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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  October 3, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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collapsing. brian? >> reporter: the social securtiy administration was locked down after one of their employees was shot off campus. the employee was on his lunch break when the suspect attempted to rob and shot the victim. the victim went for help and collapsed. authorities say he did not sus stean life-threatening injuries and should be okay. baltimore county brought in metal detectors, k9's and the police have been patrolling the perimeter all day. so far, that suspect has not been caught but the lockdown last been lifted. however, this is not the only close call the building as had. we'll have more on that development coming up at 6:00.
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for now, we're live in wood lawn. a subway is up and running after a gas leak stopped service. there was a report of a gas odor. firefighters took air quality readings and found no levels of natural gas. the verdict is finally in for the amanda knox appeal trial. >> reporter: finally, the agonizing wait is over. after 10 long intense hours of deliberation, the eight-member jury acquitted amanda knox of murder and sexual assault. >> should be immediately released. >> reporter: the college student could be released from jail in a mat thr of hours. even before the verdict was read, knox was emotional and tense. when she learned she would be free, she burst into tears of joy as her family looked on.
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>> we're thankful that amanda's nightmare is over. >> reporter: earlier knox spoke for 10 minutes, often posing to calm herself. i lost a friend in the most inexplicable way possible. i'm paying with my life for things i did not do. knox and codefendant raffaele sollecito, knox' boyfriend were sentenced. knox was sentenced to 26 years in prison. sollecito to 25. both denied wrong doing. just before the verdict, kercher's mother said she was counting on the justice system to do its job. >> they need to find out what happened to meredith and to get some just this for her, really.
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>> oar inside the courtroom there were tears of joy when the verdict was read but there were some boos and cheers. the body of a woman who has been missing after a plane crash has been found. her son was the pilot. he said he swam to shore but his mother died in the water after the plane went down near smith island. new at 5:00, another reminder to keep your car doors locked. suspects are targeting 1994 to 2006 dodge chrysler and jeeps. the stolen cars were abandoned, damaged or crashed before the owners reported them happening.
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police want to remind drivers to take extra precaution. double check this make sure the car doors are locked and use a steering wheel lock and try to park close to your home. anyone with information should call the regional auto theft tip line. you can also call metro crime stoppers or text to 246 -- also go to or website, metro crime stoppers dot organize. definitely a taste of fog to start the workweek, but don't get used to it. summer may be coming back. >> it's been days and weeks it seems like this murky weather
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and none of it letting up. we still have a few showers, but still doing to be wet up i-83 and a new for rain showers in the western part of the state between hagerstown and unseasonably cool, cooler than average. this evening we keep it cool, huge improvements in the forecast. they begin in less than 24 hours. we'll talk about that coming up. with this chanking weather, you want to keep up. download the weather app. with the app you can plan around the storm and get a seven-day forecast in the palm of your hand. just head to our website, there you can find the free
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weather app. plans to erect a big new sign advertising maryland's first slot casino -- many claim the sign would be an eye shore that would cut into their property value. >> reporter: you may be able to spot this just down route 222. there's a billboard to show you the way, but it's the thousands of slot players that the 175 illuminated sign would be intended for and some towns people oppose the idea. >> everyone moves here for the view of the the water and the peacefulness. they moved here to get out of the city. it's the brett taking view -- breath taking view of the bay. homeowners say if the sign goes up it could drop their property
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val eye -- values. they have asked people to take into consideration that the sign would stand 17 stories tal. they've even run a balloon with test showing that you can see it from the neighborhood. you can spot it from three separate points in the haven't. it doesn't help that cecil county has withheld perryville's portion of the revenue in an ongoing battle. >> i think it's hurting the town, the fire department. we haven't seenian thing from it. i think it's hurting us. >> while you can spot an eastern bird sign in aberdeen and denny's sign and others, don't count on getting a glimpse of this sign just yet. in perryville, jeff hager, abc2
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news. >> there will be a townhall meeting in perryville where citizens can comment. child neglect is officially a crime. under the new law it's a misdemeanor, with a five-year sentence. parents or guardians who are not able to property car for their children pause of poverty or homelessness will not be charged. >> our goal is to build strong families, in that small cohort of cases where the conduct is so egregious, that's where the law will be triggered. we will process cute them to the full extnts of the law. >> last year maryland child protective services said there were nearly 4200 cases of child neglect. as parents, we try to do everything we can to keep our
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kids safe. let's face it. sometimes you can't. despite the best efforts, children do get hurt. most of the time they get hurt right there at home. jamie costello has a new warning. >> reporter: every other week a child dies at home always of falling furniture. now the cpsc is urging parents to go through their home and check furniture and make sure it's anchored in plaissments between 2000 and 2010, there were 35 tipover death. children five and younger are at the greatest risk of injury. 90% of the injuries have involved this age group and most came from children being crushed by the furniture or tv. here's what you need to do. take an inspection of your home.
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anchor furniture. place tv's on sturdy low bases. push the tv as far back as possible and keep remote controls and other toys that might attract children off of tmed vs or furniture and keep cords out of the reach of children. click on our consumer section. you'll fend much more on the story including a new two-minute message. you'll hear a message from a mother whose last words were good night. girl died when a tv fell on top of her. thursday at 11 we'll go over a series of child safety apps. >> all right. thanks a lot, jamie. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is trying to get people moving in ball. coming up, how taking charge of
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your health now can help you in the future. and using coupons has become a sport for some. why there's a backlash against, stream couponners.
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one organization in baltimore city is working to make a difference in a child's lie. the y of central maryland has a program to get young kids off the street. sherrie johnson shows how it's making a difference. >> reporter: here at the y of central maryland, there's a lot of positive things going on. it's home to the mentoring practice.
