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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  May 3, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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killed osama bin laden, should the white house release a positive photograph of that body? and one yearn year ago today a. familiar -- year ago today, a family's life changed forever. how a girl's memory will be remembered today. megan is on assignment and will be back on thursday. let's kick it off with a chack check of your forecast -- with a check of your forecast and we will say good morning to meteorologist justin berk. >> we are looking outside at this 6:00 hour. looks like clouds are breaking up and checking out some of the camera sites across the region. we will show you in a moment i want to show you maryland most powerful doppler radar and it appears as if we have a few dry sweeps. it should remain that way most of the day. we have been advertising the threats of scattered showers and we do have that in the offing. we will go to the u.s. naval academy. we are getting predawn light and by the way, the navel academy charley has been-- naval academy charley has been
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talking about winds will be froth southeast and it could be -- from the southeast and it could be stinky. light winds but 63 degrees by the state capital. let's see whapping on the roads. >> reporter: it doesn't stink but it smells so sweet on the roads this morning. we are off to a very good start. no accidents reported. you will find spins calm as you make your way towards the roadways -- things calm as you make your way towards the roadways. everything is moving at or above speeds this morning. no issues traveling through howard oran arundel county make -- ann or aba-- anne arundel county. charley, back to you. >> thanks a lot. news time 6:01. osama bin laden is dead. we have been waiting more man ten years to see the word next to his name on the most wanted list deceased. he was killed in pakistan. he has been on the most wanted
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list since june of 1999. thursday, president obama willhead to ground zero to meet with the families of the victims from the september 11th attacks. and this morning, we are learning more about the operation to kill osama bin laden and what else the military team found inside that pakistani compound. sunday it's going to sunday night when we expect a live report from cnn sandra endo at ground zero this morning. we are having technical problem and we hope to catch up with her coming up in a few moments. onto other news right now. the president says bin laden is dead and there's dna evidence and facial recognition software that say the al-qaeda leader is gone. but some people have to see it to believe it. the government is contemplating whether or not to release the photo pos telephone iding his body and we want to know what you think -- positivelyism ding his body and we want to know what you think.
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-- positively, iding his body and we want to know what you think. go to the facebook fan page, and let us know what you think. go to the website and scroll to the bottom and you will see an i conto icon to link up with us. -- icon to link up with us. senator mikulski felt a bit of pride when the navy seals competeed the commission -- completed the mission show. says she was excited about the news but reiterated while we are hearing this one man's death does not mean the threat of terrorism dies as well now. >> we must be braised against the retaliatory attacks. we must be vigilant that something could happen over the next set of hours, days or even weeks. but at the same time. >> she made her remarks at press conference yesterday endorsingbaltimore's mayor
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stephanie rawlings blake. one year later it's hard for friends and family of yeardley love who was killed in her apartment one year ago today. her ex-boyfriend sits in jail this morning accused of the crime. today, it's going to be about remembering her and all she gave to notre dame prep in towson where we find sherrie johnson live with more on what's being done to honor one of their own. sherrie. >> reporter: yes, she was a standout lacrosse player and today marks the one year anniversary of her death. and here at her alma mater, they have something special planned. they will honor her memory with three special projects. the 22-year-old was found dead in her off campus apartment at the university of virginia. her ex-boyfriend is charged with the murder. the school is awarding the first yeardley love scholarship to a 8th grader. [audio not understandable]
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the event called bringing out the yeardley in everyone. the day will start with a prayer, and students and faculity will be asked to pay a kindness forward in honor of love. the lacrosse players will wear the number one yeardley's number. there is a fund raising drive to built build the yeardley love field. one year later, there's a huge outpouring of love for the woman that lived up to her name. sherrie johnson, abk2 -- abc2 news. >> this morning, again we are learning more about the operation to kill osappa bin laden and what -- osama bin laden and what else they found inside the compound. sandra endo is live with the latest this morning. ♪ god bless america
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my home sweet home ♪ >> reporter: ground zero shanksville pennsylvania and the pentagon. once where so many went to grieve. now where many are flocking to rejoice and reflect. >> it's good to see an evil person receive justice, but it's very bitter to realize that so many good people met a brutal and needless death. >> reporter: this is amateur video of the compound where osama bin laden was killed. nearly re-- newly released image of the white house situation situation room show the president and top officials waiting to hear a single word geronimo. code that the world's most notorious and most wanted terrorist was either captured or dead. >> the minutes passed like days and the president was very concerned about the security of our personnel. >> reporter: the military team took out not only bin laden but took computer equipment in the raid. u.s. intelligence personnel are
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analyzing the materials to learn more about bin laden's network. monday night, president obama received a standing ovation and at a dinner attended by the congressional leadership. >> we are reminded again that there is a pride in what this nation stands for. and that was sandra endo reporting. in local news two police officers have been cleared of kidnapping charges. detectives were accused of picking up two 15-year-old boys in separate incidents and dropping them off. now one in east baltimore the other in howard countych the officers claimed -- county. the officers -- the officers claimed they were on a crime suppression detail and jury did find them of misdemeanor misconduct. it was the first tried by baltimore's state attorney greg
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bernstein since taking office in january. baltimore city police completed the investigation into the death of an officer. back in january, officer william torbet it was shot to -- was shot to death. also killed sean gamble. police say officer torbet responded to a fight outside the club in plain clothes when uniformed officers arrived. they say officer torbet fired his gun and they didn't realize he was an officer and returned fire. now that the police wrapped up the investigation, the findings will be turned over to states attorney greg bernstein and independent review board appointed by the mayor and the baltimore city police commissioner. you can expect to see a ticket in a school zone in howard county this fall. the howard county council voted 4-1 to allow speed cameras in school zones. under the proposal, drivers will wind up with a 40 dollar ticket for going faster than 12 miles an hour over the speed limit so consider yourself warned. news time is 6:08.
