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tv   News  ABC  December 15, 2010 6:30am-7:00am EST

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happened. watch as a gunman threatens members of the school board. and frosty becomes a victim of a hit-and-run. wait for it. that bus driver could be held accountable for what he pulled off. it's wednesday, december 15th, good morning, maryland, i am charlie crowson. >> i am megan pringle. thanks for joining us. hope you are enjoying the warm cup of coffee. we will find out if we can get a warmup any time soon. here's meteorologist justin berk. >> we are staying cold but not as cold. temperatures yesterday 28 degrees. but wind gusting over 40 miles per hour. definitely the hardest day to be outside since last winter. what we are going deal with here is continued cold temperatures and not nearly as windy today. a storm system staying just to our south tomorrow could produce light snow baltimore and southbound in the afternoon. and evening. but heavier snow will fall in virginia and north carolina. they may win again on sunday with a coastal system and i know there's a buzz on internet
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about this. but there's some uncertainty as one computer model that tried to give us a good hit yesterday afternoon for the sunday storm is pushing that same storm same time frame out to sea. posting more information on that on my blog today at but currently it's about the cold air. 19 and dry in baltimore. wind chills 7. this almost matches where we were yesterday with 11 the wind chill on the eastern shore in easton. we are expecting 26 by lunchtime. the wind 20 to 30 miles per hour but not as strong as yesterday and heading to 30 this afternoon. here's kim brown with traffic. >> reporter: justin, as you make your way around the beltway, traffic is moving very well on the west side of the outer loop between 795 towards the baltimore national pike. no problems. and a live look at 95 traffic looks good heading southbound towards 895 and down towards the tunnels and the toll plazas. looking at the maps we have one accident reported southbound on the bw parkway at arundel mills not report to be block lanes. but three instances of fire
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activity in baltimore city harford road and pinewood avenue also in south baltimore wilkins and caton and we have a report of fire as well north monroe and bakers street. lingering police activity liberty road and flanery lane. now back to you. >> thanks a lot. time 6:32a horrific scene tuesday morning a two-alarm fire in east baltimore damaging multiple row homes along the 2300 block of homewood avenue. inside one of the houses, six people three adults and three children and all dead. this morning the family is speak out about the tragic loss for the family right before the holidays. and for that we return to sherrie johnson live at the scene this morning. you were there yesterday while the fire was going on. a different scene this morning but a heart breaking story. >> reporter: yes, you are right. it was very intense out here yesterday. they had a number of fire trucks lining the streets. family members were just learning about the six bodies found inside. so, just a very heartfelt emotional day yesterday. and we are back out here on
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homewood. take a look at this burned out building behind me here. you can see this is the home where six people were found dead. this burned out shelf a house, this is all that is left. friend and neighbors they left teddy bears and flowers here as a type of makeshift memorial. that fire killed three generations of the satterfield family. the victims have been identified as el noria and richard satterfield their granddaughter tiara and her three children, 9, 3 and 1-year-old. this morning, we have new reaction from the victim's family members. some as far away as north carolina. family members say they spent a lot of time at this house and they can't believe a fire took their loved ones. >> she was just like everybody's second mom. you always went to el and uncle richard's home. that's where everybody went. that was the meeting place. >> reporter: now the meeting
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place is now a pile of rubble. coming up at 6:45, we will hear more from family members and their fond memories spent here at this home. reporting live in east baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. >> news time is 6:34. gunfire broke out at a school board meeting in panama city florida yesterday. and a local tv station was there rolling on it a gunman started to shoot at board members from a few feet away. we want to warn you this video is pretty disturbing. you can see and you can hear the most disturbing parts. we wanted to give you a heads up on that. here's andy rose with more. >> this is a problem. >> please don't. please don't. please. >> i am going to -- >> reporter: heart stopping moments for bay district school board members in panama city, florida, amazingly no one was hurt except the gunman 56-year-old clay duke. police say he died after
