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tv   News  ABC  October 13, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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you are watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." investigators are combing a selon where eight people were gunned down. what may have led to the deadly shoot dplg police in anne arundel county continue to investigate an accident that claims the life of this -- shooting-- [audio not understandable] . that you will is straight ahead. good morning i will charley crowson the let's get to it with a check of your forecast as you try to get out door and say hello, to justin berk. >> good morning.
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6:32. dressing the kids and temperatures are not the issue. 59 towson and bellan and we have rain. 6 # edgemere and glen bernie and 63 in stevensville and 65 in -- it's about the wet weather. we started off watching a cluster of thunderstorms near rockville and gaithersburg and split up into howard county. lightning strike to the south side and watching this pull moderate rain northwest corn effort beltway by the spur at 795 and looks like perhaps wood lawn randalltown and pikesville getting in on it and towson spreading in rain. lutherville timonium getting in rain and spreading up 95 from white marsh and near the bel air area. that's where the heaviest rain is. there's mist and drizzle and fog mixed in between. a damp morning on and off rain into the afternoon. so take the rain gear with you and a high of 72. here's tanya with the traffic. >> reporter: we are getting a lot of broken down cars out there. also an dent with -- accident
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with injuries. arundel expressway northbound. live traffic cameras 95 at 175 no issues between dorsey and salveage heading southbound. northbound all your lanes are open. we are dealing with wet pavement. 95 north of the beltway in arbutus, this is the southbound traffic moving away from the camera. on the northbound side we do have a broken down car over there. other broken down cars including 70 east at beltway and 95 north of the beltway. drive times are being affected 83 still okay from shawan to the beltway but 95 out of whitemarch will be take 8 minutes. outer loop bel air to providence 8 and 10 from 795 # to 70. breaks news. a woman is discovered dead in her apartment and her 11-year- old son is nowhere to be found. police issued an amber alert e was seen at the 13,000 block of brier clf terrace in germantown. sherrie johnson is tang by with more and the odd thing is -- cliff terrace in germantown.
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sherrie johnson is standing by with more and the oddest thing se has not been seen since september 30th. >> reporter: police say they were only notified yesterday of a missing person's report and this is all flew you had and these are one of the things they will look into as this investigation goes on. but last night, a little after 8:00 deerks -- detectives went to the condos following up on a missing person reporter in the day. a friend of the victim reported her missing. when officers enered the apartment shall entered the apartment they found 51-year- old jane mcquain dead in the bedroom. detectives are treating this as a homicide. they say she suffered trauma to her body. there was no sign of the victim's son william mcquain. he has not been seen since september 30th and police believe he was abducted. william is described as a light skined black male about 5 feet tall and weighs 85 pounds. now this is all a new picture right here captured at walgreens on york road of the message board overnight as they continued to get the message
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out. all across the area this morning, you can find information posted about the amber alert. now a vehicle registered to jane mcquain is also missing. and william could be with it. authorities are looking for a black 2011 honda crv with maryland tags 5ag9405. and you can log onto for the latest and the most updated information on this story. it's located in our slide show and if you have any information about william detectives ask you please call montgomery county major crimes division at 240-773-507 a 06789 and -- 5070. and callers can reman anonymous. but right now it's -- remain anonymous by right now it's important to find the child will if you have information, call. reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. occupy san francisco protesters are targeting banks and they are doing everything
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they can to make sure they are head. police arrested a dozen demonstrators for block the entrance to the building. protesters had been rallying in front of the federal reserve bank and moved efforts and people to wells fargo. take a look. >> i am furious that banks get bailed out and schools don't. and that i am told as a teacher i have to fund raise and grant right to teach my kids how to read. >> >> we don't just want jobs we want good jobs that would give us a decent wage. and right now, with the banks not helping, those jobs are very sparse. they are not giving up the jobs. >> organizers are angry about the government bailout of major banks and ongoing economic recession. news from around the nation. new video this morning showing a missouri mother hours before a child went missing spent six minutes in the store and bought wine and baby food and it's been more than a week since her baby vanished from a crib and the family hire a private investigator to help in the
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search. he is scheduled to talk to reporters later today about what he found. and florida school bus attendant is facing child abuse charges after a confrontation with a student all caught on surveillance video he a bus monitor was picking up something on the bus floor when a 14-year-old picked up another child and swung him over the seat. the child's feet hit branch in the face and you can see that when branch jumped on the 14- year-old. he pinned the boy to the seat when the bus driver tries to intervene and tried to get her to stop. listen. >> yvonne. he didn't mean to do that. [ beep ] >> he didn't mean to do it. >> yes, he did. >> no he didn't. he was -- yvonne. [ beep ] >> yvonne. >> that video shows branch biting the boy and forcing him off the bus in a full nelson hold. will skew -- the school says she went overboard and no longer has job as a result.
