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tv   News  ABC  October 10, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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younger. why children are told to join the crowd. part of the california culture that golden glow, if you are under 18, you are not going to get this the tanning beds soon. one governor turns off the indoor lights relating to may minors. the iphone, wait in line. preordering was a success, for apple. but not so much if you are wanting to get your hands on one right away. we will give you the details on columbus day. good morning maryland i'm charley crowson. news update for you, kent county schools opening an hour late today as a result of fog and low lying areas. a check of the forecast and fog update from justin berk. search around for the fog. half an hour away from the sunrise. a bit of dark out. there some of you had a chance to see the moonlight and glow as it was forming. arundel among the places that have it and valley areas across
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baltimore county. 54 easton to baltimore. 46 york. 50 hagerstown. we got high clouds starting to stream in. that will make for a milky cloud and dim sunshine, but we pump in more heat and how fitting on this columbus day. he thought he landed in india. they call it indian summer. there is different reasons and meanings. many think it's after the first killing frost. it was chilly a week ago and now we warm to 85. call it indian summer. we will talk about next. here is tanya rivero. i like it. route 1 southbound, lorel at north lorel road. an incident. this the near the key bridge, we do have on tin i loop, -- the inner loop, stay to the left if you can.
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695, liberty road, it is moving, more volume on the outer loop to the right. we are doing okay. drive times are our normal times, 83ing 95, no problems. outi loop 6 minutes. 7 minutes 795 to 70. pledging to bring down corporate meek and calling for e quality. occupy wall street protest is going on. today could be a swing day of sports and linda so is here to explain. >> fist the group anonymous says it will take down the new york stock exchange's website. the group of on line hackers will crash the site at 3:30. organizers are calling on children to speak out today, since they will be out of school. protesters say kids have been victims in this, watching parents lose jobs and homes.
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the occupy wall street movement is in the fourth week and protesters are in it for the long haul. it inspired other protests to pop up across the country including one in front of the white house. yesterday a man was arrested there for throwing a show that hit a secret service agent. >> so much frustration in the system. you are without a job, you are mad. >> protesters camped in and out downtown baltimore at the corner of white and pratt streets. linda so, abc2 news. occupy wall street protesters are gaining high profile support, more these days. reverend al sharpton plans to bro cast his radio show from 1:00 to 4:00 from the occupy wall street area. organizers are also calling today for kids to speak out. most kids are off for columbus day. organizers saying the kids are the victims when it comes to economic crieses in the
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country. >> -- crisis in the country. >> republican race for the white house. called the r word, religion, mormonism is going to be open for debate at the republican presidential campaign. >> it's a cult. it would give credence to a cult to have a mormon candidate. >> rick perry, mitt romney and ohs have. perry said mormonism is not a cult. that's our hot topic. should religious beliefs be a consideration. does religion matter when it comes to the presidency? the official fan page, will let us know what you think. people in kansas city missouri are keeping a missing
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baby in thoughts and prayers. lisa irwin was reported missing. her parents found her crib empty. earlier the police say the parents stopped talking about the investigation, they have sense said the parents have begun cooperating. authorities say a woman was on a boat that capsized saturday and she drowned. four people including a 4-year- old girl treaded water for 20 hours before being rescued. three others picked up by passers by. no word on what caused the boat to sing. jerry brown signed a law barring 14-18 year olds from using tanning beds. california's law has become the most restrictive. the health organization classified the beds as cars nagennic to -- carcinogenic to humans.
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national center for missing and exploited children. red robin will give away free child id kits. how about a chicken sandwich. 30 local chick-fil-a restaurants are hosting a date night from dads and daughters. there are two thousand that signed up. local chick-fil-as will have events available. some a red carpet, other photography services, some providing limo rides. this bridge needs work, so do we, that tts message delivered tonight. >> reporter: jobs, jobs, more jobs, that's what a group of unemployment workers want and gather on the russel street bridge. that story is coming up. >> reporter: ladies hit the football field here for a purple evening. i'm sherrie johnson, i will have a preview coming up. looking at florida now.
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this storm is heading our way and could bring flooding. we will talk about that nest. -- next. inner loop at key bridge, a broken down car, what else is going on traffic wise? more when we continue. @póo
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good morning, i'm charley crowson. time for your abc2 news to go. a lot going on as we start the workweek. kuren redmond has more information about a push to create jobs around the area. sherrie johnson is live with ravens and the ladies at mt bank stadium. tonya will step you with the commute. justin berk has a check of the forecast, fog is what is going on now. fog like the temperatures can be really different from one town to the next. 47 towson. 57 edge mere. one hour delay because of fog. this is high clouds rolling in. you may have fog in northern baltimore county. the valley locations, saw that developing on the commute and reports in southern arundel county. we are looking at basically
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this storm system to the south, responsible for throwing the clouds our way. circulation in florida will turn the corner and reach us with rain midweek. enjoy the taste of late summer weather. reaching to 85 this afternoon. 2-degree guarantee with cloud cover. inner loop, key bridge ax broken down car in the right lane. stay to the left if you can. not causing too much of a deray. looking at the jfx, northern parkway, traffic is running southbound at this time. it's moving well. no delays to fayette downtown. topside of the beltway, 695, harford, seeing the slow down to the right. give yourself extra time, starting to get volume on the inner loop as well. back to you. some in baltimore are fed up the government and take to it a bridge and use it as a focal point for a protest. kuren redmond is at the bridge
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with a preview of what some are saying the bridge is as far as symbolic role. >> reporter: charlie, millions of americans are jobs. a group of unemployed workers plan on protesting, they plan on having a vigil along the russel street bridge. the reason they chose the bridge because they say the bridge needs work and so do we, referring to the infrastructure part of president obama's jobs bill. estimated 30 o$million american are out of work. the senate is expected to make a major vote on president obama's $447 billion american jobs acts bill. the bill could create 2 million jobs, to fix infrastructure cut payroll taxes and extends benefits and provide money. the unemployed workers who will gather say they support the bill. obama says it's top priority. republicans say it will do little to create jobs.
