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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  May 4, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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detective accused in the kidnapping of two teens. only to later abandon them. the second trial and second angle for prosecutors in the case of two baltimore teens accused of attacking a dog. all that is coming up on this wednesday may 4th, good morning, maryland, i am charley crowson. megan is on assignment and will be back with us tomorrow morning. so let's check in on the midweek forecast with meteorologist justin berk. >> good morning. we are waking up with a wet wednesday here. a good looking tuesday. we really lucked out with the sun in the afternoon. we hit our two degree guarantee in the 80s a different story this morning and a lot of us dropped into the 40s. annapolis has cloudy skies and rain nearby and 47 matching the mark in towson. we say good morning to both east and west middle school. i've been to east middle school with wind for change and west is coming up next week many twient say good morning to the stewed and he get them pumped
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up. we are looking at rain right now westminster you've got it. light to -- light to moderate. towson to jones falls expressway. moderate rain in annapolis and it's going to be a wet wednesday. temperatures may try to recover back into the upper 50s budget sharply cooler despite the fact we may break the late day sun. let's say good morning to kim brown. >> reporter: thanks, good morning. the earlier tree blocking the intersection of park heights and grain spring valley road has been cleared. and the fire activity at west baltimore and carlton street are gone. we have a couple haz airs in place. looking live at 695 at wilkins avenue, traffic is picking up again. it's going to be a bit of a slower commute because of the wet roads. you see the road spray kicking up with drivers on the beltway so take it easy. in essex northbound route 70 # at old eastern avenue the left
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lane is taken away because of debris. also, mountain road, down there in pasadena, they are dealing with that downed pole that is blocking the westbound lanes and police are on the scene directing traffic. charley, back to you. >> kim, justin, thanks a lot. it's 6:01. we are learning more about osama bin lad ann final moments as -- osama bin laden's final moments. what happened is different from the original version put out by the white house more than 24 hours ago and emily schmidt has details from washington. >> reporter: when the navy seal stormed the pakistani compound, the cism a says intelligence was only 60 to 80% shower it was the right place. >> the reality was that we could have gone in there and not found bin laden at all. >> reporter: so those in the white house situation room watched. then waited about 20 minutes while the seals were inside and out of view. in the first public comments from the vice president, he says, it was breath taking.
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>> it was a staggering undertaking and there was no one else i believe other than the american group of military warriors who could do it. >> reporter: the white house now says osama bin laden did not have a weapon. but says his wife rushed a u.s. team member. she was shot in the leg and survived. the administration is deciding whether to release photos of bin laden's body. >> it's fair to say it's a gruesome photograph. >> reporter: the debate is whether a release is inflam fore or convincing. >> the photos have to be released most definitely to make sure we get rid of conspiracy theorist that think we didn't take care of the body. >> reporter: the seals took computer drives and dvds from bin laden's hideout that are now back in washington for scrutiny. >> the first thing they are looking for is attack plans because we know in the past bin laden personal went over attack plans including the 9/11 plan. >> reporter: the associated press reports those navy seals who killed bin laden are back
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in washington for debriefing. the success is public and identities remain private. emily schmidt, abc news washington. >> we may get a peek of the 9/11 memorial set to open in baltimore for the 10th anniversary of the attacks. wreckage from the world trade center and . gone will beincorporated into a memorial that will function as sun dial use the shadows of baltimore's trade center building. twisted steel and beams will rest on stones and the names bearying the names and birth dates of the 63 victims who called maryland home will be part of the memorial as well. renders are scheduled and will be made public within the next two weeks. today is all about strategy for lawyers on the prosecution and defense after a judge declared a mistrial in february for the twin brothers accused of set being a dog on fire. sherrie johnson is live with what we can expect when the trial gets underway later this morning. sherrie. >> reporter: this is a case that has gained national attention as well as local
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attention. two brothers on trial for accused of assetting a pit bull on fire. for the second time that trial is set to begin this morning. it's set to kick off in downtown baltimore here at 9:30 this morning. the two brothers are accused of setting a dog that was called phoenix on fire two years ago. they were 17 at the time of the incident. police say the twins set the dog on fire and an officers used hersweater to put out the flames but injuries were too severe. the dog was euthanized at an animal shelter and the first trial against the brothers ended in mistrial. today prosecutors are going for rounds 2 on charges of animal cruelty and the mutilation and burning of phoenix the pit bull. once again, that trial is expected to start at about 9:30 this morning. reporting live in downtown baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> thanks. the latest on the case against the police officers accused kidnapping two 15-year- olds back in 2009.