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shooting himself. in the moments leading up to the shooting, news cameras were rolling as they normally do during school board meetings. duke stood up and spray painted a red circle and a v then told everyone except six board members to get out. >> you may leave. you may leave. you can leave. >> reporter: moment later's board member tried unsuccessfully to knock the gun out of duke's hand with her purse and board members yelled at her to stop. >> no. ginger. no. >> reporter: superintendent you heard trying to reason with duke recounted the terrifying ordeal. >> when he turned around with the gun you could see in his eyes that you know he just had that look. you knew that he had something in mind he was going to do and it was not going to end well. >> reporter: authorities now trying to determine what caused clay duke to go on a shooting spree which you will metly ended with his own -- ultimately ended with his own dealt. a man gambled with his freedom when he ran into a
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casino and police say he he pulled out a gun at the bellagio craps table and demand casino chips. you can see from the video that he kept the motorcycle helmet on the entire time. police say the man got away with about a million and a half in chips and left on a motorcycle. they believe the man dob the -- to bees toably the same robber of a casino last week where he walked away with an undisclosed amount of cash. okay. the next story we are serious, people. a mailman make headlines for making special deliversy. woman who reported him didn't want to be identified. she said she was work at a law office when the 52-year-old mailman made the first delivery. she mentioned to him she needed to go back to a post office to pick up some mail so kindly or so she thought the gentleman offered to do it and came back ten minutes late wert mail and without any clothes. >> it was the creepiest thing ever. and the last thing i expected on a sleepy saturday afternoon. now i can laugh about it.
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but when it happened i. was frightened i didn't know what was going on. >> yeah it's not going to be good for business or anyone. according to the police report, the postal service guy says it was all a joke. huh huh. he told investigators that the 21-year-old woman dared him to deliver the mail naked and when he saw her how upset he was he felt badly and stupid. woman says she never talked to him seriously before this happened and certainly didn't dare him to go with his shorts. a bus driver resigned over a hit-and-run but the victim is not what you expect. >> he took aim for this guy. why. police say chill out with the winter weather activities in the streets. but that guy forced to resign. plus, he changed the best -- trained some of the best boxers and you can think of him every time you drive down a particular street here in baltimore.
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it's 6:40. welcome back. a city bus driver in sam pane, illinois quit over a hit-and- run involving a snowman. >> check it out. >> oh, no. oh, my gosh. >> the screaming. on video you see the car slow down and drive around a snowman. but on the video, it looks like the bus driver crosses over and hits the snowman head on and goes back into the lane. driver of the bus has resigned. and the police say that the students who built the snowman should also be held accountable. snowman could have made people slam on their brakes and cause an accident. coming up, she survived a car crash and then a helicopter crash. now the only person to be pulled from the wreckage of that medivac crash a few years ago
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alive is suing the government for millions of dollars. plus, an unimaginable tragedy has family members coping with the loss of six family members including a baby just before the holidays. and very special kids in baltimore got a holiday party thrown for them. and the big man himself decided to stop by and say hi. 6:42. we are watching bel air currently 17 degrees. wind chill occasionally knocked into the single digits or low teens. another cold day but not as windy. how about the snow? we will talk about that coming up. >> reporter: only one accident on the roadways right now. that's liberty road eastbound at st. luke's lane. aside from that traffic is building around the beltway and we have a handful of road hazards in baltimore city. more of that when good morning, maryland, returns after this.
