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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  October 4, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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and nice outlook for the rest of the week, whether he talk about next. it's just about to hit 5:00, let's go to the roads. earlier accidents are clear. 95 northbound at mountain road and also 33rd of the alameda in the city. take a look on the northwest side this is the beltway near 795, old court, light traffic in both directions. nothing reported, no incidents or issues and 795 is clear out ofrisers town. beltway, liberty, doing fine. all lanes are open. at least the ones not under construction. it's took more than four years, but amanda knox is coming home free. she has been released finally to return to america. linda so is here with the dramatic moments before and after that verdict was read. >> reporter: we just learned amanda knox's family is at an airport in rome.
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she is boarding a flight home, expected to take a british airway's flight from london and seattle. we heard from the brother of maredith kircher, the family feels it's back to square one and left to wonder who is guilty. before the verdict was read, amsat trembling before the judge when she heard the decision to overturn her conviction she broke down and sobbed. her family who had opinion fighting to clear their daughter embraced each other. for mirrorfor maredith kircher's family, they don't understand how it can be overturned. amanda was sentenced to 26 years and spent four years in prison. she made an emotional plea to the court proclaiming her innocence. >> i lost a friend in the most
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inexplicable way possible. i'm paying with my life for things i didn't do. >> no word on what time aman danda and her family will arrive home. the family is at an airport in rome and boarded a flight back to seattle. if you live in southwest baltimore, double check your car. police say there have been 20 car thefts and attempted thefts in the kaytonville area. the thieves are targeting dodges, chryslers and jeeps, 1994-2006. all the vehicles have been abandoned damaged or crashes before the owners ever knew to report them stolen. if you know anything about this or see anything suspicious. call police as quickly as possible. police are search for a suspect in a sexual assault a few blocks from johns hopkins. it happened saturday around 1:00 in an alley near love
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grove street. the 20-year-old victim was walking to her apartment when the attack happened. more information as it becomes available. 12,000 people in our area report to work everyday, yesterday, one of them was shot during an armed robbery. this happened in the campus of the social security administration in wood lawn. we find kuren redmond with a follow up thon robbery that is now turned in to a shooting. >> reporter: police are continuing their search for the armed suspect who shot a employee during his lunch break. the shooting took place not far from the social security administration campus on a path. the victim was walking down a path not far from here, when he was shot. the victim was able to make his way back to the campus before collapsing. police believe the shooting was connected to a robbery. the social security administration was locked down for several hours, while police searched for the shooter. police brought in dogs, helicopters and home land
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security assisted in the search. there was a report of a suspicious pack and at the health and human services building. as far as the victim, he sustained nonlife threatening injuries but expected to be okay. and the search for the suspect continues this morning. reporting live from wood lawn, kuren redmond, abc2 news. wait a day if you want to use a new intersection. supposed to open this morning at 5:00, about four minutes ago. that's been moved to 5:00 wednesday morning. the overpass is supposed to clear up traffic at the intersection of 924 and 24. that design is going to take 95 traffic up and over the car, moving between the shopping center on either side of 24. today is part of the healthy city day. head to the inner harbor and work out with the mayor and ravens trainer. workout starts at 11:30 taking place between the visitors
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center and science center. get moving. it's breast cancer awareness. the mayor will make an announcement about when that will happen and encouraging everyone to workout, come out and wear pink. the white house became the pink house for one night, look at that. north side, 1600 pennsylvania was lit up for the cause last night. the color change at the white house marks a annual tradition. first started under the george w bush administration in 2008 and continued under president obama. breast cancer this year alone will claim the lives of 40,000 americans. if you are looking for ways to support breast cancer, register for coman komen race for the cure. we will broadcast live from the
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race from 7:00 until 9:00. we are thinking pink all month. a special section dedicated to supporting breast cancer research and awareness at our website, head to pink. when you are getting ready this morning, when you u put on your make up, a new report sheds light on the perception and what people think about women wearing it. there is benefits to exercising, there is another one to add to the list. getting your heart rate up can be good in another fight against a deadly disease. we will explain, you are watching good morning maryland.
