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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  April 1, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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his re-election bid for comptroller. he had spent time at the charleston retirement community. a teenager nearly kills his own grandmother. it happened thursday morning in waverly. he will be charged as an adult. >> reporter: this story is unthinkable on a lot of levels, an assault that's tearing one northeast baltimore family apart. mug shots aren't supposed to look like this. this baby-faced teen is hassanhii garrett, the 14-year-old had beat his grandmother with a hammer while she slept. his aunt was the first person he called after the attack. >> he just told me that he -- you know, help found his grandma laying on the floor in a pool of blood. >> reporter: so he didn't tell
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you the truth at first? >> no help didn't. >> reporter: this became obvious to police detectives who responded that the story was far more disturbing. according to charging documents, garrett was getting ready for school thursday morning when he became angry with his grandmother. when she fell back asleep that's when he picked up a hammer and hit her in the head. she stamp mered and he continued to hit her in the head. >> it's surreal. it's unfathomable that this kid could strike his grandma in her sleep. >> reporter: garrett's grandmother remains in critical condition. family said she is in an induced coma to help her heal. her teen grandson sits in central booking facing various adult charges and adult time. >> due to the severity of the
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crime, the primary directs assigned to the case did, indeed, decide to pursue prosecution as an adult. >> reporter: adding to an already heavy toll on the teen's family as they pray for the recovery of one member and the fate of another. >> he spends weekends at my house. on sundays he's at church. >> never. that's what we're struggling with the fact that we didn't see this. >> now the family tells us garrett was being raised by his grandmother because his mother died when he was young. he has no prior history but now faces assault amend attempted murder charges. reporting for abc 2 news. >> three teenage girls are back with their paints tonight but could be headed to jail. they are students at bel air and charged with calling in bomb threats. police say they may have called in to five different schools,
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including their own on monday. no charges will be filed in a deadly shooting back in december. it was done in self-defense. police say the evidence in the case shows that joseph angel of laurel entered planning to rob it. hall of famer brooks robins was rushed to the hospital on wednesday. doctors are treating the orioles great for an infection. they say he's responding well to antibiotics. the hospital has been inundated with phone calls and emails from fans and asking those who want to mass along wishes to send e males at get well at and they will be forwarded to the family in may. tonight in new england new england -- tonight in new
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england crews are stairing at another work of snow. work began just outside of boston. beantown is expected to get two to four inches. places like new hampshire and maine could see close to a foo. nothing like a light coating some of us saw this morning. what can we expect tonight? hopefully nothing like that in our way, wyatt? >> most of us did not see snow. an earn or two of slush that quickly melted by mid-morning but we have the chance, a few more flakes could fly overnight. let's take a look at maryland's most powerful radar. i wish i could tell you that's an april fool's. i cannot. you see a much more active radar pitch. these are not heavy showers. we have snow showers, sleet showers back out to western
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maryland and beyond. thrp lea not heavy but they are numerous and mr. track steadily in our area as a clipper system arrives. it will keep things from being sunnier. today was 10 degrees below average. a few rain showers possible. we'll talk about the rest of your weekend coming up. now to the economy, news from lay broad has dominated the headlines over the last few months. americans say their top concern is still the economy. today some good news. during a trip to landover, the president said this is the second month of steady growth. >> reporter: today's employment numbers were better than economists expected. the labor department announced the nation added 216,000 jobs in march. >> in the last two months looks like we may be getting an acceleration in job growth, which would be a good sign. >> reporter: the unemployment rate fell to its lowest level in
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two years dropping from 8.9 to 8.6%. it has fallen one full percentage point. private employers led the way in march, adding 230,000 jobs. economists say it is slow but steady progress and a legitimate shine that the job market is improving. >> i think people have seen what's happened in the last six months, steady climb. month over month, new jobs. >> reporter: there are still warning signs for american consumers, continuing unrest in the middle east has caused oil prices to skyrocket. an interview, the ceo of walmart, the nation's largest retailers warned customers to be propierd inflation is an issue. it started to come in late last
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year. commodities, cotton. >> reporter: republicans said the job numbers are welcome news but warn that excessive government spending was still contributing to economic unsperchlt the white house was more cautious noting there will surely be bumps in the road ahead. the pizza change is filing for bankruptcy protection. they've been closing some of their stores over the past two years. if you ate sausage in thurmont recently, sausage from a country butchering event has been linked to salmonella. it happened at a pancake breakfast earlier this month. any sausage from the event should be thrown out. you'll find more at ryan air will announce child free flight. half would pay higher fares to
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avoid other's noisy children. a third of passengers have flights ruined by other people's noisy kids. while the survey found that passengers would avoid other people's children, it placed the blame of bad behavior firmly with the parent. new tonight transportation numbers say the number of people killed on u.s. roadways has fallen to its lowest level in six careers. officials say 33,000 people died in crashes in 2010, down from 2009. more seat belt use and efforts to curb drunken driving are being credited. >> a teen calls in a fake carjacking. how the violent incident unfolded. the cherry blossoms festival is a sure reminder of sing.
