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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  October 5, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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in sync and working. now, we have a wagmans near by, a walmart. before the interchange was here, it was the only way to get to 95. now, we can avoid the traffic on the road and make it to the highway easier. there is a major interchange at 24 and emerson. the goal is to make it easier to get on and off of 95. it has been a nightmare between the traffic, the shopping centers and neighborhoods. it is a mess. >> i'm looking forward to it, i will try it instead of going down route 1. see what happens. >> reporter: all right. here at route 1, 924 and 24 is open. again, this is a direct link to and evening commute. your trek to the grocery store, weighmans or the walmart will
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be easier. reporting live, linda so, abc 2 news. now, a team of dogs arrived in aruba searching for the remains of gardener. she was reported missing two months ago. the businessman has been in jail since august 5th for her disappearance. two people were shot in hartford county, it happened after 9:00. sheriff's deputies are saying that the victims were two men, ages 21 and 23. they were taken to shock trauma. no word on their conditions. 5:01 this morning. stokes is under arrest for the shooting of a social security employee shooting. the employee was on his lunch break. stokes tried to rob him and shot him. this july, an increasing number of people who have become sick after eating
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tainted cont lope -- cantaloupe. here is sherrie johnson. the numbers are going up. >> reporter: that's right. charlie, 100 people are sick and 18 for died after people have eaten tainted cantaloupe. it has affected 20 states. and officials expect the number of illness to rise up to october and beyond. now, food and drug administration is saying that they are still working to find the cause of the contamination that led to the recall of 300,000 cases from cantaloupe from jensen farms. they are looking al agricultural practices and techniques and storage. people started becoming sick on august 31st, but people can be sick weeks or months after
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eating food contaminated with listeria. sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. the plan for the new casino is going up as planned. supporters are saying it is important to make sure to know where the casino is. and people who live nearby, don't want it in their yard. >> it is an attention getting bright in your face. for people to ditch to you, to be friendly -- it is extremely disingenuous. >> when businesses start to lose revenue they start cutting jobs. >> council members voted 3-2 to allow the sign to go up. another case of animal cruelty now out of baltimore city. a cat was set on fire in west baltimore had to be
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youthinized. it was found on monday night behind a row home. animal control officers brought her to the sheller and named her gem. >> i saw the cat when she came in yesterday. >> you have to wander what people are thinking. police is no suspects. if you know something, call police. a group that occupied wall street on september 17th. they are now occupying baltimore. this is a video from an hour 1/2 ago. the protesters were sleeping. they were not too happy when we showed up. now, they are preparing for protest today. they have paint and signs, some of them are still catching shut eye, but the signs are right there, but they have kind of banned under his idea. that we're the 99%, that is the case, because there is no clear focus on what they have
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potesting. many of them spoke to us yesterday. >> you know, as long as it takes. as long as it takes, i'm here to say this is my home. i can come back, you know, i think -- the -- the idea -- is important. the idea is important. i'm here, i'm committed to the idea. >> the occupy baltimore group will protest indefinitely and something that was echoed this morning. baltimore city is saying that they have to get aggressive and it worked. a new campaign starts today to help families raise healthy babies.
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i'm a target pharmacist and i'm here to answer your ququtions.. this time, 50 8:00. something city leaders want to change in baltimore. the infant mortality rate, it is so high.
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the city is trying to lower it, that's where the health babies meeting comes in. megan pringle is live this morning and looking great under house arrest. >> reporter: oh, you are very sweet charlie, the check is in the mail. this is a cool program. today, it is the second phase. it kicks off today. now, the first phase began about a year ago. you know what? it is actually working. last year, city leaders said that we're going to focus on sleep related deaths for infants. unsafe leap environments. they started the campaign last year and those sort of deaths dropped 40%. so, city leaders said it is working it is time to move onto the second phase. that's where today comes in. so, they are going to do the second phase, that is aimed at reducing baby exposure to
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cigarette smoke. we know it is dangerous and about lengthy, but there is a new campaign. this is to help babies. they are going to have a vigil which will commemorate all of the infant deaths that happened in baltimore city. the health department is going to talk about the new campaign. show a public message that is aimed at mothers and fathers. because second hand smoke is a huge risk to baby's health as well. this is also a family activity. if your interested in going, there is stuff for kids as well. it is happening at the international aquarium from 5:00 until 7:00 this morning. everyone is welcome to go. if you can't go, check out the website, it should be on your screen. i looked at it, it is great to see what is happening in the city and they have baby basics. if you have questions it is a good place to go for resources in the city. >> all right.
