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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  October 12, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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battles coming up, as well. for now, that's what's making . now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. in an abc2 news exclusive, the only brother to survive a deadly fire speaks out. i am linda so. how the 14-year-old is surviving after leaving his mom and -- losing his mom and brothers. >> reporter: the search begins for a new baltimore county school superintendent. coming up, details. >> breast cancer awareness is in full swing. i will tell you who's coming together today to combat the disease. >> wednesday october 12th. good morning i am charley crowson. we have made it to the midway point of the workweek and the weather outside turning autumn like. let's check the forecast with meteorologist justin berk. >> we went five or six days
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without rainfall and we knew we were due. waking up on a wet wednesday. 64 east op and we have got ourselves low 60s with the 60 marks in towson. we have got ourselves a look at some solid rain on the west side of the beltway. those are showers showers that last less than an hour pulsing with light to moderate spots of rain down towards annapolis. we will show you more rain near the dc area. this surge coming up 95 from quantico hitting dc for the early part of the commute. rain around annapolis and a second wave during the morning ride make things extra damp. temperatures in the mid-60s with more rain and storms into the afternoon. here tanya to talk about traffic. >> reporter: couple accidents one in aberdeen. pulaski highway at route 22 is an accident with injuries. let's look at the live traffic camera on northwest side. south of 795 very light traffic in both directions. it's moving well for the most part.
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we have 50 at sandy point. to the left of the screen is the westbound traffic. that had been shut down overnight due to a bad accident. now they are letting the traffic through so it's not causing too much of a problem right now. we had a backup on the other side of the bay bridge but that is improving. charley. an unspeakable loss for a 14-year-old boy his mother and two younger brothers killed in a fire a few weeks ago in southwest baltimore. this morning, he is speaking out exclusively to abc2. lenda so is standing by can be -- linda so is standing by with more on how he is coping with the loss. >> reporter: marquis says he is focusing on football and the memories. ris of the night are fresh in his mind. it was 2 1/2 weeks wag he was shaken out of -- weeks ago when he was shaken out of his bed e was staying with his granddad while the mom was in the process of moving the family e was told there was a fire in the house. his mom and two younger brothers 11-year-old tqyuis and
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7-year-old jaquis were killed. all three brothers played for the art butteous youth football association. marquis says the past 2 1/2 weeks has been dit difficult and he misses his mom and plays football with his brothers. >> we used to run around and all that. >> reporter: his grandfather says whoa like to thank everyone for -- he would like to thank everyone for their support e wrote a letter and asked to us make it public. it's in the slide show with other information on how to help the family. linda so, abc2 news. on this wednesday morning, custom agents found a surprise in bedpost brought into the country. they say they were vessels for illegal drugs. someone tried to sneak cocaine inside the best post knobs and they were found on a plane that took off from el salvador and land in dc. that custom agent x-rayed the post and could tell something
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was not right. the street value was around $17,000 and more airport trouble this morning. this time involving a man named michael wilson a tsa agent now facing child porn charges. us out on bail this morning. he was arrested for possessing and distributing child porn. charging documents says police traced a commuter file showing a preteen girl having sex with an adult e said he he was down loading and watching it for a while and says he couldn't control it e lives on redwing drive in perry hall. the occupy demonstrations began last week in baltimore and show no signs of stopping anytime soon. demonstrators are occupying prime real estateel in the weekend's he baltimore marathon on tap. the baltimore police department says the department -- real estate in the weekend's baltimore marathon on tap. there's permit including the plaza where the protesters are hanging out. police say the demonstrators
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and runner will have to share the spot. >> again, our primary focus is to make sure everyone plays nice in the sandbox and we don't have distractions as part of the race so runners can't complete it and so far our relationship with the individuals from occupy baltimore has been outstanding. >> and many say they hope it continues throughout the weekend as baltimore is occupied in the center of downtown. looking ahead to another convenient, details for next year's grand prix. according to american le mans it will happen again on labor day weekend next year. racing is scheduled to begin on friday august 31st. as for this year, the financial impact of the study has been delayed. so we don't know how much money the grand prix brought in. it's now official, baltimore county school superintendent joe hairston will not renew for another term. now the search is on for his replacement. sherrie johnson is live at county school head quarters were more on the story. >> reporter: yes, we are here at headquarters this morning. we have all new reaction coming
