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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  December 14, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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fire was reported, this morning. roosevelt leftwich is on homewood avenue. >> reporter: friends identified the victims as richard and eleanor satterfield. the homeowners. also inside the home, their granddaughter and her three children. right now they are looking for clues in exactly how this tragedy started. city fire says the flames swept through this two-story home before 5:00 this morning. when firefighters got there the front of the house was burning along with four other homes on either side. high winds hampered firefighters' efforts as there were 45 mile-per-hour wind gusts. crews got inside and found all six family members dead on the first floor. neighbors say the family has been a fixture on homewood for more than 30 years and this is just a terrible loss. >> i seen the smoke coming from my chimney in my bathroom. there was nothing in my basement but smoke through my pipes. my daughter came downstairs,
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opened the front door and said, their house is on fire. that's when i was just like, get my grandson, y'all get out of the house. >> it's a tragedy, around christmastime. i grew up with her. i known them for all my life. like, it's just crazy. >> i've been here 30 years. ever since i was a little kid. coming out, always smiled and smoke, we would talk and everything. and, she will be missed very much. >> reporter: as you can see right here, people and friends and family have been come by. they put up teddy bears and balloons to mark the spot where all the people died in this house. one of the city's worst fires in recent years. having six people killed. there were two other homes on either side of their house, were also burned up. the families in those homes are being held tonight by the red cross. reporting live, roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. >> we are going to be with the red cross tonight for that story at 11:00. tonight though,
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firefighters in harford county are crediting a longtime volunteer with rescuing three people from an overnight apartment fire. abc2 news jeff hager traveled to the site of the fire, in the heart of havre de grace's historic district. and what a story this is. jeff? >> the faces were dark from the smoke. they didn't have much time to spare. >> reporter: a volunteer firefighter with the susquehanna hose company, tom selland did didn't have time to wait for ladder trucks, spotted smoke and discovered two people trapped on the roof of this historic home on franklin street. >> there was furniture in the back. i stood on it to reach up to them. they were able to jump from the second floor to the first floor roof. staggered back there. i was able to get their legs and help them from there. >> reporter: a glance inside the burned-out third-story apartment gives us a good idea of the magnitude of the fire. which drove the couple out the window. we're told they had been asleep and when they awoke, a roof full of flames. >> the fire marshal discovered
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it was either a loose connection on a baseboard heater, possibly that or something flammable was on it, and started the fire. >> reporter: once the couple reached the ground safely tom learned his job was far from over. >> they were saying there's another woman in the back of the apartment who was not out yet. that is her van there. they said she's still inside. i pounded on the door, no answer. i broke the glass and opened the door and went inside and got her out. >> reporter: paramedics transported two of the victims to the bayview burn center. suffering from minor burns to the hands and scrapes and bruises. they've since been released. we're told the firefighter also received a laceration to the arm and got some glass in his eyes. he was taken to harford memorial. tom suffered a cut on his arm as well but deflected any offer of aid on the scene. much as he's deflting any credit now for saving the lives of as many as three people. >> just the right place at the right time. to be honest there's over 100
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guys in the fire department would have done the same thing. >> reporter: in harford county, jeff hager, abc2 news. >> way to go, tom. with today's bone-chilling temperatures and wind gusts, make you feel you're getting a breck wall in your face. the city announced its code blue plan. the program put in place to protect the most as vulnerable like the homeless. city officials say they don't want to repeat last winter where we lost eight people due to hypothermia-related causes. >> it's important to know the symptoms of hypothermia, which are lethargy, confusion, slurred speech, trouble walking normally and up controllable slivering. though to note shivering stops as a patient gets colder and colder because muscles tire out. people with most hypothermia may not be shivering at all. >> the the ultimate goal is to reduce the number of people freezing to death in baltimore city.
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it's not hard to see why there's that cold blue for baltimore. that is because the wind chill factor has gone so low, both this afternoon and it will be tonight that that is dangerous to be outside for more than just a few minutes. frostbite, hypothermia, all concerns in this cold. first, the wind chill factors, 9 above in baltimore, in early december. it's unusual. 7 above in frederick. 9 above north towards the pennsylvania line and york and 10 above in easton. what it fees like. here's why, wind gusts have been powerful all day, pushing 45 miles per hour. quieting down a little bit but still very windy out there with winds gusting 25 and 30. skies clear above and as we work into the day tomorrow it's going to be a very slow recovery, out of the teens tonight into the low 20s, eventually upper 20s by midday. i wish i could tell you the wind will be gone. the most i can say is the wind will not be quite as gusty but
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it's still going to be a blustery day. as winds gust probably close to 20 miles per hour. we'll have much more on this arctic blast coming up. could one of the killers of a crofton teen get out of jail after spending only 15 months behind bars? the beating death of christopher jones caused outrage and you can imagine the request is not sitting well with his family tonight. kelly swoope is back with more. >> reporter: the family of christopher jones says this couldn't have come at a worse time. in time for the holidays as they are still grieving, the younger teen of the two responsible for the murder asked to be released from a juvenile detention center in michigan today. jones was 14 when he was killed on may 30, 2009. he was riding his bike home when he was confronted by a group of six teenagers. the juvenile, who was 14 at the time apparently threw the first punch hitting christopher in the temple. s the other incarsated youth threw the second fatal blow. according to the attorney for the juvenile making 9 question
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in 15 months he completed his treatment program at the turning point youth center in michigan. the request presented to a judge in annapolis today, we spoke to the state attorney's office late this afternoon and the answer to that request was no. no similar requests have been made by the accomplice, charged as an adult but later convicted as a juvenile. he's incarcerated at a pennsylvania youth facility. let's say you're living in cape saint clare and you're grandma claire who has alzheimer's. what if you went into a room tonight and she was gone? the anne arundel county government multiyear training and exercise plan creates worst-case stairos. this is a practice session. the group took an all hazards approach and applied them to a wide variety of incidents. one scenario, a person who needed to be transported across the water.
