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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  May 3, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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a 5-year-old -- >> my daddy's dead. >> a 5-year-old is trapped in the closet for days with the body of his dead father. plus, gone but not forgotten, how federal money is giving pape -- annapolis police a boost. >> i'm going to be very careful where i go over the next couple of weeks. >> first responders, military personnel on high alert, two days after america's most wanted man was killed. first tonight, a developing story. for years many annapolis families had been searching for answers as they tried to cope with the death of their loved ones. now the federal government and annapolis police are giving people help by dedicating time and resources to piece together the truth about the disappearances of their loved
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ones. >> reporter: with local budgets stretched thin, it's tough to have the money and resources to do the investigations. annapolis police now have help. annapolis city police have receive and grant of over $220,000 to deal strictly with cold cases. this expanded their capabilities greatly. >> good police work requires resources, funding and time. this grant has enabled us to provide that. >> reporter: they chan submit cases for -- can submit cases for dna analysis. >> we're looking at obviously rapes, sex offenses and robber ris. dna is a large component, a large piece of evidence that's reliable but it does take time oar detective tim hall is able
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to help. it adds to the work load. >> not tasked with the incoming cases. 100% of my focus is on the cold cases that are currently open. >> reporter: in the last 10 years, annapolis has solved 75% of their homicide, well over the national average. with the federal grant money, they hope to improve that more. >> overall crime is down 40% in annapolis in recent years. tonight at 11 we'll talk about a cold case in baltimore county. she was beautiful, young and pregnant with her first child. 25 years later the murder of janice potter remains a mystery. >> why did someone feel the need to destroy her whole life and her family's life. >> we have the story tonight on
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abc2news at 11. new developments after the discovery of a 5-year-old boy in a jessup home with his dead father. najib abdullah fled with his son after the father called a report that he had been assaulted. he broke into a home and hid in the basement closet with the child. the gruesome discovery came four years later. >> wednesday morning my husband and i notice the wednesday was broke. we called the police. they did a search, got to the door -- my husband said that was the door we couldn't get open. they assumed that maybe something had fallen behind the door and that's why it wasn't opening. the reason why it wasn't opening is the man's body was across there. >> police are awaiting the result of an autopsy.
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they're also conducting toxicology tests. a hagerstown teen will spend six months in jail for interfering into the shooting of his brother. he pleaded guilty to hob structing and hin -- obstructing and hindering limits under the plea agreement prosecutors dropped charges of making false statements, illegal possession to a handgun. police say the toddler found the gun and accidentally shot himself in the chess-- chest. the latest in the baltimore police officers accused of kidnapping two 15-year-olds in 2009 detective gregory hellen was cleared. the detectives were accused of picking up the teens in a police
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van and dumping one in east baltimore and the other teen in howard county. students at notre dame prep are keeping yeardley love's memory alie. today her alma mater praise pray -- prayed and wore her t.d shirt and wear -- t shirred and wearing her number, number one. her ex-boyfriend george huguely is charged with her death. now the fallout. emotional, political and international after the death of public enemy number one, osama bin laden. the fbi said his death may provide justification for radicalization of people in the united states. meanwhile, the president's top counter-terrorism adviser john
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brennan decided whether to release photos of bin laden's corpse. we may soon get a peek of the 9/11 memorial set to open in baltimore in time for the 10th anniversary of the attack. wreckage will be incorporated into a memorial that will function as a sun dial using the shadow of baltimore's trade center. it will have the names and birthdates of 63 victims. renderings will be made public in about two weeks. now let's take a look at the roads tonight and see you had that commute is looking. we're looking at 695 and providence road. people got their windows down and enjoying the sun. when will we have to use the wipers? >> i think we're talking about several more hours of fantastic warm may weather.
