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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  October 11, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> ricki lake could be the front-runner. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." and have a great tuesday, now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. the owner of a popular baltimore nightclub speaks out after a triple stabbing. the story coming up. if you smoke, some people want you to pay more for a pack of cigarettes. i am linda so, the new push to raise the state's tobacco he tax. and some baltimore youngsters are doing their part to stay healthy today. i am her ri -- sherrie johnson. the latest on the let's move campaign. >> october 11th, tuesday morning good morning. i am charley crowson. hope your day is off to a great start. let's check the forecast and say good morning to meteorologist justin berk. >> good morning. we are looking at mild temperatures. 60s on the eastern shore. we pushed in 55 in towson and
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ellicott city and cooler pockets developing fog. 61 eldersburg and bel air and the clouds are streaming back in. we noticed the thin veil of clouds and ring around the moon. overnight and that's a sign of an approaching storm trekking through the panhandle of florida. rain spreading up towards north carolina and southern virginia. and it look like that could reach us by this afternoon. we will talk about that coming up. right now, let's get the first look at the roads with tanya. >> reporter: we are accident free in baltimore county. we have an accident in the city. at reisterstown road in the cleanup stages. let's look at the beltway. light traffic so far on the northwest side just south of 795 at old court road. most of the traffic building on outer loop. moving away from the camera. top side at harford road light track as well. nothing to worry about right now. charley. more trouble for mount
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vernon nightclub making headlines for a triple stabbing. what's happening now and what does the owner have to say. let's go to corinne redman standing live outside the baltimore police headquarters with the latest. corinne. >> reporter: well, last night eden's lounge held a fund- raiser for breast cancer but it was different saturday night when three people were stabbed and now the owner is speak out. with cell phone video shows a man with bandages over stab wound. police report says three people were stabbed but the victims doesn't know who assaulted them or what led to the incident. one victim was reportedly confused and highly intoxicated. the mount vernon club made headlines for a crime that happened outside the club over a year ago when tyrone brown a former marine was killed last year by off duty police officer. econdition's lounge owner says he has security throughout the nightclub and front door and
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normally there's a heavy police presence in the area. but given the events e. plans on making tougher restrictions. >> it hurts me to my heart adults act like this. >> reporter: now edwards says that he plans on meeting with the neighborhood association president today. also police have no suspects in the triple stabbing. reporting live, corein redman, abc2 -- corinne redman abc2 us. a crash happened around one in a semi truck slammed into the back of a car. this is a view from the m dot camera. the impact of the collision left two other people in bad shape. more gun violence this morning. monday afternoon in east baltimore, police say the details are scarce but a shooting left one man dead and 20 years old kevin pierre died
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at or leans street. police have not released information about the suspect or possible motive. and this is a map of pimlico racecourse where another man was shot sunday morning. police are looking into a person who possibly opened fire in the parking lot as a private party wrapped up. they spotted a 25-year-old man with several gunshot wound. he is expected to survive. if you at downs park sunday night, listen up. police need help with an ateemed abduction. -- attempted abduction. james -- this man was arrested after a woman saw the map give the boy monies and tried to get him to walk away with them and she intervened. boys left scene and the woman left as well. now police are looking for that woman for helping in the investigation. if you know anything about this call police as quickly as possible. south baltimore investigators are trying to figure out what started a tugboat fire. that fire broke out around two
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monday afternoon at patapsco river. the fire was difficult to putout because the fuel line break that happened after the fire started. no one was injured as a result of the fire. if you a smoker, this may not light your fire. a campaign will launch today to build public support for increasing the tobacco tax by a dollar per pack. linda so joins us with the president of the maryland citizens health initiative with more on this. what's going on? >> reporter: well, right now, we pay $2 per pack and the goal is to raise it to $3 per pack and to tell us all about it is vinny demarco. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> reporter: what are you looking to do in. >> we are looking to save lives. over the last ten years there's been a dramatic drop in teen smoking and overall smoking in harold because of the increase in the cigarette tax. we have saved 70,000 lives from unnecessary tobacco caused deaths. and we have used the money to
