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tv   ABC2 News Sunday  ABC  December 26, 2010 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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when last we joined you it was 77 and sunny. then the lunar eclipse lapped and it has been downhill ever since. seems like we went from summer to winter and watching this season for two months. your christmas came and went. let's see if snow will be around tomorrow. this is your 6:30 news. we know snow is in ocean city. we showed you pictures. here's meteorologist lynnette charles with where do we go
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from here? >> the snow will last as we go into time. we are looking at ocean city. ocean city basically has the large accumulations. we were tracking the snow since last week. it is finally here. we are not looking at the sand anymore. we are looking at snowfall. it will continue to fall through the evening hours and tomorrow. ocean city 25 degrees. sustained winds 28 degrees. gusts up to 45. that's scenario into baltimore. we have justin burke here. we'll give you more on what the storm is doing now. tell us what's going on. >> the winds are the issue here. a lot of you have been waiting for the snow all day. it started the generate. as expected the worse point in time now between midnight. that low pressure charging up the coast and wrapping itself around here. pressure last check 988-millibars equivalent to a
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category one hurricane and throwing back nearly equivalent winds over the waters. that's issue number one. you notice the winds picking up over this last hours even though the pressure gradient pulled away. expect 35 to 40 mile-per-hour winds with snow. watching the back edge of moderate to heavy snow in new jersey. they are getting clobbered. while ocean city got hit. wait until you see these amounts. they have it in central portions of the delmarva. it makes this side of the bay. we are getting bands of moisture in here. i want to take it closer to highlight the fact that when you see the dark blues watching them from hartford, cecil county to baltimore county. we have banding up here near 81
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in harrisburg. we are not completely done. holes in the radar field. we suspect more snow in the east. keeping it back a little bit, eight to 16 inches on the eastern shore. when you head near the dam that's when you get in the western sections of cecil harford county three to seven inches. 83 split. taper off central baltimore westbound. on the west end we have reports of one to two inches in baltimore county and northern pennsylvania. we'll have a complete wrap up of the complete forecast with lynnette in a couple of minutes. the pictures from ocean city are coming in from ken moore's summer home and fisher's popcorn. your relatives will have plenty of stories to tell around raleigh, north carolina. some areas could get up a foot.
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we go up to new york city where the big apple is under a blizzard warning until tomorrow. this is the beginning of snowfall at laguardia where hundreds of flights have been canceled. it is having a snowball effect on traffic in baltimore. dozens of flights canceled. hundreds of people are stuck. josie sterman is there. >> reporter: maybe you have planned a trip for your family and you have been waiting all year. you show up at the airport and find out your flight has been canceled. that's happened to hundreds of people here at bwi marshall today. we checked the big board. while some flights are coming in and some going out for the most part people here at bwi are stuck. forget the holiday cheer.
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the "c" word of the day at the airport isn't christmas, it is canceled. >> i'm sure it is difficult for the airlines to canceling flights when the weather outside is delightful. >> reporter: for a while sunday afternoon it wasn't that bad in baltimore. snow else where is to blame cancellations up and down the board that stranded customers. >> i'm coming from a cruise. i'm stuck for paying two nights of hotels. >> reporter: she is one of hundreds who can't get out. wilson family of charles county is holding out hope they'll get off the ground. >> i was worried that our flight would be canceled because of the snow. >> reporter: their flight to miami was the one without a cancellation notion. with two hours to go before takeoff the family isn't in the clear and caribbean-bound just
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yet. bwi marshall has snow crews on stand by. airline staffers are sending the message to travelers. like any holiday guests, make a call before you come. >> we don't want travelers heading out to potentially icy airports for a flight that's canceled. >> reporter: this is not a situation that clears up in a couple of hours. the airlines will cancel flights ahead of the storm. that way they keep the planes out of the bad weather in the hopes that once things clear out they can get people in the air as quickly and efficiently as possible. that sounds like a great game plan. tonight i'm sure that news is little comfort to people instead sleeping in the airport sheridan or in town. instead of flying somewhere good like sunny florida or puerto rico. i want to show you a live shot of the roads. this is 95 and 195. here's how the traffic is moving. we understand there are a number of accidents reported within the last hour in ann
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arundel county. in harford county we have a couple cars that spun out. be very careful. southern york pennsylvania we are seeing accidents up there. state highway administration is telling us about 1700 trucks are out there state-wide. a large percentage have been told to go to the eastern shore. down in west ocean city they are socked in tonight. if you live in annapolis the city's three parking garages are all free to all the residents because of the storm. it will end at 6:00 tomorrow night. you can get all of your weather, closings and delays as well as tracking the storm, finding the latest weather information just with a click of your mouse any time of the day or night. log on to flames were shooting out of a roof here in northeast baltimore this afternoon. we had a fire report in the 5700 block of fair oaks avenue. this was happening around 4:00.
