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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  December 17, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EST

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and spotsylvania, virginia, 3 1/2 inch of snow. yes, we picked up snow across the area. hope you liked it. if you didn't, it's over as of now. maryland's most powerful radar looks dry and things are look good. plenty of sunshine going throughout the day. but this morning, icing is a concern and once again it's very cold. check out bel air with the temperature at around 19 degrees. let's head over to kim brown with your traffic and i am sure she will be a busy person. >> reporter: let's hope not considering it's friday. but there are chances of icy patches. most of the primary roadways are looking good. so are the secondary roads where it could be dicey and icy is on the side streets and neighborhood roadways. keep that in mind as you head out. 695 at providence, traffic is moving good around the beltway. we don't have problems working there. going to the maps, we have a handful of water main breaks this morning up in timonium, york road southbound at ridgely. we have an accident urdman
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heading towards 895 and water main break north avenue at collington and highland at pratt street. now back to you. >> it's 5:01. some along east north avenue are still without water this morning after a water main broke near harford and bel air road where we find sherrie johnson this morning. a good morning to you. and it's going to be a difficult start on this friday, isn't it? >> reporter: good morning. that's right. we are actually live at the intersection of north avenue and patterson park avenue where as you can see here, crews are still very busy working on a water main break. they have been out here all night long trying to repair this break. it actually happened yesterday and business and homes between harford and bel air have been without water. crews are trying to fill this hole and patch it up. and this has been a tough fix because it's beneath an old trolley. now, crews say they will be out
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here for another couple hours and it's tricky because they have a couple lane closures but there's one lane in each direction for people to travel on. but you know what, meanwhile, this kind of travel, yesterday, snowfall could make for a tricky commute this morning. the state highway administration has had crews working all night long salting the road. they want to make sure the streets don't refreeze overnight. they are paying close attention to those bridges and overpasses because they tend to refreeze first. the state highway administration, they had about 900 pieces of equipment on the road to try to keep drivers safe. but some drivers still had a pretty tough time. >> it was all ice and snow up on york road no plow and now it's worse. they will pack down coming off henderson on the lake i slid out pretty good. >> reporter: and so back out here live this morning, the state highway administration and some of the troopers tell me to tell people to take it slow
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this morning. you want to watch out for the cold temperatures and ice so you don't want to be in a rush. the roadways look clear, there could be ice out there. take it slow. they told me don't crowd the plow. that means you want to stay about two car lengths behind the snowplows as they are trying to salt the road. let them do their job. don't go too close behind them because they can't treat the roads properly. that's a few tips they told me to passe long. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> is your destination for weather and road conditions including some 16 school closings and delays this morning. we will have all of that up for you coming up in a few minutes along with interactive radar as well as traffic cameras around the area. new this morning, the amtrak train what was stuck for hours in perryville is finally up and rolling this morning. a little before three in the morning, the amtrak region train
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started moving and it was -- it was stuck in perryville for a while around 11 last night. it left at 8:30 last night from washington's penn station. a wire came down across the track and had blocked amtrak travel between baltimore and wilmington, delaware a reporter from our abc sister station in washington has been stuck on the train and says it started moving a little before three this morning. the train had some heat but most people say it was pretty cold. he had been on his way to philidelphia. amtrak officials say all schedules are back and running on time. scary start to the school day for student. a stranger made his way into the building and into the boy's bathroom. he came around 8:30. when confronted he lied about why he was there. giving what county police say was not a valid reason. police say that he was told to go to the office, but the man apparently went into the boy's
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bathroom across from the office. >> this guy whoever he is, he had to be crazy. i mean, to try that across from the office. >> right. >> you know. it don't make no sense. >> it was an isolated and unusual incident, and the security measures are very good. this is a very unusual situation in as much as the students were being led into the building. most times during the day, the build something kept lock and there's a buzzer system you have to be identified and let into the building. this was a situation war gentleman apparently wanted to get into the building and found a way to do that. >> police have not released the man's name but he is facing second degree assault charges. student was not hurt. an update on the pit bull starved with gashes on her legs when she was left on the front porch of two towson university students home. the two to three-year-old pit bull is on the mend. they are watching very closely
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because infection is the biggest threat right now. kate and her husband found the group with amazing awareness about the pit bull abuse. >> there aren't any signs of this particular case that point us in the direction of dog fighting. there is severe neglect. there are signs of abuse. >> the baltimore bully crew is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. the rescue group is raising money to cover sugar snap's medical expenses. that's the dog's name. donations can be made at north wind animal center. many stray dogs and cats end up at barks standing for baltimore animal rescue and care shelter. it's a city shelter that has been cash strapped. they have been holding a bake sale to benefit the animals on the shelter in hamden. this week a man walks up and says he wants to know if barks is taking collections. the woman work there says yes, and with that the man swiped
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the collection box and takes off. a father and daughter chased the suspect down 34th street. the thief was caught by the dad young girl and an off-duty firefighter. police recovered the box of donations and the suspect is under arrest. barks wanted to us passe long they will continue selling bake goods on 34th street from 7 to 9 every night until new year's eve. >> it's 7 minutes after the hour. and shock video call on tape. a pregnant woman beaten on a bus and other passengers sat and watched. this morning the victim speaks out about the scary situation. and new footage of the metro dome collapse under the weight of last week's snowstorm. we will take you there and show you the surveillance video that caught the whole thing. for a check on trains and buses, here's mark jones. hey, mark, happy friday. >> reporter: happy friday to you. good morning. diversion out in the mix including the number 15 bus by-passing wakefield and using garrison boulevard. the 16 and 64 bus by-passing
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10th street and 16 by-passing violetville and another 23 by-passing wildwood parkway and using edmonton. 27 bus late and light rail and metro subway and marc train system off and running on time. for the mta transit team, i am mark jones.