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expand health care to over 250,000 maryland people because of an increase in cigarette tax. and this year we increase the alcohol tax which is saving lives. we want to build on that success by increasing cigarette tax another dollar per pack that will save many thousands more people from unnecessary preventable tobacco caused death and bring in the kind of money we need to make sure people have health care. it's good policy. >> sure. >> reporter: later this morningyou will launch something brand new. >> later this morning hosted by the aarp we will have many, manyprominent organizations in maryland from the medical society, to the naacp, urban league, united seniors and faith groups coming together and saying let's build on our success. and this chart over here shows so well that when you increase the cigarette tax, you decrease smoking. so let's do it again and this is good policy a politics
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because the vast majority of marylanders want it to happen. >> reporter: thanks so much. you will be with us all morning and we will get to the chart so you can explaining it during the next hit. today, the goal is the new campaign to raise the tobacco tax from a $2 to $3. we are going to be talking about some other taxes on cigars as well. so, we will have that in the next hit. live in north baltimore, linda so, abc2 news. more than half of adults take vitamins every day. and the study shows that in some cases the supplements are doing no good or may increase the risk of some disease. the study found older women who talk a multivitamin were in a slight increase of death dying of heart disease or cancer. dietary supplements don'trequire testing other drugs do. >> up until now there hasn't been much benefit or risk. some thought it might help but probably won't hurt. this raises the question that it might hurt.
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and i think that's a whole different level of understanding that we need to capri -- understanding we need to comprehend. >> in a statement it is important to keep in mind it's a associative not a cause and effect study. reeling from damages from hurricane irene, a community got good news. they were cut off from the rest of the state and what's been the story straight ahead. plus, are you a necklace users? companies change their minds again what you need to know about the service coming up. you are watching -- netflix user? the company changed their mind again what you need to know about the service come coming up. a report of what's going on and happened while you were sleeping when we return.
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. here at home we are back to
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normal. but in nationhead north carolina -- nagshead north carolina islanders are back with the real world. bridge closed was reopened and the temporary bridge replaces a section of the highway on highway 12 where irene washed it back in august. now, they can stop using the emergency ferry. and here at home the customers who were out as a result of irene will have a chance to voice frustrations tonight. bge will be part of meetings at 7:00 at the assembly hall in the war memorial building. this is the second meetings. you can voice your concerns about how bge responded in the wake of irene. time for a check of the forecast. let's go back inside to justin. what's going on? yesterday it was a perfect afternoon. >> it was a little warm for some of our tastes but if you enjoyed it i. hope you made the most of it. it will be the last warm day for a while. we are mild out there. 61 in baltimore and easton -- and cool pockets to the north.
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york, p.a. at 48. notice the light cloud cover. we have been up in the evening overnight or early this morning and had a chance to see the moonshine through and there's some areas of patchy dense fog and moisture building in. 55 to # 0 for most -- 60 for most of us. there could be afternoon showers and rain arriving tonight through tomorrow. a high today of 74. above normal but not the 80s charley might like. it will get cooler tomorrow. we will talk more about that coming up but here's tanya. >> reporter: roadwork is clean 95 northbound at the beltway in arbutus. 259 northbound between 195 and the beltway there's still roadwork. 59 north of i-95 traffic running southbound with the oncoming traffic -- 95 northbound at i-95 traffic rung southbound with the oncoming traffic. traffic building in both directions but no incidents and that's always good news. if you headed into locust point, you may want to think
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twice. main drag has been closed for the last month after residents lobbied for years to get the bridge repaired. progress is being made at a cost a major inconvenience having ford avenue out of commission means long lines on the alternate routes. >> i been here for a few minutes already, and it's about 15 cars in front of me. yesterday it was 40 minutes. >> reporter: the city says the bridge replacement should be done by the end of next june. still to come on "good morning maryland" at 4:30, remember joe the plumber? he filed papers and is shooting for gnaw profession. what -- for a new profession? what is it? why people are not surprised to see this. and who is responsible for the amish hair attacks we told you about last week? what's been uncovered may surprise you. you want to stick around for that coming up in a bit when good morning maryland returns on this tuesday morning. news time is now 4:43 a live look at downtown baltimore.