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10-year-old nathan comes from a single parent home. his mother was never really in his life and recently passed away. these days he enjoys the company of his mentor. >> he told me he would help me with my school work, math. i need help with my multiplication, but he helped me more. >> reporter: carl has men toured nathan for nine months. he helps with homework, encourages positive behavior. carl is a corrections officer with three kids of his own. help understands discipline. >> i felt it was a very effective way to give back to my community, to help out, give them a positive role model. >> reporter: this has been around for a year. the goal is to provide young people with a positive adult mentor outside of the child's family for added reinforce m mentors spend two hours a week with children at the y.
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it's a commitment that moves kids from risk to resiliency. >> it's important to have people who care about them. these adults can take two hours to spend what the child wants to do. activities, educational as well as social. >> reporter: carl and nathan have been theghts for mean in months -- together for nine months. >> i've seen his grades improve, his confidence get better. he's more sure of himself. he's opened up a lot more in the nine months. so he's becoming a fine young man. >> i used to be like hanging with my brother. sometimes i would be bad. i just stop fighting and stuff, so i just chilled out. >> reporter: for nathan, a relationship with carl means hope for his future sherrie john
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sornings website -- johnson, abc2 news. >> you have to be at least 23 years old and there's a one-year commitment involved. another gloomy anyone. don't you love that, to see a that thick gray cloud cover, chilly temps. it has been ugly for days and weeks, but there are big changes. another one of those murky gray days, annapolis the same deal, a few blades of sunshine, finding a tough time to get much sunshine, even down on the lower eastern shore at mar dellous sings, a little late day sunshine. that's an omen of things to
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come. this is out in snow shoe west virginia, some early season snowfall. again, things about to change. a little bit of brightness at the inner harbor. winds west, northwest at six. the rain that we had earlier this afternoon diminishing, but you'll get a little rain on the windshield probably. definitely look out for wet roads. west of hagerstown wet weather. most of the state seeing diminishing rain. right now temperatures cool, unseasonably so. low 50s and eventually headed down into the 40s in pretty short order. highs today did not even get to 60 in most of the state. even here in early october, average high temperature should be in the low 70s with many days warmer than that. so this has been very unusual. there's that upper level low
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overseesle county, center -- overseesle oversees -- over cecil. skies may be slow to clear but late in the day we'll see some sun. all the way up into the erie, pa, until the 50s. got to get through tonight and early in the day tomorrow. clear skies tonight. still mostly cloudy, but wednesday, beautiful brilliant blue skies on tap. looks like thrills clear sunny pattern should hold for several days and perhaps as much as a week. that would be awesome.
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chilly, and then tuesday sun and clouds. i think we'll start off cloudy but late day clearing. 47 tomorrow night, clear and dry. here it is for you. seven-day forecast, kelly. sunshine on tap. temperatures back in the low 70s. remember, that's normal for early october, low 70s. we may see a morning drizzle. it may be ugly when you wake up but there's a lot of improvement and this looks to last a while. there it is. >> that is a lot of improvement. >> we need it. >> all right. thanks a lot. >> it's almost a sport at this point. extreme couponing. people are saving hundreds doing it. now there's a growing backlash of people fillinger that homes with cheap goods.
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we have details so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: it used to be people brought four or five coupons to the grocery store and saved a couple of bucks. now extreme couponners are bring dozens saving hundreds. only problem, some are making it tough for other shoppers. now some stores say enough is enough. extreme couponing is all the rage thanks to the tlc series of the same name and shoppers like these self-proclaimed crazy coupon ladies. one of the stars of the show, mr. coupon, showed me last year how much he bought for pennies on the dollar. >> we don't have top spend any money on toothpaste for the next year. >> reporter: nathan and others insist they're not hoarders, and in fact, give a lot to charity but supermarket chains are not
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impressed. they are tired of them clearing out their shelves. >> people are clearing shelves and not being respect follow shoppers who only need three or a minimum amount. >> reporter: a mommy blogger says more and more stores are tightening their coupon policies, among them cvs. it said no shelf clearing is aloud. target only one buy one get one. kroger, there's no more stacking paper coupons and e coupons. giant eagle, only 12 similar coupons per visit. >> if you're going in to purchase 30 items and only 30 bottles on the shelf. then don't take all 30. >> reporter: that happened to mow when small boxes of tide
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were marked down, a great deal, except the coupons had cleared out the store and there were nonleft on the -- none left on the shelf, so coupon responsibly. ladies, listen to this this is part of your morning routine, putting on makeup. we'll show you what a study found. and more and more parents are skipping or delaying their child's vaccination. why parents think it's safer.
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the earlier the better when it comes to getting men to get tested for colon cancer. researchers in australia said tumors can develop more often and earlier than women. women are twice as likely to have abnormal growths. the findings are interesting but too soon to change the guidelines and urge people to get screened before they turn 50. a redeveloping new study about women and makeup. a new study finds for all women wearing makeup it significantly changes how you're perceived. researchers took 149 men and women and flashed four different pictures at them, 25 faces. the first photo was without makeup and each of the three subsequent ones were with makeup. both men and women rated it for
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attractiveness, trustworthiness. the more makeup ranked higher. the less heavily made up was rated less trussworthy? more parents are delaying vaccinations. apparently worries about vaccine safety are common even among parents who are fully vaccinated. more than 2 million infants and young children may not be fully protected against preventable diseases. the vaccines parents most skipped, the flu, h1n1 and
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clicken -- chicken pox. a wall of fire decorates the night sky during an annual air show. how far into the hair these controlled explosion can ree. those stories, plus wyatt's up to the minute forecast.


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