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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  February 8, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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the group, quality maryland, that supports same-sex marriage hopes this is the year the legislation gets passed. >> win g5hii have people who tu to me and tell me my family is not complete - >> reporter: molly is 14 years old. her mother and partner have been together for 29 years, they live in baltimore city but can't get married in maryland. not only do the current laws affect the parents, the children are impacted as well. >> i don't understand why they are not allowed to have the same protections if they are just like any other parents who love their children unconditionally. >> reporter: legislators heard the bill for several years now, some feel it's time to have marriage between the same sexes be recognized in maryland. >> we'll be in a country where gays and lesbians with serve openly in the military, they are willing to die for my freedoms, i think the least we can do is vote for theirs. >> i happen to be for traditional marriage. >> reporter: senator nancy jacobs is against it but can see her side may not be successful this year. >> i'm afraid it's going to
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happen unless the people of maryland rise up. and make their voices known and need to do it rather quickly because the votes, i believe, are here in committee to pass the bill. >> reporter: even if the bill does pass out of committee it could end up in the senate where it could get stuck in a filibuster or even get pushed to a referendum for the voters to decide. in annapolis, don harrison for abc2 news. >> the bill may be heard as soon as next week in the senate. if lawmakers approve maryland would become the sixth state in which members of the same sex could marry, joining connecticut, iowa, massachusetts, new hampshire, vermont and district of columbia. with more than 100 people rallying in annapolis this afternoon, actually asking the legislature to raise taxes. several health and addiction service groups want lawmakers to raise alcohol taxes by a dime per drink. they say that would generate
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more than $215 million to support addiction treatment, mental health care and disability services. >> one in five people have experienced a mental health problem at some time in their life. it's a very prevalent problem. after all these years it's still misunderstood. we're here talking about people who use the public health system. people with the most intense, severe mental illnesses incomes the old days would have wound up in state hospitals, today can recover and live productive lives. >> some say an increase would cost jobs in the long run. maryland state police busy on super bowl night. 42 drunken drivers were arrested, they issued more than 1,600 traffic citations on sunday. they also recovered two guns. the arrests were part of the increased patrols. now we go to washington,
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dc, since the u.s. supreme court put down the handgun ban, hundreds of residents have registered guns. "the washington post" reports since the 2008 ruling records show more than 1,400 firearms have been registered with police. new tonight, baltimore county police need your help trying to find a man who robbed an m&t m&t bank in woodlawn. police say this man walking to the bank armed with a gun approached the teller and demanded money. it happened last thursday at the m&t bank in the 7200 block of ambassador road. anyone with information about this robbery is asked to call metro crime stoppers at 1-866-7-lockup. tonight baltimore city police have a suspect in custody for multiple burglaries. police arrested this man, 32-year-old gregory meske after he tried to sell a stolen camera in the 2400 block of boston
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street. charged with several burglaries in southeast baltimore over the past year. a parkville man is facing attempted murder charges after maryland state police say he tried to choke a woman on 695. police say augustus gray started to choke her 2:00 a.m. sunday morning. troopers say gray jumped into the driver's seat and drove a truck across the highway, back across the highway. he faces several other charges including assault. he's at the detention center on $500,000 bail. a mistrial is declared in the burning death of a dog. tonight abc2 news jamie costello tells us what happens. he joins us live from the interactive news center. >> reporter: it fired you up on facebook. look at the responses here. we posted this earlier today. 10 minutes ago we have 40 responses. now we have 56. i'm not going to read them all. 56 responses to what happened in court yesterday.
