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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 9AM  ABC  April 1, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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now "good morning maryland" at nine. 9:00 on a friday morning. good morning. and thanks for joining us. all right. the elephant in the room or the adorable puppy in the room. this is doodle aileen did it again. seriously, he is adopted already. >> done. >> wait and we will introduce you to doodles and aileen has great tips for your pets and we will tell you more about march of the animals this month. so we will introduce you to the cute puppy and tell you how to give hear home and one of the great dogs or cats at maryland spca. a few shoutouts this morning first from me. thanks to the red cross of central maryland for allowing
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me to see emcee the hometown heros banquet. it was fun to be a part it. you probably would have killed last night. >> i think doodles will be popular. and a special shout out to tasha bartlett who told me she puts her niece down and she moved to baltimore and joins us at nine. we are glad to have you join us. thank you. >> thank you for that. coming, we are talking about baltimore magazine. if you are in the market for a new home and don't know where to look or maybe the spots you are looking in, not finding what you like, this is the neighborhood issue. going to have evan come in and tell us the ideas at the spots they found. you may want to check out. it's friday which means we will be eating something. over in studio b, we are cooking up bread pud i go believe correct? >> yes -- pudding i believe correct? >> yes. >> mark can be a handful. he is over there and has the kitchen laid out with food. and we will have recipes you may want to check out.
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it's opening day. >> absolutely. >> baseball, opening day. we have the orange tie with the black sport coat and the orioles mug. >> you ready to go and are excited? >> right there. great to be living in a city with a major league baseball team. can't tell you how excited i am about that. first pitch tonight 579:10 in tampa bay -- tonight at 7:10 in tampa bay. come up tonight the time to get you up to -- get you up-to-date with another oriole. getting fans to attend the preakness is controversial. the ad campaign feature a half man half horse goes by the name of kegasus. some say it promotes beng drinking but christian schaeffer says they hope to corral more fans into the infield. take a look. ♪ kegasus >> reporter: this year's infield festival will be epic. it would be the first to tell you he is rough around the
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edges. >> ripped the bikini contest. check out the phillies. >> reporter: but official with the maryland jockey club says the half man half horse is what they need to boost attend and at the preakness. >> we believe that kegasus talks to the younger generation. >> reporter: and he is the mascot for the infield fest portion which apromise of a 20 dollar bottomless beer mug. >> it's not for the-tire preakness but for a special section. >> reporter: but state delegate kegasus does nothing but tarnish the second jewel of the triple crown. >> promotes alcohol consumption and rowdyism. it's a disgrace to the image of the preakness and the great industry of racing in maryland. >> reporter: and he is not alone. on thursday, the commissioner of the baltimore city health department made a post which reads in part, this star of the show is not the beautiful horses or the determined jockies who ride them to glory. instead, we are giving kegasus
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who loves to party. criticizing the bill that would shift slot machine revenue from track improvements to operating expenses like television ads. >> i don't think taxpayers' money should be subsidizing stupidity. >> reporter: jockey club says there's nothing stupid by a character that appears to the key demographic especially if they come back after the preakness is over. >> i appreciate everything the governor and adstrays has done and legislature to help us, but we are trying to create revenue streams so we can be self- sufficient. >> i think kegasus looks like danny mcbride. the jockey club says kegasus is not going anywhere. the bill has been cleared. the delegate says he voted against it and is awaiting a vote in the state senate. your thoughts on this. some people see it as being over the top in terms of a mascot for the infield
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celebration but it's normal for horse racing. >> they have a theme. last year get your preak on. we want your two cents oon -- so on the fan page we asked how would you get more fans to the preakness and especially the infield? melissa said don't think it will be like it was. too many people ruin fun and not to mention the crime around there is horrific. >> jeanie how about making it family day with kids, events and contests et cetera, those are two different opinions. if you want to share your two cents, head to wmar facebook fan page and we will share your thoughts. time for education news. one of our very own went back to school yesterday. students at patterson high school saw a different face on their morning announcements. >> good morning. >> there he is. abc2 news joce sterman filled in to read scripps as part of
