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tv   News  ABC  October 11, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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near 60 and 50 and 48 in york, p.a. with fog disburseddate around interstate 83 area. 7:12 sunrise we probably won't see much with thickening clouds and showers later in the day. take the umbrella or rain jacket on ride home. let's check in on track. >> reporter: more people are getting up and out on the roads and things are starting to slow down. let's look on the northwest side. this is from old court road. slow traffic from 795 down to baltimore national pike or so. we will be slow past baltimore national pike. looking at 95 north of white marsh to the right. that's the southbound traffic getting towards the beltway that's starting to slow down as well. so this is affecting our drive times. 83 is doing fine. doing okay top side of the beltway but 95 from white marsh to the beltway 6 minutes. outer loop 795 to 70 will take ten minutes. charley. well, more than half of adults take vitamins.
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a study finds some cases, the supplements either do no good or may increase a risk of dying from cancer our heart disease. sherrie johnis here with more on which ones help and which could be a potential risk. >> reporter: well, we spent almost 27 billion dollars a year on supplements. for millions it's part of the daily routine. researchers say for older women, some of the vitamins might be harmful. the study looked at almost 40,000 women ages 55 to 69 over the course of 19 years. the study found older women who took a multivitamin b6, folic acid magnesium zinc or copper were at slight increased risk of death. they were dying from heart disease and cancer. the study shows women who took iron what 3.9% increased risk of death. this report follows other studies that found other supplements may be harmful. dietary supplements don't require the same testing drugs do.
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>> up until now there hasn't been much ben mit can be benefit or rising with mullet -- benefit or risk with multivile minimums. this raises that it might hurt. people are taking something to improve their health but it might harm their health. >> reporter: critics say the study was biased and didn't prove that supplement caused any harm. they say this is not a cause and effect study. critics say the study doesn't warrant sweeping overstated concerns for elderly women. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. 6:32. in the death of steve jobs was caused by respiratory arrest resulting from pancreatic cancer. spreading to other organs acoring to a cop every his death certificate e passed away at -- he passed away at 56. apple will hold a ceremony
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honoring his life. why do kids bully each other. a team of sociologist are trying to and he the question and figure out how it could be stopped. they call it to climb -- they call it aggressive social behavior to climb the ladder. >> a race to the top and view yourself as important person of your school and that is why bullying occurs. >> and the study found the higher they get the more aggressive and victim identities they become. 56 -- victimized they become. more than 80% of incidents were never reported to adults. it's bull requesting awareness month and nationwide program is trying to get kid to speak up about bullies and you are encourage to take the stop the bully pledge put in your zip code on facebook. glid 6:33. this morning-- it's 6:33. a shoot outat gas station
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caught on -- shootout at a gas station in texas is caught on statement one of the suspect fires the weapon and the store clerk fires back. one of the men was hit in the arm and the employee were hurt. both are expected to recover. the other gunman in the white t- shirt is at large this morning. a man who claims to help fight crime wound up and rest. he ran -- wond up under arrest e ran up to -- wound up under arrest. he went to help what he thought people fighting and the people jones allegedly hit with the pepper spray say they were not fighting but dancing. you can classify this story as an odd category. this maybe the store iest day i don't care what you say. pittsburgh, pennsylvania a man
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drops his bag of marijuana outside a convenience store monday and a police officer found the drugs and get this, that man asked the cop if cohave his drugs back. the officer said no and the debate rolled on as did the cameras. >> >> no i thought you were going to be cool about it. >> be cool about it? when i walk up and find marijuana on the ground and you say that's my marijuana. >> oh that conversation goes on and this is our story of the day. check this out if you can find it. because the young man said he thought because it was $15 bag of weed was no big deal and he thought marijuana should be legalized. he was not arrested because the police officer didn't actually see him holding the bag before he ahdgedly dropped it. customers complained and netflix -- allegedly dropped it. customers complained and netflix heard. they won't make changes to the mail service and social media can do more than entertain.
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one retailer is using it to get you to spend more money we will explain ahead. you are watching "good morning maryland" on this tuesday, october 11th. a live look down south at atlanta georgia. i am a face unclogger.uncl.
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all right netflix is hitting the rewind button. weeks ago they announced they would rename the dvd by mail service quickster and netflix would focus on online streaming video. they decided to abandon the plan after customers loudly registered complaints. wal-mart is using social media to draw customers for the holiday shopping season of the they will have facebook pagestailored for their locations and people can get information on new products events and discount offers. and it's finally happened. the new facebook app available
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for the ipad. a long delayed app was subject to the chatter in silicone valley. no facebook app for the and droid. the kindle will to the face with the app and this is something that came out and we found out about it in the abc2 newsroom and i went to my ipad and uploaded it and you did let's look at it. this is my home page and on my ipad so go to the facebook app the official app and takes you to the page. nothing really elaborate right now. just you can go over here and these are other pages i am interested in the wmar page and personal page for abc2 and this is the page here so you can go oaf here and it slides and it's a basic application and it likely -- in likelihood it will become more advanced. look at this. the world's oldest known running car. someone paid 4.6 million dollars for a steam powered car at an auction in pennsylvania. look at that.
