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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  October 11, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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pasadena and the three of them started to walk to a wooded area. the woman was concerned and approached the man and told him to leave the children alone. the children went back to the parents and she told a park ranger what she saw. the man jumped on a bike and sped away. and the police man gave several commands to stop. and after a foot chase, the man was caught. >> he's been charged with ab strucking and behind dering and disorderly -- hindering and disorderly conduct from flee from the police officers. >> reporter: he is no stranger to police. he's had charges ranging from assault, to drugs and arson. he has an active protective order against him and band from going to the grounds of the baltimore washington medical center because of a trespassing order. we went by his home today and nobody was home. not only are the police aware of him, people in the community where he lives say that
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concerns have been for some time now. and behavior at other parks where he lives has people concerned. >> reporter: this neighbor did not want to be identified because she has young grandchildren living next to him. >> he would drive his car that is walking distance over the to park and lay in the cab, the back of the truck so he could not be seen. and i would tell the kids to come away from that area because you could see him lying down in the back of his car. >> reporter: don hairston, abc 2 news. >> boys and the witness left before the police could talk to them. if you know anything or witnessed anything, call the police right away. we have new detail to tell you about out of aruba, where a lawyer for a gauge bergman has
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filed -- gauge -- a maryland man wanting to get out of jail. he has denied any wrongdoing saying that she was swept out to sea while snorkeling. in baltimore city, the police are investigating the deadly shooting of a man in east baltimore and it took part on east court a block away from the balance more cemetery -- from the baltimore cemetery. if you know anything, call the baltimore city police, the homicide unit. he was trusted with making your travel by air safe. but baltimore county police say it may not be someone that you trust with your kids. a man is facing child pornography charges after they traced a file on the internet back to his home. and now here's the latest. >> reporter: 41-year-old michael wilson out on bail for
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being arrested for possessing and distributing child pornography. in charging documents, the police officers said they were able to download a file through a peer to peer network and they traced this file back to wilson's home. and the documents say that while being interrogated, he admitted to viewing and down loading child porn for quite some time. and folks say this development is full of children under the age of ten and that kind of news makes them very uneasy. >> i don't think it should have waited this long. and people still in the neighborhood still don't know. it makes me want to print out flyers and put it on everyone's door to keep an eye out. >> reporter: the tsa said they hold their security officers to the highest professional and ethical standards and they are investigating the allegations against wilson. and the allegations against this individual in no way
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reflect on the outstanding job or more than 50,000 police officers that are put in charge of keeping secure the public. while this demonstration has remained peaceful, the baltimore police will have to come up with creative ways this weekend when the baltimore marathon runs through town. it has a permit for the plaza that is currently occupied. city police said they have a good relationship with both groups and they're planning to make sure there are no issues this weekend. >> our primary focus is to make sure that everyone plays nice in the sandbox that we don't have any distractions as part of the race so the runners can complete it. and so far our relationship from occupy baltimore has been outstand. >> and occupy baltimore said that the police have been great so far and look forward to the
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peaceful visibility this weekend. head to our website right now to find out what streets will shut down on saturday and when you can expect runners from all the races to come through your neighborhood. we have all of that information on line at click on the sports link right there at the top of the page. some kind of day for new clarksville. those of you that live in the maple lawn area had to leave your homes for an hour today. a contractor hit a four inch gas line. there was no denying the smell of gas. it was strong. about six people and five pets had to leave their homes immediately as bj went to work and finishinged the repairs in an hour and everybody is back home safe and sound tonight. tonight is the night you can tell bj what you thought of their performance during hurricane irene. if you want to attend tonight's