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this your's festival is all about giving back and how your favorite ravens players will help out as well. the only way that i ever got through civics. plus, the drama club puts a tweft on a saturday morning classic.
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now the latest developments from japan. japanese and navy ships have been searching the tsunami ravaged coastline for bodies. the bodies were swept out to sea nearly three weeks ago. nearly 6,000 have been reported mission. it peak week for
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washington's cherry blows some trees. it's a reminder of our friendship with jps. as japan recovers, events around this spring festival have had a sprt of giving back. >> reporter: springtime blushes in washington, the famous cherry blossoms, inspiring shades of color. the trees were a gift from japan in 1912, a country dealing with the after math of a massive earthquake and tsunami. >> nearly 100 years later this gift endures. >> reporter: when the quake struck organizers were in the homestretch of planning. >> our first reaction was to make sure that our friends, people we work with in japan were fine and think about how we can stop and pause and reflect. >> reporter: they've been taking donationings through the official festival website and
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opened with an evening walk around the tidal bay sissments the uptick in foot traffic and revenue from the visittors usually puts the spring in restaurant's restaurants. this year many have come back. 15% of the sales from this cherry blossom cupcake will go to the red cross relief fund. >> it's an organization we want to give back to. >> reporter: it's giving hope of renewal thousands of miles away. >> the cherry blows -- blossoms signify rebirth and renewal. tomorrow some of your favorite ravens will team up to
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help. from noon until three tomorrow he will be joined by joe flacco and others. there will also be food, video games and tons and tons of great stuff. all proceeds and raffles will be donated to the red cross international relief fund. sounds familiar, folks? the catchy song from the show "school house rock" and conjunction junction. it was so much fun. students in the drama club put their own spin on the classic songs. they performed school house rock live junior. >> when i grew up it was popular. now all my kids know the song. it's like passing on the toi.
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i think it was a great invention, concept to do this kind of program on television. >> those are the pictures your mother would take and show your girlfriend when you're 18. the children helped. the elementary school drama club sponsored today's performance. good work, kids. >> bringing back memories, rosie? >> federal hill, cloudy, a little sun breaking out. winds from the west, northwest at 15 miles an hour but an unseasonably cold dayed a day that featured some unbelievable weather that felt like an april fool's joke. there's manchester this morning. check out owl the snow, winter
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wonderland. it melted off by mid-morning. i hate to say this, that's the second morning in the row it happened in carroll county. we're not quite done yet. how about a look at annapolis today, cloudy early on, rain showers, no snow down this way. how about frederick where a few flakes flew early in the morning, late overnight but didn't add up to anything really. radar, there's still scattered showers activity north and west. we'll see more numerous showers. take a look at some of the spots across the state where there's even a few flakes flying down. that would be north of martinsburg near the hagerstown area. it's still very wintry out here in the dare rete county, allegany county area. things are looking good.