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thanks for joining thus morning. this is your abc2 news to go. i am megan pringle. >> i am charlie crowson. let's check out with the check of the wednesday forecast with meteorologist justin berk. good morning. >> the good news is we cleared the skies. we have wind but not nearly as strong as yesterday. we are dealing with the cold
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that's going to continue to stay with us for a few more days well below normal at 17 in bel air. hereford and manchester, 19 in cockeysville and arnold. 20 from sparrows point to easton. wind chilled down into the teens or single digits. westminster winning the charge at 3 above real feel temperature impeachment from the teens in the 7:19 sunrise and should see the sun mixed with few clouds. gusty winds and the high of 30. kim brown has traffic. >> reporter: that's right. we are looking at heavy volume around the outer loop on the top side at providence road. fortunately, traffic is moving at a decent pace. the speeds are down because of the volume. around the area, we are looking at several crashes including one in westminster route 97 at old hanover road. that could be a overturned vehicle. another accident in perring parkway and liberty road eastbound at st. luke's lane. three incidents of fire activity in baltimore city. megan and charlie, back to you.
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>> the tragedy is unimaginable. a fire in east baltimore killed six people thee adults and three children. for the first time family members are speak out about the devastating loss to them. sherrie johnson is live at the scene. sherrie. >> reporter: good morning, megan. all is quiet here on homewood avenue in east baltimore. look behind me. you can still see this burned out building here where the six people were found dead inside in the fatal fire. and there's a makeshift memorial to remember the six people killed. it's right here in the front free in the tree in front of the house here. and this's a white teddy bear with a pink heart on its chess and there's four moons -- chest and this's four balloons that read we miss you already. and this morning, we are hearing from the victim's family members, some arfar awas as north carolina. be -- some as far away as north carolina. el noria satterfield was married to richard satterfield for 50 years. the fire killed the couple the
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grander and three great grant grandchildren. the grand dot we are have turned 27 next week and the family can't believe they won't celebrate with her. >> we tried to get together when we can and we spent summers together and birthdays together. they made it to heaven. and we will see them again. >> reporter: now this fire brings the number of fire deaths to 18. that's last year at this time, there were 19 fire deaths in baltimore city. now some of the family members tell us that there were electric space heaters inside the home. fire investigators have not officially released the cause of the fire. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> thanks. time 6:48. investigators stiller is ming for the cause of a fire in harford county. three people escaped that fire in the three-story apartment house with the help of a quick thinking volunteer firefighter. he was eating dinner at a
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restaurant when someone yelled that the home was on fire e ran to the scene can be -- he ran to the scene ahead of the fire trucks and spotted two people stranded on the roof. >> that's when i got here, they were on the roof up there. you can see where the blood is on the eaves. and i just talked them both into dropping their legs down and falling to this one and i was able to grab lawn furniture and get up and reach them off the top part and help them down from there. >> he broke a first floor wind heo and ran into the building to paul woman to safety. paramedics transported two victims to the bayview burn center where they were treat and released. and another firefighter cut his arm and got glass in his eyes. doctors treated him at a harford memorial. september 2009 we told you about christopher jones being beaten to death while riding his bike to his mom's house in crofton. one of the teens involved in the death wanted out of the juvenile facility in michigan after serving 15 months of the six-year sentence.
