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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  December 15, 2010 6:00am-6:30am EST

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now, "good morning, maryland." one day after a deadly house fire in east baltimore kills six, family and friends speak about this terrible loss. we are live this morning. and just more than a year after a boy was beaten to death while riding a bike, the judge says a teen accused of his death should stay behind bars. and it's in the 20s across much of maryland. but at least we are not dealing with snow in certain areas. and we have ice on the citrus plants in florida. we have to check on what other people are dealing with across the country. good morning, maryland. thanks for joining us on this wednesday morning. i am megan pringle. >> i am charlie crowson. before we get to justwin a check
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of the forecast, the tie is once again part of the miracle collection in partnership with johns hop kips and joseph a bank. this is called snow tree. you can pick these up and we will show you later in the show maybe a closeup of what it is. aid festive tie. >> aid festive tie and kid design it. if you are looking for a good gift, the ties are it. justin, they have a weather themed one maybe snowmen or snowflakes so we will have to pick one for you. >> charlie said snow tree. >> there you go you got it. >> all right. we will get one. >> what's up madison. >> we have snow on our trees is the big question. >> you sound like a kid on christmas morning. >> we have all the cold air and it's a waste of cold air if it doesn't do something for us, right? 17 right now in bel air. at least wind settled down to 3-mile-per-hour push. not much of a wind chill but occasionally it takes us to 11. we are looking at 14 in
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manchester. 16 hereford and it's cold at 20 at sparrows point. and some spots have wind chills in the single digits especially up to the north. feels like 5 degrees in westminster. here's what i am talking about. it stays cold thursday light snow could be passing to the south. we will be right on the edge. and then a bigger coastal storm. ravens are playing and some people want to see flakes that would help to cut down the breeze. but that's uncertain so while we are hoping we get to churn something up for the snow lovers, there's no guarantee with that system that could just miss us. today, 30 and stale bit breezy. >> reporter: the winds are playing a part in the commute. wind warnings in place. as being see, the cameras are jousteled by the wind. traffic looks good. no problems southbound on the
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heirsburg expressway approaching 695. that is all flowing freely. no problems there either. we have a couple incidents around the area including an accident in south baltimore at monroe and ohio avenue. also fire activity has harford road at pinewood closed. they want you to avoid the section of harford road. use bel air as an alternate and ongoing police activity in wood lawn liberty road eastbound at nanery lane. now back to you. >> kim, thanks. six lives lost, adults and children happening to family in east baltimore. and this morning, we are hearing reaction from those who knew them who called them cousins, friends, and family. it's a terrible story that happened yesterday morning. sherrie johnson was there live as it unfold. we will check in with her live this morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's a much different scene much calmer than yesterday morning when all of this was unfolding. take a look behind me here. you can see that this burned out
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row hoe on homewood avenue is all that -- row home on homewood avenue is all that's left after the fire killed six people. you can see the makeshift memorial with teddy bears and the flowers to remember the victims on the tree in front of the home. and this morning, we are hearing for the first time from some of the victims' family members as far away as north carolina. el nor satterfield was married to richard satterfield 50 years. it killed the couple, their granddaughter and three great grandchildren and the granddaughter tiara gholston would have turned 27 next week. >> we got the phone call and it still hasn't hit me yet that they are gone. so many at one time. >> reporter: just a very emotional, emotional time and family members tell us that
