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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  October 12, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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695 at old court road of the, south of 7 -- road, south of 795 light traffic. 83 at warren road, we are doing fine. this is looking north to the left of the screen with all theheadlights a steady stream of southbound traffic moving very well. charley. well, the devastating fire that killed a mother and her two sons. the fire gutted a southwest baltimore row home two weeks ago. mother's oldest son survived because he was staying with his grandfather and now he speaks exclusively to abc2 linda so is standing by with more from the child's story. >> reporter: it's been a difficult time for march qees keys manigo. he is 14 and -- marquis manigo. he is 14 and says he is surviving by focusing on football. it was 2 1/2 weeks ago when he was shaken by his grandfather who he was staying with while his mom was in the process of moving the family. he was told there was a fire at his house in the 600 block of south pulaski street. his mom and two younger
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brothers 11-year-old tyquis moore and 7-year-old jaqui cement manigo were killed. marquis says the past 2 1/2 weeks have been hard and misses his mom and playing football with his brothers. >> i try to think about football and everything i do is for them. >> reporter: his grandfather says whoa like to thank everyone for their support and wrote a remember the and asked us to make it public. find it on the website at in the slide show along with other information on how to help the family. linda so, abc2 news. looked like regular bedposts but after more examination they contained 17,000 dollars worth of cocaine. someone tried to sneak it into the country inside the bedposts knobs and they were found on a courier on board a plane that took off from el salvador and land at dulles. they x-rayed the posts and found the drugs. the airport closer to home a tsa agent at bwi faces child
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porn charges. michael wilson was arrested for possession and distribution. they found an underage girl video of that having sex with an adult and traced it to wilson's computer. during questions he -- questioning he told police he has been down loading and watching it for a while and it's something he can't control. it's now official. baltimore county school superintendent dr. joe hairston will not renew for another term. the search is on for his replacement. sherrie johnson is live at county school headquarters with more on the story. >> reporter: yes, we are here at the headquarters building here where a lot of important decisions are made about the school system. and this morning, the search begins for a new superintendent to replace dr. joe hairston. now last night, there was a meeting and they decided on a committee to create guidelines for public participation and find agnew superintendent. and many teachers and including the naacp said they want an input in the new hire. after 12 years on the job, dr.
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joe hairston says this will be his last year as superintendent. the board decided in a private vote more than a month ago not to extend dr. hairston's contract. he told the school board chair on monday that he will be leaving at the end of the school year. his contract runs out on june 30th of next year and there is a little difference of opinion. did the board decide not to offer dr. hairston a contractor was his decision to call it quits. >> it was my decision. and 12 years is unprecedented for a school system this size. there's only a handful of us around the country of the 15,000 school systems who has the luxury we served in one school system for over 100,000 students for 12 years. >> reporter: now last night, dr. hairston says he will hold a news conference on friday to talk more about his decision. reporting live in towson, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. bge -- it will cost bge81
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million to restore power to comfort cost they are look at rate hikes. they came out to voice their opinion at the second public service commission meeting on the subject. aarp brought seniors from the area and they aired their frustrations. >> the thing that frustrated us the most is we cannot get any information. and i can't understand why in this era of high technology, they can't find a way to tell you approximately when you are going to get your electricity put back on. >> if they pass hurricane cleanup cost onto us customers, it's not going to happen until next summer. before a rate hike goes into effect it has to be approved by the public service commission. bge needs money and so does the state. a plan could mean you could pay more for something you use every day. gasoline. now commissionth commission met in a a list trying to come with
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up ideals for raising revenue for infrastructure projects. one option is 15 cents gas tax increase that's going to be president out for over three years. one implemented it's estimated it would raise more than 5 million dollars a year. that panel would meet later this month to phenylize the overall recommendation. from -- finalize the overall cemtion -- recommendation. the healthy maryland initiative wants to add a dollar tax to every pack of cigarettes saying it could help pay for health care for the uninsured. to have your face is is swollen you are having a girl. if you have heart burn your baby will have hair. there's no shortage of the old wives tales are they myths? living conditions disgusting and cruel. experts learned about dogs rescued from puppy mills. we will fill you in on that and check in with megan pringle on the story about the wives tales
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now "good morning maryland." this time -- if you are craving sweets it's a girl and salty foods a boy. a full moon can make a pregnant woman go into labor. these are the old wives tales passed around but is there any truth to them? let's check in with megan pringle joining us live via skype with more as we get ready for a your twins to arrive and i know you heard a lot of the stories personally. >> reporter: you cannot avoid the stories. i went to the doctor anda couple weeks ago and i was wait -- a couple weeks ago and i was waiting at the elevator and the lady says you are having a boy and i said no two girls and she said no it's a boy and i heard this a lot. it's the way i am carrying. it's an old wives tale and i heard it so much that when we actually found out we were having girls, i screamed i was so surprised because so many people had told me i was going to be having boys just based on the way i was carrying.