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enjoy it. a big cooloff on the way and the possibility of scattered showers and storms. you can see where the action is. it's well off to our west right now. places like garrett county, allegany county and washington county getting storm activity. watching new cells, the heaviest towards newburg, pennsylvania, north of harrisburg and more developing south and west. some could track into frederick. we'll keep a sharp eye on that. the main weather system is set to arrive. it will blow out the warm temperatures. we're still 84 degrees. take a look at that forecast, 80s, warm, breezy and the chance for showers, but a much cooler day on tap. we profile the rest of the week coming up. looks like your money is generating big money for the state of m the lottery said the
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state's two casinos cashed in more than $13 1/2 in gross revenue. lottery said hollywood casinos and the one in oceans down generated $80 million for the fiscal year. if you have any questions about the preakness, all you have to do is check your phone. it's right around the corner. horse racing fans can turn to their smartphones for the latest updates. the free app is available for iphones, androids and blackberries. you may need to slow down as you drive through howard county. the council gave the okay to increase speed citations. never ending. the pain at the pump is agonizing. the average price of regular
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unleaded expected to jump to $4 a gallon. according to an analyst with the oil price information service -- aaa said today's average is about $3.97 a gallon. every night we're bringing you money-saving tips. if you want to get the new look for your dish washer, you don't need to get an expensive cleaner. just pick up a 25-cent packet of unsweetened kool-aid. put it in the cycle. the inside will shine like u.n. more easy ways to save, go to and click on the money specs. instead of flowers and vegetation, there's dirt and damage at many of our local parks. who baltimore leaders say is the
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culprit and how they plan to deal with it. check your salad closely. health officials said certain tomatoes could make you sick. a closer look at the vegetable in question. well above average. we have a two-degree weather difference. and we break down the timing on this approaching rain coming up. [ male announcer ] want to achieve more with your money?
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pnc virtual wallet gathers your spending and saving in one place. credit and debit purchases, checks, bills, and other financial information. it lets you see the details as well as the big financial picture. so you can do more with your money. see what a complete view of your money can do for you at ♪ pnc bank. for the achiever in you. a baltimore county council has okayed a measure that would allow limited hunting.
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they would be by trained sharp shooters to control a population of deer that experts say are destroying parks and so overpopulated that they run the risk of starvation. >> reporter: those hunts wouldn't be open to anyone, just trained sharp shooters. now each year agriculture and the county lose money to deer and the parks are losing their beauty. everyone should know that plastic does not grow on trees. that's because of these -- deer. the herds are so big in some parts of baltimore county that they are literally -- >> eating themselves out of house and home to the point there are some herds starving to death. >> reporter: delegate todd huff is the one who brought the bill
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to the table and got it passed. he said a place like oregon ridge isn't green anymore. he doesn't see many flowers. the damage is a part of it. each year hundreds of people hit gather in their car. >> it's a huge cost factor, $1500 to $3,000 when they hit a deer. this, to me, is the most humane way. >> reporter: it would be trained out by trained game managers and would only be held at night when the parks were relatively empty. many people have mixed feelings. they don't like the idea of hunters in the park but the deer are under control. >> undecided about that. i think they, in a way, have a right to life like we do to live and survive on this plot of land, but i've hit a couple in
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the road, and at that point you wish they weren't around. >> reporter: huff said once the measure becomes law in about 30 days, the county will sit down with the department of natural resources to figure out the best way to proreceived the the bill has amendments that would explore sterilization and birth control for the deer. >> thanks a lot. another illegal fish net has been found in the chesapeake bay according to maryland natural resources police. the net was found sunday. police say the net was so weighted down with fish it couldn't be hauled aboard a patrol boat that responded to the scene. the commercial rockfish gill net was shut down february 4th after 10 tons of rockfish were confiscated. the season eventually was allowed to reopen for its final two days. cleaning up the bay.
