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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  December 16, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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out there. snow closed schools. they shut down earlier this afternoon trying to get the kids home safely. instead of pounding the area fast and steady, this is more calm. makes you want to light the fireplace up and get warm cocoa. wyatt has the late. >> it's just about done. but this storm compared to the storms of yesteryear, child's play. but it just doesn't matter. all it takes is a half inch as the coating of snow and the roads are below freezing. everything stuck on contact. i'm telling you. let's look out maryland's post powerful radar. and the good news is we've got good clearing going on. only place where we're still getting decent snows coming down, the southern tip of the state. down towards the tip there, of st. mary's county and snow down on the lower part of the eastern shore, down through this area, but back in the baltimore area things beginning to clear up. how much snow? just about a half inch at bwi.
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that may come. with an update later tonight. dundalk an inch. and frostburg 2 1/2. and they always get more out there. radar clearing. we're in the low 20s now. that's so cold oftentimes salted roads are to the be affected. in other words, they stay icy even when the salt has been put down it. takes chemical treatments when you get below the mid-20s. so a snowy evening on the way. still flurries, cold icy conditions. if you can stay in, definitely good idea. watch out for ice in the morning as well. we'll talk about the next approaching storm coming up. >> thank you. from 95 to 695 to the side streets and the city things on the roads are terrible here tonight! abc 2 news brian kuebler is out there live on northern parkway. chris just wrote in, took him 30 minutes to get of off his driveway. >> reporter: that's true it, takes 30 minutes to get down northern parkway too. that's northern parkway there
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over my shoulder. and you can see the traffic is all backed up. this may not have been much snow but with as cold as it was, and as the roads as cold as they are, this snow came down and it stuck and made the roads incredibly treacherous today. and extremely slippery. and that's what northern parkway looks like. but your side roads, most likely going to look like that. this is still recovered and a lot of cases they shoot a device under the snow. they have about 130 pieces of equipment out and they opened the storm center at 11 a.m. this morning. they say they will be out all night because the fear is tomorrow morning that people are still dealing with the commute home tonight, but when this -- this all starts to melt because of the salt and sand they throw on the roads, that is all going to refreeze tomorrow morning. and they're urging caution for folks who are driving to work tomorrow morning. as for tonight, they obviously say if you don't center to go
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out, don't go out. it's going to be messy tomorrow morning as well. reporting live, brine kuebler, abc 2 news. rush while you're out there, say hi to administrations rushing to keep the roads safe. you see the trucks out tonight, sprinkling salt on the roads. we told you last month about the state's plan to expand the sugar, beet molasses program but they're just now sticking with the regular salt mix and it still works just as good. >> we'll see the trucks out. there, loaded up. they're ready. gassed up. they can respond quickly. remember this time last year, about the time we were getting a bick storm some this one hopefully will be what is predicted and just be small. i think most people are getting their shopping done early this year. >> and officials say crews are out there as long as it takes to keep you safe in trying to get you back home safely tonight. abc 2 news is your place for weather while you're watching your favorite abc shows
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tonight. log on, see our live interactive radar and while there, sign up for our breaking weather alerts. you can get information right there on your phone and all from a man got into the building at holabird middle school this morning and had it not been for screams, who knows what would have happened. holabird middle has been in dundalk 45 years on dell veil avenue. here's roosevelt leftwich with the scary story. >> reporter: a scary start and one that has many parents wondering how he got in the school in the first place. police police say the man came in in the morning around 8:30. the man came in with the students and when confronted by a school resource officer and staffer, allegedly lied about why he was there, giving what county police say was a valid reason. police say he was told to go to the office but the man went into the boy's bathroom across from the office. >> this guy whoever he is, had to be crazy. i mean, even try that across
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from the office! just don't make sense? this was a very isolated and unusual incident. and the security measures are very good here. this is a very unusual situation and the students were led into the building. at most times during the day the building is kept locked. there's a buzzer system that you have to be identified and let into the building. this gentleman apparently wanted to get into the building and he found a way to do that. >> right now in county police have not released his name, only saying he's a white man in his mid-20s. the child scared but unharmed. then we have someone who bet up, cut up and just brutalized a pit bull. you can go ahead and see what you will about the pit bull. you've heard them all. but hear this -- this puppy we'll show you is a sweet and vulnerable as they come. and this is the story you'll remember tonight. told by abc 2's bill fink,
