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tv   News  ABC  October 13, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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now "good morning maryland roy on amber alert for an -- >> reporter: an amber alert was issued for an 11-year-old boy. her parents says she was snatched from her crib as she slept. the latest on the missing baby lisa irwin. a terror plot serptd on capitol hill and they believe it was conceived sponsored and directed by iran. details of that coming up on this thursday, october 13th. good morning i am charley crowson. before we get to that breaking news let's check the forecast and say hello, to meteorologist justin berk. >> good morning. check this out. 5:30. we are looking at 63 degrees in baltimore. 57 up towards york, p.a. we have got drizzle and fog and it's a damp morning and we will be watching rain back to the west. for fun i played around with
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the settings on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. look what i found. there's lightning with the storms. there's thunder and lightning in montgomery county. and it's potent and now it's spreading an indication from the radar on baltimore it's not just the mist and drizzle that's been plaguing us for the last few hours. but there's steady rain around the beltway and downtown and through anne arundel county but let's go close erin show you near rockville we are watching the heavy stuff up towards gaitherburg and may be slipping into howard county. we may get heavy rain ellicott city and columbia and back towards and thund erin lightning to rattle the windows. 5:31, roads are wet and here's tanya with traffic. >> reporter: we have mark train 841, 7 minutes late between hunt valley station and gilroy shuttle bus service through monday because there's track repairs on light rail. let's look out there. it's very wet. we are doing okay so far for the most part. the ride through catonsville is
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smooth. the oncoming traffic is the outer loop at frederick road. inner loop the lanes are open and that's smooth as well. 895 at harbor tunnel most traffic is running southbound away from the camera. no issues to report here either. and that's good news. an amber alert has two police state agencies in maryland on high alert. it was issued overnight in germantown and now we learned the child's mother was murdered inside her apartment and sherrie johnson is standing by with an update and the timeline on this is sort of curious because this kid has not been seen since september 30th. >> reporter: that's right. i just spoke with montgomery county police and talked to one the lead detectives. here's information he basically told me. he said yes, the child has not been seen since september 30th as they started talking to people. and finding out a little information but they said the mother a friend of hers had not seen her and filed missing person's report. they called in yesterday at about 2 p.m. with that missing person's
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report and that's when detectives went to the home. so, that's what timeline is. and they said this is all still very fresh, very new. and as they are getting information in, they are learning more information. but, basically we have an amber alert for 11-year-old william mcquain and last night a little after 8 detectives went to brier cliff terrace apartments in germantown as part of a missing person report. when they entered the apartment, they found 51-year- old jane mcquain dead in her bedroom. detectives are treating this as a homicide saying she suffered trauma to her body. there was no sign of the victim's son 11-year-old william. he has not been seen again since september 30th as police talked to neighbors, that's what they learned. but the missing person report was not filed until yesterday. william is described as a light skinned black male about 5 feet tall and we85 pound. this is all new picture that we
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captured at walgreens getting the message out. this is the walgreens on york road in towson and all across the area this morning. you can find information posted about this amber alert. i know on my way into work, i saw you know an amber alert on i-695 but there's a vehicle registered to jane mcquain missing and william could be with it. authorities are looking for a black 2011 honda crv with maryland tags 5ag9405. so you can log onto for the latest and updated information on this story located in our slide show. and if you have any information about william, officers are asking that you call the montgomery county major crimes division at 240-773-5070. reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. a florida school bus attendant is facing child abuse
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charges. you can look at what happened. bus monitor yvonne branch was picking up something on the bus floor what 14-year-old a picked up another child and swing him over the seat. that child's feet hit branch in the face and you can see that's when branch jumped on the 14- year-old. branch pind him to the seat and when the driver tried to get her to stop. >> he didn't mean to do that. he didn't mean to do it. >> yes did he. >> no he didn't he was just. [ beep ] >> yvonne. [ beep ] >> you can make out a lot going on. the video shows branch biting the boy and force him off the bus. branch went way overboard say the school and she is no longer employed by the school. a 9-year-old girl behind the wheel and a mother was in the car allowing her to drive on city streets.
