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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  September 15, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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a possible break if the case of a missing utah mother. what investigators found near a campsite that her husband used a lot. tens of thousands of military personnel have moved into maryland now, and today the base realignment is officially over. and wire used to seeing him every sunday debating things from schools to crime. tonight we look at richard chair and his royal inside shock trauma. well, on time and on budget, today the u.s. army celebrated making a deadline for its massive base realignment and project. black has brought more than 20,000 new -- brac has brought
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more than 20,000 new residents to the area. >> reporter: the massive movements a changed the aberdeen proving ground. the families moving here from new jersey. >> so they could visit baltimore, the surrounding towns and communities, look at housing, schools, open the schools for us to go into, and literally went out and the state of maryland provided bus service so the families could come down and visit and find out the kind of communities that they were relocating in. >> reporter: we're told this was the largest brac relocation in the country. the military leaders here at apg say at one point the u.s. army corps of engineers called eight perfect storm. as part of the largest
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infrastructure project since world war ii, they are to down 140 buildings on the base, and built new centers from the ground up in just six years. >> that's somewhere in the egive lanes of 8 hartford community colleges, or 12 aberdeen high schools. >> reporter: while apg once represented a temporary assignment for soldiers in training, it is regrowing the community with some of the military's brightest minds who will call this their home. >> these people are joining churches, scout organizations, ptas, joining parks and recs, their input into our county as a community is significant. will they buy ravens tickets? no, they're still giants fans, but they'll learn. and maryland really was one of the big winners in base realignment. therms also shipped in
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thousands of personnel to fort mead, ford deet rick, and the new walter read medical center in bethesda. and now the latest fight over bridge toll increases. the newest proposal keeps the bridge decal for another year, but i goes away after that inspect it's place, people can buy an ez pass trance responder for the hayden bridge only. the yearly rate will drop from $36 a year to just $20 a year. >> abc 2 is working for you to make sure you don't become a victim of credit card theft. charlie has some tips to protect you and your family. >> abc 2 is working for you. we're working with local law enforcement agencies with tips to protect you and your family.
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we are alerting you to the credit card thefts in anne arundel and telling you how to not become a victim. they add vises credit card users to sign your cards as soon as you get them. you know can also catch fraud by saving your receipts and comparing them to your monthly statements, and to be cautious about giving your credit card number to any businesses over the phone. if you have any information, please call metro crime stoppers. callers can remain anonymous and you can be eligible for up to $2,000 in reward money. all right. let's talk about what's going on right now. clouds starting to thin out a little bit. as you see right there, the real white, that's where we're dealing with those low-level clouds. that's what we saw earlier, but now the rain is starting to get out of here, and behind that,
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we're definitely going to be dealing with high pressure with more sun in the forecast for tomorrow. still a couple of light scattered showers around the area, but on the back side of that, definitely some good news, some drier times acid, and that's what we definitely like to see. as we look at these temperatures now, yes, we are really starting to cool things down, especially into york pennsylvania, and also interest winchester. we can see where the front hasn't passed here, cambridge around 70, but we're definitely going to be cooling down throughout the evening. let's head this over to wyatt. what's going on there? excited about sunday? >> reporter: very excited about sunday, but it will -- the weather isn't perfect right
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now, but will be clearing up for the event sunday. this is all about raising money for cancer research. i want to bring in kevin and your daughter scarlett. kevin, it's amazing, because the kimle research center, last year that's where you were. >> over the companies are of the last year, my wife and i were successfully treated with the technology from the research that the swim across america funds. >> and you are now swimming a mile this sunday here. you've made a huge comeback here. so far so so good, and talk about what you'll be doing after you swim a mile. >> well, they've been very
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accommodating here at meadow brook. this year i'll be participating swimming in the one-mile swim, but also will be running a bone marrow drive to get as many as we can on the national marrow donor program. i was matched with a donor off of the registry to cure my cancer in the last year, so it really brings a personal aspect to me. >> reporter: just very quick, hey, scarlett, are you proud of your dad? >> yes, i am. he's done well for the past year, and i think he went through a lot. >> reporter: amazing the difference a year can make, isn't it? >> yes. >> reporter: all right, well, thanks so much. we'll see you guys at the swim this sunday. >> we'll be here. >> reporter: all right. let's head back to the studios. well, he's been on tv in baltimore for decades, coverage everything from the community to crime. on sundays he's here, mixing