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it caused a whole city, even beyond baltimore to step up and take notice this was a problem. it caused the mayor to start a task force to stop animal abuse. we've seen a rash of attacks on cats and dogs ever since. someone in court yesterday said we're just more aware of it now. after three days the animal cruelty trial of travers and jermaine johnson ended in a mistrial. court observers say it was a complicated case. the question tonight we asked at barcs today, should the case be retried? >> it's very difficult. i know that it dragged on for two years but we would like to see a conviction in this case. i think it's so important. i think the public would like to see a conviction as well. but even if that doesn't happen it's just really important to know that people are aware now that we're not going to stop. we're going to continue to make change. >> reporter:ion feralso said we learned a lot of lessons on how to tell a dog or cat has
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been abused, who to report it to and how police should handle it. yes, i've served on jury duty. miranda talks about her murder trial case. what was it was like. we have pet owners, it goes back and forth. there are debates between neighborhoods, people. it's waiting for you at from the interactive news center, jamie costello, abc2 news. >> thank you. baltimore police are investigating a taser incident involving a 16-year-old boy. according to police an officer from the ward apprehension task force went to his house in linwood because of a violation of his gps monitoring in connection with a handgun charge. his parents let the officer in and police say there was some type of struggle between the officer and teen and the boy was tasered and then fell off the roof. the 16-year-old is hospitalized with serious neck and back injuries tonight. and internal affairs is investigating. some scary moments this morning in a baltimore city school. dickey hill elementary school in west baltimore was shut down
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after carbon monoxide fumes were three students were checked after showing some minor symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. we learned tonight they plan to open on time tomorrow morning. weatherwise today, what a gusty, blustery and chilly day out there. i mean, we had some sunshine but it sure didn't feel too warm compared to yesterday in the weather we've been having. let's look at the wind gusts statewide. these are pretty high. we just got word that the wind advisory that was up across maryland has been cancelled by the national weather service, but there they are going to be gusty tonight. you still need to keep stuff tacked down. radar all clear, maryland's most powerful doppler radar, just a couple of flurries blowing through at times. another few hours, a brief burst of snowflakes but not adding up to anything. wind chills, 20s and teens,
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cold tonight as we continue to fall through the 20s, down in the teens and again staying gusty for another four, five hours. much more coming up on another storm straight ahead. all new tonight at 11:00 -- a chance for you to help a maryland family find some closure. maryland's cold cases series is back, with a new case every week. tonight you're looking at susan fallin's case. it happened almost 38 years ago. she was a pharmacology student at college park. on the morning of october 3, 1973, she left for class. she was found the next night dead in a burning car in a rural woodedded area some 30 miles from her school. >> it was a kind of a numbing feeling. here you are wanting to start a career as a police officer and then the next thing you know, a person you knew had been murdered. >> abc2 news megan pringle has that story for you all new
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tonight at 11:00. remember, abc2 news is always your source for missing persons or cold cases. for more information you can log on to and if you have a case that you want covered in our series, send an e-mail to after eight million vehicles were recalled a federal study clears toyota of electronic flaws related to the acceleration problem. coming up, find out what problems are on the throttle. aer foig car crash in california -- a terrifying car crash in california, all captured on video. and at the pump, gas prices continue to rise. find out why the price could stay that way for a while.
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the federal government is looking into toyota's safety problems and found no electronic flaws to report for unintentional acceleration and other safety problems. government investigators said today the only known problems are mechanical defects that were fixed in previous recalls. here's abc's john hendren. >> reporter: a federal study cleared toyota of electronic flaws saying there's no evidence they cause cars to accelerate out of control. >> the jury is back, the verdict is in. there is no electronic-based cause for unintended high-speed acceleration in toyotas. period. >> reporter: the 10-month study by the transportation department in nassau concluded there are just two problems that could cause throttle pedals to stick. floor mats that trap the gas medal and sticky peddalities that are too slows sloa to release. the transportation secretary
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says he stands by that conclusion with his own family. >> i told my daughter she should buy the toyota sienna which she did. >> reporter: engineers in maryland put in 250,000 lines of software code:in the end they concluded the software didn't do it. >> there were no units in the software at that would cause the unintended acceleration. >> reporter: the problem was costly for toyota which recalled 8 million vehicles in 2009 and 2010, paid nearly $50 million in fines and saw profits drop 30% last quarter. the company welcomed the study says it shows electronic acceleration problems "cannot occur." there are other suggestions for it, like black boxes for all passenger vehicles. while the reports of rapid acceleration -- why the reports of rapid acceleration moare in toyotas than other cars? the study doesn't say. the streets are wreaking
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havoc on the cars. the roads turned into minefields, potholes created by the record rain and snow. when the temperature falls the cracks expand and cause headaches when we meet with them. while you can't exchange insurance information with a pothole you do need to stop right away and check the damage. >> you say it's close, i made it through only to find out five miles later there's no oil in the car and you need an engine. >> reporter: blown-out tires seem to be the number one cause of damage. driving over shallow potholes can cost $150 for replacement and direct hit to a medium-sized crate ker break a muffler, costing as much as $500. a close call for a firefighter after responding to an emergency yesterday. employees and clients ran from an office building in massachusetts after a huge portion of the roof caved in.
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firefighters were called to the scene. a man was hit by ceiling tires and hit by large pieces of the falling roof. >> in a matter of seconds the roof came down. no creeking, no nothing, just failed. >> trapped in a small opening, he was able to radio for help. he was not seriously hurt. no official word yet on what caused that roof collapse. how's it looking? >> not bad. was it windy enough today? >> i thought the house was going to blow down. >> gusting up to 40 in a few spots. gusting to 50 today. wind advisory just coming down. as we go towards sunset we'll lose the daylight and winds will begin to calm down. it will be a breezy night, blustery. a little brisk tomorrow again. this storm skirting just south of us, i think we're going to
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dodge dodge the bullet on this but not by a lot. 33 today. that's the current air temperature. it feels colder. wind chills way colder than that. winds west/northwest at 14 but gusting much higher as arctic high pressure moves in. wild time lapse in annapolis. talk about a changing sky. six hours, compressed into six seconds, you see the rapid changes through the day. so nice sunshine, beautiful shot late in the day, on the severn from the u.s. naval academy. how about a look at roland park. bright skies here, trees whipping around in the wind pretty good. and finally more and more whether -- blue sky breaking out. but man it's still breezy. in fact look at some of our weathernet site peak wind gusts today, gusting to 40 in chestertown.