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the baltimore orioles are on the way to canas city after -- kanzacity after -- kansas city after losing. paul konerko got two and whitesox beat the o's. jeremy gigry gave up 4 -- gutherie and mark buerhle walked 4 but didn't give up a run. jones had 3 hits for the o's in that loss and they took 3 out of 4 and those are still pretty good numbers. the flood waters in missouri are threatening to destroy homes and farms many coming up next, the decision that has some farmers in one town banging their head against the wall. you will see why that explosion was taking place and we are not the only ones dealing with deadly tornadoes. incredible video from the land down under. justin found this and it's impressive. also, could your waist be contributing to your heart health? we have find out coming up in bit. your health report. time to go to new york for the
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latest business news. >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money gas prices. the energy department says the average price for a gallon is now 3.96 up almost 8 1/2 cents just a week. blame the tornadoes in the south. they shut down 7 refineries. sony says it has discovered another hacker attack on the play station network last month. this one affected another 25 million user accounts. on top of the 77 million accounts in the other attack. honda is adding more than 800,000 vehicles to the air bag recall. the various models are 8 to 10 years old. and if you in the market for a new honda, you better hurry. the automaker is warning u.s.dealers they can run short of popular models because of the earthquake. and facebook is reportedly on track to earn more than $2 billion just this year. by this time next year, sources tell the wall street journal that facebook could be worth $100 billion. and that's america's money. i am peggy bunker.
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whether. now "good morning maryland." engineers detonated explosionures along the mississippi river. it's part of a 3-stage effort to save the small illinois town of cairo from massive flooding. critics say it will flood about 100 homes in missouri and destroy more than 100,000 acres of rich farmland. but the u.s. army corps of engineers says the rising flood watters are creating an epic flood that's testing the system. experts believe blasting the levee will drop the level as much as 4 feet and do so over the next few days.
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well, they lost everything in the tornadoes that ravagedalabama but a family is feeling grateful for what they still have today. chris was not home when his wife was at school when the tornadoes struck. chris tied the dogs to hisel will leg and crawd in the ballot root and put on the motorcycle helmet. >> the dog was sucked out. they were flying like kites on the string. and you know it looked like it was going to lift and i hang on to the dogs to purr they down. >> the tore neighed-- and push them down. >> the tornado destroyed the home but the dogs and chris crawled out with a few scratches. debra is rushing home when she got there and chris was gone and he was trying to find her. cell phone service obviously was out and they spent next 27 hours 27 hours, look for one another. chris borrowed a phone and call a family in new york debra what
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done the same. chris went to meet her and her professor's home. >> i just give him a hug and tell him i promise to neverring in a you ever again. never nag again about take out the garbage this they say even they they lost everything, they are happy they have one another. >> now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> let's go down under. this is new zealand and you can hear the audio. you hear someone in the background saying holy cow. and the person using the cameras says yeah we will get that on the news. i did the replay for you. this is in now zealand, the largest city, the air -- new zealand, the large et city -- largest city and you can see the debris field with winds estimated at 120 miles per hour equivalent to an e if 2 in the -- ef2 on the tornado scale.