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things up as the host of square off. but on tuesday, richard takes on an entirely different role as a volunteer at the world's premier trauma center. why he spends type at shock trauma and the reaction he gets. >> and don't you that's it when you're waiting for a baggage and get that little note that says you missed the delivery? the new program ups has set up to help you avoid that problem. you can also save money by using i
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in utah, there may be a break in the susan powell case. the wife and mother of two boys who disappeared back in 2009. on wednesday, authorities found some human remains that could belong to her. the discovery was made near an area where her husband said he took his two children the night susan disappeared. josh powell hasn't been charged in his wife's disappearance, but police say he is the only person of interest in their investigation. look at how close these people came to getting hit! this is surveillance video of an 85-year-old woman plowing through a bicycle shop. amazingly, nobody was hurt. she told investigators she was trying to park when she hit the gas instead of the break.
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ironically, the incident happened just a week after the store was remodeled. >> and at a cole's store, this car rammed into the door three times before knocking the door off the hinges, and three men run some n and steel jewelry -- run in and steal jewelry. they are on the the run tonight.
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he was a fixture in baltimore news for three decades. richard covered the heart warming stories, but also covered crime and violence that were put in live outside shock trauma. now we have learned he is taking on a different mission inside shock trauma. >> reporter: when crisis strikes at shock trauma, it can almost feel like time is standing still.
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the moments pass in ahas, voices and -- in ahas, voices and faces blurred. >> they do a double take and they'll call me and say, is that richard chair? >> reporter: but as they shake the fog, the face they have watched for years come into focus, with that white share, richard share is un-- white hair, richard share is unmistakable. they are used to seeing share on tv, not the trauma floor. >> no matter how many times he has been in front of the cam ran doesn't affect his ability to be a huge impact at the bedside. >> reporter: but every week that's where you'll find him, reporting for his shift as a volunteer. something he has been doing since retiring from tv news. >> i haven't lost a patient yet, i can swear. >> reporter: he sense of humor
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that maim maid him a household name in baltimore is unchanged. richard is here to lighten the mood. >> every person in here today woke up this morning and thought they were going to have a regular day, just like you and everybody else. life changes in a millisecond. >> reporter: and when it does, this team, share included, goes into action. >> come here, quick. keep going. pick up this sound. >> reporter: it is the sound of an incoming patient. so with the adrenaline pumping, details are gatheringed, bits and pieces placed on a central message board so the staff is prepared when the patient finally arrives. richard and the other volunteers then do the grunt work, making sure the team is
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ready. it is a far cry from the glamorous days spent chatting next to oprah. >> when i first saw him, i thought, well, he's probably one of the celebrities going to come here and what not, and next thing you know, he's in the mix of it. >> reporter: he is in the thick of things, one face in a crowd, chases down tragedy in all of its forms. >> police say how can you look at all of that blood and that bad stuff. but you know what? i saw all of the that when i was on the street. >> reporter: he now stands with the front line, picking up where those stories left off. his role more than an observer, as the details of life and death play out right in front of him. and when a state police helicopter brings ifny latest patient, richard is there as this woman is wheeled down from the roof. she the hand that guides, and the friendly voice that calms, as doctors and nurses get to work, and he gets out of the way. >> hope she's gonna be all right. >> reporter: but coming here, he knows the patients have the
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odds on their side, the reputation of this place even bigger than the one that made richard famous in baltimore. >> the most dedicated people the world. they will give one billionth% effort to save your life. swimmers presume around the area are set to take part in sunday's swim across america event. it was supposed to be in the bay, but because of all of the rain and flooding, it's been moved to the meadow brook aquatic center in mt. washington. that's where we find wyatt who is even taking part in the swim on sunday. >> reporter: hi, i will be taking part. second annual swim, the meadow brook aquatic facility has played a part for both years of
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this event, and they will play an even bigger role today as the swimming i've will have to be held here. talk about what this swim this year -- talk about the swim on sunday. >> well, we'll have our pool swim, and then started at 10:00, we'll bring the folks who were going to swim in the open water swim, and let them use the outdoor pool to get a one-mile swim in. >> you can get how many miles going at once, you say? >> we can get 68 people all doing a mile swim at the same time in theout door pool, and that's not even including what we can do on the indoor pool. the outdoor pool has been here since 1930, and the indoor pool since 1995. >> reporter: it's incredible to swim outside, even in a pool. and it's all about supporting cancer and the research center.