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where there's always life after near death. >> reporter: at north animal hospital, sugar snap, a three- year-old pit bull, is finally receiving the care she's needed all her life. very late tuesday night, amid brutal wind and frigid temperatures, this dog was perhaps left to die. in his quiet neighborhood, sugar snap was left on the front porch of two students. the dog was starving and unable to walk with serious gashes to both front legs. exposing muscle and even bone. >> we're going to center to put another item here. >> the students discovered him in time 3 got the emergency care needed to stabilize sugar snap. >> we've never seen anything this horrific before. >> kate and her husband eric founded the bully crew, a grassroots rescue group raising awareness about pit bull abuse. now they're raising money to cover her medical costs and give her a new start. >> there aren't any signs of this particular case that point
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us in the direction of dogfighting. there is severe neglect, there are signs of abuse. >> have to look at her and think it's been going on all her life. but, ironically, she is still a very sweet dog. >> thanks too the expert attention of dr. russ and his staff, sugar snap is male. >> good girl! >> and her appetite is coming back. >> infection will be her biggest threat and that's what we're monitoring every day. >> but the question remains, why did someone leave this dog in the condition she was at the doorstep? >> maybe a little remorseful, maybe they wanted to give it half a chance. it's a mystery at this point. >> donations are still needed and accepted directly through the north wind animal hospital. bill fink, abc 2 news. >> sugar snap. all right. they're also offering a $5 howe reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of
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the people that did this. sugar snap. so far, only 20, 20 state workers have stepped forward to take that buyout offered by governor owe millionee. we're about nine days into the plan and those who signed up will get $15,000. plus $200 per year of employment, with it they agree to have their positioneliminated. the governor's office says several have inquired but not signed up yet. 20. that's it. and when it comes to our economy, while there's a little rebound, things are a little sluggish out there. state comptroller says he is concerned about the lingering effects of recession that's happening to all of us. our unemployment rate remains at 4.7%. he still has globe-trotting moves we all love! tonight check out his game on the hardwood! and office supplies usually consistent of the usual,
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computer, telephone, stapler. but more office managers are ordering treadmills for the workplace! you'll love this! >> we need a couple of those here! holiday treats. temperatures today only in for the low 20s. those were the highs. mid to upper 20s for all that snow tyking. we'll talk more about how much snow we received, what the outlook is for the weekend and as we go to brake, this is what it looked like in baltimore earlier today.
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to the basketball court here, at owens mills in the baltimore ravens, there's curry
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neil there! sweet georgia brown, harlem globetrotters. they're in town to do two shows on tuesday, december 28th at 2 and one at 7. and curly neil, ravens running back wes mcgeough and the fine art of how to beat the washington generals. he still has some game! >> you ain't made a shot yet! >> how about that! i believe tj can dunk. i believe. and they will be out there with the globe fraughters next tuesday at first mariner arena. they're great. ravens wearing their black jerseys for the second time this season on sunday as they play the new orleans saints. terrell suggs says drew brees and better than payton manning and tom brady. ravens have lost four games by a total of 16 points, and these are the points we'll hear
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tonight from ray rice and joe flacco and ray lewis about the game, coming up on sunday afternoon. and the bare halves of those guys are doing great things for 10 families. six ravens wives scored big with the community as they help the salvation army with a adopt a family programs. it pre-selects the families for give there. a better christmas. then the ladies hit the aisles to shop for the families at sam's club and have $200 each. >> it was such an amazing event, it was so get to shop for niece families. we were able to pick out dream touches, television, stereos and meet some of their basic needs, diapers, towels, things that sometimes some of us take for granted because we have in our house. >> there's a big surprise for the families because they'll get all their gifts tonight, around 7:00. and it's still not too late to donate toys.
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drop them off at any cfg community bank, police department, police, shops at kenilworth and any wal-mart, and drop toys off here too at our studios, 6400 york road, here in towson future our kinder time toy drive. here he is. >> the drive home, people are saying -- i think one went from patterson park to -- it takes them -- took them an hour to go five miles. >> little rust, rusty from last winter? seems like we would be so well- trained in the wake of the historic winter. hearing about this winter special sunday, coming up this saturday night. and we're going to be -- >> what time? >> i got to double-check on that. >> all right. >> i think it's 7. we'll find out. 7. 7:00. all right. eastern standard. >> you want it? >> i'm all over it, man. we'll talk about this.