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the detective greg heel hellen has been cleared of all charges. the decision was made yesterday afternoon. on monday a jury found two others guilty of misconduct but they were cleared of kidnapping. they were accused of picking up the teens in police van in west baltimore in separate incidents and dumping one in east baltimore while dumping the other in howard county. . >> the death of 26-year-old najib abdul' lit a fire in the jessup committee. his body was found next to his 5-year-old son. his friends gathered to pray for him. a week ago say an assault on his father caused him to run a few blocks away. he broke a window to get into a friend's home and police searched but turned up nothing. four days later troy wise found the body and his 5-year-old son waiting anxiously waiting for help. >> he said that pop pop and my dad got into a fight and my dad was bleeding from
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the head. my dad went to sleep and he never woke up. he said one more day with him without water and food, that you know, he probably wouldn't have survived. >> police say there were nosigns of trauma to the body but they say that they found drugs near his body so investigators are now waiting on test results. friends and family of mark the somber anniversary a year ago yesterday yeardley love was killed in charotsville virginia where she was a star lacrosse player for the university there. her high school alma mater honored her memberry. students at notre dame prep was invited to wear the one love t- shirts to school. yesterday it was the final game of the year to the lacrosse team and each player wore the number one, yeardley's number. >> she is one of our girls. we are always going to have a warm thought for yeardley. we are close to the family and her sister is an alum. yeardley already part of notre dame and we will always be part
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of yeardley. >> the school awarded the first yeardley scholarship and they asked everyone to pay a africa kindness forward but her ex- boyfriend is charged with her death. his trial is set to begin early next year. well you know coming, it's time for sports. the kansas city royals need extra innings but they did take down the o's in kc. the royals had a 3-0 lead but baltimore climbs in after the 4th inning home run but francoeur gets a sack fly and allows a run to score from third. that was the end of the game. game 2 is set for tonight in kansas city. the rising waters in parts of missouri continue to threaten the lives of many around the state. coming up, rescue crews try to save one life of a driver trapped in the deadly waters. take a look at the video. we will tell you if that
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attempt paid off. you love that salty taste in your food? new information on the effects salt could be having on your health. and are you trying to lose some weight? the latest method some are saying is helping them drop the unwanted pounds. that's all straight ahead. first, let's go to new york for a look at the latest business news. >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money, president obama tv ratings spike the sunday night speech of the killing was wapped more than 56 million viewers on at least 9 networks. it was the biggest tv audience since election night 2008. as gas prices go higher, car buying goes smaller. auto sales were up 18% last month but small cars sales were up 33%. and the new chevy cruise was the best selling small car behind the honda civic. gas price hit at the renta car count he if you yont refill the tank you could pay $9 or
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more per gallon. according to usa today. and the next time you visit new york city, this could be your ride. the big apple has chosen the nissan envy 200 minivan for the taxies 13,000 of them. they have and aramic sun roofs and that's america's money. i am peggy bunker.
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now "good morning maryland." nearly a week after the deadly tornado whipped through parts of the south, we are getting some more images of the damage that tornado left behind in bledo county tennessee. twisters destroyed dozens of homes and ed byings and killed four people -- and buildings and killed four people in that area. they have yet to receive help from the government. piles of wood and rubble sit
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where homes once stood. people who lost everything are living in tents or in churches where they say they need the help. >> everybody has been helping and doing whatever needs to be done. they have come together and worked hard day and night. >> bledsoe county has not been declared a disavesser area -- disaster area. a rescue on camera. two missouri national guardsmen save a 93-year-old woman. she was trapped in that car surrounded by rushing water. the woman got stuck in the black river flood waters while trying to drive across a water covered highway. the team used a safety line to rescue her. once she was on dry land emts evaluated her and said she was just fine. rise waters are threatening communities throughout the mississippi and ohio river valleys. this is video from olive branch illinois where waters overflow the banks of the ohio river.
