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tv   News  ABC  December 14, 2010 6:30am-7:00am EST

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let's send it over to justin berk. >> good morning. forgive me if i am taking notes about a new north carroll panther notebook. say good morning to the foote forecast team. they are watching and have been talking about the dangerous cold. we will do that. we share in the wind and the chill and wind advisory today has the gust up to 45 miles per hour. temperatures stuck in the teens and low 20s and that makes it dangerous to be outside. a winter weather advisory as well west for snow showers and flurries. and jeff perkins sent me a message from southern pa near new freedom. it's not showing up on the radar he says they have snow blowing around there. but it's not only sticking on the ground but dry and powdery. western maryland has the dry powder snow. oakland 5 degrees right now with a wind chill of minus 11. wanted to make you feel good about yourself this morning because we are at 19 in cockeysville. 20 in sparrows point. 22 in rock hall. and we are watching maryland's most powerful doppler radar. a few flurries and light snow showers and it's not on the
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radar, there's light snow up in the harford zone in southern pa and look at this, the deep freeze. deep into florida at 34 west palm beach and 29 in orlando. we share the misery. let's see what's happening in the traffic. >> reporter: no misery yet. on the harrisburg expressway, traffic is good between mills town road towards the beltway. and look at 59 at mountain road, no problems southbound out of harford county towards beltway and down towards the tunnels. taking a peek at the maps 59 in howard county, reports of an accident southbound 95 at route 216. not report to be block lanes but we will keep an eye on that. also in baltimore city, street closures in place at homewood avenue. that's closed between st. anns and cokesbury with closures along bartlett because of a overnight fire. loch raven road is going to be the best alternate. now back to you. thanks. 6:31 right now. we have breaking news this
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morning. paul, themore city fire officials confirmed five people died in early morning house fire in east baltimore. it started around five this morning in the 2000 block of homewood avenue. at least three row homes caught on fire. we do have a crew at the scene and we are bringing you some pictures. investigators say that wind played a huge factor in fighting the fire and that caused it to go up to a two-alarm fire. this forced fire fighters to evacuate the home that kim brown mentioned that there are traffic delays as crews stay on the scene and investigate this. our crews are on the scene right now. we will get more information about who the victims are and what happened and more information just ahead for the rest of the hour as well as news updates throughout the morning. again, five dead in a house fire on homewood avenue. at the end of the month, tax also go up for every american unless congress passes a tax cut extension. the senate cleared a major hurdel to end the debate on the controversial tax cut deal the president made with republican lawmakers.
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greg black reports on the president's push now to bolster back from house democrats. president ohe bamma announcing a major step forward for his tax cut deal negotiated with republicans. >> the united states senate is moving forward on a package of tax cuts that has strong bipartisan support. >> >> reporter: among other things the package retains bush era tax cuts for all americans and extends unemployment benefits for 13 months. >> tax also stay right where they are. >> reporter: senate minority leader ported to broad bipartisan support. if the acceptate gives the final stamp i've positively, the next step is -- step is getting house members to hop on board. >> i urge the house of representatives to act quickly on this morn matter. >> we have to pass the bill. >> reporter: it could be tricky. house democrats blocked the deal last week. but some democrats argue it's the only shot at making sure middle class americans don't get hit with higher taxes. >> in three weeks, the world is
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going to change dramatically in favor of the republicans. what we can seize on today is something that will help working families across america. we need to work together to pass it. >> reporter: the package cuts the payroll tax by 2% points for a year and continues a series of other tax breaks. greg black, abc2 news. time 6:34. take a look at this video from cincinnati. a police officer doing okay after surviving that. video released by police shows a car plowing into officer michael flan and another man. it -- stopped to help someone on side of the road that was in a wreck. we will show you one more time. the guy was helping and was pinned between a car and concrete barrier. both men were taken to the hoe cal hospitals and are reportedly doing okay. icy roads are partly to blame for that dramatic crash. even when they are having