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neating, it will be -- meeting, it will be at 7:00 tonight on gay street in downtown baltimore. changes in the whether today. clouds rolled in and not much rain out there right now on maryland's most powerful radar. but we see more rain as we scan further south. we have showers just offshore of ocean city as well. we have had patchy, spotty showers this evening. temperatures in the low 70s. it's been a ten degree cooloff from yesterday. tomorrow we cool it off more. upper 60s will be it with a chance for some showers and downpours by tomorrow evening. we'll talk about how long the wet weather lasts coming up. over the last decade now, maryland's smoking rate has declined by 32% that is more than double the national average. and the dropoff came as the prices went up for cigarettes. and there's a call to raise the
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price per pack by another dollar. >> reporter: they still huff and they puff. but if health advocates in maryland get their way, smokers will have to pay more for their cigarettes. >> i think it's unfair that they tax the smoker. i think it's gotten out of hand. >> reporter: the state raised the taxes on a pack of cigarettes by a dollar less than three years ago. but now the healthy maryland initiative is pushing for another hike. >> what we're announcing today is another one dollar increase in maryland's cigarette tax. >> reporter: advocates said that the proposed increase would save 15,000 lives while raising a hundred million dollars to get people to stop smoking and keep them from starting in the first place and to find health care for the uninsured. but a key supporter, the maryland health society hopes it doesn't stop there. >> we're policed to join in the coalition to increase the taxes or perhaps adjust places where
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smoking is allowed to help reach our vision, which, again, is maryland be a tobacco free state, the first one in the country. >> reporter: that could mean expanding the areas where people are prohibited from smoking if they can stale forward the -- still afford the habit. the price is now up to 5 or $6 for a pack of cigarettes. in an effort to cut back, linda buys one smoke at a time. but she would hate to give that one up. >> it was one of the hardest things that i went through. i sat one week and the next thing i know somebody got on my nerves. and that means a need a drink or drugs. i picked a cigarette. >> how about that? and the coalition is calling upon lawmakers to extend a
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proposed tax of all forms of tobacco, including cigars and smokeless products. viewers sounding off on the one there are a pack tobacco tax on our facebook page. if enough to not done so, log onto and like our fan page and leave us your comments on the tax hike proposal for cigarettes. you know it's that time of year, staying inside and that can cause a lot of problem. >> we encourage them to use their own pens, their own notebooks and not to be sharing those types of thing. >> it seems kinds of extreme. but if you're trying to keep your kids from spreading germs in school, those are some of the ideas that we have for you. and one raven is hoping he can help your kids to start thinking about being active. the move he's making to get kids to work out. 68 is normal. so a little bit warmer than
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afternoon. how much and how long? that is the question when it come to the rain. and we have the answers right after this.
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we have a health aletter. it turns out that texting while tracking your calories may help you lose weight. college students that use cell phones to monitor their calories and physical activity and got feedback lost more weight than those that didn't or just used social immediate ya. when dieters are -- media.
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when dieters are held accountable, they're usually more successful. the top ten illnesses in school and what you can do about them. >> reporter: when the kids are back into the classroom, so are the germs. they typically see a spike in illnesses this time of year. the cooler weather is a perfect breeding ground for virus. >> they become more active in the cool weather month. but we spend a lot more of our time inside. >> reporter: the top ones they get are the cold, flu, pink eye and ear infections. they are highly contagious. so what can your kid do to stay germ spree in. >> encourage them to use their own pens and own notebooks not to share those types of things. >> reporter: and the most
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important thing, wash your hands often. >> wash your hands regularly during the day. soap and water is adequate. they don't need antibiotic soap. >> reporter: if your kid is sick, here's how to know if they should stay home. >> active pink eye where there is a significant a discharge coming from the eye. a child who has a fever of a hundred or greater. we don't want children going to school that are agressively coughing or sneezing. those are the primary mechanisms by which the illnesses are spread. >> reporter: tips to keep many mind to keep the germ as away from your family. and -- is the place where you need all the health things that you need. you'll find today's health headlines and all the
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information that you and your family need. one baltimore raven said it's his mission to get kids in shape this event took place at washington middle school. ed reed along with wide receiver bolden and rice and personal trainer monte put the children through some simple workouts and drills to get them active and they talked to them about remaining active and improving themselves both inside and outside the classroom. >> it's about getting the kids active and them understanding that health is a part of their life when their young. we're in a position where we can raise our kids up to be contributing members in the society and hopefully one day they'll be coming back doing the same thing. >> i just brink more water and eat more fruits and vegetables and get out of the house a little more, i too can lead a
