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tv   News  ABC  December 17, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EST

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to the white house for the president's signature. but not everyone is thrilled with the bill. a water main break in baltimore city is making this friday morning a major headache for some. and student get behind sweet holiday treats for victims of hurricane katrina. a great story. we will share it. good friday morning. thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. >> i am charlie crowson. it's friday. you don't have to wipe the blurry from your eyes. the weekend is upon us. it's going to be a great weekend but a the snow is gone. >> we need a warmup. >> i know. it's not coming but we have the sunshine for today. that snow is gone for a little while. i do have more snow in the 7- day forecast. charlie, you like the snow. >> i do. >> it shouldn't be bad for you. sunshine returns today. we have plenty of sunshine but it's going remain cold. that high temperature today 33 degrees. but my main concern today especially this morning slick roads and we have more snow
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possible for the weekend. speaking of the snow, this is what we had yesterday. a little oaf an inch into bwi and ionch in dundalk. harwood over a inch. 1.3 inches in pg county. frostburg 2 1/2 inches of snowfall there. and into dc, an inch and a half. running brook over that 2 inches in st. mary's. and spotsylvania was the winer with 3.5 inches of snow. 3 1/2 inch of snowfall. maryland's most powerful radar is looking pretty good if you like the dry weather. today we have all five storms and we are not dealing with snowfall but plenty sunshine. mount airy temperature is very cold. see freezing on the roads. very slick out there. so 19 degrees. not dealing too much with the wind and we like to see that as well. let's head over to kim brown with your traffic. good morning, kim. what's going on with the road. >> reporter: we are keeping an eye especially some of the neighborhood and some of the side streets this morning as you look at the bot off the screen.
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you will notice a lot of the area school systems are delayed or closed. as we look now at 95, we don't have a problem from the big roadways. you can see the occasional icy patch. but for the most part they did a good job of getting the major highways cleared. looking at the maps, we have some water main breaks in the area in baltimore city, south highland closed between bank and pratt street and a water main break blocking east north avenue at north collington and lutherville southbound york load at the right lane is blocked because of a water main issue. now back to you. >> thanks. it's an icy drive down parts of east north avenue in baltimore and it has nothing to do with yesterday's snowfall but rather a water main break. sherrie johnson is live where crews have been working around the clock to get the situation fixed. >> reporter: good morning. we are here live at the intersection of north avenue and north patterson park avenue where yes, crews are still hard at work right now. they have been working all
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night to fix the water main break. it happened what 6 inch pipe burst. crews turned off some valve leaving some businesses and homes without water. now crews have repaired that main and right now they are trying to fill and patch up the hole. they said they hope to be done before 8 a.m. this morning. now the road is open, but there are some lane closures here. so it will be a little bit tricky to get around here on north avenue. but you know what? it's also going to be a interestingy commute this morning after the recent snowfall that we had. crews were with the state highway administration have been out all morning treating the roads. they want to make sure the streets don't refreeze. and they are paying close attention to those bridges and overpasses because they intend to refreeze-- because they tend to refreeze first. >> we ask motorists to give themselves enough time. don't be in a hurry and tailgate and take your time. >> reporter: very good advice there. but back out here live at the
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water main break, you know, it's a few moments to go over and talk to some of the crew members. they have been out here all night. it's pretty cold out here. they are pretty cold but they have been diligent about fixing this water main break and they have the water restored to customers and they ask that customers be patient with them. they know it's been tricky not having water, but it's been interestingy for them, too. so, hats-- tricky for them, too. so hats off this them. after they finish this one, they have a number of other water main breaks to fix. so, a pretty busy morning ahead for the guys. reporting live in east baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> is your place for weather and road conditions. you can log on and see the live interactive radar and traffic cameras as well. time is 5:34. new this morning, congress has approved temporary extensions of the bush era tax cuts sending it to the president's desk for signature. democrats and republicans are he can pressing displeasure with the package. we have more from the nation's
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capital. >> reporter: after months of negotiations and compromise, the house of representatives passed a temporary extension of all of the bush tax cuts. >> on this vote, the yeas are 277 and nay are 148 and the motion say tonighted. >> reporter: the 858 billion dollar tax plan will extend the bush tax cuts for all americans for two more years. extend unemployment benefits for an additional 13 months for approximately 9 million americans. and provide 400 billion dollars in tax cuts in credits and boosting the struggling ecomony. with this legislation, the average household with an income of nearly 50,000 dollars will continue to keep the tax cut of over $2,000. the most contentious element of the bill, the extension of tax breaks for the wealthy. the 5% of americans making more than 250,000 dollars. as a candidate, mr. obama promised to rollback cuts but republicans threatening to hold
