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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  October 14, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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at abc news. it's been great fun. >> thank you so much. great to work with, as always. we close this out. >> that's what's making news in new details emerge surrounding the disappearance of an 11-year-old boy and the death his mother. and tornado sirens ring out across college park. but was it necessary? we'll take a look on this friday october 14th. "good morning maryland," we have now reached the end of the workweek. we hope that you have great plans for the weekend. weather could be a factor and justin berk is standing by in the storm center. it turned out to be a
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turbulent evening as we're fixing the camera shot here. we have a look here at strong, gusty winds wishing up from the south -- pushing up from the south. we're dry from the time being. but another band of rain up in the mountains and fourth south will swing through here. we'll end up with wet weather in the next couple hours and a tropical feel out there. 67 in baltimore, 66 in easton and in central virginia where the tornado outbreak was, six tornadoes reported in virginia yesterday. and we'll talk about that college park issue in a minute. we'll have temperatures back up to 72 and maybe some more turbulent weather. here's a look at the roads with tonya. if you're commuting towards washington d.c., we have all lanes shut down on i-95. that serious accident is on the
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live shoulder. this is a live look at baltimore belt way. in problems to report. 695 and the key bridge, all is quiet here. all is well. back to you. williams mcquane was last seen in germantown in september and wednesday his mother was found dead in her apartment. new details on "good morning maryland." and we've got the latest. >> reporter: they discovered his mother dead in her apartment wednesday night after a missingperson's report. on thursday, they arrested jane mcquane's ex-husband, curtis lopez. lopez was recently seen removing property from the home and placeing it inside her car. detectives spoke with -- placing it inside her car.
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detectives spoke with lopez because of her inconsistent statement. the police will not reveal more information about her death pending the autopsy. >> our priority and focus right now is to locate william mcquane. we were hoping that we would find him with mr. lopez. and we did not. >> reporter: william was a sixth grader at martin luther king, jr. middle school. a spokesperson from the school would not discuss his case but the normally sends a recorded phone call home after an unexplained absence. 4:33. a man is critically hurt after being shot in the back several times in a parking garage in the university of maryland medical center campus. it started off as attempted robbery but the victim was pistol whipped and shot in the
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back. >> he was struck multiple times with handgun rounds and listed in critical condition at this time. >> the baltimore police union said that the victim had been stabbed in a home invasion not long before the attack. the injury is what brought him to the clinic in the first place. you want to be on the look out for this plan. he escaped from custody. he was arrested for armed robbery on madison street and was being transported and guilty loose. he has a past history of robberies and should be considered armed and dangerous. anyone with information about this young man please called 911 as quickly as possible. and now there's a push to get rid of baltimore city's beverage tax. it has all been scheduled expire in 2013 and now rehailers and beverage
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distributors are looking to kill it early. they say that the tax went into effect and soda sales dropped more than 6%. but several left have not been replaced and she's hoping that the tax will fizzle out as soon as possible. >> if the bottle tax were to be repealed now, it would give our customers slowly and gradually to come back and visit our location and shop with us again and hopefully we would earn their business again. >> supporters said it raised nearly $5 million in a year with a $50 million budget deficit. take a look at this picture from howard county. they worked through the night on a fire in liz bun. no animals were inside in barn fire. and a threat of severe weather had people on the campus of university of maryland and college park
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running for cover. sirens ring out because of a tornado warning and they had it confused because the warning did not come from the national weather service. it came from sky guard. it's affiliated with accuweather and it seems that it was a false alarm and no tornado threat was present. some say they did experience in rough weather. and the area that got ripped by severe winds is no stranger to severe weather. a man cheated on his way to a marathon we'll tell you what he did. there's a live look outside. we're back in a bit. =f>
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take a look at this rough weather ripping through parts of virginia on thursday. house peeled away.
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this is a shot from western county a funnel cloud did bare down on them but the national weather service did not confirm that was the result of a tornado yesterday. and speaking of the national whether service, i want to emphasize that is a tornado warning from college park did not come from the national weather service. it was from an independent agency. >> that's right. and nothing was reissued for the district of columbia or college park. i was on facebook last night saying that i have no support that there's a tornado there. and the winds are limited support and some rotation but nothing to drop out of the clouds. a lot of confusion and fear on the campus that is the reason that we did not issue warnings here. we can give our assessment of what the whether may be. our warnings come from the taxpayer dollars and that comes
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from the -- national weather service. a storm overnight had 35-mile- an-hour wind gusts. i'm watching this right now. the clouds are about to return and rain in central virginia. that little circulation will arrive to the west of our region and probably ignite some rough weather. we could have some rough weather breaking out this morning into the afternoon and tvs reaching the low -- temperatures reaching the lower 70s. 4:40. here's tonya. we have a report of a broken down car on wound house drive. 95 southbound just opened before the capitol beltway. this is pretty much between the beltway if you travel twinkle
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being ridge and -- elkridge and laurel, you should be okay. and traffic is flowing freely. it is friday and big day for a.m. fans on this friday. >> reporter: that's right. the new iphone 4s comes out today and people are in line. we'll talk to some of the folks coming up in a live interview. >> reporter: a different kind of crowd will be converging on baltimore tomorrow and we'll tell you everything that you need to know about the baltimore running festival.