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the program which gives students a chance to get hands on experience as they learn about journalism. the kids put together a live mini newscast every morning sending it out every-- to every homeroom in the building. and students at randallstown high school have major bragging rights this morning. the state champions are home -- are hoping to go rather to washington, d.c. to compete in the national level of we the people, the citizens of competition people competition -- people competition. >> reporter: this is no ordinary day in the advanced placement government class a team of 13 students are practicing their speeches in the we the people competition. >> the program helps us understand the way the government works and how the government and constitution affect our daily lives and gets us to want to participate more in government activities and be
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more patriotic. >> reporter: the sent are for civic education sponsors the program but funding is in jeopardy. students must come up with 6,000 dollars to compete and they are looking to the community for help. randallstown high school won on the district and state level, and now it's on to the national level. the team is perfecting the knowledge of the u.s. constitution and bill of rights. during the competition student will craft a 4-minute speech answering certain questions. the team with the highest score wins. >> we have a great group of kids that turned it on. they spent a lot of time and effort getting the speeches together and we have not come close to not moving forward in any of the stages. it's been a pretty strong run. >> reporter: christina wants to become a lawyer. the competition is a steppingstone to achieving her dream. >> so i get a chance to show the positive side of the school and how we are moving forward academically. so, it's great and it can open
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me an opportunity for other students coming after us. >> reporter: last year, the team didn't do so well, but this year they expect a big change. >> this year, i am hoping we get to the top ten if not win the competition. i feel as if we have all the qualities we need to win. >> reporter: with enough cash flow, they are eager to bring home the bin wins. sherrie johnson, ab -- big wins. sherrie johnson, abc2 muse. >> it is happening in washington, d.c. more than 30 million students participated in the program since it began and that's in 1987. so if you want to help out the local students, make a donation and you have to contact cheryl at the randallstown high school. good for students. >> great. >> good story. >> money is tight everywhere. we would give anything to get a
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little more cash. >> your boss may tell you money is tight, but how it can loosen up and provide you as much as 20 extra dollars a month. also ahead this morning, you remember these? in fact, if you have them handy in your house, coming up, the old phone books has become a dinosaur. you might think you know all about baltimore's unique neighborhood. coming up, we will tell you how to find places around the corner you may have never thought about before. but first, a check of your forecast with meteorologist justin berk. >> reporter: how about the baltimore hitry -- history here at 9:09. it does snow on this late date occasionally. do you remember this? march 31st, 2003. started out as sunny day and as the orioles are opening up against the cleveland indians, just watch. can you see? i think what's most impressive is the fact that the ball was actually hit in the third
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inning. gibbons was what? as the ball dropped. there we go. camouflage baseball. and i am amazed he called it fair. how did he he see it. impacting a game a little bit. but it can snow and it did snow and let's hope we wind up with a better season than they did thethan the other 13 involved. manchester got a inch and half of snow. it will melt away on the fields. the roads were rough a two-hour school delay in carroll county. look at westminster, it came down hard and heavy for a while and they wound up with a inch of -- an inch of slushy snow. and one more reisterstown they had it on the field and it melted away. temperatures this morning we are 35 reisterstown westminster. kingsville and 36 in annapolis. and beltway southbound is mostly rain. we have got more showers. could mix in a little with a
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snowflake or two. don't sweat it. we have a look at 48 this afternoon. and then we have got a warming trend through the weekend. how about the opening day of baseball weather outlook. we will talk about that and much more of "good morning maryland" so please stick around. at you. -it was like, "wow!" -bam! [ male announcer ] decisions don't get any easier than this. now you can move up to fios tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month for a year with no term contract required.