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there were electric space heaters-side of the home, but right now, fire investigators have not released the official cause of this fire. and we are also told by fire investigators that there had been 18 fire deaths in baltimore city last year about this same time. there were 19. reporting live in east baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> thanks. 6:05 this morning. the red cross says most fires can be avoided. you have probably heard about this advice but it is worth repeating as the family goes through the tragedy. and the six lives lost. investigators have yet to determine the family woke up to the ear piercing sound of the smock alarm but the american red cross is using the tragedy as a reminder that smoke detectors can increase your chance of escaping by nearly half. only 26% of families developed and practiced a plan to escape a house fire. christmas decorations are known as hazard. lent suggest you place them at least three feet away from
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space or heat source. and check your lights to make sure they are not frayed or any of the wires damaged. five minutes after six. investigators are searching for the cause of a fire that happened in harford county. three people escaped the fire in a three-story apartment house with the help of a quick thinking volunteer. tom was eating diner with his friend at a restaurant at havre de grace when someone yelled that a historic home was on fire. just around the corner which was on franklin street e ran to the scene ahead of the ladder trucks. he spotted two people strand on top of the roof. >> that's when i got here, they were on the roof. you can see where the blood is on the eaves. and, i just talked them both into dropping their legs down and falling to this one and i was able to grab lawn furniture and get up and reach them off the top part and help them off. >> he broke a first floor window ran into the building to pull a
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woman to safety. paramedics transported two victims to bayview burn center where they were treated and released. and another firefighter suffered a cut to his arm and got glass in his eyes. doctors treated him at nearby harford memorial hospital. well, it was september of last year when we told you about christopher jones being beaten to death while he was riding his bike over to his mom's house. it happened in crofton. way just a teen. one of the teens involved in his death wanted out of a juvenile facility in michigan. after serving 15 months of a 6-year sentence, but a judge said no. he said that the teen now 16 has made progress, but he is not ready to return home. jones parents support the judge's decision and they sued the two teens involved in thean arundel county school system because they said the son had been bullied. today, for the first time in almost a decade, amtrak had let you bring unloaded guns onto the trains. you can only do this on trains with checked baggage.
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unload guns will be stored in the train's lockers. you must call amtrak at least 24 hours in advance of your departure to notify them you will pack. lawmakers say the ban was lifted to fall in line with also going on air travel rules. more than half the nation is under the grip of a cold spell that featured record setting low temperatures, snow and bitterly cold winds. that weather will last for the next few days. bad news is worrying farmers in the south especially citrus farmers. we have the latest on the ongoing storm. >> reporter: the massive arctic blast swept through the united states from canada. but that doesn't mean it spared the neighbors to the north. in ontario, 60 miles from detroit, a freak blizzard strand more than 300 drivers for nearly 30 hours. >> i have a couple bottles of soda and breakfast bars i been rationing. i have extra coats in the car and i am covering myself up. >> reporter: the canadian military rescued people with helicopters trapped by drifting snow and zero visibility.
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luckily, there are no reports of death or injuries. the record setting cold stretched into the south. >> it's like turning on the faucet and pour the arctic air into florida. >> reporter: that frigid air turned crops into popsicles taking the worst beating. >> leafy type crops, tomatoes, bell pep e. cauliflowers and any of the leafy stipe. >> reporter: florida farmers are doing everything they can to fight the diddley frost. spraying water to keep the temperatures around the fruits and vegetables above freezing and use helicopters funnel warmer air to the ground. this is expensive and dangerous. three helicopters crashed already this season in palm beach. the french tourist came to orlando for fun in the sun ut. they are not getting much use out of bathing suits. >> we have a pool but it's too much cold. >> reporter: but not too cold for adventureous surfers in miami.