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healthier young life. >> he plays 72 years old and looks great. this is meant to get people involved in the impact on the quality of life here in baltimore. you got to like that name sake, i of the hurricane. he's a hurricane on the field. >> that is it. >> 71 at the airport now. humidity is up there and the winds out of the north and east. it's been gray today. a shift in the whether pattern. we have a storm system pushing out of the south and that will mean much more rain around. it's been wildly scattered today. i look for a good by the more rain in here tonight and especially into tomorrow night. camp springs today cloudy but the bus is getting in and out of there easily. take a look at maryland's most powerful radar now. not much rain in the state at
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the moment. we're watching rain offshore and overspreading much of southwestern virginia now. some of this edged its way up into south maryland. and now the heavier rains are down south of news mineral and ashland and richland. you think the or given our earthquake a few months back. 71 in baltimore. but most spots in the state have fallen into the 60s. we're going to be quickly down to 60s this evening. humidity is moderate. but you don't really feel it at these air temperatures, you note that helps fuel the rain as it pushes up out of the south and more moisture in place and that will mean better chances for rain tonight and into the day tomorrow and the next couple of days. it's a large system. if you really look at the broad circulation, it reaches into upstate new york and up into cape hatteras and upshore a
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large circulation. not a tropical system. but the core is over columbia, south carolina. the whole ball of wax will slowly progress. the upper lows famous for upper movement and slowly progress north and east and will eventually clear by friday. but we look for increased chances for rain tonight, tomorrow, maybe some rain in the morning and better chances in the afternoon and tomorrow night. we could see steady rain that will last into early thursday. thursday will not be entirely dry, maybe more widely spread rain. it does look like a we had scenario till we get into late thursday early friday time frame. it should be when we begin to get the thing out of here. 60 and overcast with developing rain tonight and the better chances will come tomorrow as the temperatures hang out in the 60s. so we'll cool off another five to ten degrees tomorrow and 58 tomorrow night and scattered showers that will taper off
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late in the evening. the 7-day forecast, the trend is a good one here in terms of weekend weather. we got clearing by midday friday, sunshine and breezy and cooler weather saturday. and dry and sunny late weekend into early next week. get the iran out of -- get the rain out of here mid-week. >> not bad. tomorrow will be a nationwide campaign to stop bullying. it's being called unity day. the national bullying prevention center is asking us to wear anything that we have is orange. wear them to school, to work to street and show your sport to students that have experience -- your support to students that have experienced bullying. if you want more information on tomorrow's eventtor take a pledge to stop bullying, log onto our website, you can find the story in our top story section. less than two weeks way
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from the susan g. koman race for the cure where we hope you'll team up with us to fight breast cancer. and the race is one of susan g. koman's biggest races in the entire country and we want you to join us in hunt valley. it will take place sunday, october 23rd. it's a 5k race and one mile walk and the survivors' walk is incredible go to or go to here's a look what the is coming up on abc 2 news at 11:00. we like the ease of using the debit carksdz but the more you -- cards. but the more you swipe, the more you exposes yourself to identity theft. it is one of the area's
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premier shopping centers. ardell mall is get something changes. join us for abc 2 news tonight at 11:00.
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we have an important
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consumer alert for you. hundreds of thousands of these popular bob strollers are being recalled because the backing patch can come off and two children have choked on the patch, though not seriously hurt. it affects the single and double strollers. so contact the manufacturer about the recall if you're trying to run the bobs, down to an hour left of daylight right now? >> yeah. the day is getting shorter. we have not fallen back that is coming up soon. that will mean like -- i don't like it when it happens. >> me either. >> some rain out there, minimal in our state. but coming in later tonight we think and into the day tomorrow. this evening, spotty showers. but tomorrow we look for increasing chances for rain through the day, especially in the afternoon and evening. so going to get rain in here and get it out of here by the weekend. >> i like that idea. that is good thinking. are you going to be here at 11:00. >> i'll be here.
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>> all right. we'll see him at 11:00. have a great rest of the night and watch us all night long. we have great programming tonight on abc.
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