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in are's watching the station this works for you "good
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morning maryland" at nine. okay. ask yourself this right now. do you know where your white pages are? now state law makers say the white pages no longer have to be delivered to your door. roosevelt leftwich looked at the demise of something that at one time meant something. >> reporter: so, when was the last time you used the white pages? and for that matter, where is it? >> a couple years ago. >> reporter: where is it in your house right now any idea? >> [audio not understandable] >> years and years ago. >> reporter: would you know where it would be in your house right now. >> yeah. >> reporter: okay. you have. >> we have one but i don't use it. >> reporter: they pile up from 3 to 5,000 tons of paper that one out of 10 people use. more than likely, they are shoved in a nook gathering
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dust. verizon was freed from the requirement to give white pages to every customer. they lock the -- loft the necessity. >> no. because you know what? we have 411 and operator and your house phone. you pay extra, but you just don't feel hike going through it. >> reporter: in the age before google and quick information, the white pages were indispensable. the free library has a collection of baltimore phone books and direct ris that go way back -- death ris that go way back -- death ris that go back to the 1700 -- directorys that go back. it was the guide to finding famous people. a subject of an exhibit at the library was well-known for the work in the jewish community and securing women's rights in maryland. well, show was in the phone book then. you yo call her up and talk to
9:16 am
her. so was tommy who sold shirts and william donald schaeffer at his mom's and you can talk politics. everyone was in the white pages because everyone needed to be in this. a diminish necessity of the book means something that's special. >> it was a way around and about growing up. so i think everybody does that. people love to see those advertisements from the old companies because so many of them are gone now, but collectively week keep them in our member -- we keep them in our memories. >> if you are curious, change doesn't affect the yellow pages. you will get them whether you want them or not. and you can get a copy of the white pages if you want it. verizon will send you a copy if you call a special number. and by the way, eknock prat keeps copies of the phone book and many use them for research. and the brie bare has a ton of -- library has a ton of cool
9:17 am
old baltimore stuff. there develop -- they've collection of 20,000 photos and restaurant menous. >> you remember the last time you had the white pages? no. >> i can't either. time is 9:16. are you in the pact for new home but can't -- market for a new home but can't find the perfect place? you might wand to ex-- want to expand your search in neighborhoods you never considered. that's the cover story in the baltimore magazine. seems like going historic in the city seems to be the way to go. >> it's true i think increasingly people are finding the old city neighborhood whether it's mount vernon and federal hill and canton are muchmore attractive for families. there's new development into not just playgrounds and houses and that thing but the schools are yep proving and things like that. -- are improving and things like that. there's a lot more things available. they are considering that now. >> is this a reversal trend. you heard about families moving
9:18 am
out of a majority urban area into the suburbs and now you are saying some of the families are considering moving back. >> it was the trend for years and it is taking a slow mind shift to think of baltimore city as place to raise family. there's a group that are encouraging this. and others in the city is encouraging this especially with so much focus of improving the schools which was the barrier for a lot of people. so, yeah, a lot of the neighborhoods, we have neighborhoods we looked inside of, seven are in the city and the city ones are open because you might not think moving. >> what did you find? >> we talked to lots of -- we went to the 10 neighborhoods mount vernon and canton and federal hill and cockeysville and hunt valley area and ellicott city and towson. and we talked to tons of people. we got all the tips. we put 10 or 15 really specific things that you would only know
9:19 am
if you lived there lie a -- like a specific block or specific menu item or deal at store and we put the best and from each we got a essay about what's great about the neighborhood. we met some interesting people. mark stineer wrote about hunt valley cockeysville area where he lives. it's really a great read and i think you will enjoy it. >> someone new to the area here, one of the things i noticed is some of the great neighborhood. you see some of the history that exist on the streets. and then you will see a kind of a run of four or five or six blocks where the houses are developed and have been renovated, and you see the rich history there. and then you go four or five blocks further and they are in various levels of disrepair. is this an instance where the remodeling are going out or is it contracting? >> i think it's going out. there is so much wonderful architecture in so many great
9:20 am