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welcome back. it's 5:11. new video of the metrodome roof collapse. the footage shows a different angle of the collapse. three panels tore due to heavy snow some 17 inches on top of the dome. work of repair is on hold because of concern of more panels giving way. another panel did come way. safety straps are being used to sport remaining sections of that roof. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar, and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> good morning, everyone. happy friday to you. we are looking at a radar that was so much different than yesterday. remember how we saw all the blue moving in. that was the snow and we got
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it. right now, it's dry. we have all five sweeps on. if you want know fall you have to head to new york and pennsylvania. we are looking pretty good. what you can't see is the fact we will have sunshine moving in here going throughout the day. a big change from yesterday. but it's cold still and the cold temperatures are going to be sticking and for a while. the temperature in annapolis at 20 degrees. arnold around 22. more of the same in edgewater. wind are not so bad but we have gusts about 5 to 10 miles an hour. so it's going to make it feel colder throughout the day. let's send it over to kim brown with your traffic. good morning, kim. it's friday. >> reporter: that's right. it is friday. and it's a good friday so far on the roadway. we have one accident in baltimore city. urdman northbound at 895. looking at 895, you will notice traffic is moving at a good pace. a lot of interstates are going to be clear. but still expect icy conditions on the side streets and around your neighborhood. you can expect speeds to be down
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so that means extended drive times. looking at the maps, this is what we have in terms of water main breaks. up in timonium, york road southbound at ridgely a. water main break blocks the right lane and shoulder. south highland closed between bank and pratt because of a water main. where sherrie at east north and collington, the center lane is blocked because of a water main break. one lane gets by in each direction. it's time to say happy birthday if you are celebrating a birthday. check out addison noel she celebrating her first birthday today. that is big deal. she and her family live in baltimore county. happy birthday. >> next thing she will be speak latin. if you are having a birthday, we want know about it. send an e-mail with an attached photograph. maybe a photo of your friend, a family member or someone close to you to morning show at try to get them in a day or so in advance so we can get them up and say good morning and happy
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they know that she always forgets where she puts her "magic wand"... but when she finds it, she makes magic happen. [ kim ] people know a lot of things about me, but no one needs to know about my condition. thanks to depend®, they don't. [ female announcer ] now the best protection also comes in new prints and colors. a drug used to treat breast cancer may not be as effective as thought. it doesn't actually improve or extend the lives of those living with breast cancer. it also found an increase in side effects including high blood pressure. now federal health authorities
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are recommending that it no longer be used for breast cancer treatment. how about when you show up for work monday and you have a computer, your phone, and a treadmill. now some people have no excuses not to get in the workout while they are at work. >> reporter: too much sit something bad for your health and in most offices, sitting is the only option. >> we like to lose a couple pounds but i want to do it more just through for the cardioeffect to get you note exercises. we need exercise. >> reporter: this poison control call center has installed several treadmills desks. employees do the work as before but sit less. one specialist in emergency medicine says a workout of 30 minutes is about right. >> so it cab lot of ben -- so it can be a lot of benefits from the regular low impact exercise and activity. >> reporter: less stress on the joints, reduced risk of diabetes, and lower blood pressure and cholesterol all
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from walking more. >> if i can keep someone healthy, i am going to have a work force that's going to be productive, that's not going to cost me anymore money in terms of overtime, hopefully they will be happy and want to keep on working for us. >> reporter: the extra exercise may also improve morale. >> exercise during the day can enhance their mood and it can make people feel bet ber themselves. >> reporter: so, the message s. don't just sit there. for today's health minute, i am pat st. clair. >> and from health to entertainment news this morning. >> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most being a are the by weatherate. >> i guess i could walk on the treadmill while doing the weather report. that would be great, right? let's look outside this morning. we have some cloud out there this morning. we had a weak disturbance try to move through in the mid to upper he level of the atmosphere. we are going to be looking at some sunshine as we go throughout the day. temperatures right now are
