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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  December 14, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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police, fire and k-9 units converged on a park in pasadena today looking for a missing person. now, in the end, everything turned out to be fine. it was part of an exercise hosted by anne arundel county police. abc2 news don harrison explains why. >> reporter: a search and rescue is going on in a park in anne arundel county today. everybody turned up ok, mainly because it was staged. county police sponsored the full scale search and rescue exercise today. the exercise involves several county fire, police and emergency agencies, along with state police and some volunteer groups among others. some park residents were curious about all the activities. just talking about how to work together in a conference room is not enough. >> they have to come together
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and share information. the only way to do that is get together and do exercises such as this. i believe we see one of the victims. >> reporter: one of the narrows was a person lost down -- scenarios was a person that to needed to be transported across the water. >> it gives us the skills we need and to be compatible with other jurisdictions. >> you see him there? >> reporter: the mobile command unit is very valuable for all the different agencies involved in one incident >> that unit gives us the ability to patch together a variety of different radio systems so that all the responders here, although they arrive with their own communications equipment can be patched together and we can talk to each other. >> reporter: now that the exercise is over all the agencies will get together to do an evaluation so in the real scenario, they will be as prepared as possible. at downs park in anne arundel county, don harrison for abc2 news. >> don says they do it in the cold weather because that helps
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them demonstrate the challenges of dealing with the environment and the equipment in these types of temperatures. abc2 works for you. we're your source for missing persons or cold cases. for more information you can log on to if you have a case that you want covered in our series, just send us an e-mail to taking a look at tonight's top stories, a fire on homewood avenue in east baltimore took the lives of six people, among them three young children. it started before 5:00 this morning, the wind drove the flames making it more difficult for firefighters to tackle. investigators investigators haven't released the identity of those killed in the fire nor said what started it. a quick-thinking volunteer firefighter helped people escape from an apartment fire in harford county. tom was eating dinner at a restaurant in havre de grace when someone yelled out a historic home was on fire around the corner on franklin street. he ran to the scene, spotted
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two people on the roof, helped them and broke a first-floor window and pulled another woman out. bitter cold in the baltimore area have city officials issuing a cold blue day. it's declared when the temperature drops below 25 degrees and under extreme conditions such as strong winds or sudden cold. the mayor says a homeless shelter at 210 guilford avenue will be open for extended hours to keep the city's homeless off the streets and out of the cold. we are talking about dangerous cold weather out there both today and tonight. anything more than a few minutes you can quickly see the effects of frostbite and early stages of hypothermia so dress warm and be careful this evening. first, the actual air temperatures. brutal cold by early december standards. keep in mind our average high this time of year, upper 40s. we're 17 in reisterstown. 23 dundalk. 19 in laurel. 18 ellicott city. that's frigid but look what happens when you throw in the
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wind, feeling like single digits. feeling like 9 above in annapolis. 4 above in manchester. that is awfully cold and the winds still howl out there, 10 to 27 miles per hour. the skies generally clear, we won't see much snow if any tonight but this evening 20s, very windy and frigid as a few clouds blow by at times. we'll talk about when the winds begin to relent a bit, in the next storm, coming up. the great story, an hander for a man who took boys off the street and made them into men in a gym. a portion of eager street was renamed mack lewis way. >> reporter: you would be hard-pressed to fight -- find a tighter community than those in east baltimore. you will be driving or walking down mack lewis way. to pay honor nor the legendary boxing trainer who passed away
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last month at age 92. city council president jack young grew up there and could see his house. nathaniel mcfadden said you walk into the side door there and you find out how strong you are. listen to former champ vince petway and then to mr. leon bailey. >> i was with him before he passed, the day before his birthday. our birthdays are on the same day. share the same day. he was still at the time in the nursing home trying to talk about putting on a show, a boxing show. his treatment -- dream was to make baltimore city the fight capital of the world. >> he was a man who was committed to young people. thank god for his family because she spent more time with us than he did with his family. >> look at this picture. there's mr. leon there. unbelievable.
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mr. mack lewis's family was there to say thank you but east baltimore should say thank you to mr. mack. he had a way of turning boys into men. this tribute is as good as it gets for a man who is as great as it gets. mack lewis way, the man who showed us the way. jamie costello, abc2 news. >> thank you. in tonight's consumer alert, a new warning for new mothers. women who can't breast feed are turning to the internet and getting breast milk from mothers who have a surplus. but the food and drug administration is warning this is not a good idea. the fda says the donor is unlikely to have been properly screened for infectious diseases or contamination risk. that encourages women to use breast milk from sources such as the human milk banking association of north america where most donors have been screened. as you can imagine this is really a hot topic. we posted this story on our web web page and got plenty of
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comments. brenda wrote in, why does anyone think this is a good idea? you can't possibly know what is in the milk. and shannon, why would you feed your baby someone else's breast milk? to comment head to the facebook fan page and click " like." >> there are many recalls in the news but many people are not informed of them. coming up, the results of a startling new study. a terrifying ordeal for passengers on a ship cruising the mediterranean. still ahead at 5:30, we'll hear from passengers stuck on that ship battered by the severe storms.
