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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  April 13, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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you may have to budget more for water bills. there's a controversial pat down that left a little girl in tears. if you're an adult living at home and taking care of an adult parent, what you should know before filing taxes this year. everyone needs and the city will make you pay for it. we're talking about water. another 9% increase is coming up on the water. roosevelt leftwich has more. >> reporter: believe it or not, overall, baltimore pays less for water than several cities. 75% less. for most folk, once they get
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the bill, it's hard to believe. >> reporter: it's perhaps the only water you'll get for free. the water and sewer bill is the only one that everyone has to pay. whether you own a big business or someone trying to make ends meet. to hear this proposal makes a lot of people want to shake their heads. >> add it with the other things going up. it could be a tiny bit of change or more. it means you can have all of the other things that you need. >> reporter: the city doesn't have much choice in the matter. two big things are driving the increases. first, there's a federal mandate. next, operating costs have gone up and maintaining sewer lines is necessary. the city has to pay for it somehow. >> we have to use the income
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from the water bill to pay for the improvements of the city. there needs to be more. it's getting more costly. >> reporter: the city says that the average minimum water bill is $63. if you pay the lowest amounts your bill will go up about $5. most are over $100. you have a chance to talk about it at a hearing on may 18th. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. all right, if you're tired of all of thewet weather -- wet weather, we have good news. the wet weather is gone. we need to get the clouds out of here and we'll see plenty of sunshine. we'll show you what we're talking about. things are looking good as of now.
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you can see all five of the sweeps are on and most of the rain is pushing up into new england. we'll stay dry here. into tomorrow, you'll need to get out and enjoy it. we had the wet weather for today. we're contending with clouds hovering across the area. yes, we see a few breaks in there. that will move in overnight. we'll start to see gradual clearing. you'll want to hear that. right now, the temperatures aren't bad. inner harbor, 60 degrees and we're mild out there due to the fact of the cloud cover. you know when you get the clouds, it's difficult to wind down. the clouds will be out of here overnight. the temperatures will start to drop off. the highs around the weatherbug sight came in 55 degrees at edge mere. during the day, we can't warm up. we were stuck in the 50s today. more of the same around frederick and hagerstown.
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em metsburg was at 53. throughout the rest of the evening, temperatures will be in the 50s. we'll break the clouds up and the rain is coming to an end. stick around so you can get the forecast. i think you'll like it. all right, we have a new twist to tell you about in the serial killer case in long island. the body search shifted to a bay near the serial killer's burial ground. the first four bodies were found in december near the beach. they were all prostitutes who advertised on craig's list. this week, we had two more discoveries including just the skull. the location of the bodies shows that it's thought out, he works there and lives outs there and -- lives out there and works out there. >> reporter: the police have several people of interest. a u.s. marine is accused of raping a woman shortly after
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midnight yesterday at denver international. the woman met the 26-year-old after she missed an airplane. he tried to kiss her, she told him know, she says he grabbed her and threw her down any way. >> he picked me up by my sweatshirt in the front of my throat and lifted me off the ground and turned me to the window. he was assaulting me from behind as my pants were down and i was bent down. >> she says that two people walked by and did nothing. the alleged rape ended after a grounds crewman saw what was going on. the police arrested the man. we're concentrating on what happened in up state new york. a murder suicide of a woman and her children. a woman drove a minivan off of a boat ramp.
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her 10-year-old managed to escape. the mother got into a domestic dispute before the incident occurred. animal activists gave out the first reward for a man who tried to rescue a puppy. he spotted three kids swinging at a puppy. the puppy was beaten so bad, all of its bones were broken. he later stepped forward to testify against the children. he got a reward for the successful prosecution. today, the president out lines the ideas for curbing the debt. he's keeping the -- domestic spending low and finding savings in medicare and medicaid and boosting the taxes on the wealthy. when you hear "start your engines" at the grand prix, you'll hear it from colin powell.
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that's on september 4th. powell will also be given a tour of the two mile street track. he's honored to be selected and the event will showcase the city of baltimore. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is excited. >> the race is going to bring a lot of people to baltimore, people interested in racing and people interested in visiting baltimore. i know it will reach a whole new market because, you know, i know that i would come just to be able to see him. i'm excited. >> how about that. the grand prix is labor day weekend. if you're at home taking care of your elderly parenting you may have money coming your way. how you're support could get you a tax break. identity thieves can steal your information if they don't have it. you have a chance to protect your information for free.
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if you're supporting your aging parents, you may qualify for a tax write off. if you provide more than half of the support and half of the
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food and clothing and shelter, you can claim them as an ex-- exemption. if you haven't filed, we have you covered. we have the tax tips and mistakes we all make and tax deductions. to learn more, go to and click on the -- money tab. tonight, you can sound off about the mayor's budget. the board is hosting the taxpayer's night. the event begins at 6:00. that's less than 20 minutes from now. that's at the war memorial building on gay street. the better business bureau is pressing people to take a stand against identity theft. our state ranks 9th in the country. 2500 came out of baltimore.
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get rid of it. shred your documents you no longer need. if you need a hand, there's a shredding event. everyone loves these things. arundel mill's marketplace and the avenue at white marsh this saturday from 8:00 to noon. you can bring three boxes and bags of documents to be shredded. new controversy tonight. this time, it involves the pat down of a 6-year-old girl. we'll have the closer look at the incident that's sparking out rage across the country. sometimes, good scores aren't good enough. another celebty -- celebrity is sent packing. there
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>> will all right, an airport pat down is sparking a lot of controversy, a 6-year-old was patted down and the parents captured it on video. the gloved agent explains what she's doing and after wards, the girl cried. this comes after a series of embarrassing incidents including the man who's false hips set off a metal detector. >> when they grab the leg -- my pants came down in front of everyone. they followed the proper screening procedures. they're exploring ways to focus the resources and move beyond the one size fits all system. this is sparking debate all across the land about what's necessary to keep us all safe at the airports. the measure is for the safety of all passengers.