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five things that you need to know on this friday morning. the second man tried in connection with the 2007 deadly home invasion has been found guilt at this time. he was convicted on all counts, including murder. a wife and two daughters were
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killed nat tack. labor department says that a number of americans filing for first time unemployment benefits dropped slightly last week to 404,000 filers. too many people are losing their job for unemployment rates to improve. lee park will reopen today. funding for the park came from the state. officials will be on hand for the reopening ceremony. the national tourism baltimore science center will be open today. it's at 601 live street in downtown baltimore. fans of steve jobs are declaring october 14th steve jobs day. the website steve jobs day are urging people to dress in his trademark dress
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jeans and black turtleneck. sherrie johnson is live in front of the verizon store in timonium. i noticed a few campers out there waiting. >> reporter: that's right. they've been out here since 3:00 a.m. let me introduce you to them. they can tell you bertha i can. spencer, tell me, you've been out here since 3:00. why is there such anticipation? >> it's a better iphone and better features and better camera. it sounds like they got their act together with this one. i'm just excited. >> reporter: iphone is the greatest of the greatest what separates this for you. why is this phone for you?
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>> i think that the cloud that allows to you sink wirelessly to your laptop will be a big deal for next it will be a timesaver and one less hassle. >> reporter: wonderful. and let's talk to john here with you. how long have you been out here? >> since 2:00 a.m. >> reporter: what is so big about the iphone 4s for you? >> i just got an up grade and i needed a new phone. so i figured why not and i got to kill some time so why not? >> reporter: thank you very much john and spencer. you can hear 2:30 and 3:00 a.m. this morning. they're so excited and can't wait for the phone to hit the shelves. the store here opens at 8:00 this morning. excitement is building out here. reporting live in timonium,
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sherrie johnson. >> tell them they can download the abc 2 app when they get it. >> reporter: i will. the founder of apple said this video was taken last night where he planned to wait in line all night to pick up a phone and he said that he's doing it with his wife. >> every single iphone was worth they, and it made me think about when i waited in line all night long to get tickets to see the rolling stones. i do these events, even though i don't have to. >> he said that he's interested and new devices that could change the world in the future. he said for kids to follow their passion and think for themselves. many people are struggling right now and warren buffet is not one of them. he brought in more than $62 million. he got personal about his
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finances with a republican congressman this week. he said that his capital tax bill was $17 million. he said that is too low. and he wants congress to raise taxes on the super rich. president obama has proposed so call buffet rules requiring millionaires to pay higher taxes. tens of thousands of runners will converge on the city on saturday. so we got a little preview on this friday morning, a wet friday. but a lot of people looking forward to having a great time. >> reporter: a lot of people. we're talking about 25,000 runners they're expecting in this race. we're by the finish line and mt bank stadium. i want to introduce to you a special runner this morning. this is as i had bush. you are a pro. this is your 180th marathon? >> correct. >> reporter: how old are you? >> 65. >> reporter: and do you this for a special reason. tell us about it. >> i run in honor of fallen
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troops, young men and women that have given their lives for the freedom of this country. i reason the marathons and i present the finish medals to the family to show my honor and respect for them. >> reporter: who are you running for tomorrow? >> i'm running for corporal tray who was killed in afghanistan. he was 21 years old. >> reporter: mother of the soldier will be here tomorrow? >> his mother linda said they will be here at the finish line. so when i come across the finish line, i will give her the medal. >> reporter: how will that be for you? >> very emotional. i hope i can keep it together. >> reporter: how did you come up with this idea? >> another marine came up with the idea and he had to leave it and i continued it for him and i get people that want to run full and half marathons and run for these peoples.