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it's breezy and chilly. right now temperatures running in the mid-40s. our wind chill factor adding insult to injury making it feel like 30, dover, york. very numerous showers out to the north and west. these are not particularly heavy showers but snow showers, rain showers and any number of mixes between the two. our satellite radar trend is active across the east coast. that big storm that put a not of snow down in maine on this april fool's day swirling off the new england coast lien and dragging in more oash out of canada and the great lakes. it will keep it unsettled. we'll be happy to say good-bye to that storm. there will be a clipper system diving south tomorrow. that will keep it from becoming all that nice really, generally cloudy conditions, a few peeks of sunshine. there will be snow in western
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maryland. some of that activity could crop in the baltimore area, very limited but in will be around. on saturday afternoon i think we'll see a bit of an improvement though a few showers will be possible. sunday looks dry, i'm happy to say, partly to mostly sunny and jmly dry. it brings back the chance for showers but much warmer monday and tuesday for the first game. 35, mostly cloudy, breezy, chance of a few showers, early in the morning towards daybreak could be snow showers. saturday 35 with lingering clouds. take a look at the overall trend here. as we look ahead to the weekend. it will be breezy, sunday looks better. we wish we could have sunday's weather on monday. monday looks warmer but the possibility of rain, hopefully not a rain out and then the chance of a thunderstorm even on
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tuesday, so it's not perfect weather to start the orioles season, but at least this will be warmer. >> that's all that counts. if we have tuesday's weather -- >> it's cold and miserable. >> you know what, speaking sufficient the orioles, the wait is over. everybody is psyched up and ready for this thing to open. down in florida against the tampa bay rays. the first pitch for 7:10. the o's will return to camden yards on monday afternoon. we'll be live down at the yard all damon day. good morning maryland kicks things off at 5 a.m. we'll have a look at what's knew at the park and two guys who know their baseball will be live at 5 and 6:00 as the o's take on the tigers. >> the lung cancer death affects millions. the new report that is offering
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optimism for women. plus, more women are having babies later in life but birth rates fell for another group. we'll tell you what's behind the drop. 3q copd makes it hard to breathe
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for the first time women's death rate from lung cancer is dropping. few could be smoke. it's a small decline, based on the report, but the drop coming more than a decade after a similar decline began in u.s. men and is a hopeful sign. there's new evidence that screening men for prostate cancer doesn't necessarily save lives. a study of 9,000 swede dish men,
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researchers found no difference between those who were periodically screened and those who were not. well, more than 4,000,00300,000 babies were born in 1987. according to the cdc the fertility rate dropped faster than any other period. dr. timothy johnson take has closer look. >> reporter: from 2007 to 2009 the birth operate in the u.s. dropped 4% according to the cdc's health stats. the fertility rate or the average number of babies born to women age 15 to 44 also fell. teen births reached the lowest rate ever but more women in their 40s had babies and the birth operate among women age 40 to 44 rose 6%. these women represent a small
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fraction of births. fertility rate fell for all racial and eggs nick groups -- ethnic groups. why the drop? many say the economy. couples are having fewer children because of the financial strain on the family. with this medical mirnghts i'm dr. timothy johnson. one child in every 110 is diagnosed with autism disorders. how early screening is making a difference for families. >> and ace of cakes duff goldman is introducing a new line of cakes.
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woman: my giant -- they're fantastic. i can't say enough about them. i can go in, get the things i need, and i know i'm saving money. why would i shop anywhere else? at giant, we want to thank you for making us the store you love to shop for over 75 years. this week, look for savings in every aisle, just for you. like whole fresh pork shoulder roasts, 99 cents a pound. and strawberries and blackberries, buy one, get one free. i pay for my groceries, and i look at the bottom of the receipt, i'm like, "yes! i did it!" that works for me. more savings every time you shop, with your giant card. it is the winter with absolutely no end. wintry weather hammers the northeast where at least a foot of snow is expected. the cost of getting your own
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month out of the bank is about to go up again, why banks are raising their atm fees again. and how the social networking site is helping out job hunters. it's another chilly miserable day although the sun is out. you're looking at a live picture of 695 and liberty road. will the weather warm up this weekend? we hope so. wyatt everhart has a look at the forecast. >> we'll have a similar night to the last two nights but a little improvement saturday afternoon and quite an improvement on sunday. we have slight scattered shower activity. most of this is not west of baltimore. you can see activity


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