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tv   News  ABC  October 12, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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you are watching the station that works for you "good morningmaryland." the occupy baltimore demonstration shows no sign of letting up but police say protesters will have to share the space with a larger crowd. and it's your chance to do something. you can take part in a national campaign to stop bullying. the teenager that schools are honoring. and seems like the grand prix crossed the finish line in baltimore but it's time to start thinking about next year. that he story ahead on this wednesday, -- that story ahead on this wednesday, october 12th. good morning i am charley crowson. let's check the forecast with meteorologist justin berk. >> we have had rain and maryland's most power -- most powerful doppler radar highlighting the band of rain pushing us to rosedale split
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and nid white marsh up in that direction. so middle river has had rain same in essex easing up but pushing towards the north. and we are looking at i-95 from white marsh through perry hall and through kingsville about to get some moderate rainfall into the vicinity. overall a break in the action and more trying to come through cambridge as we speak. we have got spotty showers across the area and heaviest stuff is pushing up 95 in harford and cecil county near the maryland house. 63 does it in baltimore and aiming for high of 66. on and off showers and afternoon storms on the way. tanya. >> reporter: very slow out there. how slow can you go? i will show you. here's a live look at the beltway on the northwest side big slowdown near 795. this will last past liberty road. so it's slow going. top side of the beltway is moving a little bit better at harford road to the right is the outer loop. off and on this is slowing down as well. inner loop is moving well. drive times are starting to be
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effected. 95 southbound building traffic but the slow downis on the outer loop. back to you -- down is on the outer loop. more protests are emerging across the u.s. in boston and new york and chicago and dallas reaching as far as alaska. overnight, we have been watching the occupy dallas protest. but changes could be on the wayp linda so is standing by with a update. what's going on down south. >> reporter: protesters could be kicked out by police. the city of dallas said last night the protesters may soon be forced to disbandch the problem, -- dispand. problem is they didn't -- disband. the problem is they didn't obtain proper insurance coverage to be on public property and city will enforce local laws. know exact deadline was given and it's unclear if they will be asked to leave or forcibly removed from the park in front of the dallas convention center. meanwhile, in boston, where protesters clashed with police, some of those demonstrators were arrested and face adjudge
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yesterday. unhappen -- face adjudge yesterday -- faced a judge yesterday. >> some were road rages and the behavior was completely unacceptable. we were absolutely nonviolent. >> reporter: and back in dallas a. spokesperson says the protesters he could be warned, receive citations or arrested for not having a permit. linda so, abc2 news. the uke pie baltimore protesters are entering the second week in the city and are not moving and that means they will be here during saturday's baltimore marathon. marathon that is a permit in front -- occupied by demonstrators. police have a good relationship with both groups and plan to make sure there's no issues for the coming weekend. and we are working to help you get ready for baltimore this weekend the marathon. head to and you will find what streets will be closed or opened for the running festival. also when it may be coming by your front door. that's a sports link at
6:34 am 6:33. news around the nation this morning, a family of a missing missouri baby hired a private investigator to help fine the daughter. they say 10 -- find their daughter. they say 10-month-old lisa irwin was in her crib asleep when she disappeared. they combed the property of an abandoned house and nothing was found in a well underneath the house. look at this. an illegal after school activity caught on camera in florida. three 14-year-old boys went on a destructive rampage at 6:30 on a saturday night in a school. they ransacked classrooms and cafeteria and smashed windows. in the end, they didn't steal anything. >> it doesn't make any sense. i guess they don't have anything else to do. >> turns out two of the three teens shown in the video actually attend the school and they were arrested and charged with felony burglary and criminal mischief. estimated damage is around $8,000. candy shaped pot is causing concerns for parents in buffalo
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and the synthetic marijuana can be bought at corner stores in the area sold under the name of curb. herbs and sprayed with chemicals can send the useer to the emergency room. >> i don't think we would be -- we would make sure that anyone that did that would let them know that's-appropriate for that type of -- that's inappropriate for that product to be sold in the store. >> the candy is not illegal bye but many say it send the wrong message to kids a buffalo council is planning a meeting with store owners to get them to take more responsibility with the products marketed for kids and get them off the shelves. a corn maze is too tough to be cracked by a massachusetts family so they called police to solve the puzzle for them. authorities showed up and took the couple and their three weekold baby out of maze. they were 25 feet from the entrance. the farm's manager tried to give them and the family comp tickets for later date but the man says he is grateful but
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doubtful they will return. should you have to pass a drug test before getting help from the government? is that's what a lot of states are proposing. is it a good way to save money or illegal search and seizure. arundel mills mall is getting new tenants. the stores are geared towards you. that's the bass pro shop not necessarily for the ladies is it? you are watching "good morning maryland" thanks for starting your wednesday off with us.