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charlie brown would be impressed with the size of this pumpkin. 1676 pounds arrived through the virginia people from northern pennsylvania. the owner who grows gourds of
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their own buys giant pumpkins to wow their customers. that pumpkin is bigger than the world record holder but does not weigh less. super sizing ingredient, the gourd was cow manure. that is a gar began chew gargantuan gourd. hopefully we will start to see a reversal of the pattern. i know it's not the middle of october. here we go in glen burnie. that's the scene, abby was asking about weird lights and said there are stars out but something else that flashed. an ideas that we've broke didn't cloud cover for some of you, zoom areas developing fog, -- we have clouds, it's 43 darlington. 47 in towson. satellite indicating there is cloud cover, see the grades
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that maybe clearing. this is infrared satellite which works off of the temperature contrast. it's dark and we can't see. mix of clouds for the fist half of the day. sun breaks out and aim for 67. stay tuned for popcorn trivia in a moment. traveling 795 southbound fromrisers town --risers town. 95, this is south of is 95, looking south, most traffic is running sowvment south. per exercise is great for you. now doctors say it play as crucial role in the fight against cancer. the more fat cells the more insulin and estrogen your body
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produces, helping cancer cells grow. activity changes your cells in a the levels of chemicals. exercise helps reduce stress which may reduce inflammation. men say they hike a girl to be a little natural. guess what? makeup can go a long way. wearing makeup changes how you are perceived. on first photo it was without make up. each of the three following were women wearing make up. they rated the photos. the more makeup used the more was judged to be competent, likable and trust worthy. after hard work the big day is here. time to move the bus. life is about to change for a family along the eastern shore. today they will see soon where they will be living. one country is saying eat the
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foods and pay for it. you are watching good morning maryland. the only station bringing you local news, starting at 4:30. we'll be right back. that have earned the keurig brewed seal of approval. the keurig brewed seal is our commitment that the coffee inside will deliver a delicious cup of coffee every time. keurig brewed. look for the only mark of genuine keurig quality.
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now, good morning maryland. welcome back. time has come for a eastern shore family to see their new home. extreme makeover home edition is putting finishing touches on the home. sherrie johnson is standing by. >> it's an exciting day for one family. later this afternoon, the crew from abc's extreme makeover home edition will move that bus to show a beautiful new home. tie pennington and the crew have been working hard to give the family a better home. it didn't have working shower or a bathtub. the family has been visiting santa barbara california. today they will see their home and the 16-year-old lost his happened while working on the home last year. for the first time the crew let him stay behind and work on the home. designers say this home was
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built with the environment in mind, 33 solar panels on the roof to provide energy. the crew says they have had challenges but everything has come together nicely. >> the weather has been atrocious. it's rained everyday. it gotten colder and damp. >> spectators will gather at 10:00. the event is at 3:00. catch the episode on december 9th. that's when it is scheduled to air. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. october is breast cancer awareness month. justin, it's another month. >> national popcorn month. they are blaming blaming the weather on the building. we have to support popcorn. the popcorn board is non for profit. every year they send us a nice little -- nice little supply of
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popcorn. as we look, i got popcorn trivia. this is weather related. the moisture content needed for popping corn is 13-point 5%. >> popcorn is a whole grain? >> it is true. one qawrt quart of popcorn is a nickel. the health value, we got margarita, dill pickle. spicy buffalo. popcorn board i'm a little disappointed. this is baltimore maryland, abc2 news in baltimore, where
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is our maryland popcorn? where is our seasoning? we need to work on this. it if you want more information including how high a kernel can pop. you read your trivia sheet. >> three feet. this is going to a good cause. this is going to the kids campaign. win for change program last year, we raised $19,000, i go to essex elementary thursday, kicking off this and also running in a marathon to raise money. the cool kids campaign, kids going through cancer treatment, hopefully this will go to a good cause. let's get to it outside. we are looking at hopefully drying things out. mid-40s this morning, up to 67 this afternoon. i wanted to point out federalsburg elementary, in the eastern shore, no rain today,