buildings especially in mount vernon. gary it be he wrote a greatest say about the mount vernon buildings and everything is from the 1830s to 1870s. and for the longest times they were in disrepair and they are being renovated beautifully. >> thanks for your time. to if you -- if you want to find someplace to live or just check out the issue. now to your two cents. the controversy surrounding the kegasus character being used to bring more people to the preakness. you can see a picture of the kegasus on official facebook fan page for wmar and this basically is how would you get more fans to the preakness. that's our question this morning. and tim writes in, the last couple years have gotten this event back on track. this is not a family oriened event. this is adult fun. can't wait to see kegasus in person. that came from tim. so if you want to share your two cents, we would love to
9:21 am
know what you think. just find us on the wmar facebook fan page. leave a comment and we will share more of those comments throughout the morning's show. and stay with us, because we have a treat of the cutest puppy. i'lleen gabbey brings in cute onesp we will tell you how to adopt noodles when we come back. óñ
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we love aileen gabbey at channel 2. but when she comes in on fridays it's like shoving her out of the way to get into the arms of the puppy. who do you have here? >> this is dude les i believe is the name. a little girl 8 weeks old. we are thinking she is a lab beagel mix and everyone fell in love with her. she is very sweet. we are not sure how big she will get. the mix is unusual. but she is sweet and playful and she is looking for a home. >> you took her in from the city shelter. >> yes. now she is up for adoption and we open at noon today. >> noon today and we should say she is ready to go. she's been paid. >> -- spade. >> yes. she is ready. >> don't go anywhere. we will put the number up. you brought this in. when she gets bigger, she will love something like this. and you will see these kind of
9:25 am
agility. >> agility course at the march for the animals that's coming up. it's april sunday april 17th. starting at 10 a.m., and we are encouraging people to bring the dogs. last year we had 6,000 people and their pets. >> that's amazing. >> that's a lot of fun. it's like a festival. you walk around the drewet hill reservoir. it's very popular. a liven people are waiting to do it with the dogs. and. >> it's something to do with your pets that's active and you can train ahead of time. they will do go there sticks in the ground. >> and this opens up to a big tube. >> and they run through it. we lure them at the end with a treat. >> it's something fun for you and your pets and helps the training. and it's a nice way to spend the day. >> you have look-alike contests too? >> yes. >> we have ceftual contest and pet and owner look-alike
9:26 am
contests which was hysterical. we will have disk dogs and microchipping. there's a slew of events and food and games and muse ic. >> and this is the biggest fun raiser. >> this is the biggest of the year. >> give everybody the website they can go to. >> that's on the screen we have all the information. and also, we want -- if you want to adopt doodles. >> if you -- look at this puppy. if you can get ahold of her, you are a lucky person because she is going to be a great dog and great addition to anybody's home. they have lots of great dogs and cats and a beautiful new facility. so head to the maryland spca. thanks so much for coming in. you always warm up our fridays when you bring in the pets. >> finds them homes like crazy. >> isn't that the cutest puppy. >> a beautiful puppy. we need to get executive producer dan taylor to take that puppy home. off to a break. could you use extra cash?
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couldn't we all? abc2joce sterman has -- abc 2, joce sterman has tips on how to give yourself a raise without asking the boss. you may need that because prices at the movies have gone up and some are looking for alternatives to a night out at the silver screen. justin. one more time, let's talk about the weather. we could mix in flakes. we got greg jackson who goes to school at north carroll high was showing pictures of the nearly two inches of snow. roads are starting to be wet up there and we make a play for rain showers. 48 today. not the best of days. but it will get better and we will talk about that and the opening day baseball outlook and spring is knock on our door. that's next. you want to get a great looking lawn like this,
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now "good morning maryland" at nine. welcome back on this friday morning a doingel app for your phone. it could give you a person's personal information without -- google app for your phone. it could give you a person's
9:31 am
personal information without you asking. it will lead you to the person's profile after snapping a picture of their face to include their name and a phone number or e-mal address. people would have to allow googel to share that personal information. google's working out the privacy issues. and hasn't said when it plans to release the app. it's 9:31. an extra 200 dollars a month sounds good right now huh? that's what you can give yourself as a raise. get a bigger check now without talking to your boss. joce sterman shows us how most of us can do that. take a look. >> reporter: we work hard, but during the recession, raises have become few and far between. so how a would you like to see the paycheck get bigger without involving your boss? >> i would love that. >> it would be phenomenal. >> reporter: couldn't you use extra cash every month to pay the bills or pay down the debt so many people are drowning in? >> absolutely. >> definitely. >> reporter: well, you can but you have to be willing to give up something you probably have