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>> this is extremely valuable, it not only gives us the training we need, but the ability to be compatible with other jurisdictions. >> the cold weather helps to dmon -- demonstrate the challenges of the equipment and temperatures. the baltimore business journal reports that the number of homeowners who are underwater in their mortgages did not go up during the third quarter but holding steady around 16%. 22% of mortgages were underwater in the third quarter and the study was done by core lodge -- logic. the maryland state highway administration installed a new speed camera along the parkway south of the beltway. right now the camera is in what is called the warning stage but comedies 30th it will be snapping at your pocketbook. december 30th. it's the first in anne arundel
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county. in a little over a year since the state put the first zones up. 230,000 citations have been issued. for 37 minutes it looked like the ravens were going to put houston into el paso. leading 28-7, dominating but houston scored on drives. to tie the score, putting the game into overtime. the ravens offense moved a little bit, couldn't get in the field goal range but then a punt by sam cook as you saw pinned the texans deep in their own zone and he floated backward off the wrong foot to the right guy for us. rairchts with a wake-up -- ravens with a walkoff win in ot. in the mid-80s everyone was talking about the silent killer lurking in homes across america. just because no one is talking
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anymore doesn't mean radon went away. facts about the deadly gas. and baltimore city honors a man who took inner city boys and made them men. through discipline, skill and pure heart. how charm city is honoring mr. mack lewis. >> get this, normally we would be 46 degrees on average. today about 20 degrees below that number at just 28 at bwi marshall. it felt colder with the winds. 29, your 2-degree guaranteed forecast. our winner, cristity from crofton. you get an abc2 storm umbrella. get your name to when we come back, we'll talk about the cold.
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now that you have slots in anne arundel county how about time for the developers now to take a chance to pull the handle for slots in baltimore city? the baltimore business journal reporting that the maryland gaming commission could begin looking at new proposals for a new casino in baltimore by february. the only holeup, a appeal by a toronto developer because its proposal to build a slots parlor near m&t m&t bank stadium was rejected. could be may or june before a hearing is held on that appeal. maybe once that casino opens you win enough to buy a condo at the ritz-carlton in baltimore. the author of "the hunt for red october" bought some condos and put them together to form a penthouse suite. features four bedrooms and six bathrooms for decades, from every corner of the city people young and old flock to the gym in east baltimore to see mr. mack
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who took boys off the streets and turn them into men. he passed away last month at age 92 but his memory will live on thanks to the baltimore city council. joined by council president jack young, councilman carl stokes and daniel mcfadden there to have the city rename a portion of the street to mack lewis way. >> he was family. i want to thank you all for allowing mr. mack lewis to be a part of all our lives. he's changed the lives of countless young men throughout this great city. >> jack young grew up four doors down, 1644 eager. new mr. mac for 47 years. mack lewis was known as the ring master and respected throughout the world of professional boxing. come on, i'm show you what mr. mack lewis did. that's enough.
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>> i told you it was probably going to be more like 60 to 58 shootout man. >> almost. >> a w is a w, so -- >> when can we put our dukes down on this weather? >> this early in december, late january, early february, we might expect a blast like this out of the polar north but we're getting it now. maybe it will be a mild, almost tropical february. 10 rounds of weather here. let's get into it. look closer and see the right part of the screen? old glory, they are all whipping strong and hard. that is what the case has been all day. a lot of frayed flags across the state after this blast because the winds have been up around 45 at times today. northwest 17 now. gusting still to 25 and 30 though so that is windy. that is cold stuff out there.