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they want a little break, especially as we try to harvest the corn on the eastern shore. there is our storm. it is wrapping around new york city right now. it's been stuck on top of us since most of the weekend. we are under tin influence of the chilly air. look at this dry weather. we are going to break the clouds up, and we are going to get ourselves some sun today. some of you starting with a little bit of clearing. we may buildup more clouds. look at where we go. today's high 67. clouds breaking and the winds getting gusty, 10 to 25 miles per hour. 47 overnight. still breezy, how do you like 72 tomorrow with sunshine, low 70s through friday and this weekend, tonya, we warm up, 76 to 78 on saturday and sunday. say that one five times fast. >> can't wait for that, how about that? we are doing okay out there so
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far. bus and rail services are on time. you have no issues in your way. speaking of the beltway, a live look , the outer loop is the on coming traffic at frederick road, you're incident free. topside of the beltway at harford road. no issues there. the outer loop has traffic building faster. no issues between parkville and towson. if you eat the fatty foods in denmark, you got to pay up. say you buy a burger, it's going to cost you $0.15 more or a pack of butter is $0.50 more. lawmakers say they decided to do something about it. prince harry deploying the deset for military duty but won't be heading to afghanistan, he be training at the air force auxiliary field in southern arizona. he will finish learning how to fly an apache holter.
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they maybe a huge company but want to help smaller ones out. starbucks has a plan to help small companies thrive. we will tell you what it is. it's hard to get by, especially on minimum wage. we will look when good morning maryland continues. thank you for starting your tuesday off with us.
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now, good morning maryland. welcome back on this tuesday morning. if you want to fly to europe, you don't have to drive to dc. conroy offers two flights. the flights won't start until july, airline will fly mondayss and thursdays. starbucks has something brewing, a plan to create jobs. it needs your help in doing it. the program is called create jobs for the u.s.a. it begins november 1st and starbucks will begin accepting donations from customers and employees everyone who gives $5 will receive a red, white and
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blue wristband with the word indivisible, a symbol for the country's unity. minimum wage workers could see paychecks growing by hundreds of dollars next wire, thanks to a law rerequiring the minimum wage adjustments. workers in colorado, montana, ohio, washington and oregon will see a 28 to 37 crept pump in pay. that translates to a raise of around $700 for full time workers. arizona and florida as well as vermont expected to announce rate increases as well. just ahead, all caught on camera, police are looking for the driver of this truck. we will show you what happened coming up next. it took years and a lot of hard work, one college football fan says it was all worth it. why one man spent so much time
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replicating the shoe. first up to new york, for a check of this morning's tech bites. >> reporter: today is the day for the iphone 5. apple expected to unveil the latest version later today, this will be the first major apple product launch since steve jobs resigned as ceo and the fist iphone offered by sprint. amazon's latest kindle is catching fire. estimated 95,000 device were reordered in the first day. they will ship many mid november. latest version of 2k12 adds 15 basketball legends so you can play with the best of every era. >> if you are a mba fan, you need this in your life, you get to see and experience every era of basketball that's been important since the beginning of the league. >> it's available for all major gaming systems.
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i'm tanya rivero.
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she is a free woman. i'm linda so. amanda knox and her family are on their way home. and a family is dealing with a loss , the sudden death of a 12-year-old girl. money and jobs in to maryland. plus it will be fun to see the lights, camera and action happening in our community. we will tell you what is going on, on this tuesday october 4th. good morning maryland i'm charley crowson. let's get right to it on this tuesday, you need to know how the weather is going to be. good morning. shout out in arundel county, great bunch of kids. i don't know if they are up watching television


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