9:32 am
grown very accustomed to. >> i understand it feels really good to get a christmas gift in april or whenever that tax refund is coming. but it's not smart to allow the government to keep your money for an entire year interest free. >> reporter: but that's what the majority of americans are doing. the average refund last year $3,000 and most people use that money to pay down debts or to boost their savings. and. >> it's money that you could have had working for yourself. >> reporter: and if that money went to you instead of the government, it would be about $230 more in your paycheck every month. how do you get that raise? well it's all by a justing the withholdsings. >> the more exceptions or allowances you claim, the less tax will be withheld. >> i wouldn't have a clue about how to go about doing that. >> reporter: well, we do. first the irs has an interactive withholding allowance calculator to help you determine an appropriate number of exemptions. once you figure out that number, file a new w4 with your employer. the goal is to get closer to
9:33 am
breaking even. if you -- >> if you getting a small refund a. couple hundred dollars, 500, you never want to get a large refund back but you don't want to owe the government money so leave that alone. >> reporter: some use it for a big purchase or vacation, it's better to give your sea of raise each month. >> they should pay themselves first and with the extra money they are getting in the paycheck, make sure they have a separate savings account and if they are transferring that money on a monthly basis. >> reporter: joce, sterman, abc # news. >> if you are waw -- 2 news. >> if you are qualified for energy efficient tax cred that it could have led to a bigger return than usual. consider that before maybe willing changes tower exemption. the things you can do and you may not realize it's there for you. >> you are one of those guys who does his taxes. >> yes i do. >> impressive. >> thank you. i've done it for years and i am getting close to the point where i am done. >> ready to pass it onto somebody else. >> yes. >> maybe someone can save you money in that story. we want to go back to your
9:34 am
two cents. it's the controversy surrounding the kegasus being used to bring more to the preakness. so we asked you what you think about this and how you would get more fans to the preakness especially the infield. jeff writes in del the delegate is out of touch with reality it is not funny. and greg writes the sad thing is the preakness was one thing baltimore was known for. just like the declining attendance numbers, the wrong individuals withr in charge of the preakness. if you want to weight in, we wouldn't to -- want to know what you think. head to the wmar facebook fan page and leave a comment and keep the comments coming because we will share them throughout the rest of the show. no doubt, libya and radiation dominate the news again this week. >> yeah, the hot topics for square off coming up at 10 a.m. here's richard sher with a preview. >> sir, ma'am. good to see you. how would you feel about the united states arming the libyan
9:35 am
rebels? will it be u.s. troops next in a third war? japan he nuclear accident worse than ever and come june ladies and gentlemen, you will no longer be able to dial in for time or weather. lots of seniors are very unhappy and here is sunday's panel. we have oprah winfrey, steadman graham. president obama. moammar qaddafi and gail king. april fool's. >> that's a good lineup richard. >> thank you darling. really, david former president of the baltimore ravens, catalina a great talk show host tyrone and we will introduce wcbm's radio shawn on the morning with frank. join us sunday here on abc2 as we square off. and now back to charley and megan. thank you, dears. >> thanks very much, good panel. >> it's great panel. coming up. it's friday not sunday yet. we love taking you to the
9:36 am
kitchen for great recipes. >> so coming up, mark is in house with a great dessert idea. we will give it a try. bread pudding. >> it's worth going in for that one. ñwñ[= with fios, when you're watching the picture, it just jumps out at you. -it was like, "wow!" -bam! [ male announcer ] decisions don't get any easier than this. now you can move up to fios tv, internet and phone
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welcome back.
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birthday time on this friday april 1s. douglas dundalk 74 and a halfy -- happy birthday to lee from tim and your family and friends. celebrating a birthday today, staff sergeant richard allen from wood lawn. 49 years old tomorrow. so happy birthday tomorrow. and then barb turns 51 today. her daughter jen sent in this picture. this is their mom when she was a little girl. very cute. >> and a very special perth day to -- birthday to linda so. you are out at camden yards talking about brooks robinson. we didn't say happy birthday to you live in studio hope it's a great one for. you it's odd it's an april fool's day. >> her whom was watching and saw we wished her happy birthday. thanks so much for sending in this picture of butters. our picture of the day. butters also an april fool dog just celebrated one year on this earth.