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megan, how are things going? it is our wednesday update. >> things are going well. i'm just getting so big, charm he. i will walk up the stairs and out of breath. or sleep, it is my only complain, i'm uncomfortable. as far as complaints it is not a big one. i try to keep my mouth shut. i feel good. i'm excited, i can't wait to meet the girls, but your head spins, i'm in the nesting phase. >> so, are you a first-floor occupant now. sleeping on the couch and rob taking care of you, you will not want to go up the stairs for ever. >> no, unfortunately, it is kind of a necessity in our house. i feel the more i move, the better i feel. i'm not supposed to move too much, but my back is sore. all right. look at this bump. that is a big belly. >> wow. >> a big stomach. so, you know, but the babies
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are growing and everything seems to be going great. which i could not ask for anything more. >> all right. megan, thank you. see you in the second hour. >> i will see you then, charlie. >> behave? got it. all right. now, justin, we will is to get her to show you the bump. >> all right. megan, yes. she was watching. hey, by the way, i want to look at maryland's most powerful doppler radar. it is clear and dry. tomorrow, i will be al essex elementary school. we are trying to encourage the parents and the students to raise money for the cool kids campaign. we will be here tomorrow talking weather and checking out the river. 695 and the beltway. we're looking at i-95. we're quiet this morning. we will take you out to southeast baltimore county and we're looking quiet.
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51 in baltimore, 53 in ocean city. we are relatively quiet and cloud free this morning. a little of patchy fog. from 45 to 50 and a 65 degree lunch hour and sunshine and an extra win this afternoon. over 20 miles per hour and we aim for 63. now, traffic. all right. we have no incidents in your way. now, let's look and see how things are moving out there. this is 95 southbound at 32. the traffic is flowing freely here. all of the lanes are open. don't worry about construction right now. this is 695 on liberty road. most of the volume. inner loop. it appears that the left lane is closed right here at liberty that you can see at the bottom of the screen. charlie. 5:13. health news for you.
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drunk driving incidents have fallen 30% in half of a decade, last year, the lowest mark in 20 years. while the decline? researchers are saying it might be the economic. they are drinking, but they drink the cheaper. they stay home, they don't go to bars, clubs and restaurants. the cdc is saying 300,000 incidences of drunk driving each day. young men, 21 to 34, they were the biggest problem makers. off to break now. it is hard to believe it is that time of the year again. getting ready to carve a pumpkin. b
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fall out the trees. it is pretty, but can leave your yard a mess. now, public works is saying october 17th, solid waste crews will collect bagged leafs every monday through the 30th. you must schedule the pick up by calling 311. the fall foliage means pumpkin season. some have been worried about the pumpkin season with all of the wet weather we have had. now, abc 2 news lynette charles is live with more. we're going to get an education on pumpkins today. >> reporter: yes. we will break to down for your, charlie. some people give for this time of the year. it is not too hot or cold, but just right. like goldilocks and the bears. all right. i have the big pumpkins here and the little pumpkins here as well. now, over on this side, we have pumpkin i'm not sure about.
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so, i'm going to bring in the expert. this is steve weber. it is really early this morningbism highed you, this u shamed thing, what is this? >> it is something, you can use it for pies. the whole neck is meat, there is not core or seeds, the few seeds are on the bottom. then the cindrella pumpkin, it is a decorative pumpkin, but that makes an incredible pie and one more, it is the tan one, that is fairy-tale and another decorative pumpkin. >> reporter: so, by decorative, you mean to do your jack olanterns and that sort of thing. >> you don't core them, you like them for decorations. the large pumpkins like over here, that's a face pumpkin, a traditional carving pumpkin. you can make pies out of them.
