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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  October 13, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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was peabo bryson. that's what's making news this morning. >> stay with us for "good . are's watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland" at 4:30. it's every parents' worst nightmare a daughter killed in a car crash. how her friend at chesapeake high plan to honor kala aust in. >> an 11-year-old boy is missing an amber alert is issued. police need your help finding him. the wife of a local legend is dead this morning. we remember pat modell on this thursday, october 13th, good morning maryland i am charley crowson we will get to the amber alert in moment but first a check of the forecast. are the umbrellas needed? let's say good morning to
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meteorologist justin berk. >> just want to show outtemperatures. low 60s around the i-95 stretch. 63 in baltimore and back towards dulles and dc upper 60s across southern maryland and the delmarva with 50s on north side. this is rain. okay. obviously. it's embedded heavier rain bands to the southwest of dc and that's sliding up in our direction. it doesn't look like there's much going on overhead but it's damp. it's misty and it's drizzle. it's fog. call it what you want. it's wet even though the radar is not showing it. all around the beltway up 83 up 95 and down 97 through an a list, but a solid shield of rain back to the west. that tries to move through. i am calling it mist or drizzle or foggy or anything else you want to add to this. temperatures to 72. showers or thunderstorms possible and another wet day tomorrow. >> reporter: we have an
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incident on the interloop at perring parkway. we are dealing with the wet roads and road spray. let's look out there at the northwest side of the beltway at old court road. you can see how wet the pavement s traffic is moving along fine. no problems to report. 695 at herbert road, we have a little -- liberty road, we have a little busy outer loop that's busier. it's behind the live bug but the flashing light is the amber alert drivers are slowing down for. there are two state agencies police departments on high alert. the alert was issued overnight in germantown and the child's mother has been murder inside her apartment. sherrie johnson is standing by with an update. it's been developing over the past several hours. >> reporter: well we have been on the phone all night checking with montgomery county police on the case. authorities have issued an amber alert look for 11-year- old william mcquain. last night detectives went to brier cliff terrace apartments as part of a missing person
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report. when they entered, they found 51-year-old jane mcquain dead. detectives are treating this as a homicide and say she suffered trauma to the body. no sign of the victim's son 11- year-old william mcqain. he has not been seen since september 30s and he is described as light skinned black male 5 feet tall and 85 pounds a vehicle registered to jane mcquain is missing and william could be with it. they are look for black 2011crx with tags 58g -- and every where you look we have video getting the message out. there are a null of signs up and on my way to work-- there are a number of signs up and on my way to work i saw the posting. log onto for the latest on the story in the slide show.
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if you information call 240-773- 5070. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. news time 4:33. and 17 year -- a 17-year-old is undead. a high school senior lost control of her car and instead of planning for senior activities, they are planning a funeral. linda so joins us live with more on this developing story. linda, what happened? >> reporter: police say 17-year- old kala austin was driving her volkswagen jetta on a wet road when she lost control and crashed. all day, her friends came back to the crash scene on mouthin road near pasadena. police say her car ran into an abandoned house and she died at a nearby hospital. police who live and work in the area say it's a dangerous stretch of road with a couple accidents every month. friends say cala was a -- kala was a cheerleader and ran
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track. her lost is devastating for classmates and they could leaveflowers where she used to park her car. whenth students were heart broken when the principal announced she died. >> i lot of it when he announced her name a lot of people cried and got upset about it. it was terrible. >> reporter: student at chesapeake high are planning a vigil for kala this friday after the homecoming football game. meanwhile, police believe that speed and wet road may have been a factor in the crash. we are live in the millersville, linda so, abc2 news. authorities need your help figuring out how a 17-year-old died. someone found kala motht's body on the side of sandy mount road. there was no signs of trauma. if you know anything about this, please call the number on the screen, 888-399-tips.
