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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  July 29, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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a. it is not as humidity now as it was today. we're dry now, you can see to the north of us, you can see showers and thunderstorms dropping in across the area. as you look into harrisburg, they're hammered. some of the thunderstorms are on the severe side. see, we have a heat advisory in effect through 9:00 this evening. that's for the entire viewing area. that's in the origin. term -- -- orange. the temperatures are feeling close to 115 degrees out there. 98 in hagerstown and winchester around 99 degrees. the temperatures will remain in the 90s and we'll have a code orange in effect. i don't know when we moved to arizona, but it's feeling like it.
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we're working for you. click on the featured stories section for the hot weather guide. you'll get tips on staying cool. how about a car that gets $50 a gallon. the president agreed to make that happen. we have details now. well, raising the fuel standards hasn't always been easy to get done. auto makers may have felt they owed the u.s. government this one. >> reporter: president obama and executives are raising fuel standards dramatically. >> this rep septembers the single most important step we've taken. >> reporter: by 2025, car
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makers will produce cars that reach 54.5 miles a gallon. it's the kind of change that auto dealers resisted for years. after the government bailed out gm and chrysler, the industry had a hard time saying no. >> it's a welcome surprise seeing people happy with this on all three levels. the environmental groups are happy as well. >> this is a lesson for leaders dealing problems in washington. >> we'll achieve something lasting for the economy. >> reporter: everyone is on the same road. i still want my flying car. this has critics. after being bailed out by
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taxpayers, the governments are dealing with tougher standards. we're working for you with a new segment, click to fix. this is an update we brought you last week. we told you about a house in northwest baltimore. the home is falling apart and it's an eyesore for neighbors. kathy edwards said that progress is made, slowly but surely. the home's yard is cleaned up and the grass was mowed. the city is taking steps to auction the property and have it raised. if you have an idea you want us to check out, go to
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heather gear was hit by a toyota high -- a girl, heather greer was hit by a car and died at the hospital. a man died at a construction site at the anne arundel mall. he was trapped under the wall and died on the scene. this is the second accident at the site this month. it's great to see her out and about. teresa rigby was thrown off of the jfx. she came out to thank kids praying for her. she went to the church to thank the kids who sent her well wishes after her accident. she has a long road of recovery ahead of her still, she said. a mom is under arrest for
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i . this woman was driving with a suspended license with her children in the back of a truck. they were taken to protective services. a hot air balloon has drivers hitting the brakes. the wind forced an unplanned landing for this one leaving the six passengers and the pilot flying low. >> we're waving and they're tooting and waving.
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>> we didn't feel fear at all. >> reporter: the balloon touched down on an access road. no one was hurt. a whale made itself home to a california river. crowds are flocking to check out the whale. biologists tried to lure the whale back to the ocean. he doesn't want to go. scientists expect it will leave when the food supply runs dry. three tiger guys are making their public debut at this public zoo. the three males are the second litter born in the u.s.. the zoo expected to keep them a few more years. see what happens when we send charlie out to teach. plus, forget pockets full of
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change and runing to feed the meter. now, parking in d.c. is a phone call away.
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this is an extension of 2nd grade. >> anthony? dairy an? >> is this you? >> a huh. >> we'll start with words and we'll break up into groups. math, we have a lesson plan. we follow a curriculum and then, we'll end the day with the csi. >> this is hard, i'll tell you, it's not the i, it's the -- >> e. >> e, yes. >> you setuale desks. >> -- you sit at desks. you're crammed. >> that's the first one.
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>> what does the i make? >> i. >> he's good at reading. >> let's start with our magnetic journals. bxs >> a, b,c. >> you go! >> awesome job. >> we're thinking that she's working on the different selection of work. we're working with the sounds. >> next word we're going to do is pink. >> pink, you've all spelled it, right? >> yes. >> what -- what is the welded sound? >> we've gone through this, how am i doing? >> the hardest thing is keeping their attention. when you're doing the talking with them, it's hard to deep their attention.