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of course, the inch we get today, that's all it takes. these our lesson. all sticks, all paces and not even that. tracking the snow as it came in. and thanks for putting me on the spot, man. we were tracking the snow, and you can see that things have tapered off tremendously out there now. so all we're really left with in the walk of that storm is basically just some snow action down here. lower eastern shore, still finding snow towards ocean city, back through salisbury and cambridge. even just south of easton you may find a little snow coming down but back in the immediate baltimore area, the good news is, most of the snow done, other then a passing flurry or two later tonight. now check out this winter weather advisory. it's still up for most of the state other than the extreme western edge here. this will be right through 9:00 tonight. we know we'll have icy conditions, many of those roads, even if they've been salted, temperatures too cold to let that salt be extremely
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effective. here's why. 24 degrees right now, and headed colder tonight. that light snowpack on the ground will help drop temperatures, and many spots in the morning i wouldn't be surprised to wake up in the upper teens. man, what a wild wintry scene today! roland park, pretty decent coating of snow here, just over an up in. most spots across the meet  baltimore area. nguyen oak, snow coming down. traffic gets thick in a hurry and tough forget around. and even tonight with that snow ending, the roads are looking awfully icy out there. more cool shots from our hd weather net across the state. towson, snow coming down heavy. look at that parking lot there. snowy scenario there. and actually we had ocean city earlier for you. wanted to show you the pretty snowy day on the beach but that cameraman shut down future a second. temperatures, teens and low 20s. that is frigid and that means
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that even salted surfaces will be refreezing. places like the masses where you picked up several inches of snow. let's talk about totals. bwi, more than a half inch we think. but have just a total as of 5:30 today. .4". dundalk an inch. we knew anne arundel would get more. frostburg, 2 1/2. no surprise there. but look some other spots. south reagan international, inch and a half. damascus, two inches. virginia, 3 1/2. they got whacked today with the snow. so again, other than lower part of delmarva, most of the snow clearing out. we'll see passing snowshowers the rest of the night. as the whole storm continues to head out to sea. that's a good thing. briefly dryer, clearer weather tomorrow but it doesn't hold. take a look at our future-cast. that storm heads out to sea, some sunshine tomorrow, cold day but the sun should still help the melt off some of that snow.
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even with temps at or below freezing. future-cast in the saturday night, here's that approaching coastal storm just beginning to get its act together. that will track up the coast, we think right now we'll stay just offshore, meaning more of a snow than couple inches down in the eastern shore in delmarva, maybe just snowshowers in baltimore. but closer up the coast, we'll mean a little more snow for us. we'll wait and see. take another day to get clarity on that storm track. 23 tonight with snowshowers. they taper off. tomorrow, icy spots early. watch it out there. cold start, 34 at best in the afternoon. maybe not that warm. tomorrow night, 22, partly cloudy. very cold again. and towards the weekend, thing have really not changed from yesterday. still 30s. still that coastal storm approaching saturday night through the first half of sunday. we think just snowshowers around here. but probably some snow on the seats at emmitt stadium for the big game on sunday. >> thank you. again, it's important to remember, pets are also affected by this cold weather.
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so bring them in! peta has tips for us for first- time pet owners. keep your animals inside, especially pets with short hair. wipe off your dog or cat's legs, feet and stomachs after they come in from the snow. salt and other chemicals with make them sick if they ingest them and finally, don't allow your cat or dog to roam freely outdoors during winter. cats sometimes climb in the hoods of cars and are hurt when it's started up. and also coming up tonight at 11, a lot of us put the plastic away this season. megan has a look at why cash is king once again. plus, it didn't even take minutes for the comments to start pouring in last night. i asked on my friends page what you thought about michael vick wanting to be a dog owner again. tonight we'll share your thoughts. if you want to weigh in, just drop by my facebook page right now. those stories and much more coming up tonight at 11.
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>> tonight's health a alert, on monday you have your computer, phone and a treadmill. you're really going to be working hard as pat sinclair tells us some people have no excuses now not to get that workout in. >> reporter: too much sit something bad for your health if in most offices, sitting is the only option. >> would you like to lose a couple pounds but i want to do it more just to -- cardioeffect. just to get the exercise. we all need exercise. >> this portion control call center has installed several treadmill desks. employees do all the same work as before, but sit less. one specialist, says a workouts of 30 minutes is about right. >> it can be a lot of benefits from this kind every regular low impact exercise and activity. >> less stress on the joints, reduced rick of diabetes, lower blood pressure, and cholesterol, all from walking more. >> i can keep someone healthy,
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i'm going to have a workforce that will be productive, that's not going to cost me any more money in terms of overtime, hopefully they'll be happy, they'll want to keep working for us. >> the extra exercise may also improve morale. >> for exercise during the day, come enhance their mood, different parts of the brain that make people feel better about themselves. >> so the message is, don't just sit there! >> just was i'll be doing on monday. let's check or undrive home tonight. you know it's rough out there. 95 north and 195, jennifer cane said she left the city and took her 2 1/2 hours. jeff davis trying to get to garrison park, took him three hours. [ male announcer ] earlier today, your living room s s game day central.
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what does your gut tell you about tomorrow morning? school delays? >> we're talking couple-hour delays. maybe not so much cancellations. it's on frigid, a loots of time the sal has a tough time working. radar clearing up. that's good. but the lower eastern shores still getting decent snow. we'll see flurries tonight. but these are the actual air temps, not windchills. we'll be in the teens tonight. and it's going to be a slow recovery form through the 20s so we're talking ica patches on the roads.
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right through midday, even the afternoon so sunshine. >> it's been a rough, rough day trying to get around town here. just a couple miles spend a couple more mince with us. we'll be back at 11:00.
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