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you do buy into this stuff. so i got to thinking about it and wanted to do checking to see how much validity it is. and though come from somewhere. so i -- and thought they have to come from somewhere i called a couple experts and asked around. in a world full of the medical experts we have we seem to be quickly buying into the old wives tales and there's a myth about everything from conception to conceiving a particular gender, going into labor, what -- you name it. so, after calling around i found out that there's not a lot of weight to the old wives tales because some are really fun. and the way you are carrying i am told has nothing to do with whether you haver having a girl or boy nor do girls steal your beauty another one you hear. speosy foods don't make you go into labor or -- spicy foods don't make you go into labor or long walks. the only one questioning about
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holding any water is about heart burn. and apparently it goes if you have heart burn and it's bad that means your baby is going to have a lot hair. if that's the case rob and i are having chia pets because i've had terrible heart burn. that's the only one that seems to have a little weight. the rest everyone seems to dismiss. now i've been told from the very beginning by my doctor stay away from the internet stay away from the old wives tales and talk to experts people who work in the medical field. by the way, if you are interested in talking to experts and want advice for free i wanted to let you know about an event tomorrow. we will try to get the information up on the screen. a mommy mixer. and they will be having everything from duelas to nurses and nutritionist and lactation experts and you name it. they will be there to answer your questions and they are going to have mommy mock tales and a good time for moms to get together at green spring
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station from 6:30 until 8. and if you want more information it's on the screen. we will put it on our website. but that's what they say. go to the experts and don't believe all the old wives tales and they have to come from somewhere. >> they do. we will check in with you coming up in an hour for more on this. >> you got it. see you in a bit. >> time for weather. for that we go back to justin. you know, as pretty as she is i can't imagine chia pets. >> i was wrong i told her she must be having boys because the whole wives tales the girl steal the beauty and obviously. yeah. she is watching? no she is not listening. darn it. somebody else tell her what i said. maryland's most powerful doppler radar and rain coming out ofannapolis and pushing up to baltimore. heavier rain southeast crossing into key bridge and essex and dundalk and we have a little rain and more back towards the dc area split there northwest corner and up 270 rockville germantown and towards frederick itself. very active radar. we have the whole breakup here
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in central maryland. much more to the west and more to the south and looks like we are in for the duration. on and off rain. it's not a steady heavy event and it's not like lee or irene we had to deal with in september. so we are generally looking at periods of rain at times and it will be wet and in fact i was going to taper down the threat of getting flooding but there may be isolated heavier thunderstorms trying to develop more coming up. it's 5:13, 64 in baltimore and here's tanya with track. >> reporter: we have some sort of incident on warren road at beaver dam road. avoid that intersection. let's look live at the traffic cameras. 95 at 175. no issues to report southbound from elk ridge to laurel. we are doing fine northbound as well. jfx at northern parkway hardly anyone out there. you can see a little bit of the sheen on the road. a little mit out there earlier. so just be careful there's a few cars southbound getting towards cold spring. and volume picks up a little bit. but you're fine down to fayette
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street. back to you. >> health news this morning a study says taking vitamin e pills may be risky for men. men who take the high doses may have an increased risk for prostate cancer after taking the pills. doctors say it's another sign people should be careful about using vitamins and supplements and chief medical officer says men should stop taking large doses of vitamin e and then consult your doctor. and also this morning, for you it's about the health for you and the health of your dog dog. a report says pep ppy mills can cause long-term psychological damage. dogs carry emotional scars after they entered loving homes many researchers found dogs from the mills had higher levels of phobia compulsive behaviors and heightened levels of sensitivity. things are going to be changing for the girl scouts. what's different and why leaders felt the need to shake things up a bit. plus... >> reporter: today will be a colorful and visual way to
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commemorate breast cancer awareness. i will tell you where and who's doing it coming up.
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biscuit sandwiches.
