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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  July 5, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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magothy river. here's his report tonight. >> reporter: crews spent the day watching for 2-year-old james kane. he made a sharp turn throwing both hem and his friend off the boat. maryland natural resource police searched until dark monday and started again early tuesday morning. >> we're searching the water by vessel and by air. we also have sonar. >> he was taken aback by it. >> reporter: ed conway's son knows james kane. he beyond stands the danger. >> you never know what can happen. if you're going fast and let that water, it's like hitting concrete. >> reporter: they were on the water yesterday. >> got pulled over by dnr when we were crabbing yesterday. they went over to some fiasco on
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the other side of the creek. that must have been what happened. >> reporter: the natural resource police will continue to search through dark. if need be, they will continue through tomorrow morning. on the magothy river, report. >> already it as at 13 boating deaths this year, the same amount for all of last year. authorities tell us that there was a 6-year-old who drowned yesterday. there was an effort to find him. they gave him cpr. he was pronounced dead. two of the biggest reasons for drownings are lack of supervision or children who were not wearing a life jacket. it can cause brain damage that may result in long term disabilities including memory problems, permanent loss of
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basic functioning. abc2 news is working for you. we have a list of boating safety tips waiting for you at click on the spotlight section. all right. let's roll down the top stories right now if you're just walking in the door. not guilty of murder. that's the verdict for casey anthony. she was on trial for the murder of her daughter caylee. anthony was convicted of four counts of lying to investigators. she will be sentenced on thursday and faces up to a cheer in jail on each of the counts. more coming up at 6:00 and at 6:30 with world news. police are trying to find a plan who stabbed an alabama man to death after the fireworks display downtown. joe calo was stabbed in the neck with a broken bottle. police are investigating the shooting of a 4-year-old boy. it happened on pratt street.
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the boy was walking with his dad when he was shot in the leg. police impersonators have struck again in baltimore city. police say three men forced their way into a home, tied up the people inside, ransacked the house. there were two other similar incidents. a home was targeted on medford, another on federal hill. >> it's been hazy, hot and humid. we got a code orange for asthma suffers. afternoon exercise meet be ill add advised. other than that a couple of stray showers north of ocean city, north of the state line and delaware but we're qie net baltimore. 80s, warm, hazy. when might we see the best chance for rain and more
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widespread thunderstorms? we'll talk about that coming up. all right. tonight abc2 works for you. how many times have you said, gee, i'd love to do this but i have to clean the house or cut the grass. people are reaching out to others in hopes of getting more team with the family. tonight three jobs around the family that might be worth hiring a pro to do. more and more people are searching for more time, more time with the kids, less time on the chores, so they're turning to the pros to make life more enjoyable. >> some of the most common are house cleaning, keeping up their pets and also lawn mowing. >> reporter: so how do you know if a pro fits your life and budget? >> you need to balance how much time it takes you to spend. if you're spending your entire saturday doing these types of projects it could be worth investing in someone to help out
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so you can have more time. >> reporter: take a look at your budget. make sure it's pay fordable. to have one clean your home, the average cost is $80 every week. kim pierson as someone cleaning her house. >> when i was cleaning, it was on the weekend. having someone clean for me trees up my time for the family. my favorite thing, the bathrooms. >> reporter: mowing the lawn, $35 a week. the average time you spend each week is three hours. imagine getting that time back. hiring someone to clean up after your pets. it's a stinky job that you can pay someone $20 to do. >> the last thing you want to do is take a chore you don't like doing and causing yourself instead of dog that chore have financial stress. >> reporter: if you're like most, you can't afford it all. pick the job you hate the least
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the dow ended dow. the s&p down just a hair. remember two years ago economists told us the great recession is over. we're still waiting on that major recovery. when previous recessions ended people in all income groups ben
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fitted. americans are struggling and pay raises that haven't kept pace with grocery and gases. unemployment has never been this high and jobs being created, pay less than the ones that vanished during the recession. so all hands were on deck in the senate because lawmakers are back to the negotiating table trying to figure out on whether or not to raise our debt ceiling. there are 27 days until the country would go into default if no action is taken. the white house wants congress to reach a deal by july 22nd. >> the time is here for my republican colleagues to put politics aside. simply put, we're out of town. >> last week the president blasted congress for dragging their feet and demanded that they work quickly to get a done. the senate took nearly four days off and negotiators are no closer tonight. the final shuttle mission is just days away, or is it? systems are all go except for
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the weather. and 10 days before the release of the latest harry potter movie and daniel radcliffe talking about what he used to cope.