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that is topping the agenda at a meeting in washington. the chesapeake bay commission will hear from officials with the environmental protection agency and the u.s. department of agriculture on what those agencies can do to help the state meet restoration goals. all right. check it out. a couple of active weather warnings north of the state line into central pennsylvania. we have watches up, washington county towards allegany county. there are coastal concerns along the immediate chesapeake bay higher tide. if you're in the usual suspect along the water, back down through gibson island. be ready for a higher than normal tide. let's show you the radar. the action is well west. you can is that band of storms
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reaching from mercer'sberg, pa towards i-76. we're watching a few more storms break out south and west of hagerstown. for now the immediate baltimore hear looking relatively quiet. we hope it stays that way. overnight a different story. hey, new high temperatures just. 82. we dave you exactly that number. always liked to highlight that. want to show you a look downtown. let's show you out in western maryland where things were chillier. look at the road in front of the sky valley lodge. so rain has been moving in in extreme western maryland, gwynn oaks. a breezy day. very high counts there. if you're sensitive to allergy, high temperatures well into the 80s in low spots except along the bay waters where we see some
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upper 70s. 52. 69 at the beach but 80s through the central part of the state. 86 downtown. impressive high temperatures running above average. neighborhood by neighborhood 10 degrees below average. a tough time getting out of the 50s. canton, 60. our satellite radar is not showing a lot of deep convection. most of this is garden variety rain showers. i think we're set to get a good line of rain later tonight and the slow moving boundary likely to keep rain tomorrow. a whole system, whole ball of wax pushing out to sea by midday. in the meantime get set for rain. on and off could be a rumble of thunder. i think the severe weather threat is minimal.
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into tomorrow the last of that rain pushing out by 2:00, 3:00. that sets the stage for a dry and sunny and nice looking cinco de mayo on thursday. overnight down to 52, thundershowers. a couple could be strong with gusty winds. 58 tomorrow. early showers and cooler, breezier day back down to the 50s. 42 tomorrow night as skies clear off. the skies should stay clear thursday. a chance of an isolated shower on friday afternoon. better chance of rain coming in saturday night into sunday but that's still a ways out and fairly minimal. we'll keep an eye on it. bottom line if your particular lawn needs rain you can get it tonight. >> you can mow it this weekend. or the husband cran do -- can do it. in tonight's health alert, it seems like all is not equal in the doctor's office when this
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comes to cardiovascular disease. a new report found big difference. while the overall number of bypasses increased 10% for both sexes between 2005 and 2009, about a third of women who had a heart attack in 2009 got surgical intervention compared to fewer than half of men. among heart attack patients under treatment, the women were 30% more likely to die than men. the authors say women need to be more prepro-- proactive about preventing heart disease. you may want to look carefully at your salad. a california-based company is recalling grape tomatoes. the vegetables might have salmonella. it affects 29 kinds of packaged salads sold at six different retailers. if you have any questions about the recall, you're asked to call the food and drug administration. here's something you can add
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to that salad for a little flavor. how about some raisins. the dried grapes are in the spotlight because it's national raisin week. raisins are said to be a good source of fiber, potassium, iron, calcium and some b vitamin. here's a drink you can use with that or maybe have it alone. it's called bye-bye bin laden. everything's coming up because of this. the drink went on sale at a omaha, nebraska coffee shop. java and ice started serving it up after the most wanted terrorist was killed in pakistan. new at 11 tonight, here's a look at what we have coming up. you probably have stacked these up in your kitchen drawers. these are those box top things your kids take to school in a fund-raiser effort. in one part of the country those box tops are serious business, so serious that kids are
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stealing them off store shelves. plus, lots of americans rent their computers from rent to own stores but one chain is in hot water. those computers are spying on them. plus, the forecast. let's take a look at that drive home. take a live look. traffic is smooth sailing. we'll be right back after the break.
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all right, one last check of the radar. a couple storms west of hagerstown. as it comes in overnight, it probably will die down and we'll look for more rain. the pos vbility of a shower -- possibility of a shower. >> we'll be back tonight at 11. have a great evening. [ male announcer ] this year, get the most out of your lawn with the fertilizer that gives you the most for your money. scotts turf builder. unlike bargain brands,
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