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good morning to kyle. that video is for you, buddy. you will be talking about that. we have what lot of tornadoes. we had three just in carroll county during the month of april. we had one down towards crofton april 5th tarting-- starting off the month. right now we are quiet. we will try to keep it that way the start of the day. but temperatures will warm up on the delmarva, 63s from ocean city to easton and across the bay bridge, back to 60 in annapolis. 58 from baltimore up 83 towards york, p-a. we have a lot of rain towards the west. in reference to baltimore it's on the other side of the mountains. but we expect the rainth rain to sneak into -- rain to sneak in our direction. planes -- the places getting wet will continue to get pounded with the slow moving system but slowly edging our way and developing a thunderstorm during the afternoon hours a warm high ahead of the front to 82. and showers more likely overnight through tomorrow, wednesday, and winds may pick
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up. check out the wider view. rain from western new york through ohio and through kentucky. down through central tennessee. we have talked about the flood from nashville through memphis on the anniversary of what happened last year. and down into the gulf coast states. we will watch that edge in our direction. our future radar highlighting showers that will erupt in the mid to late afternoon. and typically this type of setup keeps it west of the area. but annapolis listen up. we have barbeques planned in the afternoon and evening. and rumbles of thunder. watch the slow moving frontal bondry keeping the rain the yellow shading into the afternoon hours. looks like this may linger a little longer and get out and bring cooldown behind it. but tomorrow, that could tush out to be-- turn out to be a wet and cooler day at 60. beyond that, the low 40s overnight and check out forecast 66 thursday looking fine. 67 late showers friday. and 70 to start the weekend and locks like maybe more rain on yet another sunday. kim. >> reporter: justin, if you are traveling on the i-70 corridor
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between route 29 and the beltway, you will find a little bit more involve making your way heading out west. but aside from that traffic is also off to a pretty good start. look live at the beltway, -- looking live at the beltway, no accidents reported. and volume is picking up especially on the outer loop lanes coming from 795 heading towards 70 and the baltimore national pike. no major problems reported. still going to be all green and green means gee go. -- means go. 95 moving very well from white marsh towards 695. a 7-minute ride. 8 minutes on the west side from 795 toward i-706789 we are clear for the most part. we are getting word of a new crash in edgewood. and emmerton at pulaski police are on the scene there. but harrisburg eric pressway, 795 pushing your way towards the capital beltway, 9-- expressway, 795 pushing your
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way towards the capital beltway, all things looed gook. obesity increase as -- looks good. obesity increases your risk of heart disease but it's the waist size predicts a patient's chance of dying from heart disease at an early age. researchers found heart patients with a high ratio -- rateo of -- ratio were 70% more likely to die during the study period than those with smaller waists. it seems the family that eats together is healthy together. those who share family meals 3 or 4 times a week together seem to be healthier. kids whose family ate together were 12% less hookly to be overweight and had -- likely to be overweight and were 35% less likely to develop eating disorders. well, he won the nope image
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awar -- into image a-- naacp image award but why some people are protesting his performances. he. he didn't grow a beard for nearly two years. what prompted this middle school teacher to go back to that clean shaven look. the time for your birthday and allison wheeler turns 28 today. happy birthday to you allison. and you have to see her. there she is smiling getting ready to turn 28. and our picture of the day is summertime, she turns 7 today and loves going for walks in the park and always meeting new people. she is a favorite with her mom's portrait studio where she can find her comforting reluctant kids and doing tricks that can include praying for a cookie and getting in on the photo sessions and she has three siamese cat siblings at home. if you have photographs, pets or like summertime, get those in today us morning show at
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news time 6:24. the most bizarre story of the day by far. before president obama made his announcement about osama bin laden and before the media began issuing their reports, one man was privy to the information that would rivet all of us for days. that guy, duane the rock johnson who tweeted 45 minutes before the president's announcementsaying this, just got news that will shock the world. land of the free home of the brave quoting johnson, dam proud to be an american. after the address by president obama, he then added, finally, america brought it team bring itforever proud again how did the rock know? interesting. well not everyone is happy
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about kid rock being honored by the detroit naacp. protecters picketed because the grammy nominated musician uses the confederate plage in the performances. -- flag in the perform and that's known as symbol of racism and bigotry. kid rock insisted he loves detroit as well as black people. after touring the tornado ravaged tuscaloosa alabama area, charlie sheen wants to help. went there to respond -- in response to an invitation from a twitter from a university of albalanca student -- alabama student. he is work with officials to organize a benefit set to be scheduled for a later date and as you noticed, he is wearing the antive alabama cap. off to break now. and a scout learns a lot about life, leadership and survivor of the real life lessons for six scouts and two leaders and howrescuers in arkansas are hoping to track them down in
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the next few hours. also, a jury had convicted a man of murder but what lawyer may have wished he had boxing gloves after that man decided to attack. we will show you video from oklahoma when "good morning maryland" returns. my husband is downloading his "fantasy league" photos downstairs. we're exposed to web viruses that could annihilate our savings. that will not happen. i switched to kaspersky. kaspersky, the most advanced internet security software.
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now "good morning
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maryland." one year later be friends and family remember yeardley love at her high school alma mater. we got hill. new video of what's inside osama bin lad ann complex. what it looked like and what the navy seal team saw. you heard the playoff beard but in osama bin laden beard. why this man let his beard go for almost a decade. details coming up on this tuesday may 3rd. good morning. i am charley crowson the megan has the day off -- crowson. megan has the day o she will be back on -- day off. she will be back on thursday. let's kick off with the forecast with meteorologist justin berk. >> we hid mid-70s yesterday and the sun broke out. bonus territory. we are watching a slow moving frontal bondry to the west that will -- boundary to the west that will throw more clouds our way. a few bright spots in the sky. we are watching clouds that looks like we are partly cloudy here. 58 degrees in towson and let's see th


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