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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  October 6, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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floor window. a home invasion at a time when most of the people were heading off to work this morning, found a 20-year-old fighting for her life. her escape lead her to this woman who asked us to hide her identity. >> she was banging on my door. she was on the ground because she couldn't walk. she jumped out the window because two men were in her house beating her with a crowbar demanding money. she had no money and made it out the window. >> reporter: you can see where the robbers busted through the front door and the open window on the second floor where the victim made the leap to save her life. >> the officers found that a 20-year-old had been assaulted when two suspects forced their way in. they are two black males, 5. >> reporter: paramedics took her to shock trauma where she
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is being treated. >> she has a broken ankle, wrist, gashes on her legs, got hit in the back of her head. >> reporter: just last month someone attempted a similar break-in at the home of an unidentified couple just across the street who have since moved out. we are told one of those targeted was pregnant. this time the victim had nowhere to run and her god mother said it doesn't surprise her that the young woman would fight back. . >> she is a very good fighter. she is brave for doing this. a lot of people just would have given up but she didn't. >> reporter: neighbors say the robbers may not have known anyone was inside the home since the victim said they made no attempt to hide their identity. police are still investigate figure the invasion is linked to other robberies in the area. jeff hager. >> all right. thank you. now we will take you from baltimore county to baltimore city. a man is shot early this morning in charles village as
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he left a friend's house. this case is familiar to another tragedy in this very same neighborhood. >> reporter: the shooting happened in the 2600 block of st. paul street steps a murder that shocked this quiet area about a year ago. city police say it happened around 5:30. the victim was leaving a friend's house when he was approached by a man who demanded money. the victim handed over his money but the victim was shot any way. this was feet from where a woman was shot to death during a robbery. in this case they need help finding the suspect. >> the shooting that happened was -- people were going to work, may have been walking dogs, may have heard something. we are asking them to contact the northern district. >> reporter: the city police have stepped up patrols in area
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to try to reassure people. anyone with information please call baltimore city police. abc 2news. >> ocean city hotel is closing early for the season because of a possible bacteria outbreak. three people were in the hospital a week after staying the at hotel. tests from the health department indicate the back tierra is in the water of the hotel. final hotel. detailing some of the symptoms of the disease. they include a high fever, chills and a cough. some may suffer muscle aches and symptoms normally set in 2 to 14 days after being exposed and it can be deadly. the day after he died the world remembers the ground breaking creator of apple steve jobs. tj has reaction. >> reporter: the day after
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steve jobs passed away the founder of apple is being compared to iconic people from edison to einstein. bill gates said the world rarely sees someone who has had the impact steve has had. displays of sympathy are popping up on apple stores around the world. here you can see flowers, apples, candles and notes. in japan a half eaten apple that looks like the logo, in china more than 50 million messages have been posted. >> is he a her he to me and to a lot of people all over the world. i'm very sad. >> reporter: on youtube admirers posted tributes. >> even used one of his quotes for my seven quote.
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>> reporter: he changed the way we live, as the creator of pixar he remade the way we watch animated films. >> i have never seen anyone as dedicated to turning dreams and big ideas into reality. >> reporter: being remembered is not just his ability to create but also his ability to inspire. >> did so much. it makes me want to do more. >> all right. take a look at the satellite views right now. crystal clear. have you to go down to virginia state line to find even a few clouds. that is how quiet, how clear things are. temperatures were about five to seven degrees cooler depending on where you are. that core of canada air mass
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settled in. on our way to the 50s. clear and cool out there tonight. we will talk about a very nice warm up into the weekend. >> thank you. are you willing to make a pledge? a pledge to stop bullying in your school. jamie shows you how a crowd says it'll start to make a difference. >> reporter: no more stealing lunch money, getting pinned against the lockers, turning friends against you, now would you go to school? we did. we went to talk to students and teachers, parents. the governor, first lady, even the president of cartoon network was here so it must be important and it is. bullies, goes behind the recess, it's on the internet, phones, what happens to your 13- year-old could stay with them forever. that's why we want to tell you about the national bullying prevention month kickoff starring facebook. >> at its core it's a public statement to your friends,
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family and the community around you that you are doing to take action when you see bullying happen. the idea is to inspire the great majority of people online and elsewhere who aren't bullying to come together as a community and take the simple steps to help someone in need and create a culture saying bullying isn't cool. >> reporter: every seven minutes someone gets bullied and most of the time nobody does anything. now you ready to take the pledge? we will have more tonight at six. abc 2news. >> we are also working for you to help you keep your child safe at school, at the playground and at home. check out the website. click on the money tab and then click consumer. you will find the story, seven must have links to keep your kids safe. what's for breakfast? for many it seems like cereal, that's from a survey by researchers at temple.
