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tv   News  ABC  August 26, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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to emergency personnel. and there will be municipal bus service providing pickup service for those on coastal highway for evacuation shelters. there are a number of evacuation routes from 62nd street area south. most of the people will be on coastal highway over the 50 bridge. and the delaware line south those people will be on coat coastsal -- coastal highway going over the route 90 bridgep as of now police are getting everyone out of ocean site. charley. well as justin mentioned, irene -- mentioned, hurricane ereason is a category 2 and packing a mighty punch. it's pressing down on north carolina especially kitty hawk and kill devil hills. rafael romo has been there and you've had daylight breaking along the eastern seaboard. what are you seeing as the storm moves ever closer? >> reporter: we cede see a lot -- see a lot clouds and the we understand it's 400 miles south
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of cape hatteras. but this is the biggest hurricane threat to the united states in the last 6 years and so as you can imagine, officials here in north carolina and other states along the atlantic seaboard are getting ready for it and making preparations and telling people to get out of the path of the hurricane. here in north carolina, 39 counties have been declared in state of emergencies. these are counties that are located east of interstate 95. also, as you know, many tourists areas in the states place like ocracoke island, those areas have been evacuated. mandatory evacuations for residents are also underway. officials opening shelters in places like many col eption and community centers in coastal areas. so people are getting ready and people for the most part, listening to the warnings. but i saw a few moments ago, a
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couple of tourists walking by and taking pictures and enjoying the scenery for one more morning, charley. >> one of the things we noticed over the past 48 hours has been ferry traffic. some islands were only access be by ferry. did they bring in extra ferries to get people off the island quicker and were people cooperative in getting to safety? >> reporter: that's right. specifically, this area here in the outer bank, ocracoke island, you can only get there by ferry, and it is very difficult to move so many people all at once. but, we have heard some people there have decided to ride out the storm which is a really bad idea. officials asking, urging people to get out of the way. but apparently some people who have survived previous storms previous hurricanes say that this is just going to be one more hurricane on their list.
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and i just -- and they are ready to ride it out. >> all right unbelievable. i guess some people are adrenaline junkies. be safe as the storm gets closer. airlines have begun canceling flights to keep planes out of hurricane irene's path. that storm is likely going to force hundreds of cancellations throughout the weekend. and it could have ripple effects throughout the u.s. many irers -- carriers are letting people rebook flights for free. making news from around the nation a. fight broke out outside a liquor store in florida all caught on tape. police say two onlookers are wounded and a paramedic vehicle was hit after two suspects began to shoot into a crowd. the footage was released to track down the gunmen. and there's three begunmen rubing -- robbing a jewelry store. they are holding several people at gunpoint a customer was dragged across the ground and an employee was forced to open
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all the safes. authorities say after clearing out the nearly every case, the robbers walked out with a million dollars in cash and jewelry. dramatic rescue caught on tape in new york. 5 state employees working on a man-made road under a bridge when waters rose to more than 4 feet in a matter of minutes. panic set in and the workers became stranded in the middle of the creek watching the water creep closer. in time, emergency crews arrived on the scene. >> i think they probably had minute before they would would have had to gotten out or they would have been washed away. >> it took five minutes to be airlift out by helicopter safely to dry land. hurricane irene has been a big worry for many of us and losing power during weekend is a concern. bge crews are on the way and ready to help out and help where help is needed. bge spokesperson live in studio in a few moments and will ease the concerns. live pictures this morning back
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in north carolina. the outer banks and the waves picking up just the beginning. justin has a look at your forecast as the storm inches closer. it's 6:34. on this friday, august 26th, back in a bit.
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j. many of us do everything we can to keep our familiar lanesourselves safe but sometimes there are things you can't be ready for. power loss is where bge comes in this morning. linda foy joins us with the latest on what the company is doing to look out for you and as we prepare our homes, bge is prepared. >> i would say customers can be ready for a power outage because there are things you can do in advance of a storm. we have seen the storm coming for several days. so a lot of things customers can do. what bge is doing is we have
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requested 850 external resources to come in and assist. a lot of them, in fact probably the majority of them are here. the rest are coming in over the next day or so. we will be positioned to begin restoring service when safe to do so. >> it's harder to estimate how many power outages you will have. in a good storm, a really good storm that blows through, it's in the thousands isn't it? >> depends on what you mean by good. in a good storm if you are talking about larger numbers of outages, we are looking for this storm probably in the area of 100,000 or so which does not compare to what we saw during isabel where we had 6 to 700,000 customers out. but still, it will take multiple days to get the customers back if we see that damage. >> like we said earlier, you have help coming in from neighboring states. this is where as a cooperative you get help from those who can lend the hand. >> absolutely. we bring those folks in inadvance so they are not trying to get here when the weather is bad. they are here and they are in position. once it's safe for us to go out
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and restore service, we will do that. but we want customers to recognize there could be extended outages because we are expecting a large amount of tree debris and whenever you have that, you have to get that debris out of the way before you can start to repair the lines. >> your crews have always have to be safe so they can do their jobs. now you brought in an abrief ateed safety -- abbreviateed safety and preparedness kit i want to start here because you need. >> this? >> yes. hello. you have a lineed inline cord phone a lot of homes don't have this. >> people are slowly but surely moving away from these. but what you need to think about is your cell phone may work. at some point it will probably lose its battery life. if you don't have power at home you may not be able to charge it and maybe you can sit in the car and charge it but the other issue in an emergency as we saw with the earthquake, a lot of people weren't able to get cell phone calls out. so. >> that was immediate. >> and you want to continue to have a corded phone in your home. >> you have 10 seconds you have
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the clock battery operated clock. >> yes. >> food, not just things like pineapple but canned foods that will last three days of water and you got to have a flashlight. >> and fresh batteries and no candles. use the flashlight. >> make sure to have the appropriate batteries to coincide with the flashlight. linda thanks so much. you will have a long weekend. >> yes, we will. all right news time is 6:41. we hope for the best and always preparing for the worst. that's what's going on downtown. linda. >> reporter: live in fells point people are getting ready. the sand is here. details coming up in a live report. >> reporter: i am sherrie johnson live in the interactive news center where in ocean city there's a mandatory evacuation. i will have more as people prepare for hurricane irene. hurricane warning along the shoreline, delaware, ocean city, most of us tropical storm warnings. i expect 50-mile-per-hour winds along the i-95 stretch and the bay when this passes sunday
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morning. but a slight shift to the east and the latest on what the whole track and the wind direction means to the forecast coming up. stick around.
