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tv   News  ABC  December 15, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EST

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under a deep freeze on this wednesday morning. good morning, maryland, it's december 15th. >> i am megan pringle. charlie crowson. thanks for joining us. yesterday, cold and windy. it was almost unbearable to be outside. justin, any chance we could get a warmup, please? >> yeah, please. we are all begging for that. that was just painful for everybody. a waste of cold air when you got the snow and adwind and wind chills in the single digits. we are staying cold but at least the wind eases up a little bit today. one thing i want to focus on is the southern storms and buzz is rolling around the possibility of getting hit with something this week. it stays cold but at least the wind eases up. there will be light snow possible tomorrow. the question mark because we are right on the edge of the system that will probably hit virginia hard harder than us and another storm off the coast on sunday uncertain. computer models trying to give us a nice coating or completely skipping it off the coast. we will talk about that coming. bel air is waking up with 17.
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wind chills at 10. so it's not pleasant outside. we are aiming for a high two degree guarantee of 30. let's see what he hpg on the road with kim brown. >> reporter: thanks. making are way on the inner loop on the beltway from the top side near the 83, headed towards bel air and 95 this morning, no delays. 95 looking good in baltimore county at 195 northbound heading into baltimore city. that flows freely. no problems southbound i'd towards the capital beltway a couple incidents including some police activity on liberty road near flankery lane near the city county line. also in the final stages of getting this accident cleared inan arubbedel county at fine road and may road this morning. police are just geting that wrapped up. megan and charlie, back to you. >> it's 5:31 right now. neighbors say they can't believe the satterfields that have been a fixture in the neighborhood is finally gone. those who knew him are grieving a terrible loss after fire took
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three adults and three children. sherrie johnson is live where investigators are trying to determine a cause in the fire. >> reporter: good morning, megan. we are here on homewood avenue where the fire killed six people. this burned out shell of a home is all that is left. fred and neighbors left flowers and teddy bears on the tree that you can see as a makeshift memorial here. now that fire killed three generations of the satterfield family. victims have been identified as eleanora and richard satterfield. their granddaughter and her three children, amare, nine and dareon and daleon one-year-old. we have new reaction from the family members some as far away as north carolina. family members say they spent a lot of time at this house and can't believe a fire took their loved ones. >> she was like every one's
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second home. we went to aunt el and uncle richard's home. that was the meeting place. >> reporter: it's now a pile of rubble here. coming up at 5:45, we will hear from more family members and they will talk a little bit about the fond memories that they had at this house. reporting live in east baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. september of 2009 we told you about christopher jones. he was a teenage beaten to death while riding his bike over to his mom's house in crofton. one of the teens involved in his death wanted out of the juvenile facility in michigan after serving 15 months of a 6-year sentence. the judge decided that the teen now 16 did make progress but doesn't think he is ready to return home. school board meetings can oftentimes be-eventful but the one in panama city, florida, yesterday, turned deadly when man pulled a gun and opened fire. before we start this, we want to show you and warn you that the
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video you are going to see and what you are about to hear can be very disturbing to you and your family especially on a wednesday morning. here's andy rose with what happened. >> this is a problem. >> please don't. please don't. please. >> reporter: heart stopping moments for bay district school board members in panama city florida tuesday. amazingly, no one was hurt except the gunman. 56-year-old clay duke. police say he died after shooting himself. in the moments leading up to the shooting, news cameras are rolling as they normally do duke stood up and spray painted a red circle and a v and told everyone except six board members to get out. >> you may leave. you may leave. you can leave. >> reporter: moments later's board member tried unsuccessfully to knock the gun out of duke's hand with her purse while board members yelled for her to stop.
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>> ginger. no. >> reporter: superintendent you heard trying to reason with duke recounted the terrifying ordeal. >> when he turned around with the gun you could see in his eyes that you know, he just had that look. you knew that he had something in mind he was going to do and it wouldn't end well. >> reporter: authorities now trying to determine what caused clay duke to go on a shooting spree which ultimately ended with his own death. andy rose, abc2 news. >> you can check guns and ammunition on flights and starting today, the same goes for amtrak trains. the checked baggage service is not available aboard all amtrak trains or routes. call amtrak at 800-usa-rail for more on the guidelines. you can also read more on this story at our website, or click on the news and nation tabs located at the top of the page. 5:35 right now. a big day on tap in the nation's capital. we are 16 days away from our taxes going up.