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up with dr. joe hairston and let me tell you, right now, the board of education has launched a search for a new superintendent. last night, they selected a committee of 3 people to set guidelines for public participation. you have teachers that want to be included. the naacp want a voice in the election. after 12 years on the job dr. joe hairston says this will be his last year. the board decided in private vote more than a month ago not to extend dr. hairston contract. he told the school board chair on monday he will be leaving at the end of the school year. his contract runs out on june 30th of next year. here's all new reaction. >> we were -- dish was fortunate to have the opportunity to experience such great kids a a tremendous staff and good support and it's a good time to move on. >> reporter: now last night he said he plans to have a news
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conference on friday to discuss his decision a little further. reporting live in towson, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. a challenge to stop bullying is called rachel a challenge. the nationally known antibullying assembly quicks off at 9 and 1:30. the community event is scheduled for 7 tonightch organization was founded by the father of rachel scott the first person killed in the columbine high school attacks. for more on the campaign or to sign the antibullying pledge head to amount bc2 and go -- and go under featureed stories and people are encouraged to wear orange. easier and more efficient. if your children buy lunch at school. it's a way for schools to make life easier and what you need to know before sending them off to school. also, a massachusetts family couldn't solve a corn maze so they decided to call a friend. more on the rescue when "good
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morning maryland" at 4:30 continues on this wednesday morning a live look at downtown. the dome colored perching today. we are -- pink today. we are back in a bit.
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. okay. so in the spirit of all things autumn. a massachusetts family took a trip to a corn maze. when they got lost, they may have gone to an extreme. they along with their son and 3 week old baby got lost and called 911. the mom called and told the operator about the ordeal and k- 9 officers found them about 25 feet from the perimeter and led them out. the farm's manager offered them tickets but the father says they are grateful but odds are they are not going to come back. so justin to you i say this, okay, you are lost in the corn maze we get it. that's the point. do you call 911? >> just a they had a cell phone signal in the corn maze is
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impressive enough. rest of the story is just i can't comment on i just don't -- you are in the drive through and don't get your food you call 911. what he happening? 64 in baltimore. 63 in easton. what's happening in the weather world, safe to talk about that. it's wet. we have a wet wednesday. the radar showing it and we have band of rain pushing through heavy stuff south of dc. and it's going through central pourings of maryland. wet in annapolis and you will get the heavier stuff. and from the south there's more where that came from. the area of low pressure is back towards the deep south pumping in more moisture but it started to look as if it is not as impressive or wet as earlier thought but we will get an inch or an inch and a half of rain. widespread between now and this afternoon and friday when it departs. we will talk more coming up. >> reporter: harford county cleaning up an accident in aberdeen pulaski at route 22. be aware of that. we have a couple things going on. let's look live at our traffic
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cameras 95 at 175 is moving well. we have no issues between the beltways. heading southbound there are no issues between elk ridge and laurel. you should be good to goch the problem spot is 50 at route 8 just east of the bay bridge. we had an accident overnight right now 50 westbound the right lane is blocked. so they are trying to get everybody through and the left lanes that involved four vehicles overnight and this is where the delays are. westbound, this is going to teak you sometime to get over the bay privilege. before you hit the road, you may want to listen up. tate transportation department need more money and plan to take it from you. it is to pay for the infrastructure projects and the commission met tuesday in annapolis to try to come up with ideas for raising ref new. one option is 15 cent gas tax increase spread out during three years. once fully implemented it'sestimated that move would raise $5 million a year. and there's talk of raising vehicle registration cost by 50
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cent and doubling emissions testing fees. if you are a visit to arundel mills mall you will notice changes. between the casino construction why you got new stores and it's a shop are's paradise. naturalizer is is a shoe store and next month talbot's to buy women's ware and andrew marc will sell handbags and belts. and buffalo wild wings next to the movie theater on the east side. tension between the u.s. and iran and a lot of finger pointing going on. details on a assassination and some officials are hoping other countries will now get tough with iran. lynette. >> reporter: unlikely industry showing support for breast cancer awareness. i will tell you who and what they are doing coming up. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30. a live look at downtown baltimore. at the inner harbor. we are back in a bit.