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in tonight's "consumer watch," a new survey finds when it comes to product recalls americans may not be getting all the information they need. that could leave millions of potentially harmful products in holds. karen can -- households, karen kafa has details. >> reporter: food, medication, toys, children's furniture, among the millions of items recalled by manufacturers and government agencies this year due to safety or health concerns. but a new survey says that
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information about potentially harmful products may not be getting through to consumers. "consumer reports" found that just 20% of americans were aware of purchasing a recalled product in the last three years. less than 1/4 said they researched a product to see if it would been recalled. >> hazards can emerge after a product is on the marketplace. one key thick is to get information into the hands of parents, teachers, caregivers, those who can protect children, information into their hands so consumers are aware and can remove unsafe products from their homes. >> reporter: the poll also found scriptcism that manufacturers and retailers provide all the recall information that consumers need. that prompted a coalition of child safety groups, government agencies like the consumer product safety commission and federal trade commission and "consumer reports" to provide up to date recall information at a new web site, click check
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-- clickcheck and miley cyrus is in hot water her family tonight. still ahead, what she did that made billy ray so mad he tweeted about it. >> plus, the golden globes nominations announced. why some selections are raising eyebrows.
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a look at news around the nation tonight starts in ohio. the father of three boys missing since thanksgiving has ended his fight against returning to michigan to face parental kidnapping charges. john skeleton waived extradition at a hearing today in toledo, ohio. authorities wanted skeleton in michigan where he lives and where 9-year-old andrew, 7-year-old alexander and 5-year-old tanner skeleton
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skeleton were last seen. a missing virginia girl found unharmed and in san francisco is safe at home tonight. officials say brittany smith flew home last night. her father says her return was the happiest day of his life. the girl and the accused abductor who was the mother's boyfriend hadn't been seen since spotted december 3ored outside of a surveillance store in roanoke. her mother found dead last week at their home. police are investigating that death as a homicide. a school bus crashes into the site of a bank in brooklyn. it landed into the capital one bank after 7:45 this morning. nine students were treated for nonlife-threatening injuries. the driver was also rushed to the hospital. several other vehicles were also involved in the crash. the cause of the crash is under investigation. and even when they are having a christmas party firefighters are always still on alert. a mother and new boy have a
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volunteer company to thank tonight. she crashed into a tree and got trapped in her suv in north carolina. the fire in the car spread so the woman tried to get the baby out. that is when she heard a group of men running to her rescue. >> they were our guardian angels. i was happy to see them. >> the firefighters smashed the car windows and pulled both the mom and baby to safety. they were having their annual christmas party at the station just 50 yards from where the crash occurred. an entire block in an oregon town now below street level. check out this huge sinkhole in astoria. a town along the pacific coast. crews quickly fenced off the area so no one could get near it. officials say all the rain likely caused it to collapse. there used to be a safeway store here but it was torn down years ago. the good news is no one was hurt. that cruise ship battered
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by high winds and waves is now docked and passengers are sharing their stories about the terrifying ordeal. the problem started when the royal caribbean cruise ship left greece. storms lashed the mediterranean before 3:00 sunday morning as the ship approached egypt. 80 mile-per-hour winds and 30-foot waves slammed the gigantic liner the christmas tree toppled over, windos shattered and furniture went flying. >> i was knocked out of bed and slid across the room. i didn't know if the ship was goes to tip over or not. >> i pinned a love note to my children to my breast pocket. we didn't know -- it was that scary. >> royal caribbean is offering passengers a full refund for the full value of the cruise. check out this video. this is from kingdom tower skyscraper in saudi arabia. shows a sandstorm rolling through the city monday. dangerous driving conditions
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brought traffic to a crawl. the storm lasted about two hours. that looks scary. >> yes. middle east, you get those gigantic sand storms. >> our cold is pretty scary. >> it's harsh. no question about it. unusual to see this kind of cold and this much wind this early in the winter. technically still fall. i know it's a technicality. but several months to ago, right now december is shaping up to be a rough one temperaturewise. not so much with the snow at least not yet. that's good. >> for us. >> for us. yeah. most of the country very different story. if you look closely here you can see old glory just whipping in the wind. just below our banner there. that's been the story all day long. i mean just steady and very strong wind coming right out of the north and ushering in air