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a christmas party, firefighters are on alert. a mother and newborn have volunteer company celebrating t them this morning. the woman crashed into a tree and got trapped in the s up v. >> north carolina. fire in the car was spreading so the woman tried to get the baby out. that's when she heard a group of men run together rescue. >> they were our guardian angels. i was happy to see them. >> the firefighters smashed the windows and pulled mom and baby to safety. they were having the and you christmas party at the station 50 yards away from the crash. had they not been at the station, the woman or baby probably would have died. a three-month-old baby who survived a chase in a crash in texas is said to be doing fine this morning. police say it started as traffic stop as they were questioning the driver of a car believed to have been used in a robbery. the passenger slid into the driver's seat and took off. he led office earns chase and
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crashed. and died while trying to avoid spike strips. officers looked inside and they found a little baby girl hanging upside down. original driver of the is the child's father and police are working to figure out if he was involved in the robbery. underneath all of the ice here, person's house. water main in front of the house in kansas city broke early sunday morning covering the home with water with the temperatures in the teens and off you list the water froze and encased the house. city official said it was a mistake made by the contractor who accidently left a valve open on a water main. the project that contractor will now have to pay for all the damages. >> oh. you know we have had bad breakup stories. it seems like one of the things that will never go well no matter how well you do it. >> there's a website that says they will do the dirty work for you. some people have no shame. and a howard county animal sanctuary in jeopardy over
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well col back. breaking up is certainly hard to do. now a website wants to make the process a little faster and a little easier and a little less stinging. >> yeah. well easier if you are the one doing the dumping i guess. listen to. this it is called i dump for it will breakdown with any -- break up with anyone for a price. the creator will caulk your significant other and do all your dirty work for you. you have three optionss, all right. 10 bucks for a basic breakup. 25 dollars to break off the engagement and 50 dollars to end the marriage. who does that? dump kers register online and there's even a section where you can list the reasons why you are dumping the person. as you can imagine, this site
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is getting a lot i've tension. >> you are less of a man if you have somebody call and break up with your girlfriend my believe someone should do it themselves. i am coming from the old school. >> in person or on the phone. >> in person. >> you want to get a call from stranger like guess what, it's over. i don't think so. >> so far more than 200 people have left the break up to bradley. can you imagine. you will be able to play slots sooner that thought. >> what they will build so gamers can be in there by the end of the year next year. and if you turned off the ravens game after the first half, you missed a heck of an ending. we held our breaths and headed into overtime and we have the last play of the game. we will show you coming up next. plus, it's that time year and many of you are doing it yourselfs. the very effective display we
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found on joppa road. we will tell you how to get your house on tv. plus... >> reporter: five people are found dead in a fatal row home fire in northeast baltimore. i am sherrie johnson. coming up, more on the fatal fire. you may be catching your beg with the wind advisory 8 feels great when wind chills below zero just to the west. we will talk about this deep freeze and even a few chance snow coming up. >> reporter: we have street chosures in baltimore city also in havre de grace but we are keeping an eye on 95 southbound in howard county because of an accident at route 216. has it jammed in both directions. more details when "good morning, maryland" returns after this. this looks just like the tree house
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we have breaking news this morning out of east baltimore. five people have died in a house fire that broke out just around five this morning and started in the 2000 block of homewood avenue. the fire spread to three homes row hose in the area and that's where we find abc2 news sherrie johnson who joins us live with the latest.
