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tv   News  ABC  December 17, 2010 6:30am-7:00am EST

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as we go throughout the day. and for you, charlie, there could be another storm moving in going into saturday evening and into sunday rather many so you can get more snow. we will keep our eye on that. we will see a temperature today right around 33 degrees. very cold, and the big scenario for today very shick roads and that's my concernp so take it easy on the roadways. as we look at the snow totals from yesterday, well, if you like the snow shall it was over an inch. condition daubing about an inch. 1.1 into harwood and pg county 1.3 and frostburg at 2 1/2 inch of snowfall. okay. so we are done with the snow but we have the ice. let's head over to kim brown who will talk about the roads. >> reporter: thanks. good morning. the on and off-ramp on the exits and bridges and overpasses are where you will find the more slicker spots. mdod crews did a good job of getting the bigs highways cleared. no problems as you head around the area. we have a couple accidents in
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route 924 there is an accident involving an overturned vehicle and police are on the scene directing traffic. keeping an eye on a crash in dundalk eastern boulevard at north wood wad drive involving leak fluids and south highland street closed between bank and pratt and east north avenue at north collington a lane blocked because of the water main, and york road at ridgely in the southbound side, the right lane is taken away because of water main issues. now back to you. >> thank you. it's 6:31. it's going to be an icy drive down east north avenue in baltimore. it has to do with a water main break. that's where sherrie johnson is live where crews are hard at work trying to get this taken care of. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. we are here at the intersection of east north avenue and north patterson park avenue where crews are finishing up their work. they have been out here all night long trying to repair that water main break. it actually happened yesterday
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when a 6 inch pipe burst. crews turned off lines which left business and homes without water. and crews repaired the main and right now they are trying to fill and patch up the hole and say it shouldn't take too much longer. the road is open but there are lane closures. while travel is tricky here on north avenue, it's going to be a bit interestingy commute after the snowfall. crews with the state -- tricky commute after the snowfall. crews have been treating roadways. they are paying close attention to the bridges and overpasses because they tend to refreeze first. >> ask motorists give themselves enough time to travel. don't be in a hurry and don't tailgate and take your time. >> reporter: and back out here live, you can see this hydrant here is flowing water here. the crews told me they do this just because they have had the
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pipes turned off and they want to clean it out here be a they let the water just run -- and they let the water just run to clean it out. but with the cold temperatures and that refreezing, that can make for tricky driving for drivers and make slick conditions. not only for the drivers, but for people walking along here on the sidewalk. that's what we are dealing here with on east north avenue. also, they tell me that the crews with this type of year, they say they have a lot of water main breaks with this recent snowfall and the temperatures dropping. and after they leave here they say they have a number of other water main breaks they have to go and tend to. reporting live in east baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> look at news around the nation. thanks to surveillance camera at a florida hair salon this is not a mystery. footage shows a man pouring gasoline and lighting up the place. it happened in jacksonville. and you can see from the tape that the salon quickly became engulfed in flames. police are looking for the person who did it.