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they asked 350 kids what they ate. most had it at home and many ate cereal, 31% ate at school, 20% skipped and nearly the same got it at the store and many just got chips and soda. the healthy school program is tackling childhood obesity. a school in illinois is one of 12,000 schooled involved, the goal to reduce obesity by 2015. any school can participate. what is different about what they do here? for starters they eat healthy foods and there is nothing fried on the menu. >> they replaced less healthy options with fruits and vegetables and run taste tests so kids are introduced to vegetables or fruits they may not have tried before. >> another change, 30 minutes of gym class every day. they take yoga breaks during
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class, the fundraising event that used to be a bake sale is now a one mile walk and students encouraged healthy eating habits. >> when you call a cab you expect to go to where you want to go but some are refusing. a crack down cab drivers. and you are never to old to get your groove on. some seniors busting a move for a good cause. . >> the race is on. what we are racing for coming up. wç?)?)ñ wç?)?)ñ
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. in tonight's health alert a possible breakthrough in stem cell research. sciencists say they figured out how to create human stem cells. the new report published by the new york stem cell foundation said that sciencists created them by injecting dna from a
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skin cell into an unfertilized egg. they hope it could lead to personalized cell that can be transplanted to replace damaged ones. seems like older people are having surgeries at the end of their lives. that's according to a new study. it looked at nearly two million medicare receivers over the age of 65 who died in 2008. nearly one in three had surgery in the last year and one in ten had it in the last week of their lives. the results have some questioning if they were necessary. critics say the study doesn't take into consideration those who had them and lived. we have a warning the fda about possible side effects from a medication used to treat cancer. it's differenten with chemo. after the cancer has spread.
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some sides effects include bleed, blood clots, stroke and heart attack. the fda warns it could affect the ability for women to get pregnant. the drug stops the ovaries from releasing eggs the way it should. we are seeing pink this monthal over the world. october is breast cancer awareness month and tonight we are focusing on awareness and money for research. lynette charles joins you live from northwest baltimore with more on what we will see. >> reporter: yes. you know i am here for a race but it's not for a horse race, it's for the race to help cure breast cancer. as everybody know this is october so its breast cancer awareness month. with that i want to bring in robin and she is the executive
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director of koehman maryland. this is a beautiful afternoon. we have the opportunity to watch, witness the lighting of the field tonight. we also want to acknowledge the partnership that we have with the maryland jockey club. that will be the third year at the preakness. it's an opportunity to showcase the 21215 zip code that was a high incidence of breast cancer and to talk about the race for the cure. lots of things. >> reporter: how long have you been a part of this and how many things have you done? >> this is our third year of our partnership, moving in to the third year. really exciting. >> reporter: how long have you been with the race? >> i'm going into my 12th year as the executive director. >> reporter: we were talking about how something different this year but you do things different every year, what happened last year? >> each year we try to reach
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new audiences and that haven't connected, we are open to all kinds of events in the community and people can call us and set up different kinds of venues and parties and found raising activities and we are happy to talk to anyone to happen organize a fundraising event. >> reporter: this is such a good cause, how does this make you feel being a part of it especially being a part of it for 12 years. >> i have been very privileged to be involved this organization and it feels wonderful to know that you are spending your time even though it can belong days and weeks and lots of extraordinary events that happen but it's really wonderful to know that your efforts are contributing to such a large cause. >> reporter: that sounds good. i know in this day and age a lot of people know somebody with breast cancer or have experienced themselves. what is your background sniffle i don't have it but i know a lot of people that do have it. i have also witnessed in the
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years that i have been here the change of it being regarded as a life threatening disease to something becoming more of a chronic condition. that -- it's not a 100% cure but it's moving in the right direction and it's exciting and it's a result of mostly of the work of the organization. >> reporter: i thank you and appreciatey time. we are here on a beautiful day but you know this is definitely an ugly disease and we are working toward a cure. back to you. >> thank you. you know if you are looking for a great way to support a great cause you with register still for the race for the cure. the event to help fight breast cancer is being held in hunt valley sunday october 23rd. the 5k starts at 8:00 a.m. a lot of activities going on including the major survivor's walk. join us as we broadcast live from hunt valley for the race, 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.
