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tv   News  ABC  December 16, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EST

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today as well. let's show you what's going on. we have a winter weather advisory noon until 9 p.m. so winter weather advisory means that periods of snow will make travel difficult. so you need to take it easy. if you don't have to go, relax and watch us on television today. going into noon as well, as we going into gusting, yes, about one inch and maybe one to three the further to the south you go. more snow for the weekend. that's a possibility. so we will look at that as well. in the meantime, maryland's most powerful radar not picking up on anything. we are dry as of now. but don't let this image fool you. that weather, that within theory weather is on the way. checking out the winter weather advisory, you can see what he happening for all the counties there shaded in the blue. we are under the winter weather advisory. so be on the lookout for that. also, temperatures this morning very cold. look at the teens. this is not even adding in the wind. these are the actual temperatures. you need to bundle up. you can see teens from
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manchester, westminster and sykesville and rockville, laurel and 20 in sparrows point. and arnold come in at around 20 as well. let's go over to kim brown with your traffic report right now. good morning, kim. >> reporter: thanks. good morning. this evening's rush hour will probably be no fun. but right now, you are looking pretty good. no problems up and down 95. looking at mountain road, southbound lanes towards the beltway, no delays or problems. 695 looking good. inner loop is wide open between the 83s heading towards bel air road. looking at the maps, we don't have accidents. a pair of water main breaks. east north avenue at north collington a water main break blocks the center lane. one lane gets by. use chester, gay or patterson park avenue to get around that. and south highland avenue is closed between bank and pratt street because of a water main break. clinton street is the best alternate. now back to you. >> thanks a lot. time is 5:31. it's been more than a week since the fire in the downtown block district.
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wednesday, investigators released new information about that fire. abc2's sherrie johnson joins us with the latest. what's next in the investigation? >> reporter: good morning, charlie. authorities are still searching for answers about this fire. it may not necessarily be a case of arson, authorities say a person set the fire. but they are not sure if the fire was set intentionally. more than 90 people combed through the rubble during the investigation. the fire that hit the block destroyed four city buildings in the adult entertainment district. the federal bureau of chal, tobacco, firearm and explosives says it started in a video peep show room at the world bookstore at 404 east baltimore street. the fire was so intense a wall collapsed and crews had to dig it out which was very difficult. >> imagine filling four rollback dumpsters, big rollback dumpster business hand with a shovel full at time. that's basically what happened.
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it wassa lot of guys worked eight, 10-hour days, 7, # days in a row, and really -- 8 days in row in really brutal conditions. >> reporter: atf interviewed 60 people about the fire but need more help. they plan to put up flyers in the block offering a $5,000 reward for information on the fire. if you have information, call 1-888-atf-fire. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. you can get your coffee from donna's when you visit the walters art gallery and get cocoa during the st. patrick's day parade. we are talking about 18 years at that corner in mount vernon. that's why the story is so hard. coowner of donna, donna srivello returned to the bar to survey the water and smoke damage and has no idea if she can reopen at that area. she is work for workers to clear out rubble and engineers to make
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sure the build something structurally sound. >> i absolutely no idea how long it's going to take and building and engineers need to know that. but luckily for me, i have other things to do, and you know, i am doing a cooking class in columbia and we are work on some christmas eve menus. i have other locations, so i can be a little distracted. >> and the investigation into the five-alarm fire continues. preliminary findings suggest the fire started with an electrical problem on the first floor. then it climbed to the top of the four story building through ventilation shafts. a consume are alert this morning. for anyone who is a parent, the government is banning drop side cribs after the death of more than 30 infants anded to leerings during the course of the past deck -- toddlers during the course of the past decades. >> my son tyler got his neck caught between the side rail and headboard of his two-year new old drop side crib.
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>> the consumer safety product commission voted unanimously to ban the product sale and resale of the drop side cribs many they say the side rail moves up and down along with parents more easily lifting their child from the crib. the bitter cold is take a toll on sea turtles that are now in the caring hans of the national i squareium staff. the aquarium officials say many sea turtles are stranded every year because ocean waters cool before the turtles have a chance to migrate. the aquarium says they are providing help to the new england aquarium which is caring for about 80 rescued turtles. five were flown from boston to baltimore first class earlier this month. and another five are expected to arrive next week. they are so cute. >> think of crush from finding nemo he. >> yes. that's what it looks like. unseasonably cold and winter weather blanketed the midwest. now even the south is feeling the brunt of old man winter.
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coming, we will head to the southern united states where they are not only seeing cold temperatures and snow, but they are getting coated with a dangerous sleet and ice as well. >> careful. also, new information about the 56-year-old florida man who opened fire on members of a panama city school board. hear what his wife has to say. but first, let's head out for the trains and bus report and say good morning to mark jones. >> reporter: good morning. for the commute start, you will find light rail working with a southbound 20-minute delay. be aware of that. out there on the buses the number 13 working with the diversion and north and chester due to a water main break. and number 30 bus diverted at old frederick and out there on the marc trains camden and penn lines but 870 is 15 to 20 minutes late. for the mta transit team, i am mark jones.