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five things to know on this tuesday morning. if you use netflix the companychanged their mind again. the company canceled the plan to create quickster. the kust percent will continue to use the -- customers will continue to use the same website with one account and password. roger william who played at the white house for nine presidents passed away. the famed pianist reported more than 100 albums including abillboard top 40 hit e died from comply cages from pancreatic cancer. joe the plumber made headlines during the 2008 presidential campaign when he asked the president obam. a about his tax plan. he filed paperwork to run in the 9 district as a republican. the count down is on the arrival for the jay-z and beyonce. they are expecting the bundle come february and she says she
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is ready for motherhood. and the first two weeks of the nba season exactly 100 games are no more. more than 7 hours negotiations failed monday to produce a labor deal. and preserve the november 1st start date. no additional formal talks have been scheduled at this time. news time 4:46. and in today's education alert, little ones will be setting to break a world record for jumping jacks. emily price jones head start is teaming up with the kids magazine for that event and education reporter sherrie johnson is in the studio with the story but not a demonstration. sherrie. >> reporter: we will get to that in a bit. but this is all a part of first lady michelle obama's let's move campaign. she is trying to reduce childhood obesity and wants to drop the rate from 20% to 5% by 2030. and emily price jones head stat and national geographic kids magazine are teaming up for a jumping jack event today. the goal is to break the guinness world record title for
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jumping jacks. in order to break the record, more than 20,000 people worldwide need to complete one minute of jumping jacks between october 11th today and 3 p.m. tomorrow. mrs. obama is expected to kick off the 24-hour period with one period of jumping jacks at the white house. national geographic kids magazine encourages kids and families to get teens, classmates and organization and communities to join them in breaking the magazine's 5th guinness world record. today, 300 jumpers will participate by doing one minute of these at three today in he will begin at the head -- elgin at the head start. good luck. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> i can't believe you did that. incredible journalist. for more on the lotes let's move campaign and to keep up with events around the u.s., go
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to let's and you will find everything you need to know and -- everything you need to know and find a link to that site at our site. an update to a story we brought you last week. the proposed homeless shelter in dundalk. an organization hoped to put 16 homeless men in a temporary shelter is backing out. what they are saying is they were supposed to have moved in to the day in the parsonage but neighbors made the feelings known loud and clear and a meeting in dundalk and the director of the organization streets of hope says other churches in baltimore county will help step in to fill the void. >> we have very strong faith and we know we will be okay. we know we will be okay. god will provide. >> the other churches are in southeastern baltimore county and were waiting for a permanent solution. news time 4:49. there's an interesting tore story a judge in detroit -- story of a judge in detroit
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that re-- the judge said the wreck was unfortunate but went onto say there's lawmaking the government immuned to lawsuit when property is in the hands of law enforcement. some believe the agent was out for a joyride when he lost control of that 3/4 of a million dollar car. the protest on wall street are entering the fourth week and police officers in new york are keeping the post around the perimeter of the park in the center of all this and with no end in sight, the cost of police surveillance will continue to rise at a time when the mayor is ordered city wide budget cuts. the nypd has spent 1.9 million dollars mostly on overtime pay for the patrol area near the park. and even though cold weather is on the way, protesters say they don't plan on leaving any time soon and they are look for places to go that are indoors. an update on the attacks on amish people. three people faces charges in eastern ohio and police say the suspects are part of the same religion. the amish are shaken by the news and authorities say the
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first attack involved six men and six women bursting into a home and cutting a man's beard and woman's hair them were attacked by their children. officials say the mastermind behind the attacks is an amish bishop who is not been charged but two of his sons were arrested. check this out. video of a shootout in gas station in houston, texas. you can see two men hold up a gas station jump over the counter and then flash their gun. what is shocking is the store clerk hiding to the side of the screen takes his gun out and starts firing with the crooks. officers caught up with one of the robbers but the man in the white shirt is on the loose. and a happy ending. a 4-year-old boy is credited with saving his family from a fire. it happened in wayne township pennsylvania and you can see the damage. firefighters are working to put out the hot spot but everyone made it out thanks to the young man. >> i got everybody out because i told mama there was a fire.