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the floods is a result of the u.s. army corps of engineers' attempt to relieve preciousure by -- pressure by blasting a hole in the area. they took the corps to court questioning the authority to intentionaly -- intentionally breach the area but they said it would take years along with millions of dollars to fix the damage done. the u.s. supreme court declined to intervene and in that happened on sunday. well cameras captured a water spout popping up in hawaii. it was spotted monday night at a storm moved -- das a storm moved through. two spouts formed off the coast combining into one larger spout. no damage was reported but that is an interesting video and interesting i am the equivalent of a tornado along the ocean? >> now maryland most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate.
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6:14. yes and no. water spouts are weaker than standard tornadoes. but essentially the same function. they are pulling in air from the directions and circulating up to the clouds. that same thunderstorm produced intense lightning and knocked out the power to 60,000 people in the honolulu area. impressive stuff out there. how about this, we had 82 yesterday. now 48 in baltimore. still 54. but the front has come through because you are 10 degrees warmer. ocean city sitting as 65 and this is heading your way. 44 hagerstown and 36 in oakland. 36 and precip around. look at this. we captured snow in the highmountains near snowshoe west virginia and they expecting it in parts of northern pa. the front itself is swinging through and moderate to heavy rain pushing east of cambridge on into denton and looks like care line county and -- caroline county and salisbury which could have heavy thunderstorms this morning as we have moderate rainaround the
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region. we have to deal with this. wide view extend the front to the south. you see this circulation, that is the upper-level low. as this pifots behind the frontal poundry that may help -- boundary that may enhance the cover. we can't clear things out behind the front we will try briefly. today looks like a slow movement of the front. we will take the moderate rein along the frontal boundary east of the area. we could deal with it at lunchtime. but the afternoon we taper off to showers. we try to get brief clearing tonight again i think our future radar is missing the picture. we will probably develop more clouds and can't help but hold up cloud on friday from the next system. overall, much cooler pattern the next few days. 57 morning rain going to afternoon showers a wet commute a slow time. take your patience. 42 and chilly. tomorrow, we will make it back to 65 degrees. and morning sun increasing clouds and the weekend is okay. okay. looks like we are shaping for 69 on friday and 7 saturday
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late thundershower and mother's day mostly dry, a stray shower and 74. kim. >> reporter: justin, people have packed patience this morning. drivers are taking the conditions very well. we don't have accidents still which is fantastic. a couple incidents ling nearing terms of road hazards but no problems on the roadways except they are wet and road spray and you have to keep braking distance in front of the drivers in front and behind you. but aside from that we are looking good at 195 both directions moving very well. no problems reported around the baltimore beltway or the capital beltway. this morning. looking at drive times south on the harrisburg he can pest -- expressway, 6 minutes. and making are way around the west side of the outer loop, 8 minutes between 795 heading towards i-70. as we look at the maps, we aredealing with the same incidents with debris blocking some areas around the baltimore metro. northbound 702 at old eastern avenue in essex we have debris
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taking away the left lane. westbound lanes at route 177 mountain road at long point road remains closed from an earlier downed pole and police are on the scene directing traffic. now back to you. >> thanks a lot. health news for you this morning. a study that goes against every thing you have been told imagine that, this study shows that low salt intake increases your risk of dying of a heart attack and strokes. studth study fouled healthy european men or and women 60 years or older and found the above average sodium intake didn't develop to up the dying of a stroke. participants had blood pressure in the normal range at the beginning of the study and they were relatively young and slimmer on average than the typical american. asthma cases are on the rise. researchers at the centers for disease control says the number of people diagnosed with that condition grew by 4.3 million between 2001 and 2009.