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38 dundalk and 39 damascus. germantown 41. other spots reported even higher gusts along the water. maryland's most powerful doppler radar, sweeps scanning the skies, finding very little, a little bit of flurry action here and there. a brief shot of flakes, then it's gone before you know it. we could see a few more flurries tonight but probably not much. teens and 20s western maryland. 32 across baltimore and easton. 37 at the beach now. winds, again, the steady winds around 15 to 20 but the gusts, a good bit higher than that. top of the hour, gusts just a few minutes ago, 36 baltimore. 35 in easton and makes for a pretty rough flight at times from bwi marshall this afternoon and evening. parkton tomorrow 35. 37 at the inner harbor. so temperatures not going to change a lot. but we will see less windy conditions. i think you'll notice it feels a little nicer out there tomorrow. our satellite and radar trend pretty quiet. a little bit of snow flurry action especially out towards west virginia. i'll take you on a wider perspective. you can't see it yet but the beginnings of our new storm out toward texas just beginning to
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take hold. so it's a cold blast for 24 to 36 hours. then all eyes on this next approaching winter storm that will gather strength over the deep south through the day on wednesday. and move up very close to maryland here, 2:00 a.m. thursday morning. then heads out to sea thursday afternoon. it will be a close call. right now we think maybe just flurries and snow showers. richmond and points south of there. 15 bitter cold degrees tonight but not quite as windy overnight. 35 tomorrow. still breezy, but less frigid. then we look at tomorrow night. that's where we could see the flurries towards daybreak on thursday morning as that storm passes just south of us. but what a warm-up on tap. we're paying our dues today. 45 saturday. 52 sunday. and 57 or so on valentine's day. you kidding me? that will make cupid happy. let's look at news around the nation. we'll start off in california. a wrong-way crash caught on a
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cell phone camera. look at this video. you can see the track traveling in the wrong direction down a california freeway. the truck slammed into a concrete barrier setting off a chain reaction crash. police say three oncoming cars crashed into the truck but amazingly no one was hurt. if you needed spare parts a detroit driver might have found a better way to get them. he smashed his van straight into an auto parts store. the driver took out a concrete wall and entire quarter of the business. investigators still looking into why and when the crash occurred. no word on the driver's condition tonight. check out this huge fireball in the sky. it erupted in dallas last night. firefighters from five different departments were called to help put out the flames. the flames broke out in a warehouse used to store aluminum cans for energy drinks. winter means war
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for some people. a chicago man caught a shovel thief in the act and got revenge. he had surveillance cameras around his home. he went back to check out footage when his shovel was gone. a woman right up to his front steps, took his shovel, dug out her car and walked off with the shovel. what did? he didn't call the police, he got out his snow blower and buried the woman's car. >> i'm not going to lie. it felt good. >> it took her four hours to clean off her car. if she had only returned that shovel. a toilet and cell phone make for a scary situation outside of a building. why the man who dumped the bowl in the street is now using a bowl behind bars. and more studies continue to show processed foods are just too hard to process. how researchers say it can even affect your intelligence.
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to tonight's "consumer watch" -- here's food for thought. too much processed food at a young age may lower a person's iq. researchers in britain tracked thousands of kids who ate and drank at the age of 3, 4, 7 and 8. they found when a 3-year-old ate a lot of sugary, processed foods, their iq was lower by age 8 but scientists didn't find the same correlation in ages 4 to 7 so may need a little more research. pain at the pump. the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded now over $3, the highest ever recorded for the month of
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february and there's no relief in sight. tj has more. >> reporter: just when you thought it was safe to pull up to the pump. >> i've got $75 to fill up. >> reporter: it is when you consider gas prices the highest they've ever been in february. according to the department of energy the national average of an unleaded gallon is now $3.13. >> this should be the lowest time of the year for prices. my fear is with spring coming, it could only get worse. >> reporter: the most expensive gas? that would be santa barbara, california, drivers forking over $3.41 a gallon. for some it's time to make sacrifices elsewhere. >> maybe i don't go out tonight because i have to spend money on gas. >> reporter: some experts are comparing today's prices to those in february 2008. when prices began a five-month climb and reached an all-time high of $4.11 per gallon by july 4th.
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it's not all about gas prices. >> high crude prices eventually work their way through the food chain. all food that is delivered by truck, by plane, by train, becomes more expensive. >> reporter: then there's the question of egypt. oil industry speculators are talking about uncertainty. egypt, which controls the suez canal certainly isn't helping the oil markets. >> i'm thinking of getting an electric car. >> reporter: the prediction by some analysts, we could see $5 a gallon gas by the end of 2012 which they also fear could trigger another recession. tj winick, abc news, new york. the face of facebook says he fears for his life. more on the reported antics of mark zuckerberg's alleged stalker. just ahead.
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