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is this practice on kids and elderly going too far? we asked and you answered on the facebook fan page. phyllis says, no. some psych co-s use their kids for evil. evelyn wrotes no -- writes no. >> a 6-year-old girl was fondled and groped because you'll feel safer? think about it america. go to we're battling severe weather in lexington, kentucky. folks there are living under water. workers were forced to knock -- close roads because of knocked down trees. some neighborhoods look like water front properties. we're in cash county here. boats are used to get around.
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they could be in for more flooding tonight. run offs are swelling the red river and all of the surroundings. also, snow could fall there tomorrow night. good evening, everyone. we're definitely looking at a windy shot of federal hill. with the temperature, we're at 55 degrees. the winds are at the west, northwest at 12 miles per hour. it's falling. also, the barometer will rise as the high pressure builds in into storm. check out today. we saw lots of clouds out there and more into frederick. the clouds came in and we have the rain earlier today. we had sunshine as well. things got a little bit better throughout the day. as we're looking at the radar as of now, we have the sweeps
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on and everything is nice and calm. that's pushing off into new england as of now. if your travels take you that way, you'll run into wet weather. we're also looking at winds. winchester's winds at 13 and hagerstown at 14 and easton at 9. philly around 9 miles per hour. temperatures right now, elsewhere, 56-degrees in dulles and 55 in winchester and cold in oakland around 37 degrees. check out ocean city with the term -- temperatures coming in at 63 degrees. check out the highs today, not much different. we didn't budge too much. 56degrees in baltimore and 58 in d.c.. culpeper at 63 degrees and winchester at 55. more of the same in hagerstown. how warm will it get tomorrow? upper 60s. we'll take that into north
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wood. reed bird island, 69, mostly sunny skies. no complaints. satellite and radar picking up. that's pushing up, that's getting out of here and we're going to see clearing as we go into the overnight. that will translate into sunshine. you can see the bigger view here and you can see the high pressure is building in as we look back towards the west. we're not dealing with wet weather. the high pressure is bringing in the dry air and that system is getting out of here quickly. we can look forward to that and make our plans with into tomorrow. we're showing you the same thing, we'll have a lot of sunshine tomorrow. friday, we're still dry. the wet weather approaches the area into saturday. it looks like a wet saturday. overnight, the temperatures around 42 degrees and cooler it there -- cooler out there.
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tomorrow, 69 degrees and sunny and please didn't and warmer -- plaids distant and warm -- pleasant and warmer. 69 on friday and the lacrosse game looks like it will be on the wetside on saturday. the temperature is around 65 degrees. >> let's dance! oh, man! well, i love him. who was the latest celebrity to be knocked out of "dancing with the stars"? we have the juicy details tonight. >> reporter: sugar ray and anna. >> reporter: sugar ray leonard lasted a few round before being knocked out. he did improve along the way, just not fast enough to stay in the game. >> yeah, i wanted to go on, i'm a fighter and competitor.
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you know what? it was a great moment for me. >> he's never danced before. he was trained and he came out with grace and showmanship. some of the other people on the show need to learn from this guy and they'll do fine. >> reporter: she's active with the juvenile diabetes research foundation, his life is now about being of service, offering people help, hope and inspiration. >> and doing the show has given me a little bit more celebrity to raise awareness and raise funds. >> reporter: now, the dancing stakes are raised as they prepare for all american week. >> we'll do an all american samba. >> well, it's a brazilian dance that's all american. >> i want to thank everyone that voted for us. it's like being married to everyone, richer or poorer and
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better and worse, i'm going to be richer and better. >> reporter: kirstie alley will dance with a twist, she said. we will look beautiful next week. this fits beautifully. >> i don't hold back, i'm not going to hold back. >> reporter: neither is cheryl burke. she rested tuesday and now, what? >> i'll survive and i'm not going to bow out. >> reporter: is there a diagnosis? >> advil. >> reporter: eight couples are left and they'll take on an all american spin. you'll see it beginning monday. and we have an abc2 news exclusive. this actress opens up about her disorders for the first time.
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she spokane did -- spoke about her struggles. it's going to be friday, on april 22nd and on 20/20. coming up at 6:00, a humbled grounds keeper jumped into action when he saw a dog beaten. and a peep show for kids and adults alike. we'll explain at 6:00. now, for a preview of world news tonight: >> reporter: coming up on world news, remembering the tucson tragedy's youngest victim. her little league team hits the field in her honor.
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when i joined the national guard, i never thought i'd be saving lives. i put on the uniform and i have a whole new outlook on life. country, community, family-- that's what matters most to me. if that matters to you, go to
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when it's hot, you need a quick way to cool off. this gator decided to shoot the breeze in this family's backyard pool. >> he said, we have a gator in the pool. that was a first. >> they called a trapper. he even took a chunk out of the pool's tile. he was eventually taken away and released. how about that? we know who will be the grand marshall at the grand prix. find out who's yelling "start your engines" at 6:00. how many water breaks have you been through this year?
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how many times have you heard the city water people say that the pipes are too old? you do the math, your water -- your water bills may be going up. later, stress can take its toll, it's important to unwind. we'll look at how to bring yourself peace in your hectic life. baltimore's underbelly is rusty. if you listen closely, the pipes are yelling at us to repair them. the city is asking for us to pay more for our running water. it could go up by 9%. how many will we pay? well, the city says that the minimum water bill is $63. if you paid the lowest amount, your bill will go up about $5.70. most of


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