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there is a 2500 dollar reward that they are offering for information leading to an arrest. they are hoping the video will help. take a look at new video from the first collapse of the metrodome sunday. work to repair the roof is on hold out of concerns the panels could give way. temperatures inside the stadium has been cracked up to melt the snow. and much of the ice on the roof as much as it k safety straps are being used to support the remaining sections of the roof. the vikings are scheduled to play the bears monday night and that game is supposed to be moved to the university of minnesota's football field which is an outdoor stadium and some players are not too happy. he is hailed a hero, and he just spoke for the first time since the terrifying shooting at florida school board meeting. mike jones shot the man who opened fire at this school board meeting. you probably have seen the video. the gunman clay duke, took his life. jones described his thoughts that flashed through his mind when he started to fire at the man. >> you know you think, first
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thing came to mind is you know, what's this community going to think of me. i am known as santa and now i am take someone's life and my parishioners what they would think and then hon of thely i. shot the man in the back the first time and i was thinking i was going to jail. and it was so many things that go through your mind. but it was the instinct and training and i am glad they are all here and alive and i am not hero, folks. i just done my job. >> i think most people on the school board would say he's herop we want to reiterate jones didn't fatally shoot duke. duke shot himself and jones says that he spent yesterday with his pastor. take a look at this video. it's a time-lapse video of what it takes to decorate the white house for the holidays. this christmas tree is in the blue room of the white house. the douglas fir is more than 10 feet tall and nearly 13 feet wide. clark griswald would like it. it's taken workers 4 1/2 days
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to complete the full decorating process. they are bidding homes for families at katrina but not the kind you expect. >> not the kind you can live in. but they look delicious. how they are helping people across the country and how you can also help the kid meet their goals. plus if you need to bite christmas presents, do it online today. most of your retailers will send the gift in time just in time for the holidays. and it's not going to cost you a penny.
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it's 6:39. stewed antibayside elementary school on kent island are in the middle of a very sweet school project. >> they are building houses and they can't keep their hand off the bidding materials. abc2 news don harrison explains. >> reporter: this is not just
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any school project. it's a project with a purpose. >> making ginger bread houses for the people in katrina. >> it's lot of people still in the trailers. >> reporter: it was an idea 5th grade here is watching the news and was surprised to hear that five years later there are still thousands of people who have not had their homes rebuilt or are living in fema trailers. she couldn't believe it. >> i don't know. just surprised me. >> reporter: the kid decided to build the ginger bread houses and sell them at the holiday concert for $35 each and then donate the money to habitat for humanity in new orleans. they designed them to look like the ones built in new orleans and even to look like the trailers some had been living in since the storm. cookie wheels and all. >> 189, 20. >> reporter: with all the laughter and creativity, the students don't realize they are
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learning also. >> a fractions, percentages, distance, addiction, subtraction. they used measurements when they made the things. we have tried to add the instructional piece into what has been a very fun activity, too. >> reporter: the kids get to make an impact on children over a thousand miles away and it helps them enjoy the christmas spirit. some told me it's the best tasting school project they worked on. at bayside elementary, don harrison for abc2 news. >> the kids say they hope to raise close to $4,000 for victims of katrina in new orleansch good for them. that's -- new orleans. good for them. >> they thought a man want to donate money to an animal shelter. >> but he ran off with the money. an unusual crime fighting duo helped pull the guy behind bars. you have the heater under your desk to keep your feet warm? you may want to pay attention because you might need to take it in. wal-mart has recall. the story in a bit. globetrotters will be in town next week and they are going to have some company
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there. one of the favorite ravens will leave the bank for the hardwood. well, the snow is gone but the cold temperatures are sticking around. also, we have a snow system that's going to be trying to approach us. i will tell you when. all that is coming up. kim. >> reporter: well, so far so good on the roadways. but you could see icy patches in places. i will get you updated on the accidents and, of course, the water main breaks being an issue in baltimore city when "good morning, maryland" returns after this.
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now, "good morning, maryland." happy friday. hope you're thawing out from yesterday. thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. >> i am charlie crowson. let's get started with a check of the weekend forecast with lynette charles. >> well, the weekend is not looking too bad. we will start off with cloud but we will see sun shine getting. >> through today. the clouds are being stubborn but we will see sunshine lingering as we go into tomorrow. but it's going to be cold and we will be seeing ice throughout the day. that high temperature coming in right around 33 degrees.