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you can get help from the government but you may have to prove you're clean to get it. 3 dozen states are considering drug testing for welfare, food stamps and public housing recipients. florida law required applicants to pass the drug test and pay for it. the aclu says the law is unreasonable for search
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andseizure. and arizona, indiana and missouri passed similar laws. and that's the hot topic for today. head to the facebook page at wmar and weigh in on this. a lot of you have been weighing in and some have been doing it overnight. thanks for staying up with us well into the early morning hours. should you be required to take a drug test if you are going to be applying for government assistance? weigh in and let us know what you think. we love our cell phones and cell phones now outnumber people in the u.s. and a study estimates more than 327 million devices are now in service in the country. that figure rose 9% during the first 6 months of the year and the study shows the amount of wireless data generate by the smart phones has doubled in the first half of 2011. this just into the abc 2 newsroom more than 700 workers in five states will receive 75,000 dollars in back pay. the labor department says bonuses paid to managers at dozens of arby's restaurants didn't include overtime when they were calculated. the payment average about $75
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for the eaffected workers. maryland is not one of the states. all right attention shoppers new stores are coming to the arundel mills mall. they are the naturalizer a. shoe store and a jewelry store. talbot's is moving in next mong and andrew marc will sell happened bags and belts. breaking news now into the abc 2 news a recall to tell you about when it comes to your television sets. that's coming up straight ahead. linda. >> reporter: more than 1 1/2 million sony lcd, tvs are being recalled. what he wrong with the tvs and how to know if you have one in your home. >> reporter: the search begins for a new baltimore county school superintendent. i am sherrie johnson. coming up, all new reaction from the school board president. a visual kick off for breast cancer awareness happens today. i will tell you when. details coming up. 6:41. the reporters are dressed for the rain and we have some pushed in to baltimore heavier north and east and a lot more on the way.
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time for your abc2 news to g good morning i am charley croweson and we have a lot going on. linda so has breaking news following a massive sony television recall and sherrie johnson has the latest on the search for a new superintendent for baltimore county schools and lynette charles is downtown raising awareness for breast cancer. let's start off with a check of the forecast with justin berk. >> getting a little workout today a break yesterday from the rain being delayed on moving in. but we have wet road this morning northeast up towards cecil county right along the susquehanna and on 95. bel air rain coming through and about to break a little bit. but more showers around kingsville and perry hall and white marsh to towson. maryland's most powerful doppler radar is busy on and off throughout the day. breaks in the action and afternoon storms only 66 the
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two degree guaranteed high. >> reporter: wet roads are slowing things down. make sure you leave enough braking distance. let's look live at the beltway. where things are very slow at old court road near 795. stop and go traffic on outer loop. inner loop is moving well. outer loop is slow around liberty road. 95 north of white marsh is slow on the southbound side. we have a lot of people hitting the brakes there as well. charley. we are following breaking news that may affect how you are watching us on your television right now. it's a massive television recall and linda so is live in the interactive news sent wert details. >> reporter: -- center with the details. >> reporter: it involves 1.6 sony tv sets the braivia range of lc doctor. ds, the problem is it can overheat and cause the upper- casing to melt. there have been several incidents reported in japan. sony says a limited number of the tvs might contain a component that can malfunction causing it to overheat. if you notice an unusual smell,
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noise or smoking from the set, turn it off immediately and unplug the power cable. if you look at your screen right now, we have specific information on which models affecting many sony says anyone who owns the sets can take it to the nearest sony service center for a free inspection and again it's the braivia range of lcds manufactured in 2007 and 2008 and sold in the u.s. mostly. also on the web -- go to the main slide show the first story right up top if you click on that in the story you will find specific information and the models that are affected by this. also where you can go and what the problems seems to be and where to take your tv if you seem to have a problem live in the interactive news center he, linda so, abc2 news. >> thanks a lot. the levels may be low but it was enough to cause a scare. a contractor discovered low level radioactive medical waste in a dumpster at national naval
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medical center. 11 people were evacuate and one person what small a radio contamination on the gloves. the investigation is going to be turned over to the authorities with the national naval medical center. more on this as it becomes available. and today a nationwide campaign kicks off to stop bullying called unity day. in sykesville an oklahoma road at sykesville middle school there's going to be a assembly for rachel challenge in honor of rachel scott killed during the columbine massacre. national bullying center is asking you to wear orange in support for those bullied. head to abc 2 to find the story in our top story section. 6:48. in this morning's health alert, important news for expect expectant moms -- expectant moms. moms who tay folic acid reduce risk of children having language delays. the research is pub licked in the journal of the american
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medical association. education news now. it's official. baltimore county school superintendent dr. joe hairston will not renew and the search for replacement is underway. education reporter sherrie johnon is live where the -- johnson is live where the rains are falling but you have more on the developments. >> reporter: that's right. baltimore county school board begins the task of searching for new superintendent to replace dr. joe hairston. now last night during the school board meeting, they created a committee to set guidelines for public participation. after 12 years on the job, dr. joe hairston says it will be his last year as superintendent. board decided in a private vote more than a month ago not to extend his contract. now hairston told the school board chair on monday he will be leaving at the end of the school year. his contract runs out on june 30th of next year. and school board president appointed a panel last night to report back with key details in