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the report released this week shows nearly 1 in 12 americans why dies nosed by 2009 -- diagnosed by 2009. the cost is up as well from 52 to 56 billion. doctors are not certain what's causing the spike in asthma cases across the u.s. well a new way people are losing weight has some doctors concerned. it's a patch known as the diet tongue patch. sown into the tongue. and left there for a month to six weeks. the placement of the patch makes it uncomfortable to eat solid food. >> it feels like if you want to chew, you -- it will get stuck. so you won't be able to eat it. >> i don't care how you lose the weight as long as you lose it so i would do it again. >> patients follow a liquid diet and the doctors say that it provides adequate nutrition but restricts calories to 800 a day. doctors say you will lose the weight but the concern is it
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might be too extreme and the weight could come back once the patch is removed. the doctors who invented it admits that this is an extreme measure and they go onto say it helps people change their behavior remining them to eat healthier once that patch is removed. katie couric decided to step down from the anchor chair at cbs. up next, we find out who will fill the seat and the expectation could be place on that person's shoulders. plus, the search is over for the scout troop that went missing during the weekend. where they are this morning. the time for your birthdays. and a very special happy birthday to donald p brown junior in waverly in baltimore city who is 29 years owed -- did old today. -- old today. he's student there at towson university. our photo m of the day -- of the day is this one. a volunteer got covered with bees at a honey farm at a
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chinese zoo. the owner of the farm hopes the stunt will help people understand more about befarming -- bee farming. okay. you've got -- if you have an interesting photograph, you can send send whatever you want. morning show at including all pertinent facts especially when you have a photo like the bees. why? we will be right back. this is the aircraft logbook.
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you should know. you're the camera man. [ ding ]
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entertainment news. we know who is going to take over katie curic achair. 60 minutes newsman scott paley. he has been named the replacement on the evening news. and katie couric revealed last month she deciding to leave the newscast. cbs says he will take over the anchor chair on june 6th. he will still continue reporting for 60 minutes in further downtown it was not about the stars or screen but those of the stage. the 6 ath -- of 5 -- 65th
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annual tony awards are out and it's about the book of mormon. critical and box office darling brought to you by the creators of southpark. out of contention this year tournament spiderman turn off the dork way was supposed to be the sea seen big hit but it imploded after a chain of serious mishaps and accidents during production. all right. so the playboy playmate and reality show star is done on the dance floor. kendra wilkinson eliminated. dancing with the stars kirstie alley and chelsea were in trouble. now it's to the instant dance on monday. we don't know. that's where the dancers they find out what it is they are going to be dancing toand the song 30 minutes before they have to go on.
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>> i am calling on you, honey. the first lady got a chance to bust a move after a group from washington, d.c. middle schoolers urged her to join in the dance routine choreographed by beyonce for mrs. obama's let's move. she claimed to learn the routine and apparently caught on quickly and showed no problem mimicking the moves. what is it called? >> reporter: dougie. >> the dougie and you have the running man. and the cha cha and romba very cool. one teen is in trouble after police say that he committed a bizarre crime. you will have to hear about this to believe. what the kid are accused of doing to a man who was laying beside the road dying. unbelievable. plus, police shot and killed a man after a traffic stop. why officers are not going to be charged.
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gl. >> reporter: prosecutors are trying for a second time for a conviction in a case against two brothers accused of setting a pit bull on fire. coming up, more on that trial. [ male announcer ] this year, get the most out of your lawn with the fertilizer that gives you the most for your money. scotts turf builder. unlike bargain brands, which have up to 40% sand, sawdust, even gravel, turf builder has no filler. it's 100% food, for a deep feeding you can see, feel, and enjoy. for a lawn that can't be beat, get a fertilizer that can't be copied. scotts turf builder. now is the time to feed and kill dandelions. use scotts turf builder plus 2.
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now "good morning maryland." the latest on the death of osama bin


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