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let's send it over to kim brown with the traffic. good morning. >> reporter: thanks. good morning. the earlier accident we had up at route 924 has been cleared. so that's good news. no problems up and down the 95 corridor. traffic is moving well southbound from mountain road. heading towards beltway, we have water main breaks. one at south highland between bank and prat street and also east north avenue at collington the southbound york road that blocks the right lane. and we are work an accident in essex eastern boulevard at north woodward drive. now back to you. >> thanks. it's going to be a slippery start to the friday morning for some people along east north avenue in baltimore city after a water main broke yesterday near har food and bell-- belair roads. are the crews out there sherrie? >> reporter: they are still out here behind me. as you can see here, we are at the intersection of north avenue and patterson park avenue. the department of public work crews are busy finishing up work on a water main break. this all happened yesterday
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when a six inch pipe burst. crews repaired the main and some businesses and homes between harford and bel air roads have been without water. but they now have water. crews are making the finishing touches on filling up the hole here. now, the road here on a north avenue is open, but there are some lane closures. so you want to be careful if you are heading this way. and while drivers maneuver around north avenue, other drivers will have a pretty tricky commute this morning after the recent snowfall. the state highway administration has had crews work all night long as well treating the roads. they want to make sure the streets don't refreeze and they are paying very close attention to the bridges and overpasses because they tend to refreeze first. and many drivers are concerned about the commute this morning. >> you are not look forward to your commute tomorrow morning. >> no, i am not. >> all this here is going to be what tomorrow? >> ice. it's still freezing. so, it's going to be ice.
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but, you know, if they treat the road, we will be good. >> reporter: well, again, crews were out all night long treating the road. so right now, it's up to the drivers to take it slow, use caution and just be safe out there this morning. report live in east baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> of course don't cloud the plow out there this morning on the commute. stay with abc2 news for the latest on the developing story. if there are school delays throughout the day, you should stop by the website again amount bc2 and we will have the latest on delays and cancellations as well as the weather conditions throughout the neighborhood. in other news they are reviewing the security policy at dundalk middle school after a man came in trying to salt the -- assault a 7th grade boy. man came in during the morning rush around 8:30. when confronted by school resource officer and a staffer, they told him to go to the office. police then say the man apparently went into the boy's bathroom across from the office and that's where they say he attacked a student. >> this guy, whoever he is, had
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to be crazy. i mean, to try that right across from the office. >> right. >> you know. it don't make no sense. >> the county police are telling parents it's an isolated incident and the security measures at the school are still very good. police have not released the man's name yet. he is facing second degrie gee assault charges. the student was -- second degree assault charges and the student was unharmed. meet sugar snap. she is a pit bull who was starved and had serious gashes on her legs when she was left in front of a porch of two towson university students. we are happy to tell you that employees at the northwind animal hospital says sugar snap is on the mend. they are watching her closely because of an infectionp it's the biggest threat right now. kate and her husband eric found the baltimore becomey crew, a grass roots rescue group raising awareness about pit bull abuse. >> there aren't any signs with this particular case that point us in the direction of dog
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fighting. there is severe neglect. there are signs of abuse. >> the baltimore bully crew is offering a $5,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. the rescue group will also be raising money to cover sugar snap's medical expenses. donations can be made to the northwind animal shelter. barks stands for baltimore animal rescue and care shelter and it's always in need of money. they have been holding a bake sale to benefit animal shelter on 34th street in hamden. a man walks up and wants to know if they are take donations. he is told they are and he swipes a box and takes off. now a brave father and daughter chased the suspect down 46th street and the thief was caught by the dad, young girl and off duty firefighter. police recovered the box of donations and the suspect is under arrest. barks wanted us to tell you they will continue that bake sale on 34th street from 7 to 9 every night until new year's eve.