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>> yesterday it was one of the best days of the year to catch surf. >> reporter: the deep south will see warmer temperatures by friday but it mate be a short reprieve with colder weather roaring back next week. karen travers, abc news. firefighters could be considered some of the bravest people on earth. no doubt about it. but they say after visiting kennedy krieger, the kids have them beat. children fighting deadly illnesses got a visit from a group of firefighters spreading holiday cheer. it was part of the 7th annual baltimore city firefighters tour for kids. not only did the firefighters collect toys for charity but distribute them to kid who are stuck in the hospital. firefighters will visit three other hospitals this week. and with the chill in the air, it's feeling lot christmas lately. and we have got something to get you in the holiday giving spirit. make the season brighter for a child in need. we are asking for new unwrapped and unopened toys for our 12th annual kindertime toy drive. we will we have teamed up with
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the baltimore sin fumy orchestra. if you want a list what have they need in termination of instruments and toys, and where to drop them off, head to and click on kindertime link under the marketplace tab. it's 10 minutes after the hour. an incredible scene in a school board meeting war gunman holds board members hostages. it's hard to watch. you will see and hear how the tense situations played out. and battling the bulge into your golden years. we have the advantage men or women? a study says the answer might surprise you. clear. also a new poll of american high schoolers, put cigarettes versus weed. which did they say they smoked more of? the answer is on the way. but first a look at the latest business news this morning. >> reporter: good morning. we begin your money scope report with president obama's ceo summit. the president will sit down with chief executives from 20 top companies this morning include
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american express and general electric and google. also is education tax and deficit and trade. the federal reserve is sticking with the 600 billion dollar bond buying program. the fed says the ecomony is still too weak to bring down unemployment. that may be about to change, though. in a survey, 45% of executives from big companies say they plan to hire within six months. that's the highest percentage in eight years. and swiss banking giant uvs is telling employees to dress to impress. it's issued a 43-peage dress code. and includes hygiene and grooming tips like no stubble for men and no black nail popish for women. that's the money scope report.
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health news this morning. there is an encouraging study for those trying to keep weight down as they move up in years. and it turns out women have the edge over men. abc dr. timothy johnson explains why. >> reporter: men and women are alike when it comes to gaining weight. they are greatest rising being of pack on too many pounds when they are young adults. a new study followed more than 3500 men and women over 30 years. as they aimed, both sex gained weight. but those who were highly physically active gained less weight than those who were not. and for women, high levels of activity were more than twice as effective in keeping weight off as in men. women who engaged in high activity gained 20 pound over 20 years while less active women gained 33 pound. highly active men put on 22 pound in 20 years as opposed to 28 for less active ones. overall, the study finds keeping up high activity levels as a
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young adult can keep you slimmer as you head into middle age. with this medical minute, i am dr. timothy johnson. high school seniors are using marijuana than cigarettes in the past month. daily marijuana used increased among 8th, 10th and 12th graders. teens in all three grade exhibit more favorable attitudes towards the drug according to the national institute of on drug abuse. the drug czar blamed the rising use on publicity surrounding medical marijuana and marijuana was not the only drug that teen increasingly used during the past year. the study found that ecstacy rose in all three grades with increases among 8 and 10th graders. so alarming news for parents this morning. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> good morning.
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k4r-6- 6:16. we are seeing cold but a lot of things to talk about for the upcoming week. we are dry right now. maryland's most powerful doppler radar and satellite showing clear skies. dropped to 19 in baltimore and it's 18 in york. 23 in easton and we have got teens and low 20s in for southern maryland with wind chills single digits to the scenes. feels like 11 right now. that's not the teens in easton. single digit wind chills on back towards our west. and essentially what we are looking at here is as we pull back. we have been talking about florida. look at their temperatures this morning. 40 miami. and 37 west palm beach. and better than 33 than yesterday morning. 35 in tampa. you were at freezing yesterday but they are at freezing in orlando and below in northern florida. for reference, they are trying to protect the citrus crops and we are trying to protect our ears and everything else exposed. do that again today. wind not as bad as yesterday but still an issue gusting to 20 to 30 miles per hour. we should hit 26 by lunchtime. 30 degrees the two degree
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guaranteed high. more sun than yesterday and that's warmer by two debreeze from yesterday's high. let's show you the my line and we are watching the storm track down south of florida. the cold blast on the east coast. developing rain northern section of mississippi and into alabama and mixture on the northern spring of that. and another piece of energy enhancing this ride the upper level wind and could stay to the south. this is an issue we have to watch because this could set up the track for what the next system and a bigger system will be on sunday. the way this looks right now, we will show outforecast model. our future radar what it might -- show you the forecast model. our future radar, what it might look like, they could get a few inches in richmond and dc and baltimore could be on the edge of it. plan for the possibility of light snow but not much. most of it stays to the south. if that's the case, we could have a similar issue of a near miss with a bigger storm on sunday. big question we are sweeing this out.