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>> reporter: good morning. just a sad scene here this morning in east baltimore. take a look behind me here. you can see that fire crews are still on the scene. we are told that five people have been found dead inside one of the row homes after a fire this morning. and as you can see, firefighters are still on the scene trying to clean up debris. the call came in just before five this morning in the 2300 block of homewood avenue. again, five people were found dead inside one of the row homes. families from four homes were evacuated because of this fire. when the firefighters arrived, they found the row homes engulfed in flames and heavy smoke. firefighters say the wind played a huge part in fueling the flames. the wind made it very difficult to put out that fire and firefighters have not released the names or ages of any of the fire victims and it's really a sad scene out here. you can see there were some family members that were going from several of the ambulances crying and hugging each other. so, just a very sad scene out
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here this morning. once again, five people found dead inside of one of the row homes. i am told the address is 2311 homewood avenue. and, again, four homes families have been evacuated from four of the homes because of the flames being so extensive. reporting live in east baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc to news. thank you. time for a look at sports. a recap of last night game, if you watch the first half of the ravens-texans, you probably thought they had it in the bag. that's when they play two halves and they went into overtime. let's look at highlights. ravens lost the 3 touchdown lead and made it and 8-point game in the fourth quarter. texas quarterback matt schaub made the touchdown pass but schaub picked off again and that's not going to be good for the texans. but great for the ravens. josh wilson with the pick 6. and ravens go onto win 34-28. and moving now to 9-4 a in a tie with the new york jets.
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that wild card slots how you feel about that, josh? >> quarterback through threw it inside and i said this can't be happening, and i was concentrating on catch the ball. and you know, game over. >> josh wilson that's a hero of the game. made a play and -- in a critical situation on the road in overtime in december in playoff hunt. and i think that's a critical thing we got 9 wins and now we got the world champs coming in and we will play them in a week and it's going to be tough. >> that's john harbaugh talking about the world champs coming in the superbowl defending champs saints kick offset for one. well, it appears this was not the normal smash and grab. thieves put off a sophisticated robbery in west baltimore yesterday morning. a driver for a pharmaceutical company was making a delivery in the 2000 block of west pratt when he was approached by between three suspects. one had gun. they took off with 87 crates
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full of narcotics and went to fort avenue where cops sea they unloaded the drugs into their u-haul. and the driver was left behind unhurt and allowed to call police. city police are working with the f b and dein part because of a huge amount of drugs stolen. the man accused of trying to blow up a hill teary recruitment -- military recruitment center will stay locked up. antonio march toon ease will stay in -- martine lez stay in jail up noel his trial. -- martinez will stay in jail up until his trial. it was a fake bock planted by the fbi. the feds say -- bomb planted by the fbi. he planned to video tapet explosion after detonating the bomb from the site. the fbi started the investigation because of a facebook post that he made about violence ending muslim oppression. george hughley the former university of virginia men's lacrosse player charged with
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killing his ex-girlfriend could get a plea deal. prosecutors don't plan to sect death penalty against hughley. he is charged with the murder of cockeysville neigheddive yardley love. he admitted to police that he fought with love shaking her hard as her head repeatedly slammed against the wall e also told police that he toll her computer and tossed it in the dumpster. a military court will hear the case of a doctor refusing to die employ because he doubts whether the president was born in the u.s. and questions his eligibility to be president. a court martial proceeding against him is said to begin later today. the 18-year veteran of the army refused to obey orders to prepare for his deployment. he said he believes the order were illegal and videos post on youtube he alined himself with birthers questioning whether about a ram oback -- barack obama is a born citizen as
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presidents are required by the u.s. constitution. slots are coming to arundel mills and you will be happy to play the first game next year. a developer said a temporary casino with 2,000 slot machines and a limited menu bar will be built in the first floor of a parking garage. this will be the next to the mall and the park garage will be built starting early next year and the casino opening by early next year. here's the cay saloono. it's nearly 5,000 slot machines and great restaurants and concert have been you expect to open in late 2012. 6:51. the owner of a howard county wildlife sanctuary is appearing to keep 23 monkies. colleen lateen owns the sarchght weary in woodstock. the county board of appeals is hearing the case to decide whether or not she can continue to house monkies. her neighbors whose property on old frederick road shaves shares the driveway says the sanctuary draw large crowds.