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the judge decided that teen now 16 has made progress, but he didn't think he was ready to return home. jones parents support the judge's decision. they sued the two teens involved in thean arundel county school system because they say their son was bullied. >> i was in a building -- the survivor of a 200 # medivac crash is suing the federal government for 50 34eu8ion dollars. suit filed -- 50 million dollars. the suit says air traffic controlleders provide outdated weather information. it says they didn't send an adequate search and rescue response after the crash. wells and her 17-year-old friend ashley young here died in the crash were transported for medical treatment after a car accident. the pilot steven bunker and a emergency medical technician died in the crash. ntsb concluded the crash was caused by a combination of factors including outdated weather information. a man accused of killing his girlfriend 15-month-old boy was
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found guilty of second degree murder and child abuse resulting in death. brian salveage was arrested after the child cameron justin williams died last november while in his care. the boy's mother was working at a convenience store when prosecutors say savage beat the boy. the circuit court jury dlaib rated for nine hours before coming back with a guilty verd i go. prosecutors are now going to ask for the maximum penalty of 30 years in prison when savage is sentenced which happens in february. family and friends of the baltimore teen who stowed away in a wheel well want to know why the airport security didn't stop him from sneaking on the investigators say delvonte tisdale plunged to his death. transportation security administration is investigating how he was able to avoid security at airport in charlotte, north carolina, and climb into the wheel well of a bowing 737. his brother anthony tisdale junior and other family members said the teen was unhappy in
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north carolina and never wanted to leave baltimore in the first place where he lived earlier. today, for the first time in almost a decade, amtrak had allow you to bring unloaded guns on the train. you can do this on trains with checked baggage. unloaded guns will be stored in train lockers and you must call amtrak at least 24 hours in advance of the departure to notify them you are packing. lawmakers say the ban was lifted to fall in line with air travel rules. 6:52 right now. our state has maintained its perch as the wealthiest state. census information contains some good news for baltimore residents in the city. as the rest of the state made bound in education with more people holding higher school diplomas and college degrees. the mix of residence of baltimore suburbs shifted. for example n. baltimore county, the poverty rate increased very significantly. there is a silver lining in home ownership in baltimore. baltimore business journal
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reports that the number of homeowners who are unwater the mortgages didn't go up during third quarter but it's also holding steady at 16%. in maryland, 22% of mortgages were under water during the third quarter. the study was done by for logic. from every corner of the city, people young and old flock to the gym here in east baltimore to see mr. mack who kept young boys off the streets and turned them into men. last month he passed away at the age of 92. his memory will now live on forever thanks to a baltimore city council member joand by council president that led the charge to rename a portion of eager street mack lewis way. >> to his family, i want to thank you all for allowing mr. mack lewis to be a part of all of our lives. he changed the lives of countless young men throughout the great city.
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>> god bless him. >> he was known as the ring master and respected throughout the world of professional boxing. well, very special christmas celebration for kids in baltimore city. >> the annual holiday party at maryland science center was yesterday and spread a lot of cheer to more than 130 local kids living in shelters. it was sponsored by the baltimore city bar association. they got a chance to have a nice dinner, check out a magician and have pictures takeen with santa. even the oriole bird made an appearance along with baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake. each child walked away with a christmas gift. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> good morning. 6:54. 19 degrees wind chill of 7. we are dry. we are clear and the wind are not that strong for the time being. but there will be more snow showers in the mountains and the breeze that picks up today. a lot of buzz about the two
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next system with potential snow. cold air will be through florida this morning. watching rain and snow across the northern section of missip whyy and -- mississippi and alabama and arkansas clipped with snow on the east side this morning. we are watching one system that's riding the southern jet stream track and that may stay to the south. and what happens to many could actually set the stage for another coastal storm that charges up on sunday. a very close call or a near miss for us in baltimore. the future model watches moderate snow to the south of dc midday tomorrow. looks like richmond, virginia, gets a few inches of snow. we are going to be on the northern fringep we planned for light snow in the afternoon especially south of baltimore following the track on sunday, a near miss but a bigger storm. 30 today, tonight we drop back to about 18. and want to highlight snow showers tomorrow afternoon and south with a high of 32. dry friday, saturday and
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watching a potential potential storm on sunday. kim. >> reporter: justin, we had a disabled vehicle clear from the southbound lanes of the harbor tunnel. that has traffic slow from the 95 split and pretty much at a crawl making your way at the o'donnell street exit. the delays should be gone within the next 10 or 15 minutes but we are work several incidents. three instance of fire activity reported first one in south baltimore at wilkins and caton and the other northeast baltimore harford at pinewood avenue. police want you to avoid that. another reported fire at north monroe and bakers street and an accident up in parkville puddy hill at perring parkway. west side liberty road eastbound at st. luke's wayne and westminster an accident route 97 at old hanover road with an overturned vehicle. now back to you. >> all right. we will have news, weather and traffic updates throughout the morning and then don't forget about "good morning, maryland" at nine. hope you join news news is always on at abc to and pay attention for this -- and pay attention to this guy's weather forecast.
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