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one firefighter suffered minor injuries trying to knock it down. we are told the people inside the house got out alive. tony's mother-in-law lives across the street. she heard a boom. >> she told me she heard a loud explosion back by the kitchen. that's what woke her up. otherwise she would not have woken up. i was really worried. i thought it was her house. thank god everyone got out of the place. >> fire spokesperson says investigators look into the cause. he says weather did not slow down their evidence. for the first time in franchise history the ravens are going to the playoffs for the third straight year. if the browns beat the steelers next sunday and the ravens win against cincy they win the division. browns had nothing to lose. trying trickery with the wild cat formation. we have a long eve and nice
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catch. take a look at this and slow it down for you. if you are a ravens fan it touched the ground. if you wear stripes it was a catch. three snaps after the fumble recovery joe flacco throws one to t.j. flacco on the day 12 of 19. 102-yards passing in arctic- type weather. browns in the second half try like the new orleans saints against the annapolis colds. on indianapolis combs. flacco scrambles right. nice slide from joe. on the next play joe flacco, in the corner, takes a shot to derek mason. he makes the catch.
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cleveland up 20-10. last shot by colt mccoy in the brown, for the second time today he makes the pick. ray rice lead the team in rushing with 92-yards. mason four catches for 50. ravens still 11-4 on the year. did you see this? ed reed going to the sidelines. almost catches on fire. get out of there! ravens at home sunday against the bengals. there is something to play for on sunday. say you have a small ed reed jersey but you want a large ray rice. it is back to the store today for after-christmas sales. did you find better sales than just on friday. we'll look at where to look for the great deals. we want to close the year out on a high note. wait until you hear the sour note this guy ran into to try to buy high-end speakers for
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his car. we got a few snow flurries yesterday on christmas. today the snow is here. it is piling up. we'll give you the details coming up. the temperature came in around 31 degrees after a low of 25. don't go anywhere. i'll have snow totals and tell you who is going to get hit the worse. that's allmi
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now that your holiday shopping is done it is time to head back to the mall.
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after christmas sales are on. stores are hoping to keep their customers happy after a successful holiday shopping season. jeremy hubbard has a look at where the deals are right now. >> reporter: even before christmas day was over the post holiday push was underway. door-busting deals launched online yesterday. retailers spent christmas blitzing shoppers are e-mails. they are desperately trying to keep a good thing going. >> this year turned out to be a good season for holiday sales. don't expect the big fire sales we have seen in the past few years the day after christmas. you'll see big headlines of 50%, 60% 70% off. they'll be picked over. >> reporter: if sales continue to be strong over the next week this holiday shopping season could be the best ever despite the bad economy. back in 2007 we spent a record $453 billion on holiday shopping. after a two-year dip, the numbers this year are almost back. >> there is a cool selection of
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stuff that you can get that's high end, high priced stuff that you can get now at a better price after christmas. >> reporter: among the items stores are trying to get rid of. jewelry, 60% off. toys. 60% off at with the superbowl coming up christmas is a great time to buy a tv. this year it is better. best strategy for post christmas shopping? check the web before you check the store. shoppers spent $36 million buying online driven by free discounts and free shipping, offers that continue this week. meaning you may not have to brave the stores to get the best deal. we don't usually see snowfalls like this on the eastern shore. if it would have shifted this way we would have been under here. >> that's the trick of the
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storm. we were trying to figure out where the track is. where the track is set up ocean city has nine inches of snow. they are not done yet. this is pretty serious. you don't want to be on the roads at this time. we have lots of accidents reported now. we'll continue. it will ice up through the morning hours, as well. this system started this morning. temperature wise it is around 25 degrees. that's not the story today. the story is the fact that we have winds. that's the second story with this. out of the north northwest at 12 miles per hour. right now those temperatures not so bad. they are below average. in oakland the temperature coming in around 14 degrees. here are the winds. we are right now, these are your sustained wind at 12 miles per hour to baltimore. 17 york. oakland 10. winchester 10. charlotteville 14. dover 22.
