right? let's bring it back. we are talking about the deep freeze in the deep south. i wanted to highlight florida. there's interest down there this time of the year. and in orlando, right now, 29 degrees. it's 25 in jacksonville. and they are approaching freezing in west palm beach and tampa. 34, 33 degrees respectively. it's 37 right now in miami. it has not been this cold since last january where if you remember the orange bowl had the coldest temperature on record. so they are trying protect the citrus crops. we are trying to protect our ears and face and everything else. we are going to 29 is the two
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degree guarantee but we have a wind advisory strong storm churning in northern new england and eastern canada. the wind gusts up to 25 miles per hour. regardless what have it says on the thermometer. i am expecting about 25 at lunchtime. and 29 at 4 p.m. but it will feel like teens or single digits and we will drop back that low overnight. here's the east coast satellite radar composit. widespread snows across new-land. lake-effect the sheen is in effect and jet stream down to the south with the really cold air. and next little system, little kink in the jet stream could be riding the upper level winds. but because the cold air is pushed so far south, if you've heard the expression it's cold as snow, it's because it is pushing the jet stream and storm track that far south. watch the forecast model through thursday morning we will watch a developing system that may stay to the south but it will be close call and we will include a chance of light snow. today flurries 29. going to 15 overnight. dry tomorrow, thursday a chance
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of light snow. temperatures climbing to the mid-30s a coastal storm possible but not a guarantee. we will watch that for sunday. kim. >> reporter: for drivers getting an early start to the morning commute, the worst part about the ride is going to be going outside to warm up the car. the roadways are look really good. flowing smoothly here. southbound 95 at mountain road no problems northbound either. but heading southbound down in towards baltimore county and towards the boltway and tunnels no delays or major problems. looking at the maps, we don't have accidents working. we have the street chosure in baltimore city on the east side. the 2200 block of homewood is closed between st. ann's and cokesbury and we have more details on and closure along bartlett as well. so try to avoid the area. but the best way to get around it is use loch raven road this morning. megan and charlie, back to you. >> thanks. and in health news, if you take prescription pain killers, pay attention to the next
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story. the drugs ease sferg but for some they have potentially serious risk. dr. timothy johnson explains. >> reporter: a study published in the archives of internal medicine looks at medicare data from 31,000 older americans who took five pain killers from the class known as opi oid that took them for pain from conditions other than cancer. those taking codeine, or objectiony codeon were at greater risk of death after only 30 days compared to patients taking hide row codone. those on codeine what 205% greater risk of dying and those on objectiony codone a 233% risk. those who took codeine three months had a 62% greater risk for cardiovascular problems compared to those taking hydro codone. the startling disparities in
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safety point out the need for greater caution in prescribing the medications. one expert says this ground breaking study underscores how the treatment of pain is a delicate balancing act between risks and benefits. with this medical minute, i am dr. timothy johnson. and in other health news sugary wet sweet cereals are not what kids crab. many kids when given low sugar cereals enjoyed them and ate better he breakfast when they didn't eat a sugary alternatives. author of the study said parents should offer healthy cereal choice and add fresh fruit or table sugar to go ahong to make them more appealing. it feels like christmas. and we have got things to get you in the holiday spirit of giving to make the season brighter for a child in need. >> we are asking for a few new unwrapped, and unopened toys for the 12th annual kindertime toy drive. we teamed up with the sin fume
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why orchestra. so if you have old instruments sitting around, bring them in. we have a list of drop off locations at all tough do is click on the kindertime link under the marketplace tab. they are on their way to a christmas party and found themselves in the fights of their life. >> firefighters who saw the flames and heard the screams and went into rescue mode. plus, president obama we will get to that later.
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time for entertainment news. goanld globe nomination will be announced this morning and the list will give us a really good idea of who's going to be picked to win an academy award. the golden globes take place sunday january 16th hosted by the creator of the office. not going to be hosted by michael jackson. but he's been dead for more than a year, today he is back in stores. the new album of material release by his recording label coming out today is the estate
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didn't want the music release. it features songs that are new but some date back to the thriller era it's argued they shouldn't have come out because he would not have authorized the release until all aspects met his approval. it features duets like akon and 50 cent. academy award winning actress and budding singer gwyneth paltrow got a spot on the walk of fame. she was on hand and faith hill and tim mcgraw. show was on the sidewalk outside of madam tussaud's wax museum. >> it's an amazing idea to think that, you know, in however many years when i am dead and gone this will be here and migrate grandchildren are come and see it. the unveiling of the star comes just weeks before her film comes out country strong. the award winning actress has had roles in sheax spear in love, the talented mr. ripley and ironman. you thought it was going to
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last but high school musical love birds zack and vanessa e.o.e. they are calling it quits. the young couple now in their early 20s were going to spend their lives together. and they have been dating since in their teens. no drama to the breakup. a source says the relationship just ran its course and, of course, they are still great friend. guard chases are frequent about some end peacefully -- peacefully. >> the chase that involved a 3-month-old baby and where police discovered the child when the chase came to a violent end. (greenery) hey cheese log. (cheese log) hello centerpiece. (greenery) fruit cake. how are ya? [fruit cake] dry.
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why now, "good morning, maryland." a pharmaceutical thereforey man hoped his week would be easy. that's until he found himself kidnapped and two crooks with guns. plus, tax cuts ron everyone's mind especially when it comes to holiday spending. the compromise the president may have reached and whose minds he needs to change. and the ravens season appeared to be over near the end of regulation with the houston texans. that's until josh wilson ended any hope for a houston win and he did it in overtime. good morning, maryland, it's tuesday, december 14th. i am charlie crowson. >> i am megan pringle. thanks for joining us. we have a lot to tell you about. but first, you probably want to know about the weather because it's been cold and windy and we are ho


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