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right out of the arctic. this is air that originated right up around the north pole. so hey, that will put you in the mood for christmas shopping of other than having to run from the car into the mall or vice versa. 23 degrees. wind chill colder than that. winds west at 18 gusting higher than that. through the day, a little sun mixing through the day so it was a bright-looking day but the wind was harsh through the afternoon. towson, look at the trees on the horizon here. west towson elementary school, you see them shaking pretty good there, there was good reason to that. some wind gusts up around 45 miles per hour today. had a wind advisory from the national weather service. winds now are -- temperatures now hovering around 20. some spots in the teens already. but the steady winds now, these aren't the gusts, these are steady, still 20 to 26 in areas. at the very least we're going between 10 and 20 miles per hour out there now. so that makes it feel much colder
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like the low teens. 11 above in in terms of what it feels like. clarksburg, really cold, 6 above. statewide, radar clear, that's good. gusts strong, not so good and very harsh conditions, local wind chills all around 9 above. our high temperatures today only into the upper 20s. so we never did go above freezing today. we'll approach very quickly tomorrow 48 hours plus of below freezing weather. so that's where your pipes get tested. that is where you definitely want to make sure the antifreeze has been checked in your car. all the things that can freeze up over two or three days of below freezing weather is where we have concerns. tomorrow, a struggle to get back to that magic number of 32. a little bay influence there but it will a windy cold day with some sunshine but nonetheless very cold, a little
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further north, lucky to get out of the 20s from port deposit to elkton. another frigid cold day, courtesy of our arctic high pressure that has come in early in the season this year. cold polar air flowing out of eastern canada, this cold blast just goes on, the rest of the night into the day tomorrow. i don't see much change in store for us. in fact we're probably looking at, if anything, a developing storm that could bring in the chance for a few snow showers as we go into the day thursday night and friday morning. tonight 17 and cold. tomorrow up to about 1. a cold and -- 31. a cold and windy day. there will be wind tomorrow but not as powerful. in the 7-day forecast, again, not much changeem we stay in the upper 30s through the end of the week. you know you are in big trouble when your dad tweets about it. miley's father billy ray told twitter followers he was sad to
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see the footage that allegedly shows his giggling and rambling teenaged daughter doing a bong hit. reports from friends say the 18-year-old was smoking the natural herb salvia, not marijuana. salvia is legal in california despite its hallucinogenic effects. researchers at johns hopkins university recently released findings on the drug saying it's surprisingly strong and intensely disorienting. the envelope please. the 68th annual golden globe nominations announced this morning. baltimore native matthew weiner got nods for his series "mad men." diana alvear has the lowdown. >> what do you kale you? >> your royal highness. >> reporter: best picture, actor and director. just three of seven golden globe nominations for the movie "the king's speech." the drama deals with the british king's difficulties with public speaking. it's fellow nominees earned
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just as much praise "the black swan" featuring natalie portman as a tortured ballerina. the mind bending blockbuster "inception." and "the fighter," and facebook feature "the social network." >> best motion picialt comedy or musical. >> reporter: with comedies, however, there were a few surprises. >> i'm elise. >> i'm frank. >> it's a terrible name. >> reporter: critics widely panned "the tourist," it still got a best picture nod from the hollywood foreign press association. experts say it will be tough to beat indy favorite "the kids are all right." other movies in the comedy and musical category include "alice in wonderland," burle and "red." oscar coast james franco and anne hathaway getting golden globe love of their own. franco nominated for best actor for "127 hours." hathaway, best actress in "love
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and other drugs." finally, johnny depp is facing stip competition from himself. nominated twice as best actor in a comedy or musical for his work in "alice in wonderland" and "the tourist." abc news, los angeles. i'm jamie costello. coming up at 6:00, before this year is out you'll hear how radon continues to hurt people in their own homes. and you want to talk about timing? a fire rips a historic home in havre de grace. we're going to hear from the witness who was right there at the scene and tried to help. those stories and more coming up. [ male announcer ] earlier today, your living room s s game day central.
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a group of mechanical engineering students at purdue university found an inventive way to make shoferl snow easier. they invented a robot snow blower. it runs on batteries and uses electricity to navigate. kite be in your driveway some day. the prototype is $6,000 but the students think a marketable version could be sold for about $1,500. that would be a worthwhile investment. now that slots are a go in anne arundel county another part of maryland looks to lure slots parlors. where, on abc2 news at 6:00 which starts right now. six people are dead, three adults, three children, ages 9, 3 and 1, in a fire on homewood avenue in east baltimore. i'm jamie costello. it was befo


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