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the final countdown to the space shuttle launch could be delayed. nasa is reporting a 60% chance of rain. that's when the final liftoff is scheduled. 1million spectators are expected to be at the cape. all right. in the lifetime of the space shuttle program, taxpayers have spent $196 billion keeping the program alie. seems like a lot to taxpayers, but that's what the federal government is spending every
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three weeks to keep the program alive. remember, $196billion. five space shuttles for 134 flights, the 135th on friday. it equals out to $1.5 billion. compare it to other spending programs in 2010 medicare spent $1.5 billion in 12 months. hey, have you ever been inside the west wing? we're not talking about the old show. the real west wing. it looks glamourous, dog live shots -- doing live shots. we see how it went to the press pool. >> reporter: there's no job in journalism than covering the white house. >> welcome to the place where
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they keep me. >> reporter: this is a view you see on tv, the correspondent, the presidential appearances, the daily briefing. now we'll take you behind the camera. >> we'll take president grand tour which will take how long? >> if you hurry, you could be back within the next 45 seconds or so. >> reporter: the president as his personal chef. the journalists have this. if you're looking for fine dining, this is the snack room, room for about eight people and, of course, all the clips you can eat. outside one of the world's best flown landscapes. this is probably the view you're used to. the fountain with the red, white and blue tulips. on this side the stately portico. earth moving equipment, a giant construction zone and over further to the right the eisenhower executive building
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with floor after floor of scaffolding. inside the white house press wing may be the last bastion of seg gray gre gages -- segregation of sorts. ann compton's booth is so claustrophobic that it would present a wardrobe challenge for superman. if it seems cramped it is. >> as you can see, there's not a lot of roo. i can't really stretch my arms out to either side. the entire press operation feets in a space that used to be dwight eisenhower's pool. >> ever been down there jamie? can you still smell the clear
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reason from the -- chlorine from the pool? >> no, smell something else. >> a little musty from too many bodies. 91. humidity 42%. it's muggy. more oppressive further south into lower parts of the state. laurel, you got hot humid weather, a mix of clouds and sunshine and what looks like slightly unstable air as the clouds billow up a little bit. we see no showers on the radar. towson just a generally blue sky with a few puffy cumulus clouds. annapolis seering sunshine but good day for sailors to be out and about. maryland's most popular radar showing very little. what little we have down here on the lower eastern shore but most of us said all clear. you can see across baltimore,
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hagerstown, washington, there's a few stray showers. that's probably a sea breeze. that ocean breeze hitting that hot humid air. 91 in baltimore, easton, dulles. that's hot around the baltimore national area and the humidity high, but highest as you go further south. 73, something like you see out of new orleans. heat indexes, plus the humidity. mid-80s, low 80s but feeling like mid-90s. very little activity, just a little bit of sea breeze shower activity on the coast of delaware. more widely scattered showers. this is a class sec summer pattern. it is drier in the upper midwest, area of high pressure over ohio, indiana. this is di viegd the hottest and
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most humid air from the moderately hot humid air. that is the line the storm will focus on. this line will shift back and forth. our computer model, futurecaster trying to pin pont where that will be because storm also flare up. tomorrow it pushes it into maryland. baltimore with the likelihood of a few storms to flare up. then, again, these are heat driven. as we go into thursday, the bund dry shifts. you can really make it out here coming up from richmond, virginia, to central, new jersey. we could see more pop-up showers into thursday evening is the bottom line. so 69 tonight, partly cloudy. it will get muggier as the humidity creeps northward. then tomorrow about 90 or so. humidity stays high. there will be the chance for some afternoon thundershowers
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that could linger into the evening. tomorrow down to 70 as there's a scattered evening storm. here's how the outlook shapes up, hot and humid, very july like. we may get a slight cooldown. mean slight provide day into saturday into the upper 80s. right now the weekend looks relatively dry. we'll take that sunblock in order, bug spray, all those things we like to use in maryland and july. >> a little cooldown coming. that's it. we'll feel it. let's take a lack at news around the nation. we'll start off in milwaukee. a man got stuck in an elevator in an apartment building but what he did to try to get to safety. the man got stuck between the 12th and 13th floors. he managed to get it open and attempted to jump but he fell. crews are inspecting the elevator to sew what went -- see
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what went wrong. people were treated on the scene but nine people were take ton area hospitals. looks like the gas tanker rear ended the bus but police are continuing to investigate. mayor sue morgan was struck by lightning. show's one of five people hurt near gettysburg. show said the lighting in burned a hole in her sweater. everyone who was struck is expected to be okay. all right. are you red de for this? we got woman in mexico busted trying to smuggle her husband out of jail in a suitcase. you won't believe it. there she is, the blushing bride. maria del mar went for a little conjugal visit with her husband. when she left guards noticed she
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had a really stuffed suitcase. they found her husband and he was returned to his cell. she's now facing multiple charges. we have got a lot of people working for you, stories you'll see all new at 6:00. jeff hager spent his team in carroll county where a man abducted a child. a man wanted for the murder of a popular university professor is playing hard to get from limits all new tonight at 6:00. here's a preview of what's ahead on world introduce at 6:30.
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discover customersl are getting five percent cashback bonus at the pump... and at many of the places their summer plans take them. it pays to switch, it pays to discover. the final harry potter movie is set to come out in 10 days. daniel radcliffe who plays harry potter says he turned to alcohol to help deal with fame. he hasn't had a drink since. harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 opens july 15th. she's coming to d.c. in aug gust taylor swift had to postpone her concert in louisville, kentucky, doctor's orders. she is very sorry. she is resting right now under
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doctor's orders and plans on continuing her tour. keeping your kids safe, helpful tips on abc2 news at 6:00 which starts right now. it happened again, three men prevend-- pretending to be officers storm nod a -- stormed into a home. what you need to do. >> tried to cover her mouth up. >> a carroll county man abducted a boy after attacking the mother. we begin, 6:00 in the morning home owners were sound asleep in their garrison avenue home when three men barged in claiming to be police officers. >> reporter: the robberies are
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random but the suspects have a familiar mo. bust in, say they're police and rob the plaissments the latest happened just before sunrise in the 2800 block of west garrison avenue. police said three men busted down a door while the people inside were still asleep. they screamed they were the police. >> they went to the home, identified themselves as baltimore police officers, bound and tide up their victims, took undisclosed amounts of crash, looks like a wii system. this occurred about 5:30 a.m. >> reporter: police say this was a robbery and nothing more. the fact that the suspects are identifying themselves as police officers is more distressing. on june 27th on medford avenue three men identifying themselves as police officers bust into a home, tied up the people and robbedhe


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