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tipp. this morning pat modell's memory lives on. she was a native new yorker and a star on payton place. this morning it's sad world over the passing of pat modell. after moving from cleveland to baltimore, she raised money for a project, the house of ruth, and kennedy krieger and the leeric. after watching 6 grandchildren and winning a superbowl, the only disappointment is not seeing her husband make it to the nfl hall of fame. pat modell dead at the age of 80. news time is 4:35. one person is dead after staying at a popular ocean city hotel and according to health official legionnaires dissee is to blame. they -- disease is to blame. three people that stayed there were hospitalized and three more people were dying nosed and one of them is dead.
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the hotel's waters tested positive for the bacteria. >> we contacted all the guests and employees that worked there in the last 30 days to let them know if they come down with symptoms to go the physician. >> it has pneumonia like symptom including fever chills and cough. symptoms appear within twoly. health department want anyone who stayed at the plim plaza in september to contact their doctor immediately. the number of dead because of the canteloupe listeria outbreak is is rising. another 93 peep have been sick -- people have been sickened by it and it's the deadliest known outbreak in more than a quarter century. colorado farm that grew the melonsish you had the shall dish you'd the -- melon issued the recall last month.
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brother's pas was closed for most of wednesday afternoon -- brother's pizza was closed for most of wednesday after a car crashed into the storech the elderly woman driving the car is fine and so is the passenger. no one inside the restaurant was injured. back in the cmp days we used the saratoga 64 and then the 301 and then we divided up and grew into 41410 a that divided more. now we are getting ready for 667. we are talking about area codes. maryland is running out of phone numbers so the public service commission is now adding a new area code. 667 will give 8 million newnumber bigss and it will be assigned to those in central maryland including baltimore city and baltimore county anne arundel and harford counties as well. a salon swarming with clients is swarming with police. a mass shooting leaves eight people dead and one person
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critically injured. what authorities are saying about the alleged shooter. a mexican city is under water. how they are work to stayafloat. details coming up in bit. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30. a live look at los angeles.
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. mexico city is under water and the storm has been downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm and people are stuck on the roofs in the raging water. it split a hotel concrete sign and covers a golf course and tennis court. 1400 people are in shelters. we don't have hurricanes right now justin but we have rain to be concerned about on this thursday. >> that's right. temperatures fairly uniformed like the last coupler mornings. bel air and towson take care of that at 59. 60 ellicott city.
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right by water in stephensville in the mid -- stevensville, we have what appears to be rain to the west and there's solid rain there. waking up this morning there it's warm and no circulation and he needs to stay there. wet for everybody else. that's what we got. mist and drizzle and fog and light rain and there will be solid rain and thunderstorms. take your pick. we have about everybody today. low 60s this morning. damp outside and sort of that nuisance rain because you need intermittent wiper blades and there could be heavier showers into the afternoon. here is tanya. >> reporter: we have an incident on the bellway at due lanny valley road, no -- dulaney valley road. no information which loop. no accidents in the county. 95 south of 195, traffic is building in both directions but
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pretty light right now. top side of the beltway is light as well. no incidents to report just a few cars in each direction. we are doing fine at our tunnels and bridges. charley. the case against a maryland senator. deputy secretary to the u.s. transportation department takes the stand later today. that's straight ahead. plus... >> reporter: hybrid and electric trucks roll into baltimore. i will tell you why they are here coming up.
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before you head out this morning five things to know. testimony in the federal bribee case against curry continues this morning at a baltimore courtroom. former transportation secretaryis scheduled to take the stand. prosecutors say curry was paid more than $245,000 to do favor for shoppers for a food warehouse. and tonight help raise money to help barks with the cost of spaying and neutering
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animals. the pause for a cause chiert night is at the blue hill tavern. proceed benefit baltimore animal rescue and lucky cat rescue. from len to one, officials from the usda will be at george washington let elementary school celebrating national school lunch week. it will give staff and students an opportunity to talk about new tigs triggsal benefits including fresh fruits and vegetables to be included in the lunches. national hispanic heritage tonight mayor stephanie rawlings breaks will be a the kicks off at-- blake will be at the celebration. mayor rawlings-blake will make the official announcement with race details this morning at clen will be 30 at the underarmour campus. at the under armour campus.