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five things a know on this wednesday morning. later this morning at 10:30. baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings blake will be at a elementary school announcing a granting fund used for pedestrian safety initiatives at school zones throughout the city a child attending public schools and you can prepay for your child's meal online using a credit or debit card. parents will receive more detailed information on my lunch money program that's going to kick off monday october 17th. and as part of the hispanic heritage month the white house is hosting a forum celebrate a contribution to american latinosch president obama will speak at the forum today. and should you be drug tested if you apply for government assistance. reports say 3 dozen states are considering drug testing for welfare. now food stamps and public housing recipients this is today's hot topic so go to and weigh in with your thoughts on this. and there are now more cell phones in the u.s. than there
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are people. a study estimates more than 327 million devices are in service within the country and while the u.s. census sauce there's 309 million in the country. -- census says there's more than 309 million in the country. in a few hours a softer side by wearing a pink hard hat. lynette charles is at johns hopkins hospital to explain more. >> reporter: nothing is going on right now. but it's going to get active going into 10:30 this morning. october is the month that breast cancer awareness really comes to the forefront. you have businesses and people really coming together for a common goal. so today at johns hopkins at 10:30, there will be all types of people uniting to find a cue for breast cancer. more than 160 participants wearing hats and creating a human pink ribbon a for a visual call for action for protect yourself get screened
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today that challenges the macho image. check this out. >> i not not only here on the job site other trades pay attention to the fact our men and women those wearing the pink hard hat but they are noticed by families and noticed by people in the community as they walk to and from the job site so it stand out against the norm. >> reporter: no in ther what you do anybody can and does support breast cancer awareness and you know what, it is really nice to see people coming together to support one another and support what's going on here today because again, breast cancer awareness is something that we all need to take recognize and realize what's going on and again today is definitely going to be the time to do that. back to you. >> lynette charles live this morning thanks so much. and we are thinking pink getting rade for the komen maryland race for the -- he rade for the komen maryland race for the cure.
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we are partnering with them for a fight against breast cancer. 5k race and 1 mile walk sunday october 23rd and it isn't too late to register go to and think pink or head to komen for more information. we have the web sight up for you. all you need to do is go to pink and this is the website in addition to recommendation centering you can see stories tied to the fight against breast cancer. so many people touched by this on a daley basis. here's how to get involved again. pink. around the nation this morning, two motorcycles of president obama's motorcade collided tuesday night. it happened on the way to the orlando airport. police say the bikes belonged to the orlando police officer and the department with the seminole county police department. no one was hurt and the president was not involved. he was in florida attending
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reelection fund raisers. and the president is not too happy with republican senators in the wake of a failure to pass the jobs bill to survive a test vote. obama said in the words this is by no means the end of the fight. and all 46 republicans and two democrats important to note democrats are opposed to the bill that failed in the vote on tuesday night. dozens of i been mates -- inmates were injured in western oklahoma. police in riot gear used tear gas to smoke out inmates who barricaded themselves in various rooms in the prison. some were armed with shanks andknives and prison officials don't know what caused the fight and all they can do is guess. >> there's a lot of gang activity in prisons just like you said rival factions want to claim their turf. >> inmates could be seen coming out after the riot officers threw in tear gas twhre. handcuffed and lined up and no staff members were injured. in all the inmates have been
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accounted for. good news in san francisco giants fan was beaten outside giants stadium earlier brian stowe left the hospital and has been moved to an undisclosed rehab facility. major milestone in the man's recovery. he was accompanied by his parents and his sister and his doctor. and check this out, twins born in different states on differentdays and different hospitals. they were called delayed interval twins. after nearly a wake of waiting they celebrated the birth of both children. the first-born at 26 weeks and the second was not ready and the doctor gave the mother medication to stop the contractions. our megan pringle is having twins and hopefully will have them at the same time. if you want to stay up to date with her, go to and click on the slide show and find pictures and videos and