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october 23rd in hunt valley. and we are thinking -- pink all month long. we had a special section dedicated to supporting breast cancer research and awareness right here on the website. just log on. >> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> and i know you like the shoes too the ravens had on sunday night. >> i did. they were great and the gloves. >> good stuff. good victory too. 70 at pwi, humidity dry as a bone. 36%, sunshine, beautiful weather and -- you know high temperatures today were about five to seven degrees cooler because the center of this dry canadian air mass centering itself over the state today dropping the temperatures just a fraction but not enough to make a big difference, look at all the sailors on the severn,
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great views and just a light breeze down toward camp springs, the radar continues to be bone dry. that will hold up into next week. chances for rain coming maybe five, six seven days from now. temperature wise upper 60s to around 70. they were up in the mid-70s the other day so that's a bit of a cooldown with that dry cool air mass over maryland and you see the humidity numbers just -- down right bone dry. across the entire midatlantic states right now nothing in terms of active weather. very limited cloud cover. the few cloud was have are well south over the carolina coast and slightly more active weather toward iowa but -- you know just nothing really remarkable. here is that high pressure cell. the dead center of it which is now over baltimore slightly cooler and that's why we drop the temperatures five degrees.
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as this thing shifts further east we will start to get a southerly flow over the weekend and that south breeze will push the temperatures up and we think we could see them up in to the low 80s by the weekend. you see the low 80s down toward nashville, at hand it, charleston south carolina. we have hurricane felippee finally made the jump to over hurricane strength winds. category one, still to the east of bermuda and in a direction that's north northeast. that's going to pull it away from the friends on the island there. looks like bermuda will sit okay on this. interesting to note that the tropics have activity this late in the hurricane season. overnight 44 degrees, going to be clear and crisp, below average temperatures no question about that but not by a lot. then friday, 73, sunny skies, warmer, good stuff. tomorrow night, 47 or so, and -- about a three quarters moon, it'll be nice and moonlit out
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there for you. seven day forecast, i don't know why i love that word, moonlit. seven day forecast, temperatures around 80 or so sunday. into monday, so again a little warmer tomorrow, crisp cool night still on the way. when does it end? looks like it could be as early as wednesday next week. >> enjoy it while it lasts. >> better it'll be better. >> you like to dance? >> depends, put on brick house, something good, maybe. >> check out this next story. >> ♪ [ music ] . baltimore seniors putting on their dancing shoes and rocking it out at roseville park. its part of the city's week long healthy city days, initiative is aimed to get
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people moving educating themselves about healthy lifestyle choices. are you never to old to get out and get moving. coming up he is a cancer survivor with a lot of complications. william schneider needs a dog to stay alive. how you can help. and the occupy wall street protest is spreading turning violent.
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. let's take a look from headlines, a man matching the description of the california quarry shooting suspect is dead
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after being shot by police in a neighborhood. police say the man was shot and killed around 7:30. the suspect opened fire apparently yesterday at a quarry, three people were killed and six were hurt. police believe he also shot a woman in an attempted carjacking. the search for that 10- month-old girl kidnap from her home has been expanded to the nearby wooded area. they are also looking for lisa irwin -- in a park and the sewers. her parents say she disappeared late monday or early tuesday. police have been rushing for leads in this investigation. anti wall street demonstrators are picking up steam. in new york they rushed police barricades last night. police responded with force. more than two dozen people were arrested. protest started three weeks ago with just a couple dozen people
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who said they were speaking out against corporate greed. today the president said the demonstrations a backlash against perceived inequalities. halloween just still a fee weeks away but retailers are already getting geared up for the holiday. will that mean big deals for shoppers in find outcoming up. b
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. >> county residents looking for a lift from the cabs here and instead were taken for a ride. i will have all the details coming up at 5:30 here an abc2. >> he is already lived through so much. we will bring you the amazing story of a boy who beat cancer but now he needs your help. >> october is here and so is breast


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