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and good morning. this is your abc2 news to go. i am charley crowson in studio. let's get to it with meteorologist justin berk. >> looks so impressive here. and even though it's little bit weaker than it was yesterday. and the prbure dropped overnight. -- pressure dropped overnight but the winds didn't follow suit. we have fluctuation going through an eye wall orreplacement cycle as it was not as headlighty as yesterday. and wrap around dry air on the backside of the storm. i love pointing out these semicircle in the carolina coastline. those were carved out but landfall and tropical systems. they can be coastline changing events. this one will hit north carolina. outer rain bands through southern maryland this morning and some of the rain will try to move in our direction. ocean city 69, 67 here in baltimore. and we are aiming for a humid 87 and we will throw in showers
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and storms this afternoon and this evening. irene forecast for us this weekend coming up. here tanya. >> reporter: ocean city was being evacuated yesterday. a lot of people left yesterday burks not everyone is gone and authorities are hoping that people will leave. 50 we have a little bit of traffic but not a lot. this is good news that hopefully most of the people in the area have left. incoming traffic is being limited to emergency personnel. there will be bus service on coastal highway which is one of the evacuation routes to try to get people to shelters. also, 50 and 90 are evacuation routes. bay bridge does have some traffic coming westbound that's coming towards the camera which is good news. not a lot of traffic going eastbound towards kent island and that's what the officials want. they don't want anybody but emergency personnel going in to ocean city. so if you have relatives in ocean city call them and ask them to leave. with hurricane irene threatening to pound the atlantic beaches many bracing
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themself. mandatory evacuation issued in ocean city and she showed you the outbound traffic. sherrie johnson is standing by with more on the planning to leave. >> reporter: well, coastal highway has been a major traffic jam as people learned of the mandatory evacuation yesterday. and they made their way out of ocean city. emergency management order the evacuation for tourists and folks in ocean city year-round to keep them safe many they want everyone out before irene moves in. big storms have passed through the atlantic but officials say this storm is different. the forecast calls for irene to come close enough to cause significant damage. >> it's not going change and this is going to be very close to our coastline if not over  the top of us. this is going to be a deadly storm. people need to heed the warning and get out of harm's way. >> reporter: officials know some people may try to stay in ocean city and ride out the storm. they would like everyone to leave. they said they do not want to have to rescue people a little later on. they are asking people to leave
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now. we want you to head to our website, and if you click on weather, it will bring you to the weather page and you have this hurricane tracker. this is a very interesting thing. you can track the storm and see how it is moving up the mid atlantic and see the places it will hit. this is expect it could impact about 65 million people between north carolina and boston. that's a lot of folks. you can keep an eye on it here with the hurricane tracker. we also have hurricane headlines here. lots of good stories here. information that will keep you and your family safe. like for instance, what impact could irene have on the bay? work out a plan before hurricane -- before the hurricane hits and preparing your home for a hurricane. good tips for you and your family as you prepare for hurricane irene. go here to for all your weather and traffic and news information. reporting live in the interactive news center, sherrie johnson, abc2 news.