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then there was smoke and everything and there was -- >> he says he wants to be a firefighter. the cause of the home fire remains under investigation. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> 4:52 now. and we are looking at the gulf coast. this is the region where the storm now located to the north of pensacola. we have a very distinct circulation and pulling in a strong tropical feed and you see almost banding nature. it looks like a tropical system and it isn't. doesn't have a name. but it will cause a problem. and the problem persisting up towards the carolinas. we will go up across mid atlantic and you can see the feed all the way down to the south and pushing its way on into virginia and heavy ran along the outer he banks we toldyou about that bridge opening up in nagshead and they have the threat of looming rain
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as a result of this system. it's not tropical. we are pushing the south, south eastern flow off the atlantic into the carolinas and building clouds into our reason. it will take a track past maryland and bring the heaviest rain for us tomorrow. our future radar model indicates we have got ourselves a look at rain building in this afternoon through the evening. and bands of showers overnight. the heaviest rain may get lost in the eastern shore but we will have waves of rain building in tomorrow. today it's an afternoon threat of showers with a high of 74. here's tanya with a look at that traffic. >> reporter: we have an accident investigation going on reisterstown road and traffic gets by that intersection so you should be good to go. let's look at 95 at 175. no issues between the beltways. you should be good southbound between elk ridge and salveage. checking 95 at fort mchenry tunnel. traffic is flowing freely. most traffic is running
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southbound into the tunnel as you can see to the left of the screen. northbound has no delay. 50 west at the bay bridge is in the right lane. charley. they brought their children out hoping to show them a message of peaceful resistance. coming up, why this group of yeni women were attacked as they tried to honor one of their own. one the remote spots on earth. a scientist there needs medical help. how long it could take before the help arieives. yoi are watching guy morning maryland. a live look at 95 north of o'donnell. we are back in a bit. -- arrives. you are watching good morning maryland. a live look at 95 north of o'donnell.
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. 4:56. fear building in libya as thousands of missiles from qaddafi's regime are missing. s officials say they are concern the stockpile of more than 20,000 portable antiaircraft missiles could end up in the hands of terrorist.
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fear is some of the shoulder fired missiles may have been smug led across the border into african countries. to yemen large crowds of women was inspired of a noble peace prize we told you about and they took to the streets to celebrate the award. they brought their children to show peaceful resistance. dozens of women demonstrators were injured when pro government forces attacked them with rocks and batons. desperate medical drama unfolding in the most remote places. it's been a week since american scientists stationed at the southpole has been suffered what she thought was a stroke. her family is fighting to get her help and rescue. her speech and vision is impaired but the weather is so cold it's too dangerous for a flight in or out and she remains trapped. >> it's time for me to get out of here and get on with my medical treatment and hopefully this is not some sort of
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degenerating disability. >> the company that runs the lab where she is stuck is trying to save her he a specialized rescue plane is ready to go but won't be able to land for another week when the weather in the south pole clears up. now, good morning maryland. >> reporter: one mount vernon nightclub makes headlines again after a triple stabbing. first the alcohol tax, now it's the state's tobacco tax. the push that starts today to get smokers to make more for cigarettes. a lot of people don't know football. they just come and see the players in tight pants but don't know football. >> hold on now. that's a family show but if they didn't know fat ball they do now. it was about the ladies at m and t bank stadium. we will teak you there for
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purple evening. good morning i am charley crowson. let's get to it for a check of the forecast and say hello, to meteorologist justin berk. >> good morning. we are looking at our camerafrom yesterday and wanted to show you the cloud across the sky. cirrus clouds made for a thin veil covering to even provide the hailo around the sun during the day -- halo around the sun during the day and evening hours. a better shot after sunset we were able to see the moon come up through the cloud cover. it comes up shortly. yeah, our sign is blobbing it. temperatures this morning are mild thanks to the veil of cloud. low 60s around the bay. glen burnie and edgemere 63. 60 up in bel air. 55 in towson and interior sections of baltimore county that have fog. in fact some areas around the periphery developed fog because of the push of moisture out


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