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a colorado mother is facingcharges accused letting her 9-year-old drive the car on city streets while she was in the back seat with the 10-month- old many it happened twice police are investigating whether she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. and a new jersey college professor faces criticism for scag student to stop talking a16-year-old is taking college level classes and has stuttering problem. sometimes it takes longer to articulate what he wants to say and apparently it was too long for the professor and she told him to not speak in class and infringing on a other students time. companies and people declare bankruptcy all the time but apparently cities can do it too. harrisburg, pennsylvania filed for chapter 11 and who will be in charge of that city's finances from now on. plus, this burger makes the heart attack burger look like -- look like a diet option. that's a restaurant offering
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from a vegas restaurant. four days worth of calories. we will fill you in on that. you will need nurses after that. you are watching "good morning maryland" back in a bit.
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frustration over millions of blackberry users worldwide service outage spread to the u.s. and canada. users in the middle east europe and africa lost service monday and hit south america tuesday and blackberry said earlier in the week it was working to fix the problem. and it's an unusual move now but an effort to deal with money problems leaders in pennsylvania capital harrisburg decide to file bankruptcy. listen. >> we know it's not a popular thing to do. we understand but we believe this is the right thing to do. we believe i believe this is the only thing that will work.
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>> the word of the council person justifying his vote to take hoarisburg into bankruptcy. a bill would allow the state to take over the finances. and the heart attack grill is opening the third location in las vegas. the owner wears a doctor's cost oom and waitresses -- costume and the waitress dressed as nurses qaw dripel by-pass burger 8,000 -- quadruple by- pass burger beef bacon and cheese and you need the nurses when it's all done. a search for an 11-year-old boy after a gruesome discovery. more on this from sherrie johnson. >> reporter: police issue an amber alert for a missing 11- year-old boy after his mother was found dead in the home. i am sherrie johnson. a tough day for students at chesapeake high school. they are remembering a fallen friend killed in a car crash. 6:44.
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maryland's most powerful doppler radar spotted showers. looks like moderate rain trying to pass through cockeysville and another push along the bel air turning. >> aberdeen of 95. we will detail the wet forecast coming up. >> reporter: top side of the beltway looks like a parking lot. good morning maryland continues after this.
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home performance with energy star. get started at ahhh, now i'm comfortable- and energy efficient! time for your abc2 news to go i am charley crowson we are tracking a number of stories including an amber alert out of montgomery county. sherrie johnson will have more in a bit. but rain reese maine a big story overnight for us here. -- remain a big story overfor us here. let's -- story overnight for us. it's light and heavy and it depends where you are. we have got stuff pushing through bel air and perryman and heading up towards havre de grace and fallston and jacksonville four corners getting light to moderate rain
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a push through towson. there's more on the way and moderate rain to the south of dc that's going to ride in our direction. so mist and drills and light rain and lightning strikes this morning. low 60s we are going to low 70s this afternoon. and i think take the rain jacket because hon and off throughout the day. something will be flying through the area. let's see if anyone is flying hopefully not. on the roads here's tanya. >> reporter: i hope not. we have broken down cars left and right. we had 170 eastbound at the beltway and now we have 107 westbound at beltway and 859 south at the beltway. let's look at that slowdown that has begun. this is the northwest side near 795. outer loop traffic very slow. so that's going to take extra time and checking top side of the beltway at harford road same deal. all of that traffic to the right of the screen is the outer loop traffic. that's stop and go. and it's also going to be slow 95 southbound which is 95 out of white shall take ate away. break news let's get back
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to the amber alert. police at two agencies now scrambling to find an 11-year- old boy after that child's mother is found dead inside her apartment. he was seen on the 13,000 block of brier cliff terrace in germantown. sherrie johnson has been on the story all morning since it has been developing in the overnight hours. she joins us live. what's the latest? >> reporter: montgomery county police and maryland state police are working on this case. i've been checking with them andhere's what they are telling me. they feel like they will find out more information once it hits 8 or 9 in many of the businesses are open. it's at -- they say it's fluid but they are trying to find 11- year-old william mcquain and they have issued an amber alert. last night a little after 8, detectives went to brier cliff terrace apartments in germantown as part of a missing person report. earlier in the day, a friend of the victim reported her missing. when they entered the apartment, officers found 51- year-old jane mcquain dead in her bedroom. detectives are treating this as a homicide. they say she suffered trauma after to her body and there was