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( crash, shattering ) it's good! ( shattering ) when you add velveeta and rotel tomatoes... and green chilis to chicken and pasta, it's so good... - mmmmmm. - it'll blow 'em away. ( crashing ) man, that's good. man, that's good. velveeta and rotel. man, that's good. welcome back amount wintery mix of sleet, snow and freezing rain hitting the southern u.s. >> snow is one thing but ice is another story. karen travers is following the winter weather system as it creeps closer to the mid atlantic. >> reporter: the bitter cold and relentless winter weather are
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showing no signs of easing up. snow is followed by ice in parts of the midwest. this lighthouse near cleveland is frozen solid. in the southeast, sleet and freezing rain turn roads into skating rinks. at least five people were killed in accidents caused by icy conditions. parts of kentucky and tennessee are braising for ice accumulations up to half an inch. >> i couldn't see it. black ice is transparent and you can't see it. folks you have to be real careful. especially if you have the loved one in the car with you. >> reporter: lake-effect snow pummeled upstate new york. syracuse saw more than ten inches of new snow on wednesday. this month is the second snowiest december on record in that region. residents of minnesota are digging out from their massive snowfall this week. and officials are concerned about how the early winter weather will affect their budget. >> we have to plow the snow. >> we spend what we need to spend to make the road as safe as possible. >> reporter: no surprise here, the roof of the minneapolis metrodome which coleapsed
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under-- colaped on monday will not be fixed in time for the vikings monday night game. the nfl game moved it to the university minnesota outdoor stadium but it's full of snow. >> it's going to be a lot of shoveling and work. don't really mind it. >> reporter: about a dozen states can expect a cold and icy commute this morning. a mixture of snow, sleet and freezing rain makes waits across the southeast and mid atlantic reasoningons. now -- regions. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> good morning everyone. we are watching the snowfall as well because it's going to be moving into our area. i will say between nine and 11 we will get snow across the area. so check out satellite and radar. we have lake-effect snow up in new york. but that's not what's affecting us. see the snow back to the south and west. it's mock into west virginia and ohio. check out that purple there.
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that's a wintery mix. sleet is moving into kentucky as of now. remember that area. i want to show you what we have in terms of temperatures. so the temperatures are very cold into detroit and baltimore at 18. roanoke 25. heading to the south, though, 61 degrees in jackson. montgomery at 5 #. we can see the warmer air nudging in here and that's what we will see maybe as the onset of that especially into southern maryland. so let's go ahead and send this over to kim brown with your traffic. good morning, kim. they are salting the roads correct. >> reporter: that's right. they are beginning to salt the bay bridge because of some reported icy conditions. we have wind warnings in place at the key bridge. so the elements slightly affecting us this morning. the road remain dry. look at 59 and the maps, we don't have too many problems. no accidents at least. a pair of water main breaks south highland avenue closed between bank and pratt street. expect icy conditions near there. also east north avenue at north collington a. water main break is blocking the center lane and there are detours posted.
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now back to you. >> thanks very much, kim. if you are celebrating a birthday today, happy birthday. a special happy birthday to megan from columbia who turns 5 years old today. this is a picture from her field trip to the pumpkin patch. also celebrating today, kim who lives in federal hill having a birthday. and frany who is from annapolis turning the fabulous 50 today. happy birthday. >> if you are having a birthday, we want to know about it. send us a quick e-mail with a attachment of a photo of you, a friend, family member to morning show at try to send those wishes in a week in advance and you might be wondering, why is the dog, the cat and all that? because we want to know about and vrs ris and pets. >> absolutely. if your pet is having a birthday and if you put it in a funny outfit. if you have a cool picture and you want it to be on the news, it should be. send it to us. send it to morning show at
5:44 am include all the important facts about the photo behind it. and let us know so we can share it with everybody else. we will be be right back.