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being a man may be more about compassion and less aboutstrength. lynette charles is standing by where it's raining with little later today the guys will be dropping the hammers and picking up pink hard hats. >> reporter: it's light rain moving in and it's to suit up and get my gear on and speak of suiting up, well, lots of people will be doing that. they are going to create euman pink rib ofnlt this is the third year the pool and kent corporation employees along with representatives from john hopkins hospital will come together to show support for family friends and colleagues who are or have been affected
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by cancer. they will create a visual call for action. >> i know that not only here on the job site that the other trades pay attention to the fact that our men and women those wearing the pink hard hat but they are noticed by families and noticed by people in the community as they walk to and from the job site. and so it's something that stands out against the norm. >> reporter: so, again, charley, people will be out here at johns hopkin at 10:30 and it is just another way for people to come together to support breast cancer awareness. a good thing out here. and if you come out, bring light jacket or a hood or an umbrella because you will need it. but again, it's for a good reason and we need the support. back to you. >> look forward to that. thanks a lot. we want to invite you to join abc2 as we partner komen for the race for the cure. the 5k race and 1 mile walk is
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sunday october 23rd. and it's not too late to register. it's a special part of the website designate for breast cancer awareness and great place for more information and great feature stories you support komen maryland and find inspirational stories in this fight against this disease. 5:20, we are watching this storm to the south a two-part system for the next three days. this one rolling it's way up the coast and an air afterlow pressure pumping in this moisture and it looked like we may have a deluge broken up a little bit. we are going to get some localized heavy rain but i think we will limit our threat of flooding out of system. that's a good thing right? we have the storm to deal with and there's a frontal boundary with the main push of the wet pattern to swing through by late friday. between now and the duration of friday we will deal with some form of rain. most this morning locked in across the area. we have had rain and if it's
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not raining now the roads are wet outside or your rip in. a -- your ride in. southern maryland gets more rain and more back into the mountains of virginia and north carolina. we should see more rain we may develop more lunchtime through afternoon. periods of downpours could be in the vicinity through the daylight hours and overnight into early tomorrow morning as well. we will get a break in the action and we research more showers and this computer model not indicating it will get the push through here on friday still wet weather but clearing out in time for the race on saturday. 66 today. periods of rain and storms overnight as well. 60 and tomorrow's temperatures into the 70s. rain looks like on and off showers continue through friday but saturday morning for the marathon breezy but drier and a low of 45 at race temperatures in the 50s. tanya. >> reporter: not a bad forecast
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overall. m-ta says marc trains are online for the camden and penn line. let's look at the beltway and northwest side moving smoothly in both directions. no issues heading southbound from pikesville towards wood lawn. jfx the view from the 41st street overpass has a few cars heading southbound that's to the left of the screen. as the camera gets a little bit stuck there. but as you go to north avenue we have no issues reported. back to you. forget the girl cots scout badges and cooking and first aid. the latest is up-to-date. girl scouts can earn badges for the popular activities, now they can garner patches for digital filmmaking, financial literacy website and product design. local food awareness and customer loyalty as well. the insignia is ahead of the 100 anniversary. a spokeswoman says it's the first major update since 1987. some may think that it may say the government -- save the government money but it's
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unconstitutional. states are look drug testing welfare recipients. we love our cell phones. and we use them. a lot. a new study reveals surprising numbers about cell phone use here in the u.s. we will fill you in when "good morning maryland continues on this wednesday october 12th. stay with us.
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now "good morning maryland." you can get help but may have to prove you're clean. three dozen states are considering drug testing for recipients of welfare food stampance public housing. the laws requiring applicants to pass a drug test and pay for it since july. aclu filed suit saying florida's law calls for an unreasonable search and seizure arizona indiana and missouri passed similar laws. this is the hot topic for today. head to the facebook page and it's wmar our facebook page. weigh in and should people applying for government assistance be required to take a drug test.
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cell phones yowl outnumber people in the u.s. and the study estimates more than 327 million devices are now in service here in the country. that figure rose 9% during the first six months of the year. the 2010 census says 309 million people live in the u.s. and another interesting finding from the study is americans spend nearly 1.2 trillion minutes on wireless devices. we sent more than a trillion text messages. news time 5:27. he is known as wild bill and believes he can help find a baby missing since october 3rd. what the private investigator says what will be trying to track down the missing 10 machining old. how a trip to a corn maze ended in a 911 call. first new york for the latest in the morning's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites, streamlining online shopping. today pay pal is announcing a service to let you log onto merchants websites with just
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one user name and password. one for your pay pal account. and ael's i cloud launches today -- ael's i cloud launches -- apple's i cloud launches today and zinc with your apple devices. katy has been using the service for the past week and was most impressed with how it managed photos. >> it's something like 600 photos and photo stream and it was nice to have all of these on all of my devices i didn't have to worry about where anything was and i could quickly retrieve it and stopped being aware of what was sinking and when it was it worked. >> reporter: it only work with the latest operating systems. i am tanya rivero, and those are your tech bites.
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