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however, the senate could pass the bush era tax cuts as early as this morning which would give us a two-year reprieve from tax increases. that means the tax bill would go to the house where democrats want to tinker it a little bit but republicans say they are not going to budge. we will tell you what happens when we know. it's 5:36. no doubt, many of us are cranking up the heat a bit. >> or a lot. bone chilling weather from florida to the northeast. we will look at how people are coping. and why this just stinks. why the holidays may be ruined for hundreds of children in need. and now for a look at trains and bus how they are moving along this morning, here a mta's mark jones. good morning. >> reporter: good morning out there right now. you will find light rail working with a 20-minute delay in the northbound direction. be aware of that in your travels. out there on the buses the number 20 with a 30-minute delay and 5, 8, 20, 23, 36 and 40 and 91 are being diverted at baltimore and light. and you will find the number 30 bus with the diversion at old
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frederick and out there on the marc train system brunswick 870, 10 to 15 minute late other trains and lines of marc look good for travel. for the mta transit team, i am mark jones. [ female announcer ] we invited philips sonicare users
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take deep breath outside. standstill for a minute and see if you can do it i bet you can. >> it's bone chilling cold out there. cutting right through the nation's mid section and entering here in the mid atlantic. karen travers picks up the story. >> reporter: the massive arctic blast came from canada but that doesn't mean it spared the neighbors to the north. in ontario 60 miles from detroit a. blizzard on monday stranded more than 300 drivers for nearly 30 hours. >> i have a couple bottles of soda and breakfast bars i been rationing i don't have extra coats in the car so i am covering myself up. >> reporter: they use helicopters rescue pee trapped by snow and zero visible. no reports of deaths or injuries. record setting cold stretched into the south. >> it's like turning on the fawcet and pouring all -- faucet and pouring the air into florida. >> reporter: it turned crocks into popsicles taking the worst beating. >> the leafy type crops.
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tomatoes, bell pep e. collard greens. >> reporter: florida farmers are doing everything they can to fight this deadly frost. spraying watter to keep the temperatures around the fruits and vegetables above freezing and using helicopters funnel warmer air closer to the ground. this tactic section pensive and dangerous. -- is ex-- this tactic is expensive and dangerous. these french tour i am came for fun in the sun but are not getting much use. >> we have a pool. too much cold. >> reporter: but not too cold for adventurer surfers in miami. >> yesterday it was one of the best days of the year to catch surf. >> reporter: the deep south will see warmer temperatures by friday. but it may be a short reprieve with colder weather roaring back next week. karen travers, abc news. it feels like we are stuck with the temperatures. i don't know i don't know if it's the temperatures or the
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wind but either way, a break from one would be nice. >> yeah. we are in the mid-20s this morning. i look down and see it's 19 degrees now. justin, you got some explaining to do. >> well, it's the sun has to come up in a couple hours night going warm up to 23. >> yeah and we will warm up to 23 by nine or 10. we have ourselves a look at cold air and the problem with the air being this cold is that it pushes the storm track to our south. i say the problem for those of us that want to do something with this cold air. it might be frustrating to see we have had the snow to the north and the west. and the next round may stay to our south. it's 18 in cockeysville. 14 manchester and 17 in bel air. factoring in the wind. bel air feels like 7 and manchester 1 below in northeastern carroll county. brr. we will be watching the storm track and give you an idea of what we expect in a couple minutes. but, the range of upper teens to low 20s by 9 a.m. the sun comes up at 7:19 and you can't do much for the first hour or two.
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but 26 by noontime. the guaranteed high 30. windy but not as strong as yesterday. kim. >> reporter: justin, traveling on i-70 in both directions, between route 29 heading towards the beltway, traffic looks good east and westbound. a live look at beltway 695 at providence road, a little increased volume on outer loop. inner loop looks good. looking at the maps, we don't have accidents. but a pair road hazards to make you aware of this morning. northeast baltimore, we have reports of fire activity. harford road at pinewood avenue. police encouraging drivers to avoid the section of harford road. use bel air road to get around that this morning. also, police activity in wood lawn reported to be right this on the city county line. that's at liberty road and flanery lane. avoid that area as well. stay with us, because there is more of "good morning, maryland" coming up after this. ♪
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four teen minimum before six. tragedy unmanualable. a fire kills 6 and three adults and three kids. for the first time, family members are speak out about the devastating loss and for that we go live to sherrie johnson live at the scene this morning. you were there when the fire broke out yesterday. things are much different today. >> reporter: you are right. we are here on homewood avenue where all is quiet right now.