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up all the extensionings, president backed down. dem p democrats were outraged but mr. obama said compromise is necessary. >> it's not an abextract debate. it's real money for real people at that -- that will make a difference in the lives of those who sent us here. >> reporter: last night, members of the president's party continued to vent their frustration. >> it gives away $120 billion dollars to the super rich. >> reporter: republicans said the bill was the best they could get right now. >> this tax deal is not perfect. >> reporter: none of the provision in the bill are paid for. so as democrats and republicans argue about spending, the tax cuts will add nearly a trillion dollars to the skyrocketing national deficit. abc news, washington. consume are alert this morning. wall -- a consumer alert this morning, wal-mart is recalling heaters. it covers flow pro air tech and
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comfort essential 1500 watt electric heaters sold between december 2001 and october 2009. a eight-year span. consumer product safety commission says wal-mart received 21 ports of the heaters overheated leading to injuries and property damage in some cases. the recalled heatels had the model number 1013. again, 1013. and you are urged to stop using them immediately and return them to wal-mart for a full refund. and honda says they are willing more than 1 million fit super cat cars to fix wiring in headlights. 143,000 of the cars are in the united states. honda says no accidents have been reported due to this defect but they want to fix it. stay with us this morning. coming up, the eye in the sky always watching and in florida it may have helped catch an arsonist. >> we will show you the video and what the suspect did to seat salon ablaze. and students from kent island are getting creative and
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showing their sweet side for the holidays. those work on the ginger bread houses are hpg those affected by hurricane katrina. now a look at trains and bus. good friday morning to the mta's mark jones. >> reporter: well, good friday morning to you. out there for the start, you will find light rail metro subway and marc all on time and problem -- problem free. but because of the weather, dealing with diversion on the bus. the 15 and 21 by-passing tioga parkway. 15 bus will by-pass wakefield using bearson. 16 and 64 by-passing 10th street this morning. 16 also by-passing violetville and 23 diverting passing wildwood using edmonton and 27 bus running about 30 minutes late and the 8 and 91 taking 15 to 20 minute delays. for the mta transit team, i am mark jones.
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student at bayside elementary school are in the middle of a very sweet school project. >> they are building houses and can't keep their hands off building materials. don harrison explains why. . >> reporter: this is not just any school project.
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it's a project with a purpose. >> making ginger bread houses for the people in katrina. >> it's a lot of people in trailers. >> reporter: it was an idea a 5th grade here was watching the news and was surprised to hear that five years later, there are still thousands of people who have not had their homes rebuilt or are living in fema trailers. she couldn't believe it. >> i don't know. just surprised me. >> reporter: the kid decided to build the ginger bread houses and sell them at the holiday concert for $35 each and then donate the money to habitat for humanity in new orleans. they designed them to look like the ones built in new orleans and even to look like the trailers some have been living in since the storm. cookie wheels and all. >> 18, 20. >> reporter: with all the laughter and createist they don't realize -- createist they don't realize they are --
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creativity they don't realize they are learning. >> fractions and addition, subtraction and they used measurements when they made the things. we have tried to add the instructional piece into what has been a fun activity, too. >> reporter: so the kids get to make an impact on children over a thousand miles away and helps them enjoy the christmas spirit. some told me this is the best tasting school project they worked on. don harrison for abc2 news. >> of course the kid have a goal. they hope to raise around $4,000 for the katrina victims down in new orleans. now, maryland's most powerful radar and forecast certified most being a are the by weatherate. >> good morning. we are very cold this morning. but that's nothing new. we have been cold for a while. check out temperatures in glen burnie coming in at 20 degrees. hanover is right around 19. annapolis is at 20 as well. we have some gusts at about five to 15 miles earr an hour but those are gusts.
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they are not your sustained wind. we have icing that is going to be continuing through the morning time. we will be very cold. that temperature for a high only coming in at 33 degrees. and we will drop off into the 20s as we head into the evening. all right. let's go over to kim brown with your traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. traffic moves well around the beltway and you are not going to find problems up and down 95. just be on the lookout for the occasional icy patch. we have an accident reported in essex at eastern boulevard and north wood wad and a hand full of water main breaks including one at highland and pratt street and east north avenue and collington and in lutherville, southbound york road, the right lane is blocked at ridgely road. megan, back to you. >> thanks. 5:44. just eight shopping days left until christmas and retailers are hoping to help get you out. listen to. this toys r us announced they will remain open for 88 hours in a row. beginning at 9 a.m. on tuesday and continuing until 10 p.m.
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on christmas eve. procrastinators are celebrating. some macy's will be open for 38 consecutive hours. and next weekend, jc penny getting in on this. they will have extended hours through christmas eve. we will be right back.
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welcome back. it's going to be a slippery start on this friday morning many for those on east north avenue in baltimore city after a water main broke yesterday and is near the harford and bellair roads. sherrie johnson is live this morning. crews are work even at this hour, aren't they? >> reporter: good morning. that's right. crews are still busy out here working at east north avenue. they have been out here all night long work on this water main break. this actually happened yesterday when a six inch pipe burst and crews repaired the pipe. but some businesses and homes have been without water. and that's between harford and bellan air roads. but we are told -- bellair road. but we are told they have water -- belair roads. but we are told they have fixed it. be careful traveling through the area between east north avenue and patterson park avenue. this has been a tough fix.