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this is not fiction this didn't happen just once, but it happened twice. lori rogers facing charges with the incident white girl was driving rogers is in the back seat with her 10-month-old. police are investigating whether the mother was under the influence of drugs or possibly alcohol. a new jersey college professor scad student not to speak and is facing serious criticism. bill is a 16-year-old taking college level classes and has astuttering issue. sometimes it takes longer to articulate what he wants to say and it was too long for the professor who told him not to speak so he doesn't infringe on other students a time. the college has not said if the professor will be disciplineed. they needed rain no doubt about that. but coming, we will show you how a series of storms representing across the lone star state in texas is turning violent. and she is known for cooking almost everything with butter a -- butter and paula deen is
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look at this a storm across east texas left a major mess to clean up. trees, toppled over in liberty county as a storm moved through yesterday afternoon. that packed winds of 65 miles an hour straight line wind. one the trees fell on a suv and you can see it underneath the branches and damage though minor was reported to some homes. time for a check of the local forecast with justin. this is interesting. watch the -- watching the rain although it's been damp all night and now we have stetter rain just -- steadier rain it's substance coming out of the sky. we have fresh lightning strike to the west of columbia. but you know there may be rumbles of thunder. columbia, ellicott city watching this band out of roxville and german town up -- rocksville and germantown. and it's making a line towards west friendship and mount airy. that's this cell. but there's activeness in the atmosphere this morning. how about that.
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the activity he can tends down through central -- extends through central virginia. so it's going to be crossing the potomac and going in our direction. the chance of getting lightning with the mist and drills and light rain and steady -- drizzle and light rain and steady rain and fog. take your pick. it's wet out there. and i don't know if rain continues through the afternoon we will reach 72. but the wetness this morning as people wake up and get on the road i think is going to be a little bit of a problem. >> reporter: yes. we are predicting very busy rush shower slowing things down. marc train 841 is 15 minutes late. let's look out at beltway on the northwest side. we still have pretty light traffic out there. and that's helping us with the commute because it's not rush hour. so traffic is flowing freely with the wet pavement and the road spray. 695 at harford road top side of the beltway same deal most traffic is on the outer loop to the right. but we don't have a lot of cars so that's good news. we have an incident reported on
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the beltway at 295. charley. something of an unexpected honor for paula deen maxim magazine named her the hottest female tv chef. the men's magazine finds her rich dishes a turn on. the 64-year-old food network star beat much more is svelt, tv chefs. maxim on thed to use a stick of but ther in place of a photo of paula deen. that's mean. coming up, new information now for a search for a missing boy not seen for two weeks. sherrie. >> reporter: that's right. there's an amber alert listed this morning for an 11-year-old boy missing ever since his mother was found dead in their home. i am sherrie johnson we will hear more on what police have to say. bge's instant discounts got our homeowner to switch to energy star® cfl bulbs. these covered cfls look great and last longer- perfect for 'them hard-to-reach places.
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an update for you. amber alert has police agencies work overtime. we have learned the child's mother was murder inside her apartment and sherrie johnson is standing by with an update. what is the latest. >> reporter: well, we have been on the phone talking with detect aifns basically this is slow going. it's all very fluid and they said once 8 or 9 a.m.
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comes and businesses start opening up, they are hoping to make more leeway. right now, there is an amber alert that's issued for an 11- year-old boy whose name is william mcquain. last night after 8 detectives with to briercliff terrace apartments in germantown as part of a missing person report. the mother had been reported missing. when they entered the home, they found 51-year-old jane mcwayne dead in her bedroom. they are treating this as a homicide saying she sufferedtraumad to the body. no sign -- trauma to the body. her son has not been seen since september 30th. he is a light skinned black male 5 feet tall weighing 85 pounds and this is a new picture righthere you can see captured at wall greens on york road getting the message out across the area this morning. you can find information posted about this amber alert. now a vehicle registered to jane mcquain is missing and
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william could be with it. they are look for a black 2011 honda crv with maryland tags 5ag9405. you can log onto for the latest and updated information on this story in the slide show. now police detectives are asking me to please get the word out if you have any information about william call 240-773-5070. reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> that's the top story on the website on the top bar breaking news. clack that if you need the phone -- click that if you need the number to give police a call. the u.s. is laying out the case over an alleged assassination plot. that was to kill the saudi arabia ambassador and iran denies the allegations and there was news of an attack for israeli prime minister as well. or israeli ambassador.
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they now have -- they are doubting elements of the military were involved in iran. they are denying the whole thing. . >>i surmise they would not have done it without the highest levels of approval from the revolutionary guard. and most likely from some higher elements of the government. >> now there's concern the alleged plot which an iranian american was arrested for last month may have been part of a broader plan. iran maintains the accusations are just an attempt by the u.s. to distract americans from their domestic issues. and new developments in the trial of the accused underwear bomber who has pleaded guilty to all charges. nigerian man was accused of trying to designate an explosivedevice in his underwear around christmas 2009. he chose to represent himself in the trial that got underway this week but he had a legal council on -- counsel on stand by. it's been more than a week
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since a baby girl vanished from her crib. police say they have exhausted all leads that are come in sin the disappearance. video shows baby lease' mother hours before the child went missing shopping with an unidentified man and spent about 6 minutes in the store and bought a box of wine baby food and baby wipes. the family hired a private investigator to help in the search. bill stanton known as wild bill says that he will speak to reporters about what he found a bit later today. news time is 5:49. a study says waste energy plant that turned garbage into electricity are more polluting than coal firepower plants a report to be released today says maryland is becoming the capital for waste energy plants and data shows the two largest incinerators create more pollution per hour of energy of generation than east states four largest coal fire plants.