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a doctor who disobeyed orders to be demoid to of a gaffe stan because he questioned the president's eligibility to be commander in chief has been sentenced to six months in military prison and will be dismissed from the army. the jury sent ended him after three days of proceedings at fort meade prior to sentencing. he was found get every missing a flight that would have gotten him eventually to his deployment. consume are alert. hond -- consume are alert, honna -- consumer alert, honda is recall the fit cars from 2007 to 2008 which has a loss of low light function and can be dangerous. owners of the vehicles should bring them back to a honda dealer for inspection and possible replacement of the worn parts. also this morning, wal-mart is recalling more than 2 million electric heaters because of potential fire and burn hazard. the recall covers the flow pro
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air tank aloha breeze and comfort essential. is a00 watt electric heaters were sold between december 2001 and october 2009. the cpsc says wal-mart received 21 reports of incidents where the heaters overheated leading to injuries and property loss and damage. the recalled heaters have the model number 1013. again, model number 1013. if you have one of these, take it back to wal-mart for an immediate refund. 8ments away from 7 right now. so far, only 20 state workers have stepped forward to take that buyout offered by governor omaly. we are talk about nine days into the plan. those that did sign up for the buyout will get 15,000 dollars plus 200 for each year of employment they worked for the state and they have to agree that the position be eliminated. governor hopes to close a $1.5 billion shortfall. governor's office says others inquired about it but only 20 have signed up. if you hate battling the
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crowd at the mall and a lot you do, almost as much as you hate shipping fees, today is the perfect day for you because it's free shipping day. more than 1500 online retailers will send the order for free. it runs through midnight tonight so if you want more information on that, you can go to free shipping for the extensive list of the participating websites. we had him on the show a couple days ago but the harlem globe trotters are coming to town next week and will get help off the court on the court rather from some of our favorites on the football field. the troters are in town to do two shows tuesday december 28th at 2 and 7. and legendary curly neal was schooling willis mcgahee she and the fine art of how to beat the generals. mamcgahee she says has game of his own. >> hey, you ain't made a shot yet.
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>> that's my point. >> that was the four pointer. mcgahee she and michael orr will participate in the shows tuesday december 28th at first mariner arena. wait. >> they also will be busy sunday afternoon as they and some-- they will take on the new or lien saints. the saints are 10-3 and ravens 9-4 for the matchup which will be a goody. ravens beat texans monday night in overtime. and the game kicks off at bank at one on sunday afternoon. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> good morning everyonech happy friday to you. we are feeling cold out there. check out what it feels like into baltimore right now. 12 degrees. feels like 10 into york and 12 in hagerstown and 7 in oak lan. so you know the deal. bundle up and keep bundle up going throughout the day. satellite and radar showing clouds trying to move into the area. all this is courtesy of an up
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-- an upper level disturbance that tried to move through earlier today. but you know what, high pressure is going to try to make it through. we will get some down sloping. that down sloping flow. and that's why we will see more sunshine going through the day. but high pressure is going to set up. we are going to be very cold as we go through the day as well. i am forecasting a high around 33 degrees. yes, that's the high. so the future forecast, well, we have another storm system. we did have snow that fell across the area yesterday. and depenning upon the track of the road, most of it could stay offshore towards the east along the delmarva. but if not, we will be seeing basically once again everybody is going to get in on the white stuff as we go late into saturday and into sunday. all the models are in agreement right now. 33 for today. icy spots be a we will see sunshine. it's going to be cold. tonight the temperatures around 20. partly cloudy skies. tomorrow, 36. partly cloudy and a late snow shower.
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and here's the 7-day forecast. we will be seeing more sunshine but still quite cold. temperatures heading into next week. kim brown, tell butts traffic. >> reporter: well, lynette, this morning drivers can expect extend travel times as well as reduced speeds as people are trying to accommodate for the kind of interestingy driving conditions. fortunately looking good on the beltway. 695 at providence road, a little bit increased volume on the outer loop side. traffic is moving very, very well. as we go to the maps, we have a couple incidents in baltimore city including an accident reported at washington boulevard and archer street and we have a crash downtown at west lexington and green. in essex we are dealing with the accident involving fluids leaking at eastern boulevard and woodward drive and expect to see police on the scene there. megan and charlie, back to you. >> we hope you will join us at nine for "good morning, maryland" we have dogs to christmas cook and volunteering. >> and lynette charles. >> all right we will see you then." good morning, maryland" at nine. we will keep you update on weather and traffic throughout
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the morning.
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