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the man accused of walking into a salon and opening fire is the ex-husband of a stylist and she goes onto say the couple was going through a bitter divorce. local reports suggest that the suspect and one of the victims may have been involved in a custody fight. >> i knew there was a lot of strife between the two of them. i just never think that could happen like this you know. years later just unfathomable. >> scott dekray who is suspected in the crime was stopped by officeers a half mile away. and was surround vat incident. scary moments. the bus ended up on the side after hitting a tractor. students all between the ages of 16 and 22 had minor injuries. the driver was more banged up. the driver is trying to -- was trying to pass the tractor because it was moving slowly when the trackor turned and the
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bus ver sweed swerved and flip. brian stowe the giants fan beaten into a coma is out of the hospital. his doctors says he is improved enough to be transferred to a rehab facility. two men are charged in that attack. also dramatic video of a plane going from a runway to the highway. small plane crash landed on the florida turnpike in miami. no word on what caused the plane to go down. safe sex is more of the norm involving teens and a study shows teenagers are listening to the efforts urging them to wrap it up. 80% of teenage boys who participate in the survey say they use condoms for the first time when they had sex and that's up 9 points since 2002. here are a few things the study shows. sexual activity doesn't seem to be increasing among teens. about 43% of girls and 42% of boys say they are having sex. those rates are statistically unchanged since 02 and teens who live with both parents are less likely to have sex than
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those who come from split households and 70% of girls, 56% of boys say they had the first sexual encounter in committed relationship. you heard the phrase mind blowing sex but you probably weren't aware of how literal that could be. a study says that sex can make you forgetful. researchers say it's a rare condition what person's memory disappears following sex. they are not sure why it happens and people with so- called transient global amnesia suffer no side effects. the memory returns within a few hours in time for the a check of the forecast. still wet with temperatures hanging very seasonal right now? >> we are haiking -- hanging in the low 60s. we could probably have taken yesterday's temperature map and put it up this morning. looks like we have the same weather pattern and we are stuck in this environment for yet one more day after this one. 603 officially in baltimore. -- 63 officially in baltimore. the area of low pressure is
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closer as we put it in motion. one to our south and just reenergizing a lot of the moisture and a trop kat cal feed off the coast. we will-- tropical feed off the coast. it's a little soupy out there this morning. one area of low pressure here and another in the northern plains and that's the reason why we take all the moisture and we have to wait are for the cold front to sweep the pattern. as you can see the cloud line is working through the heartland and deep south and eastern seaboard. we are stuck with the wet weather through friday night. now there will be intermittent bands of rain and we have some to the west that will swing through and make for a slow commute at times. i expect the mist, drizzle and fog to be a enough of a problem to add rain to the mix. and it won't be fun. we will probably have to shave off my time so tanya has more to talk about. hopefully you are not stuck in what show talks about. future radar doesn't indicate the moisture. but tomorrow, look at this
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convague belt of moisture in new -- scone convague belt in -- conveyor belt of moisture in new england and new york. back edge swings through and we should dry out heading into saturday morning. but today mist, drizzle and fog. showers and storms in the afternoon. and we are looking for temperatures getting back up to 72 degrees. tonight, more of the same. we are back to 60 with possible storms and the quick outlook here more of the same tomorrownear 70. wind will be the main issue saturday morning for the marathon as we are aiming for gusts between 15 and 25 miles per hour. not the best stuff to run in or drive in. >> reporter: very wet out there. we are actually doing pretty well so far. traffic is flowing freely at the tidings bridge and at the key bridge. so not bad. let's look at 95 at 175 if you are traveling southbound that traffic is a little heavier but no issues between elk ridge and laurel.