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it was built originally in a french count in 1884. the car's fueled by coal woods and paper and takes half an hour to work up enough steam to get it going but once it is in full steam, they can go up to 38 miles per hour. a nightclub makes headlines after three people there are stabbed. corinne. >> reporter: inside a popular nightclub, the owner speaks to abc 2 now is and the story coming up. gl. >> reporter: and things are heating up with occupy boston. a look at what's going on with protesters this morning. a now campaign starts today. the race -- to raise the state tobacco tax. how much they want you to pay for a pack of cigarettes. 6:41. we have to pay the piper for a nice five-day stretch of sunshine and warm temperatures. hook at this rain hitting the carolinas, georgia, florida pretty hard and spreading up in our direction. we will talk about that next.
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tanya. >> reporter: westside of the bed well, a -- beltway -- details when we return on good morning america. ♪
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good morning. i am charley crowson. time for abc2 news to go and we have a busy tuesday morning. corinne redman is live with details on vile enat nightclub and linda so a live to tell you about a push for raising cigarette tax and sherrie johnson is live. now lea get to a check of the weather with meteorologist justin berk. check out annapolis i love this camera spot. love the sound. love the severn river and we have a break in the cloud deck. may make for sunrise. clouds more prominent this morning at 63 degrees. we are looking at temperatures across the board basically upper 50s low 60s and fog. north and west of the beltway. we have got the approach of the rain pushing into south central virginia and this spreads up in our vicinity heading through the afternoon and evening. so even though we will be dry this morning, the clouds will lower and thicken and look more threatening later on. plan for you know someone to get wet during the afternoon from south to north.
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and eventually the showers give way to steadier rains tonight through tomorrow. we will talk about that and the outlook for the weekend in the big race downtown coming up. tanya. >> reporter: yeah, broken down cars one the inner loop at 95 at arbutus. 95 northbound at mountain road. so be careful through there. starting to slow down big time on the beltway. this is top side at harford road. it's going to be slow by the time you get around to providence running a little bit better. looking on the northwest side, just south of 795, we have stop and go traffic here he as well. it will go from 795 to baltimore national pike. one popular mount vernon nightclub is drawing attention at a police department following a triple stabbing. now the nightclub owner is talking to abc2 news about the rash of violence surrounding the club. abc2 corinne redman is live outside police head quarters were an update. >> reporter: well, the owner of eden's lounge is speaking out after a police report that three people were stabbed inside the nightclub over the weekend. cell phone video outside eden's
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lounge sunday morning shows a man with bandages over stab wounds. police say three people were stabbed but the victims doesn't know who assaulted them or what led to the incident. one victim was reportedly confused and highly intoxicated. the mount vernon club made headlines for a crime that happened outside the club when a former marine was killed by an off-duty police officer. the owner of the lounge called the club a unique spot but given the violence he says changes will be in store for the club. he plans to meet with the neighborhood association president and so far baltimore city police don't have anysuspects in the triple stabbing. reporting live, corinne redman, abc2 news. a civil lawsuit claims the state was responsible for a slaying on and i mate on a prison bus. jury selection begins and melissa rodriguez and parker senior are seeking 21 million in the death of their son claim
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the five correctional officers failed to do their jobs when a- mate murdered him on a bus in 2005. news time 6:47. first it was the increase on alcohol tax. and now some want to raise the tax on tobacco. the public health group wants to increase the tax from $2 to $3 a pack. linda so is live to tell us all about it. >> reporter: yeah, the goal is to raise that state tobacco tax by a buck. right now it's $2 and they want to raise it to 3ch the man behind it -- 3. the man behind it vinny demarco. tell us why you guys are doing this and later this morning, you will be launching a campaign? >> yes. we will do this to save lives. when you raise the cigarette tax you save lives and reduce health care cost and raise money for health care. and it's a win-win and people want it. we will be hosted by the aarp of maryland. they are making this a priority along with many other organizations including american cancer society, heart
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and lung, key faith groups and united methodist and the naacp and key labor unions. united seniors of maryland. people of maryland represented by the organizations are saying to the legislature, you did it right in the past by raising cigarette tax now do it again. we think it's going to happen. >> how are you going to get word out? you plan to take the airwaves or commercials or going door to door? pooh we are going through the-- >> we are going through the organizations that represent million of marylanders and they will let their people know this is coming and contact the legislators and that's how it happened in 2007. the aarp and naacp and faith groups went downed and said you need to do this and they did it. >> reporter: what do you say to the folks who say i want to smoke. i know it's going to hrt my health but i want to do it. don't infringe on my rights. >> you are better off if you