9:40 am
thanks for senning in the pictures. if -- sending in the pictures. if you have interesting poe toes we want to see -- poe foes -- photos we would love to see it. we can pass it along to everybody else. >> did you mark on me with a pen today? >> probably. >> time for the featured event. you are lucky not to get a paper cut. it's book for kids day may 7th. that is great thing. and charley they need volunteers. i am going to if you want to join me. 9 in the morning until 2 p.m. they will read with children at polywestern high school. volunteers give a cal if you can do this and there are things you need to do. but it's books for kids day. give them a call or e-mail them they need volunteers. >> all right. my event is involved with the red cross. autograph signing with the baltimore ravens. it will help relief efforts in japan. joe flacco and ray rice and themoney raised from the session will go to the
9:41 am
international relief efforts in japan as a result of the earthquake and tsunami and that's tomorrow noon to three p aberdeen. 50 dollar donation for the autograph and ongoing raffles throughout the day. your money going to a good use helping the men and women and children in japan. >> if you have an event for us to mention, we would be happy to do it. e-mail us and let us know what's happening so we can announce it. send it to me, charley or morning show at all the information is there on the screen. we always love to hear from you. let us know what's happening. the price of entertainment gets more and more expensive. food, events and movies. >> how expensive the movie ticket has gotten and what some people are doing as a alternative. and it's a great friday treat for the weekend. bread pudding with carmel sauce. feels delicious and rich and mark is in the kitchen with a great recipe that you can try this weekend.
9:42 am
big snowstorm in new england. someplace cos see a foot of heavy snow near trinityon and -- trenton and near filly. the snow is done and it showed i am not the crazy one. april 1st no fooling it's time to sing close the winter chapter and open up spring. there's flakes out there but we will have the opening day baseball weather and more of "good morning maryland" so please stick around. >ñ
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you're watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland" at nine. thanks for joining us. cirque du soleil is bringing the one of a kind experience back to baltimore and the rain is not slowing it down. we were on hand yesterday as cirque du soleil rolled out big top. >> it takes seven days to set the whole thing up. that's everything, set, bleachers. it takes about 24 hours -- between 24 hours and 36 hours to take it down. >> so beginning april 7th, the troupe will display the newest production the show runs up until april 24th at westport water front. in a world of rising ticket prices and bad reviews, it may be easier to get the best seat in the house. the latest numbers show fewer
9:46 am
americans are choosing to see film in the theater. diana reviews the reasons why when the movie capital -- from the movie capital of the world. >> reporter: the latest drama at the movies is taking place not in the theater but at the box office. attendance is down. way down. 20% compared to 2010. if you ask industry insiders, they say blame the movies. awedien can't get excited over new offerings such as somethinger punch or battle los angeles. at least not excited -- or sucker punch or battle los angeles or at least not exsights enough. >> if the prices were lower i would go. >> reporter: the average ticket price is now nearly $8. it's more than double that at some i max theaters. >> they are going to addp. >> i wouldn't pay $20. no. not at all. >> reporter: add rising gas prices to the mix and it's simple to see why many machines may stay home and watch movies online or on cable. a surprising reversal for an
9:47 am
industry that seemed recession resistant. revenues surpassed 10 billion dollars in domestic sales. but the first -- for the first time ever. with sluggish sales in the first quarter of 2011, experts don'texpect an on core per-- encoreperformance when it comes to profit. but don't expect a bad ending. there's a hero -- hero called the summer block buster. movies expect to hook audiences. abc news, los angeles. >> who is going to cook and cut and we are arguing. >> you do the cutting. >> go. >> she said i am going to do this you do this and mark said she told you. >> that's the way of the world. >> what are we doing? >> we are making an apple sin monday cranberry bread pudding with hoe made carmel and maple
9:48 am
spice whipped cream. >> you love that maple whipped cream it's so good. >> it's delicious. >> waiting for you to go pow>> that's been taken. >> i know what yours is. >> here we go. we will take bread and if you go to the grocery store and buy- day-old bread. >> it's crispier. >> a little more dried out because we will add moieseyevture. that is pound and half of white bread and in this bowl over here, this is nothing more than six eggs and a quart of heavy cream. you follow me? and that's how you make cream brulee. what are you doing? let her cut. >> come on. >> make sheer you doesn't move the finger. okay so once you cube your bread, and you made your kustard. >> okay. >> that's it. >> look at her go. >> i got something for you no one left out of my -- no one is
9:49 am
left out. add cinnamon. now stir that in there. >> there we go. >> don't get it on the pretty orange pie. love the orange. who have been what you guys are doing. >> she -- >> she has the orange. >> she is wearing tampa bay rays colors. >> we will stir this up and move that down this and charley take the whole thing. stir and move. >> yeah, move. >> you have to keep moving. we will take this. no. no. right here. >> now we do it. >> dump it. >>. grab that -- grab that. two granny smith's aels peeled seed and diced. >> this one too. >> that one and the raisins and i am sorry. >> crasins. >> raisins are polarizing. >> right. >> and cranberries okay. so the reason you have the rubber gloves is because to mix this -- gloves on is to mix to with a instrument would throw it over the counter.