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no sign of the victim's son william mcquain. he he's not been seen since september 30th a and police believe he was abducted. he is described as light skin blacked male about 5 feet tall and weighs 85 pounds. now this is an all new picture here that you see we captured at a walgreens getting the message out. all across the area this morning, you can find information posted about the amber alert. when i was driving into work i saw a sign. and there's las vehicle registered to jane mcquain who is also missing and william could be in that vehicle with that person. authorities are looking for a black 2011 honda crv with maryland tags 5ag9405. and you can log onto our website for the latest and most updated information on this story. it's located in our slide show. and if you have any information about william detectives ask you call montgomery county
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major crimes division and the number is 240-773-5070. and callers can reman anonymous. reporting -- remain anonmons. sherrie johnson, c ba.p c2 news. -- anonymous. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. and in other news the anne arundel county teen involved in a single car crash yesterday is now dead. wednesday morning around 7:14, 17-year-old kala austin was heading to chesapeake high school. she lost control of her volkswagen jetta and ran into a abandoned house and died at baltimore washington medical center. news of the crash and austin adeath spread quickly on wednesday through the high school. >> never seen so many people cry in one place. it was like so many girls crying and even guys were tearing up. >> she was involved in cheerleading a member of the track team and students are planning a candlelight vigil in
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member rif kala friday night after the school's homecoming football game. friday night after the school's homecoming football game. 23 people including one person from here in maryland have died from the canteloupe outbreak making it the deadliest known outbreak of a food born illness. and a former maryland transportation secretary isscheduled to testify in the bribee case against a prominent state senator. he is testifying against senator curry. prosecutors say curry was paid more than $245,000 to do favors for shoppers food warehouse. the senator's attorney says was helping the store officials navigate state government and that the senator did nothing illegal. five things to know on this thursday morning as you head out. a mass shooting in california in a salson. neighbors of the suspect scott decarry say he was in the middle of a bitter custody battle with his ex-wife who worked at that salson.
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in the shooting 8 people were killed. and as many as 18 people were hurt after two amtrak trains collide in oakland. it happened around 10 last night and a spokesperson says it was a slow speed crash. passengers had minor injuries. and this is the nation's capital. we will get you a shot. but, in just a few hours the defense secretary pineta is sphoaxd deliver a message to lawmakers -- expected to deliver a message to lawmakers to avoid hollowing out military coming in the post 9/11 conference scheduled for later today. the down economy made a drop in the number of births in 2007, the u.s. had a record number more than 4.3 million. since then the numbers dropped. a new report explains income changes and high unemployment is to blame for the numbers heading down. and today engineers will do work on the national cathedral. workers are preparing to remove part of the pen cal damaged during the august earthquake and officials say they need to raise at least 15 million
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dollars for the initial repairs that scheduled to reopen come november 12th. hollywood stars are now coming to hagerstown. steven lang and robin givens are scheduled to attend the international film fest in maryland beginning today and running through sunday. in 2003 -- he starred in africa star and lang was in the movie tombstone and givens is doing acting workshop on the festival. justin. 6:55. here is the general setup. two areas of low pressure one to the south and one back across the great lakes and we have to deal with this system and complex pattern for the next couple days. so we are pumping in moisture and we have to wait for this thing to swing through. and that's going to clear us out by the weekend. but we have an area of low pressure to the south. pumping in a lot of moisture with mist and drizzle and fog and even heavier bands producing lightning this morning. area of low pressure to the south is poised to move through
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and look at that band near dc look heavy and to the northwest of richmond. we are on and off throughout the day. plan accordly. low 60sthis morning again for the kids it's jeans and t-shirt and rain jacket. we get to 72 in the afternoon and on and off showers and embedded storms many we stay damp some of that could continue tonight with heavier storms at 60 and tomorrow, more of that same stuff. we will push it back to near 706789 race weather runners at baltimore marathon starting off in the 40s northwest of the city. but, downtown will probably be in the low 50s race time. i think the winds pick up 15 maybe 25 miles per hour as we clear out. and we stay dry upper 60s through the weekend. tanya. >> reporter: we have an accident that cleared out of the way. the inner loop at old court road the outer loop stopped and go traffic. also going to be slow, at liberty road up ahead. this is a sea of brake lights. very bad traffic on the inner loop the other side is moving but we have a broken down car. the place to
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go. now to "good morning america." áp
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