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this right out of the polar regions, this air that came in today, so this was a sharp arctic air mass, blasting through the state today and if you were out for more than just a minute or two you really felt it. even just running to the car in the parking lot. this will wake you up. no doubt about that. chesapeake beach, clouds whipping by quickly. not a lot of chop on the bay but if you have to head out at all tad today you definitely felt that wind. radar generally clear across the state. there's not much at all. maybe a stray flurry up towards cecil county. but we're not seeing too much in terms of snow today, unlike last night and even early this morning. wind gusts powerful though, even at the top of the hour, still gusting to 43 down at dulles. gives you an idea that the winds are still very strong and wind chill factor still unbelievably cold. 9 above, any period of time you're outside, exposed skin, if you don't have the gloves on, something like that, quickly get into frostbite. definitely dress extra layers,
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if you have to be out for than a few minutes. you'll need it and realize this is the peak time, two days plus now where we have not gone above the freezing mark, highs today only in the upper 20s. this is a situation where you want to let the pipes drip, definitely have the antifreeze checked if you have not done so because you can get things freezing up rock solid when you don't even go above freezing in the afternoons. tomorrow, we probably struggle close but don't get there. 31 easton. 32 kent narrows. it will be tough to get above freezing tomorrow, if we do it it will only be an hour or two late in the afternoon. "think i think we stay in the upper 20s tomorrow. many counties won't see air above freezing. cold polar air will keep rushing in tonight through the first part of the day tomorrow. it's a frigid weather pattern, about as cold as it gets here in maryland. the numbers can get a little lower but for the most part this is some very, very cold stuff. satellite trend across the east now, relatively quiet but
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another storm expected to form and push in. it will not really begin to develop until tomorrow evening. you can see it right here. as we go into thursday afternoon the storm which doesn't look that big right now will come in thursday night into friday. that could mean a brief winter mix thursday night, friday morning. 17 tonight, clear skies but blustery. tomorrow still very windy. but not quite as windy. 31. tomorrow night, wind chills down to 20s all day. and down in the teens again tomorrow night. your 7-day forecast, again, the trend is for slightly warmer weather through the end of the week. in fact this weekend, we'll be lucky to hit 40 degrees on saturday. looks cold for the next ravens game. we just talked about slots. they are coming to our state. you know that. that is good, right? we're going to visit other states and look how gambling revenue has made a big difference. plus, as the investigation continues into this tragic fire in east baltimore, i think we all should take a look around our homes. make sure everything we're doing is for the protection of
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our family. cheryl conner is out with the red cross now. she's got a great story coming up at 11:00. it will protect you and your family. that's more tonight at 11:00. another warning here today. you don't have to be a smoker to develop lung cancer. the second leading cause of this killer might be hiding in our homes tonight. we might not know bit. with the cold weather, we're spending a lot of time indoors. elizabeth cohen with what we need to know about radon in today's "health minute." >> reporter: you can't see it or smell it but radon could be lurking in your home now. >> radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas. >> reporter: radon specialist terry howell says it can accumulate in both old and new homes. also in office buildings. highrises, even schools. and exposure to radon can pose a serious health risk. >> most people think that smoking is primarily the cause of lung cancer and they are right but radon seems to be the second most common cause. >> reporter: smoking increases the risk of cancer from radon because smokers'
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lungs are already compromised. just because your neighbor doesn't have radon in their home doesn't mean you're in the clear. >> radon is in every state, virtually every county, there's some areas that have higher concentrations than others. unless you test for it you don't know where those are. >> reporter: the epa web site has instructions on testing kits and potential fixes. >> if your radon test results come back above the epa recommended action level then you should consider contacting a professional. >> reporter: and fix any problems as soon as possible. for today's health minute, i'm elizabeth cohen. >> back-to-back fire alarms, just horrible news in east baltimore today. here we are at kennedy krieger today, children who are fighting deadly illnesses got a visit from a group of firefighters out there spreading holiday cheer. this is part of the seventh annual city firefighters tour for kids. not only do the firefighters collect toys for charities but
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all for the kids stuck in the hospital. >> certainly makes you humble to be able to give something to these children and make their holiday more happy. these children are in the hospital for the holidays. it's a humbling experience for us and joyous for the children. >> great guy. firefighters will visit three other hospitals on the week. with the chill in the air it's feeling like christmas. we've got something to get you in the holiday spirit. make the season brighter for a child in need. we're asking for new unwrapped unopened toys for the kindertime toy drive. we've teamed up with the baltimore symphony orchestra. to donate we have a list of dropoff locations waiting at just click on the kindertime link on the marketplace tab. let's find out how the drive home is going for us tonight. here's a live look now, 83 at shawan road.
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it looks like a bad keno game. look at the numbers up there. >> listen to the wind, jamie. listen to the wind. >> i'll need five numbers. it's howling out there. feels like 8 above, 4 above in bowie. a frigid night, note fit for man nor beast.
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bring in the pets, too. tomorrow we really don't get above freezing. not as windy but cold again. we were swell at 6, we're better at 11:00. have a great night. you disgust me. prove it. enough's enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding, guaranteed. d-con. get out.
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