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cold. we are used to the cold as of now. you know the two words, bundle up as you head out and about. into baltimore, temperatures right around 20 degrees. 18 in hagers hetown. 20 in york. also in winchester he and oak lan around 16. the current wind not a big factor in baltimore. there's nothing that could be picking up a little more as we go throughout the day. all in all,. >> the windy day whatsoever. frederick is around 3. 12 in dc. that's the windier spot this morning. and 7 into york. so the wind chills are the same as the air temperature into baltimore because we don't have winds. wind chit -- winchester at 20. dulles feels like 13 and oakland like 10 had morning. york feels like 11. satellite and radar. here are the clouds i was talking about on the shot this live shot this morning. we can see the clouds filling back in. but i tell you we are going to see some sunshine as we go throughout the day. give it sometime. high pressure is going to be building in. snow showers still back over towards western pennsylvania moving into ohio as well. mainly that is lake-effect snow
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you are seeing there. but all in all, there's the high pressure moving in across the area. we will remain cold as we go throughout the day. so future forecast telling the story. we will be seeing plenty of sunshine going into time. but check out what's going to happen now. we have had that one snowstorm move through the area. now we are watching the coastal low come up in here going into late saturday and into sunday. so what's going to happen? the models have been a little bit not agreeing. so yesterday the models kept it more where we can see not a lot of snow. more off towards the coast. so, along the east burks now we are looking at models showing we could see snow across the area. right now, the forecast is a little bit on the iffy side. i will keep watching that scenario for you. there is a possibility that everybody can get snow as we go in through late saturday and into sunday once again. today, that temperature coming in at 33 degrees. no type of snow. it will be icy mostly sunny and cold. let's go over to kim brown with the traffic. >> reporter: thanks. good morning. well, the big issue so far is
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what are the road conditions going to be like. they are going to range depending on where you are. for the the most part, the major highways looking at 95 at mountain road, you won't find problems around the beltway. harrisburg expressway looks good. occasional icy patches. but be more cautious on the on and off ramps and on the bridges and overpasses. we have one accident this morning in baltimore city urdman at 895. the remainder are water main breaks around the area. be advised of icy conditions near the intersection of east north avenue and north collington. highland closed between pratt and bank street because of a water main break. and southbound york road at ridgely road is up in lutherville timonium area, the right lane and shoulder is taken away because of a water main. now back to you. >> thanks. time for entertainment news. in hollywood, morning the loss of blakeewards. he is known fos "breakfast at testify any" and "pink panther." blake edwards died of pneumonia wednesday night in santa
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monica. his wife julie andrews and other family members were by his bedside e is dead at 88. aretha franklin says she will reveal why she underwent surgery in a detroit hospital. the queen of soul canceled concert dates and public appearances throughout may of next year. the 68-year-old music legend says doctors says she needs eight more weeks of rest. mariah carry and husband nick cannon will have their hand fulls. cannon announced his wife mariah carry is expecting twins. no word on carry's due date. time is 5:23. a word of warning to you this morning. the largest retailer is issuing a recall for different brands of space heaters. >> coming up what details wal-mart released about the massive recall and everything you need to know. and the clock is ticking down to christmas morning. so, what's the retailers doing to help you out?
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longer hours? sure. some may be keeping their doors open longer than you imagine.
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now, mayor leaped most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. -- maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most being a are the by weatherate. >> what i am seeing is lots of sunshine for today. temperatures coming in around 33 degrees. but the time we hit saturday evening, so saturday looks good. high pressure will continue. saturday night, that's when we have the storm possible. right now, the models are confused. not consistent. we could see snow for everybody, but i will keep you update on that information. that will linger into sunday with the temperature around 33. and we will see ample sunshine heading into the week. let's send it up to new york for your tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites, a new call for an online privacy bill of rights. the obama administration issued a proposal to protect our personal information. it suggest rules requiring companies to give clear notice about what data they are collecting and how they are use
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it while giving customers a chance to on the out. new rules require congressional action. visa launched an iphone app giving card holders access to deals and promosings. it use gps to tap into stores. discounts are broken into cat goresy like entertainment electronics be a food. and just in time for the holidays, video sharing site is launching an online video school. the free site offers how to videos with step by step explanations of basic video techniques like framing and capturing good signed. those are your tech bites. i am rob nelson.
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now, "good morning, maryland."


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