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it's doing the same thing he has done before expecting to have a different outcome. we want to work, helping small businesses grow and getting certainty on the policy regulations, taxes, debt, for the small businesses. >> reporter: hundreds are expected to come out to the russel street bridge, camming this a vigil, not a protest as expected to get underway. reporting live, kuren redmond, abc2 news. the rain, the wind and damage we saw come with hurricane irene, but the power outages lasted for weeks. tomorrow night you will have a chance to voice the frustration with bge. the energy company is going to have hearings to receive comments on performance during the storm. if you are interested this is the second rounds of public hearings, tomorrow night, 7:00, at the assembly hall on gay
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street. state trooper thought i he was pulling over a car for missing a light. the stop turned in to a marijuana bust. police say the trooper smelled marijuana and searched the car and found a large laundry bag with 9 pounds of freshly cut weed. the driver and passenger are charged with possession with intent to deliver. baltimore journalist who spent nearly 6 months in a libyan president are fighting alongside in the country. he is carrying a high powered weapon in citer -- his mom and tboif talk to him a -- girlfriend talk to him a few times a week. he says he is planning on staying there.
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>> i'm very frustrated. we did work very hard and a lot of people helped us. >> van dyk's mom says her son is on his own if he continues the journey. she warned him if something happens she can't solicit help from the u.s. state department. signs place aid long maryland highways, the association spends half a millionion dollars a year removing signs. they can impede visibility. violaters will have too cough up $25 for every sign. the law is in effect in january. five things you need to know on monday. autopsy performed on a firefighter that collapsed during a marathon. he was raising money to help burn victims. president barack obama will be in bethesda, scheduled to
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visit wounded service members. former president george bush will host the warrior open golf tournament. the tournament features members of the armed forces wounded while serving in iraq or afghanistan. it runs today and tomorrow in iriving texas outside dallas. computer hacking group anonymous is pledging to take down the computers for the new york stock exchange at 3:30. threatening to erase the stock exchange from the internet, we will keep you updated on that. time for basketball, players known are no deal on the collective bargaining lockout. scheduled to return to the table this afternoon. if no deal is reached, commissioner says the first two weeks of the regular season set to begin november 1st, will be canceled. a sold out event at mt bank stadium. sherrie johnson tells us about what is hailed as purple evening. this is a sellout. >> reporter: that's right.
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for a second year in a row the event has sold out more than 6000 people expected to attend. we are standing in front of gate a, where they will head inside tonight. tonight it's about the ladies coming out and celebrating the baltimore ravens here at mt bank stadium. this is the 5th year they held the event and a night for the ladies and gives them a chance to learn about the up close and personal, some ravens play is will be on hand signing autographs, participating in forums and skilled sessions and have access to the stadium. a purple evening evolved from the previous ravens women's festival and football one on one events offed in years past. the evening is not exclusively for women but catered to female ravens fans. it runs from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. tonight. gate a opens at 4:00, that's right where i'm standing. folks can line up at 3:30 to grab a wristband for the
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autograph signing. folks should have a whole will the of fun tonight. reporting live at mt bank stadium. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. maybe hot like summer here, put in colorado, this is justin berk special because it's cold. cold enough for snow. saturday it was a great day for those getting out to enjoy sledding. making snowmen, not so much for people trying to get around from the first notable snowfall, 8 inches justin. that's a good start. none of it around here. >> west virginia beat them a week ago with the 9 inches. anymore one week to the other, we could flip back and looking at the colder than normal weather pattern, maybe for a second half of the month. maybe halloween time. now, this morning, we are looking at this storm system, rolling through florida. how long can the warm weather last? high pressure in control.
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spreading high clouds. from this storm in florida, the rain is north as south carolina. that storm system tapping in to the moisture and both low and high pressure, helping to funnel in the moisture, at least at high level with the clouds and we will get the rain out of the system. watching a boundary, it brought turbulent weather and heavy rains to texas, yesterday. delaying the start of the championship series. we are looking at wind flow ahead of it. helping to direct this moisture in our vicinity. looking at the moisture basically in terms of cloud cover today. intermitt at the intermittent sunshine and low dense cover to build in through tomorrow. the rain won't build in until tomorrow afternoon. we are looking for showers and storms, in to heavy rain, wind with this wednesday. could be a washout, a few inches on the way. we could look at flooding, even after our five day stretch of
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sunny, dry weather. today 85. not a record. our 2-degree guaranteed high gets us back to summer like weather. back to 60s, patchy fog day break. 70s tomorrow. rain wednesday, thursday and friday, leftover showers and storms. 67 will do it saturday afternoon after a cool start for the marathon. earlier broken down car on the inner loop at the key bridge is cleared out of the way. there is no delay there. let's look at the jfx, we are doing okay at cold spring lane. southbound traffic is busier towards downtown. no issues as you get to the 41st street overpass. it's moving well. taking a look at the beltway, topside at harford road. slow down on the outer loop to the right. slight improvement from a few minutes ago. give yourself extra time. inner loop is moving well with the on coming traffic. go to the wmar facebook fan
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page. weigh in on the question about religion and presidential politics. we want to hear what you have to say. let's go to new york for good morning america.
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