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about a month. >> i think we have a good relationship. we are supporting -- >> i pledge to you in the next 8 1/2 month you have the full support of myself as president and i am sure of the other board members as we carry on the very important work of educating the children of baltimore county. >> reporter: dr. hairston says he will hold a news conference on friday to discuss his decision a little further. reporting live in towson, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. baltimore county schools are partnering with a service to help parents prepay for school meals on line. it's called my lunch money and if you a parent, you are get more information next week on what to do to buy the meals also what you can do to monitor what it is your kids are eating. they say it helps because sometimes they can lose lunch money on the way to school. this morning we are
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learning more about next year's baltimore grand prix. according to the american run effort race it will -- runner of the race it will happen again labor day weekend. even physician announcement is expect later this week. well, buffy buff and ready to boast you've seen construction workers sporting pink hard hats and they will join the effort at johns hopkins hospital. this morning lynette charles has more on what's kicking off in few hours weather permitting. they will do this rain or shine? >> reporter: yeah, you know we will have the showers on and off throughout the day. so, no need to cancel anything. bring the rain gear. but you know what, you know that it's october breast cancer awareness month when things turn pink. we have johns hopkins turning pink out here today. and you know what, today here at the hospital at 10:30 a.m. there will be all types of people uniting to help find a cue for breast cancer. more than 160 participants will be wearing mcor pink hard hats
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and create a human prchg ribbon for a visual call to action for -- pink ribbon for a visual call to action that challenges the macho image of the construction industry. so no mater what you do, you can come out and support breast cancer awareness. and you know what, it's just so nice to see all different people coming out and doing what they are doing showing their support for breast cancer and like i said, this is going to be a rain or shine event. and there will be showers off and ongoing throughout the day. no reason to stay at home. everything is going to be a go. definitely a good thing. >> all right. lynette charles hang by out there stay out there rain or shine we will look forward to hearing from you and seeing what comes from that later today. abc 2 and komen maryland are joining forces to raise money for the fight against breast cancer. join forts race for the cure. we will be live on air from 7 in the morning until 9 and there's the 5k run and 1 mile walk and it's not too late to
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register g to pink for more information. five things to know on this wednesday morning. former wife of the dc snipeer is due in virginia today to discuss the domestic violence and will speak 30 miles from where her former husband was executed. she will address military personnel and their families at fort lee. the trial stemming from the murder of a maryland state inmate aboard a prison bus has been delayed. they will be going onto continue with the jury selection and try to get back on with that today. and sony says it detected a large number of unauthorized attempts to access user accounts on the play station net work and online enterstatement services. the company locked out about 93,000 accounts whose i. ds and passwords were vair tied. go the president is unhappy following a failure of a test senate vote e says the fight is not only. 46 republicans and two senators
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on democratic side voted against advancing the bill tuesday night. and arizona is going to host a superbowl in 2015. played at university of phoenix stadium in glendale. this is the second time in 7 years that the grand canyon state is going to be holding the annual festivities. looking for something fun to do, the autumn glory festival kicks off in garrett county. it begins today with a farmers market and craft show other events including a concert thursday and maryland state bango championship friday. saturday has a downtown parade in oakland but the highlight is the fall foliage. the county offers maps and recommends driving routes but will we have good weather. >> so many things going on. from the northern he can of baltimore count -- sections of baltimore county we are seeing the color annapolis got the powerboat show going on and they are worried about the
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rain, too. from this storm pumping in tropical rains and i don't think we will have too of a problem stripping the leaves from the trees but it will be gloomy. improvement for the weekend but this storm is hit number one. and there's going to be a second push that swings through late thursday into friday why we have a three-day process. and rain northeastern maryland the moderate stuff right now. mostly cecil county but roads are wet and damage done to slow down the commute. but not much rain for the next couple hours a few shot -- spotty showers and heavier band out of south central virginia and north carolina likely to swing through. lunchtime into the afternoon as it plays out. and then it locks like spotty showers in the evening and another push tries to come at us overnight. we will have periods of rain some local downpours but i think we lower the threat threat of getting flooding. more storms fired up thursday and leftover showers on fright friday. today a cool day despite the fact we are not that far away from it this morning. just take the gear with you to
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keep you dry because it will be on and off showers through tonight and heavier downpours at times 60. low 70s tomorrow. and a break with mostlia afternoon and evening storms leftover hours on -- showers on friday and you know it starts 45 to 50 and i think we will be 50s most of the race time on saturday with a breeze of is a miles per hour and sun. tanya. >> reporter: if you are traveling, 95 southbound on the northeast side, it's very slow out of white marsh. let's look live at the beltway. our outer loop delays begin near 795. as you can see, traffic passes old court road it's stop and go. that volume continues and let's look live at liberty road to the right of the screen. that's outer loop traffic still slow there. we can't see the camera at 706789 so we don't know where it end yet. but give yourself plenty of extra time. >> also give yourself extra space between cars because the slick roadways you can slide with the greatest of ease. be careful as it continues off and on throughout the day. >> a couple days we have got
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it. we had a 5, 6 day stretch of the weather. no complaints. >> it balances out. now new york to "good morning america" have a great day.
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