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you quit but if you are going to smoke, you pay a little more so we can all be better off with our health. the best thing for maryland is fewer people smoking many we all pay the health care cost. and i think all smokers agree kids shouldn't smoke and when the most important things this law will do is keep kids from smoking. >> reporter: they need -- thanks so much. the press conference later this morning at 11. live in north baltimore. linda so, abc2 news. trying to come with up ways to make money. maryland panel on transportation funding is meeting today to discuss ways to the raise -- to raise more money for the words. one option they are considering is appealing the state's 6% sales tax on gas it. is estimated that would raise $580 million in a year. happening right now, the occupy wall street movement, it hate fever pitch. dozens arrested in occupy boston in -- which is an
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offshoot. 200 police officers were trying to force protesters out of a park and thing got heated. sherrie johnson joins us with the report. >> reporter: we have been checking this on the new developments. noters rafted more than 100 people fortress passing. look at -- authorities arrested more than 100 people fortress for trespassing. look at the video we got from the movement in boston. >> we are veterans of the united states of america. >> reporter: boston police arrested protesters who refused to leave the greenway early this morning. now police say they asked about a thousand protesters to leave the greenway about 1:30 and relocate another area. officials say they don't want them to occupy the space on the greenway because it had a
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renovation project where expensive improvement were added. over 200 officers in riot gearsurround the greenway and gave them a 2-minute warning before the arrest were made. some protesters held up signs with lawyers phone numbers and aclu passed out cards on how to deal with arrest. now we just learned that new york city mayor bloomberg says he will not force protesters to leave. and you know we have been monitoring this on twitter all morning and look at the tweet deck and people have beensounding off. they have had different comments from occupy boston and comments from occupy seattle. other areas are also sounding off about the arrest that were made and letting their you know interest and anger making that heard. reporting live in the interactive news center, sherrie johnson. >> in occupy atlanta protesters think congressman and civil rights activists john lewis packing when he tried to address the group during the weekend. he supports the message was
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expect to speak to the crowd but another man running the protest never allowed him to take the microphone. if you want to see the video and watch it unfold, very bizarre when you watch it from beginning to end. go to abc2 now and read and watch the video. it came in over. >> i from the -- overnight from the occupy washington protest. one of the largest home builders must pay 625,000 to the government and states for storm water violation. they have to pay for the alleged violations of construction sites including the chesapeake bay watershed. the epa says a settlement will keep millions of pounds of sediment from entering the waterways where it could harm the ecology. time for five things to know on this tuesday. the u.s. interior secretary is heading to baltimore to talk about steps to develop clean energy in the economy. the secretary is expect to
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deliver the keynote address at american wind associationch the energy -- at the energy conference. dartmouth college plays host to the gop debate. it comes less than a week after the president ripped the congressional republicans for not backing his jobs bills and presenting to him acceptable alternatives. and speak of the jobs bill, the bill is expected to come to a test vote in the u.s. senate. the 447 billion dollar jobs bill appears likely to fail because republicans oppose it and also having trouble getting the votes and democrats as well. live look at capitol hill where the president's jobs council is stoat release its recommendation on how to tackle the economic crisis and lower unemployment. we learned that according to the national law project 6 million people will lose jobless benefits in 2012 without the jobs bill passage. and phenylly the first two weeks of the nba season 100 games now no more. more than 7 hours of negotiatings failed to produce
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a new labor deal yesterday. and preserve the november #st season opener -- 1st season other. no more talks have been scheduled. there's the storm and heanld of florida dropping 6 to 8 inches rain across portion of the state. new feeder band coming in off the gulf of mexico now. in addition to what he's coming in off the atlantic. we have two moisture sources and heavy rain bands through georgia and the carolinas. the high pressure is slipping out to the east and helping to funnel in a lot of this moisture. we have got the tropical feed which is very similar to what we had with the remnants of lee and well irene itself and we have the low pressure system pulling up in our direction and wherever the bands happen to set up, someone could get dumped on. but the storm itself pulse in -- pulls in our direction. two hits this storm and another one from the west that swings through late thursday. in twoon we he get a few inches -- in between, we get a few
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inches rainfall. we build through the afternoon. plan to get wet in the afternoon. heavy bands of rain one conveyor belt belt along the coastline. we will plan for a couple wet days here paying off the dry weather we had. 74 today increasing clouds and the showers developing. and rain develops overnight but bands of heavy rain and possible flooding tomorrow. only upper 60s. thursday a break in the morning. late storms possible 7 3. and near 70 and windy friday and for the race saturday morning, most of the runners be dealing with temperatures in the 50s, dry, but a little breezy tanya. >> reporter: we still have very slow traffic top side and on the northwest side of the beltway. that is live look at 695 at old court road near 795 that's going to be slow around baltimore national pike. top sigh side this is near harrisburg towards the jfx moving better but plenty of volume. head to facebook and weigh in on the question regarding
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the proposed smoking tax. several of you weighing in. go over to facebook and let us know what you think. now to new york for "good morning america." have a great morning. ♪ ooh baby, looks like you need a little help there ♪
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