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weigh in on what megan should name the twins. stick around and you will hear from her coming up at 5 and 6:00 today on "good morning maryland. justin. >> now maryland's most morful -- powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> a storm that looked tropical is getting lost. and a subtropical jet and fast moving winds. this is important because that's helping to move and lift this to the north. you can see how the entire eastern seaboard are under that system. there's the area of low pressure near georgia and we are actually upper level circulation pushing through the mountains of western virginia and southern west virginia. say that five times fast. tropical feed and one of the band extends across florida into the gulf of mexico and there's the frontal boundary gaining up for a -- ganging up
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for a few days of rain. we have ourselves the rain moving in right now and we will have bands of moderate to heavy rain at times through the afternoon and taking us through the overnight. tomorrow we get a break in the action and looking for afternoon storms. today a. cooler day with periods of rain and a high of 66 degrees. about 64 now so not much moving. let's see what's moving on roads with tanya. >> reporter: depends where you are. most of the overnight roadwork is wrapping up and should be wrapped up within the next ten minutes. one of the places where it's clear is 695 and frederick road. right here you can see the inner loop is moving fine to the right of the screen. no roadwork there. outer loop has most of the volume to the left of the screen. 50 west at sandy point we have residual delays westbound. that's the oncoming traffic most of the delays are at stevensville side because there was a broken down car there that is leftover from an overnight accident with four cars. right lane remains blocked and these are residual delays coming over the bridge. back to you.
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a crane collapse leaves workers stuck and rescue crews racing against the clock. where it happened and what crews were doing when the rig fell. we will explain coming up. also, serious tension brewing between the u.s. and iran after a foiled assassination plot. who is pointing fingers at who. the latest when we return on this wednesday october 12th. good morning, maryland.
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it involves millions of dollas and a murder. that's the characteristics of an assassination plot and the u.s. is accusing iran of backing that plan. u.s. intelligence what information two men tied to the iranian government wants to take out the saudi ambassador to washington. secretary of state hillary clinton hopes the countrys who hesitated to get tough with
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iran will change their tunes. >> we can send a strong message that this kind of action which violates international forms must be ended. >> one of the two men is charged in the naturalized u.s. citizen arrested last month and made the first court appearance yesterday. the other is still at large in iran -- and iran says the u.s. is making the whole thing up. elsewhere around the world a deadly zest left one dead and several people hurt when crane collapsed in ontario. check out the video of the scene. rig gave way on a construction project at york university. tuesday, at least two people were rushed to the hospital. officials say workers were excavating and tunneling for a new subway when the crane fell and some were trapped underneath the crane. that's amazing. flooding is get more and more dangerous and the death toll is up to 270 people. official and residents are working to build protective walls around the city the prime minister ordered canal dredging to ease the impact a
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dike ruptured cause more heavy watters to rush through the city. [audio not understandable] >> amazing story. only 14 and dealing with unbelievable amount of grief. two weeks ago he lost his mother and two brothers. and this morning, he shares his pain. >> reporter: the search begins for a new baltimore county school superintendent. i am sherrie johnson, coming up, all new reaction to dr. joe hairston. the world is watching. that's the message from the state department. why they are concerned about the potential of terror attacks. all that straight ahead on this wednesday, october 12th. good morning maryland i am charley crowson let's get to it because we saw sherie holding an um -- sherrie holding an umbrella. >> we had to shake the stink bugs out of them. but the rain is back and we
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have temperatures 60 in towson and 61 eldersburg and cooler up to bel air at low 60s on the eastern shore. we are dealing with some form of rain and we have had some steady rain on the eastern shore. and looks like annapolis up towards green haven and out by the chesapeake bay northern part of kent island getting it. a band of moderate rain passing to the north side of baltimore city from about northern parkway through towson and up 83. towson timonium area getting it. a break in the action down 95 and more towards the dc area. we will have storms possibly developing into the afternoon. but otherwise, it's bands of rain some may last 15 minutes and some may last two hours. that's what we have to deal with for today. overall we are aiming for temperatures stuck in the middle 60s. just a tick before 5 and let's see what's happening on the road with tanya. >> reporter: 50 westbound before the bay bridge we have an accident with injuries. four vehicles and a disabled vehicle there. we have residual delays. let's look live at the beltway on the northwest


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