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the plants are in -- today the mayor will be atunder armour campus to talk about the running festival saturday. justin has been telling you about this. she will speak at 11:30 and if you can't make it there, is the place to go for all things race related. find out what streets will be closed, when and where on saturday, and when the runners could be running through your neighborhood. we will have all that information for you again and click on the sports link at the top of the page. justice you are he can cited about this e-- excited about this event. >> my first time doing a relay part of the marathon. come out to our area and say hi if you are participating. biggest issue will be wind on saturday morning. not something we want to hear b we will get to that in a moment. maryland's most powerful doppler radar there's columbia and western howard county and rockville and gaithersburg in montgomery county 270 and pushing up to western howard
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and up towards mount airy and list been a we have been talking about that i70 stretch and lightning strikes. we have what strike around laurel that was about 25 minutes ago. and yes there's little more in the way of some steadier rains showing up on the radar as opposed to the drizzle and mist earlier on. but it's wet. it's not showing up in severna park they have about on the mist. eldersburg the same story. we have got to deal with one little cell here although it looks like it's expanding the line up to the west of westminster and i suspect the 140 trip is slow to the west side of dc. here's the deal. it's part of one area of low pressure that seems to be enhancing this morning to include heavier downpours for parts of the morning commute and in addition to what we expect this afternoon. tropical feed ahead of that. and the next system is this cold front and a distinct line of heavy storms pushing through arkansas charley. that one swings through by late tomorrow and then we get the dry air but unfortunately a
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wind wrap system behind this storm into the weekend. that takes us first off to the local radar. there's the line of rain and we have lightning and thunder enhancement on the drizzle and mist and wet roads. showers and storms continue on and off through today and tonight and tomorrow and should be clearing out tomorrow night. road may be damp and saturday morning race start time. it might be windy. 72 today. and yes it will be wet take the wet weather gear. that's not what we are looking for. we are looking for the 7-day outlook showing you near 70 tomorrow but 50s will be the race temperature on saturday morning look for 15-mile-per- hour winds. i am seeing lightning in your traffic cameras tan yeah. that's what's distracted me. -- tanya. that's what's distracting me. >> reporter: we have a lot of fog on 95. let's look at 95 and 175 and see if we can catch any of that lightning. most traffic is running southbound at this time. right now we don't have issues between the beltway except for a little fog and now maybe some lightning.
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so, we will have to keep ion on that. be careful. this is 95 on the northeast side. north of white marsh boulevard to the right of the screen is the southbound traffic making its way towards the beltway. that's starting to slow down. so this is the beginning of the rush hour slowdown. drive time right now are still okay. 83 from shawan to the beltway 5 minutes and 95 and white marsh to the beltway taking about 6 minutes. and traveling the outer loop bel air to providence 6 minutes and 795 to 70 will take you about 7 minutes. back to you. well it's been more than a month since the east coast earthquake. we are learning that new repairs are set to get underway for a national landmark damaged as a result of the tremors. and he says he is being taxed too little. now billionaire invetor warren buffet is giving outnumbers and what he is paying in capital gains tax. we will look at that when "good morning maryland" continues on this thursday morning.
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south korea is in the spotlight today. this afternoon vice president joe bind and secretary of state hillary clinton will host a luncheon honoring the president of the south korea and tonight president obama will host a state dinner for korean president. and warren buffet is
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revealing how much money he made last year almost 63 million dollars. the billionaire investor also disclosed that the figure in the letter to republican representative of kansas. he revealed he paid almost 7 million dollars in capital gains taxes last year or right around the number 17% of the taxable income and says the rate he is paying is still too low. repairs to the national cathedral in washington are getting underway at 9. the historic church sustained significant damage including three of the fires being damaged. 5.8 earthquake. and they say they are angry about government bailouts and the ongoing economic recession. up next police move in as the antiwall street protesters try to block the doors of a bank. you can't do that. plus, why the harrisburg, pennsylvania is under bankruptcy protection and it's been coming for years. and the state of clotney in sin city. what a owner is serving up that
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requires customers to wear a hospital gown if you want to eat that. we will look coming up in the 6:00 how of "good morning maryland" we are back in a bit. [ male announcer ] for sore muscles use new bengay cold therapy, it's pro-cool technology releases armies of snowmen masseuse who cuddle up with your soreness and give out polar bear hugs. technology. [ male announcer ] new bengay cold therapy. the same technology used by physical therapists. go to for a $3 coupon. it's pro-cool technology releases armies of snowmen masseuse
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