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there is a wall of an inch and a half, but this traditional by pumpkins make a lot of pies. >> reporter: this u shape, is this like a squash or totally different? >> it is a type of squash and there is a butternut josh it is smaller. the same thing a neck with all meat and a bell at the bottom with seeds. >> reporter: you don't just do pumpkins here, but a fall festival. >> the whole month of october we have a fall fest. every day, all daylong, hayrides. we have a maze. a lot of things for children to do. >> reporter: that is awesome and a bakery on-site. >> oh, yes. yes. a lot of pumpkin pies, apple pies and the cider doughnuts. >> reporter: exactly, i was about to say the cider doughnuts. i have not heard of them before i'm sure it is amazing.
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>> it is a tradition with apple farms. it started in wisconsin and michigan. and it is a cinnamon donut and with a cup of sideter is amazing. >> reporter: all right. my mouth is water, i'm drooling. there is so much to do and see. the hayride, i have my plans worked out for this weekend. i'm coming back to get a pumpkin and do the hayrides. i recommend it, i have been there many times. now, i have a second one to get there. we will try to aim for one in the next few weekends. good stuff. bring back the cider doughnuts. >> all right. >> and weber is located right there and really easy to get to off of the beltway. we're looking at this particular region and looking at the weather station, 48 degrees this morning. all right. let's check it out. across the region, 51 in baltimore and a lot of places
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north and west in the 40s. not that much chilly airline to be found. sure. 6,000 feet freezing, but every one else in the upper 40s the 50s. we have taken the storm and pushed it off of the coast. that area of low pressure is wrapping in the moisture. later on this morning we have incredible flooding. they had water rescues yesterday with storms around the boston area. that is departing. the breeze is picking up with high pressure that is moving in. a pressure gradient between that storm and the nice weather that is moving in. that helps to funnel the air. the winds out of the north are expected to increase and gusts over 20 miles per hour. it is coming from a trial direction, and no storms in site. cloud free and a few high clouds this afternoon, but overall, a ton of sun, today, tomorrow and through the week. we become a big warming trend.
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73, that's our 2 day guarantee. we are back up a little above normal. 40s overnight. 50s by the way. check out the extended forecast. a drop tomorrow with the wind out of the east. 67 and low 70s on friday. and pushing the 80s on saturday and sunday and warmer on monday. >> all right. a ton of sun. we have roadwork that is going on the outer loop, but moving south a little bit, let's sue how the outer loop is moving through. you can see most of the volume now and the inner loop is moving well. no issues or delays. all of this traffic is moving southbound, don't forget the ramp from 895 southbound is closed. charlie? 5:23. sesame street is welcome a new
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muppet to the neighborhood, that is lily. she is going to be teaching kids about hunger issues. she is an impoverished puppet and her family faces struggles with hunger. she is going be unveiled in a one hour special. it will star brad paisley and his wife and the muppets. stories of real life families dealing with where they they are going to get their next meal. it will air nationwide on sunday. first, the lion king, now other favorites could follow.
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well, marriage is supposed
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to be about honest and trust, but when it comes to money, that goes out the window. 9% of those surveyed would hold the information from keep from worrying their spouses. no word yet on what the numbers are on keeping secrets. walt disney world's lion king is a hit, they are going to release more videos. beauty and the beast is the next one due out in 3d. you can expect the kids to drag you to see that one again. now, 5:28. terrifying moments along new york's east river.
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in today's tech bites. a let down after the i-hypo, after months of speculation about the iphone 5. timp cook surprised many when he introduced the new iphone s. there is a newer camera and other internal upgrades. the highlight is a voice recognition program that turns your iphone s into a personal assistance. people will be able to search the web without typing. >> read me my text. >> reply, i will meet you there. remind you to grab the present when i get home. >> it will be the first iphone sode by sprint and at&t and verizon on the 14th.


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