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the couple believes the sarchght wary should not be able to house the exotic animals. and it's licensed to operate by the department of agriculture department. officials there say they will inspec the facility once or twice -- inspect the facility once or twice a year. speed cameras will catch more fast drivers and bringing in serious revenue. baltimore department of transportation says from november 1st of last year to the same time this year, it hand out more than 379,000 citation at 40 bucks each. and that equals a total of more than $15 million for city. city leaders and the department of transportation official insist speed cameras are not a revenue generator but a safety tool. eight minutes before seven and consumer news, super fresh grocery stores filed for chapter 11 to reorganize and continue paying the suppliers and vendors. they run 15 baltimore area
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stores but runs 395 goshry stores across the u.s. the delanny valley store closed in september after nearly 50 years in operation. well business is booming at bwi. the airport has the busiest october ever continuing a 6-month string of setting records for passenger traffic. almost 2 million people flew during the month of october, 57% increase over last year. more than half of the passengers who used bwi in october traveled on southwest airlines. looks like pretty soon you will be able to get a giant bruteo in canton. the neighborhood is getting a chipolte according to the baltimore business journal. they will open up in march at on boston street. they will be near other big chains starbucks, subway, and outback steak house as well. call him the man of steel. when you thought his days were over, michael steele announced he wants to run for a second term. this is going to be his toughest fight of his political career.
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five other republicans want the job too. steele kept decision a secret until last night on a conference call with fellow republicans. a lot of republicans are unhappy with his fund raising efforts and his management style. baltimore holiday spirit shining bright. take a look at the decorations. our news photographer spotted this awesome display at a home on joppa road in parkville and decided it was so pretty he wanted to share it with you. we are passing along holiday spirit. if you want your house on television, we would love to see it. send us videos, pictures or whatever you have of your display you might want so see on the air. head to abc to and click -- and click on the holiday guide. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> 6:54. and we are dealing with some bitterly cold and dangerously cold conditions.
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16 current temperature bel air and hereford. snow streamers have been hitting you for the last couple hours. we have got 17 degrees in westminster. winds are up there at 15 to 20 miles per hour. gusting to 45 today. we have a wind advicery and wind chill values taken down into the single digits into the afternoon. there is a winter weather advisory to the south and west. it's mainly light snow in laurel and towards crofton and annapolis. we have had reports of light snow blowing from new freedom to hereford and off towards bel air. maybe a few snowflakes flying, but it doesn't appear to be a travel issue. pulling this back and if the wind is wrapping around that area of low pressure, and the arctic blast worked into florida as we showed you near freezing, in tampa and west palm beach this morning, we have to watch this next disturbance that will ride the upper level winds and may clip to the south of baltimore. we will watch that for thursday. and something similar in terms of track with a larger system on sunday.
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today, 29, our two degreen guaranteed high but wind advisory and gust to 45 will make it feel like teens or single digits. dropping into the teens overnight. and with the clearing sky, light feel cold. we are back into 30 tomorrow. and we will be 35 on thursday and chance of light snow to the south. near 40 saturday and watch the coastal storm potential on sunday. kim. >> reporter: justin, for drivers heading southbound on the 5 -- 59 through howard county, expect an extra ten minutes to the commute because of an accident northbound 95 at -- at route 216. they cleared it to the left shoulder but they are rubber necking delays. this is jammed from route 32 on down south where it end towards laurel. expect delays this morning. looking at the maps, up in havre de grace, an accident involving an overturned vehicle that has pulaski highway closed in both directions in and we are dealing with closures on east baltimore at homewood avenue. that is going to be near st. anns street this morning. >> that fire we have learned sadly six people have passed
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away. we will keep updated this online and on the air. stay with us. >> have a good morning. hi, chris. what's going on? the rate board seems to be acting funny. watch. [dramatic soundtrack plays] wasn't me. you think i could do something... that awesome? enter the "tron: legacy" get on the grid sweepstakes, at this film is rated pg.
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