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>> governor o'malley will have an update on irene. he says the storm should be taken seriously by all because it can bring heavy rain and winds for most of the state. >> our primary concern right now is the protection of human life. and making sure people get out of the way of this storm. so, it's people in the low lying coastal areas, and flood plains and flood zones. and evacuation of ocean city. and these are all things that we have been initiated to protect life. >> o'malley says the state will bring in as many resources as needed. people in baltimore are not getting ready for the possibility of flooding especially in fells point where it's been hit especially hard by storms past and land so is there live -- linda so is there live packing the sandbags aren't they? >> reporter: yeah. people are actually being smart. we have seen several folks come this morning. this gentleman right here they have their sandbags. he just wants to be sure that
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they are ready just in case the worst happens. they live in baltimore and they know that the basement could get flooded and they are packing these sandbags for their house. they have about 6 and they have packed up. but this is what the city is doing to help people out get them prepared in case they want it. free sand here on thames and broadway in fells point. they have sandbags available, buckets ready if you need them. mayor was out here yesterday helping folks get ready as they put the sandbags in place to protect their homes and businesses. if you live in the area a long time you can know fells point can get hit -- time, you know fells point could get hard and they want to help people protect their homes. think back to hurricane isabel and how high the water got. people were rescued from their homes, cars were covered in water. that's why they are doing this type of thing. let's listen to what some people had to say. >> he lives in a basement apartment up on calvert street and we are worried about the
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drainage so we are getting sandbags to keep water out of the place. >> reporter: somethings you can do this morning to get ready. make sure the storm drains around your house are clear to prevent flooding. secure loose items like the trash can. have a emergency kit read yea 3- day supply of water a. battery operated radio and flashlight and if you live in flood prone area in the city, the mayor says be prepared to mob your car if parking restrictions have to be put in place. now the mayor is opening the city's machining operation sent they are morning. if you need sand, it is here at thames and broadway in fells point. there's sandbags available, buckets ready and plenty sand. it will be here until all of it is gone. live in fells point, linda so, abc2 news. the maryland park service says campers need to be out they must be out by 11 this morning. and the park is going to remain closed until wednesday. the park and the road on the island will be closed to all visitors and traffic by 7
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tonight and it will remain closed until wednesday morning. the next time you fill up you can may have to shell out more money hurricane irene is affecting the price of gas even though it hasn't hit yet. analyst say east coast refineries will close in advance of the hurricane arrival and the threat of the shutdowns is boosting prices. refineries are concentrated in areas like new jersey and philidelphia. look at that. people in massachusetts at martha's vineyard wants to get home as safely as possible before the nightmare. some are leaving and taking ferries headed back to the main land. the president is vacationing there and his plans have not changed. he plans to leave saturday as originally set forth. hoa local gym will be used as an evacuation site beginning today. jewish community center in owings mills will have both gymsfor residents who need to
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be evacuated. those using the fitness center will be aware that the facilities will be crowded and residents will be use the locker rooms as they wait out the storm. abc2 is always working for you with phone numbers. you need to keep them on hand for the very latest this weekend if need be. hurricane irene these are phone numbers you have to have. the red cross bge and always thenonemergency 311. don't forget to hold onto insurance card and papers for a list of numbers. go to five things to know before starting the workweek. a vigil is held for alfret garner the and -- alfred garner who was stabbed to death last weekend. a vigil will be tonight at 8 outside the tavern. and the arraignment for jason savedoff and barry landau are charged with stealing historical duke iewments from the maryland historical society.
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something new is on the menu as the schools get ready for the school year. lunches have been revamped and they will be debuted monday. they will have more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. school officials say the students will have separate -- mid and high school students will have separate menus from elementary schools. the east coast earthquake tuesday postponed a rally. if you are registered students you will get a free backpack with back to school goodies and supplies. on the heels of the win ravens players will get out of the football gear and into the suits and ties. players are working at m and t bank branches to launch their role as spokes pen for the bank's marketing campaign. justin. -- spokesmen for the bank's marketing campaign. justin. >> we will look at our satellite picture. 270 miles away from jacksonville and we are checking out this the latest on
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irene. outer rain band pushing towards the coast. the old boundary that came through yesterday stalled and now work its way back up. often ahead of a tropical system you will get the zone and develop band of heavy rain. that's the case this morning in southern maryland. salisbury cambridge getting it and some of it may work its way up in our direction. computer models not shown but a nice shift to the east that's good news because of ocean city expecting a direct hit and i will be down with the crew to report live on that. the eye wall on the eastern side of the right side is the stronger side and this would be a better projectory. bad for new york city, long island and new england but we may take the heavier rain band and shift it to the east of baltimore. latest computer model projection showing the band of the heavy rain work its way our way. we know people want to go out to concerts. plan for showers and heavy downpours. and the surge of moisture comes in tomorrow. where does the back edge set up? that's important as we track this storm i think we will be a
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high category one maybe borderline 2 passing southeast of ocean city on sunday morning. winds down the chesapeake and that's good news helps to drain the water out. and we are expecting at least 50-mile-per-hour winds in baltimore. 4 to 8 inch range of rainfall on the west side. 8 to len on the east side. we expect temperatures about 87. a warm, humid day. storms tomorrow with temperatures near 80. and the heaviest rain the strongest winds overnight saturday through sunday morning. much better early next week tanya. >> reporter: we have a disabled vehicle 95 southbound at eastern avenue. leets look at beltway. no problems at liberty road. we have congestion at frederick road on the outer loop. so be aware of that. it will be congested to frederick road a broken water main shirley at rosedale. >> all right. quickly. an e-mail from the sister station wptv he said he never thought whoa have written. red cross from west palm beach
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