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it's beneath a an old trolley. it's interestingy maneuvering around -- tricky maneuvering around here, it will be tricky for those heading to work and school. the state highway administration had crews working all night long as well salting the roads. they want to make sure that the streets don't refreeze overnight for the the commuters. they are paying close attention to the bridges and the overpasses because they might refreeze first. >> you are not look forward to your commute tomorrow morning. >> no, i am not. >> all this is going to be what tomorrow? >> ice. >> it's still freezing. so it's going to be ice. but, you know, if they treat the road, we will be good. >> reporter: now once again, crews have been out all night work doing their part. but they encourage drivers to take it slow this morning, have a little patience and use caution on the road this morning. reporting live in east baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. 5:49. an army doctor who refused to
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deploy because he questioned president obama's citizenship headed to a military prison. lieutenant colonel lakin will serve six months and dismissed from the army. a mill tarry jury sentenceded him yesterday after three days of court martial proceedings at fort meade. good news this morning on the housing front. national foreclosure tracking company says foreclosures were down 14% nationally in november. but the news is better for our region. realty track says foreclosures were down 83% in washington dc and more than 78% in maryland. sunday at one at the bank, ravens will be wearing the black jerseys for the second time this season on sunday as they play the superbowl champs, the saints who come into baltimore with a record of 10-3. terrell s-u-ggs says drew brees is better than peyton manning and tom brady.
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the ravens are 9-4 on the year. they have lost 4 games by a total of 16 points. game time is at one at the bearchg. -- bank. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar, and forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. all right. let's look at some of the numbers because normally we should be right around 27 degrees for this time of the year. that record setback in 1951 single digit 5 degrees. 45 should be the high for this time of the yearch the record set in 1984 it was 68 degrees. now we are looking at yesterday's high, this is not the low. we came in at 25 degrees into baltimore. 21 in altuna and norfolk the temperature was around 34 degrees. snowfall totals as of yesterday, bwi over ionch. harwood 1.1 inches. 1.3 in pg county. frostburg 2 1/2 inches of snowfall. and into dc, 1.5 inches.
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so, an inch and a half there. a little over that in running brook. st. mary's a little more and spotsylvania 3 1/2 inches of snowfall. but the snow is pretty much out of here as of now. if you don't like the snow, that's good news. we are seeing clouds across the area this morning as we have a mid level disturbance trying to move through. we will have high pressure moving in here as we go throughout the day. we will be seeing plenty of sunshine in the forecast. it is going to remain cold. we have lake-effect snows back into new york and ohio and even into western pennsylvania at this time. so we are looking for another storm to move in here. this is going to be a coastal low trying 20 work its-- trying to work its way in here saturday night into sunday. it depends on the track of the low. if it stays off along the coast, we could miss it. or more to the eastern counties. but if it stays more inland, everywhere could see snow going into saturday night and sunday.
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we will keep our eye on that for you. as for today, that temperature will be coming in around 33 degrees. my big concern is we will have icy spots going throughout the day especially this morning. we will be seeing plenty of sunshine. we had the snow yesterday. the snow is out of here. it is replaced by the sun shine. but it will remain cold. and going through tonight, we will be cold once again so you need to bundle up. we will be seeing partly cloudy skies and the cold temperatures you know what, they are going to stick around heading into tomorrow. check out tomorrow. we will be seeing partly cloudy skies. that temperature coming in right around 36 degrees. and there is a chance for a late snow shower once again that will head into sunday as well. >> reporter: well, this morning, as you get the day started, check bottom of the screen and check and see if your area school system is closed or delayed. a lot of the area school systems are take into account the neighborhood and side streets that do remain slick and icyp
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keep that in mind. looking at the maps, we have an accident at route 924 and you will see police on the scene directing traffic there. another crash in essex eastern avenue at northwood drive. stay with us, there is more of "good morning, maryland" coming back after this.
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watch shock attack caught on tape. five girls punch and kick a pregnant woman and her boyfriend on a seattle bus while other people stood by and watched and did nothing. >> i saw my whole face is bleeding. but i was like oh mirks goodness and it was dripping. one is kicking me in the back. and you know, like i just didn't want anything to happen. >> no one on board called 911 and when the bus driver did, the attack was over. a bus camera capture the faces of all the suspects allowing detect turfs identify and arrest all five. the video you are seeing is sur veil and video and police now know cause of a fire in a florida hair salon. footage shows a man walk walking in and poured gas in the area and lit it on fire it.
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happened in november. the video was released. you can see tape how quickly the flames spread. authorities are look for that person responsible and they are offering a $2500 reward for any information leading to an arrest. twoments away from six. stay with us, we will be -- two minutes away from six. stay with us. we will be right back. oh, i see. a throne for the tv... room for movies... your workout gear... non-stop football... it's a man cave! the boys next door will never leave. who says we want them to?
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