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>> reporter: do you look for stories in the paper and contact them? how does that work? >> if i see them in the paper, i'll wait a while before i attempt to contact them. most of the families have been gracious about it and i think they appreciate it because a lot of people tend to forget that we're losing a lot of fine young men and women. >> reporter: and the family that you're running for tomorrow, when you called the mother what did the she say? >> she was appreciative about it. i asked her permission whether she would let me run for her son and she was all for it. so i was happy about that. that is a wonderful thing that you're doing. and you told me your goal is to reach the 200 mark. >> 20 more marathons after this before i can stop abusing my body like this. >> reporter: you're a trooper. thank you very much for joining us this morning. this is mid-afternoon. he said that his alarm clock goes off at 1:00 every morning.
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the marathon is tomorrow and starts at 8:00 and starts in front pickle pub. if you've been around baltimore, this is a huge event. so we'll be keeping our eyes on it live downtown baltimore. here's an idea that you do not want to employ if you're going run in the marathon this weekend. a marathon runner decided he was going to give it a kick for the last six miles, so i hopped on a bus. he started the race and ran a few miles and got on a bus and hid behind a tree and popped out just in time to finish third in the race. he even was interviewed and said that he gave it all he had and even got a medal. >> he used some other method to get across the finish line. what does it take to be a
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winning athlete? a great combination, skill, hard work and good genes. a british man plans to run the marathon this weekend and at a hundred years old, he hopes to be the oldest person ever to accomplish this feat. good luck to him he's going to be part of a relay team this weekend. >> i am excited about it. it's the first time to run a relay at a big event. through my win for change program, it's a change for kids. we have a lot of activities. we have 12 relay teams running for the kids campaign. an area of low pressure riding through north carolina and virginia. the clouds are making a return and the winds are going to pick up today. and we'll actually wined up
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with thunderstorms i think during the morning, maybe towards tail end of the commute from lunchtime to the afternoon. it will pivot through and the front toll boundary will bring in a strong pressure gradient. and it will turn windy behind the system and that is the biggest concern weather-wise for tomorrow. here's the general flairup, there's the main batch of thunderstorms with an area of low pressure spinning to the west. i would not be surprised if we have some surreal weather alerts put out. but we'll watch leftover showers in the evening and then the winds really crank up behind this system as it pulls away and leaves us with a dry weekend. today we're looking for gusts of over 20 miles an hour. i wanted to emphasize the 50s. i know we've been talking the 40s that is outside the city. tomorrow is all about the wind unfortunately during the wind.
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and it increases and lunchtime, we'll have gusts 30 miles an hour. that's not fun for reasoners. but at least -- runners, but at least it will be dry. and now tonya. we have an accident cleanup going on at glen burnie. there was a tractor trailer that jackknifed and they're cleaning that up. this is the southwest side at frederick road. most of the traffic on the outer loop right now. the in is moving -- the inner loop is moving well. the oncoming traffic is going into the tunnel. northbound no issues. back to you. on the verge of a medical breakthrough. a high school graduate that made some important discoveries about cancer. you're watching "good morning maryland," first and only for on this friday.
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we're back in a bit.
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former ceo of a ledge foam begin a sentence. he has been found guilt pitch 11 counts of fraud conspiracy and will spend 11 years in prison. he got $64 million in the scam which he'll be now be giving back. this boy left high school this go to medical school and he's a cancer researcher and said that he made important discoveries about how cancer cells work. >> within a tumor cell there are proteins if you exact them and inject them back it would convert it back to individuals. that started when i was 1. >> he has an extraordinary
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intellect. he's broad. he has a view of life. >> this child's former high school principal, she said that she believes this young man will play a role in finding a cure for cancer one day. >> reporter: no sign a missing 11-year-old germantown boy after his mother was found murdered. but police have made an arrest in the case. details coming up. >> reporter: tens of thousands of runners will take over baltimore tomorrow. all you need to know for the baltimore running festival. we know that he is retiring, but we don't know why. dr. joe harrison will tell us more. we'll hear from him today. it's been raining hard over the past couple of hours. but a tornado touched down in north virginia. this is video from a facebook
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page from virginia. there were reports of downed trees and damaged homes and power outages. but no one was hurt. no serious injuries reported thus far. >> that is a good news but a lot of confusion in college park with three separate alerts sent out. i talked to many of you about the confusion because they were getting alerts by a text message. but the students said there was nothing from the weather service. we have more on that coming up. but thankfully nothing transpired. this morning, we may still have to watch for the potential of severe weather. we've got 65 in win oak, wind up to 35 miles an hour. currently they settled down. they will pick up again. watch the bright clouds making a return. now we're stirring up the atmosphere with a wave of low pressure spinning in virginia. and rain just begig


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