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but yesterday, it was chaos and the place was filled with fire trucks, fire engines and people running around and people screaming and crying. it was a lot going on. but it's pretty quiet now. take a look behind me here. you can see this burned out building. this is all that is left here. and you know what, there's a makeshift memorial here on this tree right in front of the home to remember the six people killed in this fire. there's a white teddy bear with a pink heart on its chest and four balloons. it read, we miss you already. and this morning, as you said, we are hearing for the first time some of the victims' family members as far away as north carolina speaking out and talking about the loved ones. they are telling us to lose a family member is difficult, but to lose six is just unimaginable. eleanora satterfield was married to richard satterfield for 50 years. fire killed the couple, their granddaughter and three great
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grandchildren. granddaughter would have turned 27 next week and her family can't believe they won't celebrate with her. >> we try to get together when we can. we spent summers together and birthdays together. they made it to hen and i will see them again. >> reporter: now we are told that this fire brings the number of fire deaths in baltimore city to 18. last year at this time, it was at 19. and a family members tells us that there were electric space heaters being used inside the home. but right now, fire investigators have not officially given us a cause for this fire. reporting live in east baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. the red cross says most fires can be avoid and you probably heard this advice before. but the red cross says it's worth repeating. investigators have not determined if the family woke up to the ear piercing sound of a
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smock alarm but the red cross is using the tragedy as a reminder that smoke detectors increase your chance of escaping a fire by nearly half. >> a lot of the fires happen when someone is sonde asleep. you hear the smoke detector go off, and if you practiced it, it becomes second nature. you head for the window or the extra door and you know exactly where to go and what to do and how to get out. >> doug lent says only 26% of families have developed and practiced a plan to escape a house fire. christmas decorations are often a hazard as well. so lent suggest you place them at least three feet away from any heat source. and make sure to check your lights to make sure that there are no frayed wires. word this morning ocean downs received approval to operate video lottery terminals. general manager says the linessence was grated by the maryland state lottery commission authorizing more than 7 hundred slot machines. grand opening is january
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4th. it offers 34,000 square feet of available gaming space. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar, and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> deaf in thely the coldittest day since last winter. tuesday brought us a high of 28 degrees. wind gusting at 40 miles per hour. wind chills down in the single digits. it was not a easy one to be outside. as bad as it was here, teens in the mountains and wind chills below zero during the day. what do we expect? temperatures were running 18 degrees below normal on this 15th of december. typically 46 should do it for us. 27 mark, close to yesterday's high, that's the normal low temperature. record 6 on this date in 1962. and 70 in 1971. sun comes up at 7:19 and down at 4:45. and we will have a day with more sunshine for today. stale breeze producing snow showers across the legion especially locked in back toward the montin and we have the
5:51 am
north to north wherein flow. but at least it's clear. and at least we expect to have a lot more sunshine to last throughout the day. pull it back across the eastern third, or 2/3 of the nation. and you can see very active storm track that continues to come off the pacific and hit northern rockies dive et cetera way down and we are watching along the upper low that cold core that is allowed the jet stream to dip south of florida. also helping to charge some of the energy and why the cold blast locks in across the western u.s. we will watch warm air build in with the system. ran across the deep south watching an area of low pressure that follows the storm track that could very well stay to the south. that is the down side of having this type of a really intense cold pattern if you want snow. we could wind up as big snow losers here. and the winners could actually be virginia and north carolina. our future radar, the forecast model indicating what it might look like tomorrow midday. this is 11 on thursday. snow basically west virginia and virginia south of the district
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of columbia. and it looks like south of the a tomia -- potomac. some error in the compute model. if we shift to the north we will get clipped with a chance of light snow there. could be a coating in the afternoon and evening. the better chance of accumulation is to the south. we dry out on friday. a coastal storm on sunday could do the same thing. a near miss or complete miss. 30 today with more sunshine. stale breeze. we are down to 18 overnight. again, southern snow tomorrow. our best chance afternoon and evening. high of 32. 35 friday and 38 saturday. big question on sunday. >> reporter: well, this morning travel towards pg county and towards 495 capital beltway, southbound 95 at the inner county connector reports of an accident blocking the left shoulder and getting attention from drivers. minor rubber necking delays. 695 at providence road, traffic is very light moving at a very
5:53 am
nice pace. no problems or delays this morning. looking at the maps, we have an accident just reported in baltimore city at south monroe and ohio avenue. also fire activity in northeast baltimore. harford road at pinewood avenue, police want you to avoid the section of harford road. use bel air road as an alternate. police activity over in wood lawn, liberty road eastbound at flanery lane. you can see lane blockages there as well. stay with us, because there is more news, weather and traffic when "good morning, maryland" comes back after this.
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like particulates and oils. [ girl ] that lip gloss is soooo cute on you. [ female announcer ] you'll never look at stains the same way again. for a powerful clean against a full range of stains, use new wisk. fight stains with science. for some needy children in oklahoma, the gifts collected for them sprayed by a suffering. yep, a skunks got into a shed and messed up about 16,000 dollars worth of beanie babies and race cars and clothing. >> we cried yesterday. today we are hoping and praying maybe the smell aboutl go away. the sun is out and we have a nice windy day and we know -- we. >> there's a's -- there's a generosity that will come through. >> the toys have been airing out for two days, but many still reek so volunteers are opening the packages and spraying
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febreeze on them. those that pass the sniff test is clade for christmas. they are supposed to be delivered to 850 kid this friday. from a story that stings that one raising a stink. a bus driver in champagne illinois and out of work after hitting a snowman on the road. you see on the video posted on youtube a car goes into the wuss's lane to avoid it and heart kid and the bus crosses over and boom goes the dynamite into the snowman. the-identified bus driver resigned but word is that snowman was put there in the road by the guys laughing and student at the university of illinois in champagne. always funny until someone gets fired. >> exactly. >> well, so many of you are trying to lose weight and stay in shape, and the holidays are not that easy night not easy especially for women. but a new study shows that the ladies have an advantage when it comes to shedding the lbs. and surprises are fun no
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doubt. but the surprise one woman received from her mailman came with not so special deliveriy.
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