9:50 am
so get in there and mix that up. >> how am i doing? >> so far so good i lost some. >> hold on now. there you go. >> okay. >> keep going. >> how do you know when it's enough. >> that's a great question. you want me to show you? >> yes. >> you are the pro. >> watch this. >> see, i was -- >> you have to beat it up. you know you don't want to impart anything but love in your food. so now it's squishy. >> that is how it is supposed to look noon the kustard has two cups of sugar in it. white sugar. six eggs, quart of heavy cream, two cups of sugar and cinnamon. mix it up. bread apples and cran beeries. >> the recipe will be online. >> if you do this. >> yes. >> you won't get that utensil dirty. take it off. i will take that. now, start with this. >> okay. >> and into a grease muffin tin. >> all right. >> we have a minute and half.
9:51 am
>> here we go. carmel. i know you have been dying to stir something. that is half pound of butter and a half a pound of brown sugar. so equal parts. >> and that makes carmel. >> that's what we are doing making carmel. you can see separation and that's natural and normal. is the heat up? and we will add to that one cup of heave yes cream i don't want to wear this more than you do. >> -- heavy cream. i don't want to wear this more than you do. >> you have on white. >> because i have on a chef coat. this looks like a chef coat. you too much. >> that is called. >> what? >> you are complaining. >> who is complaining? >> you do who cares? >> come on. here we go. so, when megan is done, she is going to throw that in the on. we will cook it. >> how long? >> 15 to 18 minutes at about 350 degrees. or until it is thick and comes out clean. throw that in there. >> got it. >> when it comes out, it looks like this.
9:52 am
>> fast forward 18 minutes. the. >> the magic of television. take the homemade carmel i made because it's yummy and delicious. >> you think this is going to be bad. >> it's my recipe but you had your hand in there. >> cold-blooded. >> and we take uh-huh, here we go. >> oh. >> the maim and spice -- maple and spice whipped cream. >> tell everybody as you do that where they can eat your food any night. >> silt's restaurant in havre de grace in the bully rock golf course. >> you don't have to be a member. >> it's open to the public. i encourage you to come back. we have family friendly stuff. put that aside. your whipped cream fell off to the side. but it will be delicious. off with the medical gloves and give that a try. this is an old recipe i think you will love. >> you can find it onine. you were kind enough to give it to us. >> absolutely. isn't that delicious in you
9:53 am
can't believe how good that is? >> delicious. >> that's bad that's awesome. >> it's so good. >> all right. >> isn't that good. >> great. >> is that the best thing you've had in your mouth. >> pretty close. >> be honest. >> pretty close. this is going to be -- recipe is going to be online. coming up at 11, off to break. keep eating. >> we will be back with a check of the forecast. >> they are lying to you.
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
from notice we have rain and snow mixture. and we are making sure that our console system is not playing a joke on us. we have rain showers from this morning leftover. and another peeves energy pivoting through. we could have showers. and even on into through tomorrow as well. unsettled pattern but starting to warm up. we will improve on sunday. should be a great day to end the weekend and we look for opening day. mixed flakes with the rain showers. we warm to 48. and don't worry about it. we have a look at just wet road. no travel issues. tonight back down to 33. first round of showers end and another round as we go through
9:57 am
tomorrow. we are looking at temperatures that will go on in through the 50s over the weekend and 52 tomorrow and 56 on sunday with sunshine. and then we have temperatures go up to 60 on monday with a chance of rain on opening day. thunderstorms and 70 on tuesday. here comes the rain. >> somehow they are bet another there was a gag being played on megan. >> a april fool's joke. >> i make good ones. >> it was good but we learned it had onion, jalapeno. >> what else? >> cream of tartar which. >> we had terrible palets because we said it was pretty good. >> it what cook. >> and i will make a new version and that's what's going in it. aels and cranberries and jalapeno and onions. >> i said as a chef i have a hard time messing up food. >> where are you?
9:58 am
>> silt's restaurant. have a great weekend. >> see you.
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