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a little by little the atf released information about
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the fire on block and the goal is to find out how it start and whether or not it was a criminal act. sherrie johnson is here to tell us the latest findings and what's next. sherrie. >> reporter: good morning. investigation continues this morning. authorities say they still need help with the public for information about the fire. the federal bureau of alcohol, at that paco and firearms and explosive says the fire was set by a person. but they don't know if it was set intentionally. fire that hit the block destroyed four city building in the adult entertainment district and believe the five-alarm fire started in video peep show room at the located at 404 east baltimore street. and it's believed someone who was allowedi. >> the room or slipped through a back door to escape the cold actually set the fire. now the atf interviewed about 60 people about this fire. they still need more help. >> has been with the assistance of citizens that brought us to this point in the
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investigation. their information has proven instriewltal in corroborating what the fire scene revealed. but we know there are others out there that we have not heard from. >> reporter: investigators plan to put up flyers in the block area offering a $5,000 reward for information on the fire. if you have any information, you can call 1-888-atf-fire. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> time 5:48. >> thank you. investigators are still trying to determine what caused a fire in east baltimore that killed six, three children. neighbors who live in the tight knit community say elnor slatterfield and her husband were living in the area for more than 30 years. the fire claimed the couple, their granddaughter and three great grandchildren. >> it hurts your heart. it hurts your heart. this is somebody that everybody that lives around here we seem
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seen them every day and it hurts. >> dozens have been left homeless and the red cross is doing everything they can to help. saturday city foyer fighters will check homes for working smoke detectors. they will install them for free to any home that doesn't have one and do a fire safety check. >> active uniform service to our country i want you to know the reasons why i feel i have no. >> today a jury will begin deliberation of a army doctor who refused to deploy because he questions president obama's u.s. citizenship. due tent colonel lak n says he was wrong to do so and would deploy if he could. earlier the jury convicted him of missing a flight with a would have gotten him to kentucky for the deployment. also this morning, ocean city, maryland, will hold a public hearing seeking the release of a -- the replacement of a 2 1/4 mile long boardwalk. resort official reviewed option
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for replacing it which is a price tag in the neighborhood of 6 to $10 million. the project would take 2 to 3 years to wrap up and one possible option includes building a tram lane in the center of the boardwalk that would cost about $5.5 million. lynette. >> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> all right. let's talk about the numbers. these numbers are chilly. check out the lows on this thursday. we should be right around 27 degrees now for this time of the year. that high should be around 46. check out the record lows set in 1951. a 10 degrees then and that record high was setback in 1971. it was 71 degrees. as we look at the highs yesterday, we only made it up to 32. so right at freezing, richmond around 34. norfolk at 33. and 20s in to altuna. 21 to be exact. pittsburgh at 22. and charleston right around 27. the wind chill right now is
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frigid especially into baltimore with the single digit at 9. hagerstown around 10. and two below zero into oak lan. you really need to bundle up heading out and about today. and that satellite and radar picking up on cloud cover moving in across the area. but the big story is the fact we have the system that's moving in here. i am thinking that it will get in here around nine to 11. this morning. and then it will keep oncoming as we go through the afternoon hours. so we have the winter weather advisory in effect until 9 p.m. so, we are looking at the bigger picture. you can see some of the mixture and sleet moving into kentucky as of now. and as we see the onset, maybe to the south of maryland, we will see a little sleet. but here's numbers here as well. up to an inch in baltimore northwardched and as we head to the south, we can see about 3 to 4 inches heading into virginia. southern virginia. that's what we are looking at as we go through time. now, we look at the weather pattern, and we can see what's going on. we are in between the warm
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sector. that's why we have the milder air and warmer air over the colder air. and that's why you are seeing a little bit of the mixture around kentucky and we can see that on the onset as we head into maryland. it is cold as of now. the temperatures for the most part will stay below freezing as we go throughout the day. futurecast looks pretty good especially as we head into tomorrow. we will see more sunshine in the forecast. we are trying to wait for the low pressure system to stay to the south of us and drop us know showers. temperatures 32 today, and we have the winter weather' advisory in effect. and by tonight, the temperatures will be right around 19 degrees. snow showers heavier to the south. and the good news is the fact that this is a fast moving system and we can't see the total the way we want to see them. by tomorrow, that temperature will be right around 35 degrees. more sunshine but still very cold. >> reporter: this morning if you making your way or on the hairiburg expressway. all lanes are open.
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you will not encount are delays. looking live at beltway, 695 at providence road a. light amount of volume. everything is moving at speed. light on incidents. no accidents this morning was always good news. we anticipate the snow coming later. water main breaks in baltimore city could cause icy conditions in the neighborhood on south highland street. that's closed between bank and pratt street. use clinton street to get around that. also east north avenue at north collington a water main break is blocking the center lane. one lane get by north and southbound. try chester and patterson park avenue or gay streets this morning to get around those. stay with us, there is more of "good morning, maryland" coming back after this.
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for the first time we are hearing from the wife of the man who pulled a gun at a florida school board meeting before killing himself. if you have not seen the footage we want a warn you it's tough to watch. aid little disturbing. here's what happened. 56-year-old clay duke was reportedly angry with the school board because his wife rebecca had been fired earlier in the year. he walked into the meeting, pulled a gun and told everyone on the board that the women in the room to leave. the superintendent tried to negotiate with him and the
5:57 am
board members even hit him with one the board members hit him with a purse and he he opened fire and second later, he was shot by a security guard and then finally duke shot himself. rebecca duke says her husband is not a monster. >> he loved me. he loved his family. and he was just trying to have people stop as he would say dump on me. >> police say duke end up firing at least 14 round thankfully each and everyone round he missed. >> unbelievabletory. when you think about strength and conditioning coaches in the nfl, those are not the guys who make headlines. they don't. >> they don't. unless you stick your foot out and trip a player. new information this morning on the new york jets train here may be look for a new job. plus, the new film tron legacy is going to be out in theaters tomorrow, and there's die-hard fans megan being one
5:58 am
of them. a baltimore county man went to the extreme one step further. he changed his name legally. we will tell you what it is coming up.
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