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today, 30 degrees with more sun. we will knock it down to 18 overnight. we are dry tomorrow and we will hit a high temperature of 32, 35 on friday. by the way, tomorrow is snow basically to the south but could see some in the afternoon. dry on saturday, sunday and the ravens are playing outside. there's coastal storm that will be big. but it will be close so please stay tuned for the updates. kim. >> reporter: all lanes open southbound 95 between mountain road heading towards the beltway. look live here at roadways, traffic looks good in both direction. no problems or delays as you approach the tunnel toll plazas. we are looking good at bridges. keep in mind wind warnings remain in place at the key bridge as we look -- bridge. as we look at the maps, three reports of fire activity around baltimore city. one in south baltimore at wilkins and caton and reports of fire activity north monroe and bakers street. har foreat pinewood police want you to continue to avoid the area. you can use bel air as an alternate. ongoing police activity in wood lawn liberty road at flanery lane.
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charlie, back to you. >> thanks a lot. financial adviser dale horn joins thus wednesday morning with your financial fitness segment. now today, we are turning the tables on dale and find south what you need to know to get to know your planner and this cab very tenous time for people because we heart stories about things with financial planners and advisers that have gone wrong. most common is bernie -- berny madoff what can you tale potential client. >> if you haven't been to a financial planner or financial adviser, it can be a little awkward as far as what to really ask and when you -- darn what you need to know -- and what you need to know going into the meeting. look at most common questions i get when someone comes in for the first time i break it down in three parts. number one, you want answers to several questions. number one, do i have enough to retire comfortably towed kate my children, and to provide a legacy going forward whether that be charitable intent or to
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my heirs. that three-part process, the answers can come back to the question. do i have enough today to accomplish the goals. then i will walk someone down the road. if i were to die tomorrow, are my children going to be taken care of? is my family going to be taken care of. and what risks may i encounter between today and when the goals are obtained and all the answers together come from that financial plan. the road map to give now security and comfort as to whether or not you are on target. >> i want to credit burt with a question of turning the tables on dale this morning and finding out what we need to know. but before we ever walk in the door, we need to do leg work on our end as well as the client coming to the advicers. >> absolutely. more homework you accomplished prior to coming in, meaning gathering financial statements and having a budget and expense list and basic tenants of financial planning the more accomplished prior to the meeting the, the more effective
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it will go. >> every wednesday here your financial fitness segment. dale thanks for your time. >> thank you. >> megan, back to you. >> thanks, guys. aid real life ocean 11 you can say after a man takes millions in casino chips and cash from one of the world's most famous casinos. the security camera catches the man smash and grab and his get away. we will show you when we come back. and the nominations are in for this year's golden globes. some of the names you will easily recognize and nome initial for movies that haven't hit the theaters yet.
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and the nominees are the 68 annual golden globe nome nags are out. and the critically acclaimed drama "ñthe kings speech" lead the pack with seven. critically acclaimed film "the social network" the fighter" and "black swan" nominated "modern family" goes up against "glee" and "madmen."
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the golden globes takes place on sunday, january 16th and hosted by the creator of the office. now theft nominees on the website if you want to see the police and everything that is posted there. find it at bc. -- >> i am heart broken by the story. >> you are. >> you thought they would be together. >> i thought though would make it. >> they didn't ryan reynold and scarlett johansson separating. she is the one who initiated the split. problem with the relationship, the distance. they spend a lot of time apart and they released a statement saying we entered our relationship with love and it's with love and kindness we leave it. they were married in 2008. it's 6:26. neither rain or snow or dead of winter will keep the u.s. postal service from make the delivery to you. >> after a wisconsin mailman
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delivers a package and shows woman his clothes. that story is coming up. hey mom. i just got your package;
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now, "good morning, maryland." it's something no family should ever endure. six people killed in a house fire just before the holiday. it's video so incredible you can't believe this


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