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looks like we'll raise close to half a million dollars again this year. we so much appreciate the support of meadowbrook you and the owners here. it's great thing. >> well, it's a great opportunity for us to share our passion for swimming. all of these young people are training. but for us to kind of put down the ricing mindset for a minute and use their passion for swimming to raise money for a great cause, and that is the cancer center at hopkins. >> reporter: john, we appreciate all of your him. it's going to be a big morning sunday. optimistic the weather will be a little nicer for us, too, and the pool is 80 degrees, new, wanted to confirm that. >> it is heated. >> reporter: it is heated. once again, looking for better weather sunday. chris morning in the 60s, but should see a nice warm pool at 80 degrees, john assures me. we'll be back with more in a few minutes. >> let's go ahead and talk about what's going on right now, because we can see that we have those clouds out there.
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we did have a few showers move through the area. right now, temperatures are really starting to drop off. we actually had that cold front move through, as well. so the temperature coming in at 61 degrees, the humidity 77%, the winds out of the northwest. it will be breezy. the barometer is rising. we're looking at maryland's most powerful radar as of now, and we do have spotty showers moving in the area, but they are light and will start to wind down, and we'll start to get some clearing. that's definitely what we like to see. this is that cold front that i was talking about that's already pushed through. behind it, we do have some cooler air wrapping in, as high pressure, this is a made ian -- is a canadian high. you can see what's go napping terms of the raincast. how much -- what's going on in
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terms of the raincast. things there start to clear out nicely, and then the clouds will start to build back in a little bit more as we go into the afternoon tomorrow, and then we'll see some more clouds hovering as we go into saturday, but we're still going to get some sunshine in here as well, so don't think it's just going to be a cloudy day, a dreary day at all. the temperature will be around 46 degrees. we're definitely going to cool down and get that gradual clearing, and by tomorrow, plenty of sunshine in here. we're looking now, 66 degrees. the clouds will be on the increase. it is going to be cooler, and we are going to ash bit breezy. as we look at tomorrow night, temperatures still on the cool side, partly cloudy, coming in right abound 48 degrees, and this is your 7-day forecast. it will be cool on friday and saturday, temperatures in the 60s, and then we start to jump back into the 70s as we go into the latter part of the weekend, which is sunday, and we have that warming trend as we go through next week there. temperatures will be back
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seasonable as we go through wednesday and thursday, but by that time, can't rule out a chance of a shower or thunderstorm in the forecast. don't go anywhere, we'll be right back.
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number of successful first attempt deliveries. could nike be interested in bing under are a power? why neither company is comments on a rumor being reported worldwide. that story coming up. rehad been touching her, stroking her back. he did touch her breasts at one point. >> campus police at college park are investigating an assault on a female student while she was sleeping at the leonard town apartments. >> they were home grown thugs, involved primarily in drug trafficking. >> no other news station in town has this story of a big gang bust. we want to get first to our breaking news. out of ocean city. want to show you this picture sent in from chris. chris shows us of a possible tornado in ocean city. he


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