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you should be good to go there. you see how wet the roads are. this is the fort mchenry tunnel. southbound traffic coming out of tunnel. we have light traffic at the tunnels. no issues to report here. let's hope it stays this way. charley. new high tech and efficient vehicles are rolling into charm city. corinne redman is checking out some of the newest trucks that could be hitting the market soon. >> reporter: well, you know you hear about electric cars and hybrid cars but you don't hear a lot about electric trucks. that's why the national conference rolled into baltimore to tell us about it. this is frank jacobs from electric vehicle international. tell me what your company is doing out here for this conference. >> well, first i would like to thank the folks at h tough we have what fantastic conference. we build medium duty dueties and class 4 through 6 all electrics and walk in and medium duty trucks and our objective is to meet with the customers and give them the
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opportunity to sit in our vehicles and experience the drivability of our convenience. so, we have -- we love the fact they have a ride and drive and customers will be able to do that. >> reporter: how important is it to switch over to hybrid trucks. we hear a lot about cars but not a lot about trucks. how important is it for us to try to get hybrid and electric trucks into production. >> if you look at why we are doing it, 85 million barrels of fossil fuel are used a day. u.s. uses 27% of that. 69% of that is due to vehicles. china and india a starting to -- their economies are starting to explode. when they start to roll fossil fuel will be supply and demand and the price of gas is going to sky rocket. and this allows us an alternative to help save in fuel and maintenance cost and help the united states address that dependence on foreign oil. >> reporter: great. thanks so much for joining thus morning. again, this conference is to
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raise awareness and hopefully speed up production of electric trucks and hybrid trucks. we will have more and show you a couple more different types of trucks out here for the national convention for hybrid and luck electric trucks. corinne redman, abc2 news. the underwear bomber takes blame for his attempt to bring down a flight over detroit. why he says he went along with the plot. also a piece of hockey history up for sale. you could be eligible to take it home. we will show you in a bit. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30. a live look at atlanta, georgia.
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. >> the so-called underwear bomber has pled guilty and authorities say he planned to
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set off an explosive device in his underwear while aboard a christmas 2009 night and says the planned attack was in retaliation for the killing of muslims. and the son of moammar qaddafi seen here with hillary clinton could be in rebel custody. he was captured wednesday in libya but two national transitional council spokesmen say they can't report. and in canada, once believed to be the oldest hockey still is -- stick is up for sale. mark presley brought it from a barber who had it on display in the shop for decades. scientific testing says the wood in the stick dates back 170 years. presley says he needed the money to finance his plans to go back to school but hopes it end up in a national museum. why now "good morning
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maryland." >> reporter: there's an amber alert for an 11-year-old boy missing after his mother was found dead in their home. hear what police have to say. a chesapeake high school senior is killed in car crash. the special vigil planned for kala austin. a former actress turned wife to one of baltimore's sports lendl and this morning we are marg the -- legend and this morning we are mourning the death of pat modell. let's get to justin berk with a check of the forecast because it was a wet one. >> you step outside and will want to shake it off. it was not even showing up on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. we have this fine mist or drizzle or fog. it's made everything wet and you will need the wiper blades around town and steadier rain from rockville west side of dc stretching through manassas and central virginia. we have to deal with it this morning. there's the line of rain rolling through central and southern virginia trying to pivot through parts of our area
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this morning. take your pick. whatever and wherever you are driving you will run into some sort of moisture in the atmosphere. most of us low 60s. the sun comes up at 7:14. that seems late. thanks for joining thus early. one tip before five. on and off showers and a thunderstorm possible throughout the afternoon. let's check with the traffic and tanya. >> reporter: it's pretty wet. wet pavement and lots of road spray and fog near 95 and 32. let's look and see how things are moving along on the northwest side. 695 at old court road near 795, very light traffic there. the traffic moving away from the camera is the outer loop. smooth ride through pikesville. slow down because of the wet pavement. jfx at northern parkway. we have wet road there as well a few cars going southbound. nothing in your way down to fayette street. back to you. >> and amber alert has two state agencies on high alert. it was issued overnight in germantown and now we have learned the child's mo


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