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>> i'm getting the feeling i won't be hired. >> i would hire you. >> there you have it. i got the job as a 2nd grade summer school teacher. she had a few things i needed to work on. that's all well and good. if you have a job you want me to try out, feel free and drop me an e-mail at i'll come do your job for you and you can tell me how good or bad at it i am. >> in addition to e-mails charlie with the job ideas, you can like him on facebook. now, remember when mom told you not to play with your food, maybe mom could make an acception now. teams of students put their engineering and design skills to the test. each team had to build a bridge
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using half a pound of spaghetti and glue. they've been seeing who does what and they're excited about this competition. >> reporter: the winning bridge only weighed half a pound and was able to hold 83 pounds. all right, everyone. we have hazy sunshine out there today. it was hazy, hot and humid. the temperatures are still hot. 101. that's the humidity at 31% and the winds out of the west at 12 miles per hour. the barometer is at 29.83 and it's falling. we're not showing a bunch where we are. we're seeing showers and thunderstorms to the north. we're seeing a watch in the area and we have warnings. some of the storms are weakening a bit. let's hope that's the trend as they drop down into the area.
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right now at the inner harbor, we're at 104 and 103. culpeper around 100 degrees. we're at 91 degrees in came bridge and 98 in hagerstown. you can see what's going on with the dew points. 72 in annapolis and also in cambridge. once you're in the 70s, definitely feeling oppressive. this is going to stick around also. we'll get a relief tomorrow, not so much. this is what it feels like now. 111 at the inner harbor and 105 in annapolis and 107 in york. you get the pictures. the mid-triple digits in a lot of spots. as we see what's going on. we have showers and thunderstorms to the north and showers and thunderstorms to the south as well. further south, we're talking about tropical storm don. we're dealing with the cold front. you like to hear the word now.
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this is what i'm talking about! it will slide through and drop the temperatures back into the mid-90s. we'll be on the hotter side. you'll feel the humidity into tomorrow. we look and see on the futurer caster, we'll have a chance of thunderstorms tomorrow. this is accurate into the rest of the evening. we'll have a chance of thunderstorms to pop up and fire up into the afternoon time frame all in all, we'll see more dry conditions than anything else. we're looking at the hurricane tracker and the wind is sustained at 50 miles per hour. it's moving at the west northwest at 14 miles per hour. it set its sites between corpus christi and landfall. there it will help out the drought a little bit. if you had plans to go there,
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you may want to cancel it until don is gone. 79 degrees tonight and storms are possible still very teammy outside -- very steamy. by tomorrow night, the temperatures will be around 72 degrees. partly cloudy and we won't be as hot or as warm as we will be this evening. you can see the temperatures in the 90s. we'll be around 87 degrees now. humidity and heat will be sticking around. eventually, it's coming. on twitter, someone posted, when did i move to arizona. >> well, it's hot. >> we'll get relief soon. the publishing industry is trying to find out how to deal with the e readers. some of the changes could be good news for some.
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>> reporter: it's new for book publishers. a lot of time, the book was released first. with the bankruptcy of borders, things are shifting. recent statistics show that paper back sells are down 18%. hard cover sales dropped 23%. that's because of the rise of e book sales. because of this, the new york times reports that publishers are pushing up release dates of paper back editions. the recent example is this debut author's novel. she wanted to capitalize on the summer vacationers and released the paper back five months later. the paper back release of this book came out two months after
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the hard back. why the rush? hard covers spend less times on the shelves e books and paper backs are cheaper than hard covers. publishers think they need to move quickly. tonight, grab your wig and your best costume and wings. this is the annual weekend long convention. it centers around japanese animation. attendees will be able to buy items like shirts and key chains and buttons. it runs through sunday at the convention center downtown. expect to see interesting people. >> and the sad thing is i know a lot of the characters. coming up, we'll have the latest on the collapse at the
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construction site wall at anne arundel mall. you know what? are you taking care of your driveway? simple steps to make sure it adds to your family's curve appeal. now, a preview of world news at 6:30. coming up on world news, what if you could take your most wonderful memories and bring them back into the picture of your life today? be sure to watch tonight. you know when something's bad -- but you do it anyway?
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apple sold the lowest number of ipods this past quarter. they still brought in a billion dollars in sells. forget running out to feed the parking meter. now, you can make a phone call. there's a pay by phone program. with a credit card, register online and over the phone with your tag number. the system recognizes your phone when it accesses it. it signs on the meter and shows you what zone you're in. punch it into the phone with your set. >> people will register in droves to do this. >> parking enforcers can't just look at the meters, they have to check the hand helds to see if your car is okay. more than 40,000 have already registered in the program.
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>> one county is adding composting for recycling. we'll have details at 6:00. [no audio] what we found months after requesting information and what was left out. the next time you look at spaghetti, you may wonder how much the noodles can hold. first, the heat is back on in the area as we once again broke a record. the heat index had people looking to get cool. this is just day one of the new heav


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