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we'll have these gusts as we go through the evening. they look like 30 to 40-miles an hour. this is sustained until tomorrow. this will continue as we go into tomorrow. here are the snow totals. we had half an inch in pasadena. as of now the snow is falling. perry hall coming in around one inch. ken island two inches. denton five inches. ocean city nine inches. that total was half an hour ago. it is piling up as i speak. this is what we are looking at. less snow the further west. two to five inches around the baltimore area. maybe three to seven especially maybe at the airport. then over the eastern shore, eight to 16. that's not a for a cry. like i said, as of now we are about nine there. the totals will keep adding up. let me show you what's going on with satellite and radar. we can see the snow falling. the low is somewhere in here.
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that's the plague here. we are getting wind around that low. we are definitely wrapping around. we are going to get wrap-around moisture through the evening. as it does this check out the cold, blustery air we'll be seeing tonight and tomorrow. the windy conditions will continue as we head into tuesday. we have a lot to look forward to here. we are really going to need to bundle up and just have our patience as we go through time. future forecast showing you what's going on into the 6:00 hour and beyond. we have snow out there. that's going to continue as we go into tomorrow morning. then i have some good news for you. we'll start to dry out. still seeing a little on the chilly and blustery side into tuesday. here's a check of your seven- day forecast. as we head into wednesday things look much better. we'll dry things out. we'll have sunshine out there. temperature around 36 degrees. look what i have for you. yes, temperatures try to moderate a little bit. by friday we'll see the temperature at 44 degrees.
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50 as we go into saturday. sunday 49 with rain. back to you. >> >> so that's the last snow storm of the year? >> i'm not saying that. >> we'll be back with more on the online scam that's left many spinning their wheels.
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you have to admit, you log on at home and shop at home. there is one retailer logging up in a lot of complaints. we have a warning about the company that's left hundreds of customers spinning their wheels. >> reporter: for brandon irving your ride isn't cool if it doesn't have the right sound system. >> i was looking for car speakers. >> reporter: not just any speakers. he wanted high-end audio equipment. he found it at dealer cost car audio. >> prices were too good to be true.
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>> reporter: it seemed like a good deal. he paid online for express shipping. after weeks of waiting still no speaker. he was told they were on back order. >> i called and they said just wait. >> reporter: better business bureau says 1200 people from 48 states file bbb complaints against the company. >> they place their order, give their credit card information and never receive the item they ordered. >> reporter: it is not the missing orders they are finding troubling. many customers are getting the returned around from the company. >> they tell you hold on your product is delivered. what happens is enough time goes by. the product is too late to deliver. it is too late to cancel because it exceeds cancellation. it is too late to go back to the credit card company. >> reporter: customers like brandon can't dispute the charges. all he can do is ask for a
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refund. which he did in writing. seven months later he hasn't seen a dime. >> i could have really use had the money. i wanted to put it into my car. now i'm out $240. >> reporter: we asked dealer cost car audio why he never got he is money back. they didn't respond to that direct question. as for the hundreds of other complaints to the b.b.b. in the e-mail the company claims they are the fault of a previous owner who is going out of business. the rep says they handle cases on a case by case basis. they chose not to go through the b. b. b. he is telling friends to steer clear of the discounted car parts. >> b.b. b. says they have resolved half of the complaints logged against them. agency suggests anyone struggling to get a refund from the company or any other online retailer should file a complaint with the federal trade commission. we'll be back with a look at
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weather after this. stay with us.
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i'll show you this map in a second. i have two to five, three to seven, eight to 16. it is in the range. if it is between those don't think you'll get the five,
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seven or 16. the national weather service dropped the advisory for howard county and carroll. they are still getting snow. >> we'll be here all night. don't go far from your tv. we'll see you at 11:00.
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