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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  October 14, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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south. this is a southeasterly wind for us comes off the bay and that enhances our threat of storms. most likely this will be the tail end of the commute through lunchtime and we'll talk more about the marathon weather in a moment. we're starting to get a couple accidents out there. but because we have such light traffic, it's not causing too much of a problem yet. this is the live traffic camera on the beltway on old court road near 795. it's moving pretty well in pikesville in both directions. the innerloop at harrisburg expressway, we have a report of an accident on the innerloop. it's causing too much a problem as you can see. and the top side between bel air and providence, we're doing okay. amber alert issued for a missing 11-year-old boy was seen on the final day of september. his mother was found murdered
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in their germantown apartment and now there's been an arrest in the case. >> reporter: the police discovered william's mother jane mcquane dead in her bedroom wednesday night after a missing person's report. authorities immediately issued an amber alert for the 11-year- old boy. on thursday the police arrested jane mcquane ex-husband, curtis lopez in north carolina and charged him with murder. they found her car but not william. and there are very few details about the couple's relationship. police said that lopez was recently seen removing property from jane mcquane's home. the police said that she suffered trauma to her body, but they could not say more about her death pending an autopsy. >> our priority and focus right now is to locate william mcquane. we were hoping that we would
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find him with mr. lopez and we did not. >> reporter: william was a sixth grader at martin luther king, jr. middle school. a spokesperson from montgomery county school was not discuss william's case but the school normally send a recorded phone call home after an unexplained absence and they're sharing their timeline with the police. parents in annapolis are worried about a man that is trying to take pictures of your children. the police have received reports of two men following girls and taking pictures from a truck. parents said they saw a similar truck at the school taking pictures. if you have any information about this call the police. new video for you of a fire in south baltimore that broke out shortly after 11:00 last night on mchenry street. it started a bedroom and no one is injured. no word on the cause and we would like to thank david rose for sending us this video
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overnight. we'll learn more about why baltimore county superintendent harrison is going to retire. he'll talk about why he is going to step down and reflect on his 12 years of the district. he served superintendent for 26th largest school system in the nation. tomorrow the baltimore running festival will take over the city. this morning we have a preview. linda? >> reporter: we'll give a little taste. we know tomorrow this place will be transformed into something amazing. we're actually at the finish line for the marathon in front of m&t bank stadium. it's a half marathon, a 5. k and a kids fun run. the marathon starts at 8:00 tomorrow morning. and they're expecting about 25,000 runners from all over the country.
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a runner representing each state, including washington d.c. we got people coming from other countries, about 24 countries around the world. joining us this morning is a local runner. and you're doing this for a special cause what is that all about? >> i'm running with a program called cam for the 5k. it's a 12 week program that introduces people to running. it's for survivors ages 15 to 40 and it's through the cancer fund. i'm an ovarian cancer survivor. so i'm participating as a survivor. >> reporter: take us back to the initial diagnosis? was is a shock to you? >> it was a shock. i was diagnosed following surgery for an unrelated illness. so i had no warning that i had cancer.
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so i was blessed that i was diagnosed at stage one. >> reporter: and you saw this race and you thought this has to be great. >> running made its way to my bucket list when i was in treatment so i saw this 5k and let me see what this is about. and it's a great program. >> reporter: you hope this will inspire others and bring them hope that might be going through the same thing? >> absolutely. cancer is a lonely jurn next. and the ulman cancer fund gives you a sense of normalcy. you know there were other people out there that have been through what you're going through and you're not alone. >> reporter: and your message. >> live strong and be strong. cancer for me was a blessing. it changed my life. >> reporter: thank you very much for sharing your personal
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story with us. so many inspiring stories coming from the runners. jennifer is running for cancer survivors. we'll be here tomorrow. but the marathon starts at 8:00 a.m. in front pickles pub. it will be filled with thousands of runners. >> is the place to go for all information regarding the race. find out what streets will be closed when saturday and when you can expect the runners to come through your neighborhood. we'll have all the information on line on click on the sports link at the top of the page. speaking of sports, it's purple friday. the rave haven'ts are back this sunday -- the ravens are back this sunday after a bye-week. the ravens are seven and a half point favorite. kickoff for the game from the
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bank is set for 4:05. we'll check in with megan pringle after the break. and she's talking about baby bumps. we'll see how she's coming along as she has our weekly reveal for us this friday. losing weight and keeping it off is a real challenge. many have had success and we'll learn what they found. we have everything that you need to get your weekend started off right. back in a bit.
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. obvious sign of presidency, the bump. the bump can be a shock and also a sign pride. >> reporter: it's hard to believe that i started here and ended up here. this was the beginning of my baby bump that seemed so impressive at the time. i had no idea what i was in
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for. i started showing early. but i'm not sure if that is because i'm having twins or if that is the way i carry. it's been fun and sometimes alarming to see my belly turn into a mountain. celebrities are always flaunting their bumps and it seems everyday women has followed suit. the internet is full of women proudly showing off their baby bumps. there's no hiding t secondly it's beautiful. but the bigger i get, the more astounded i am by my size. i said it how can i get my bigger and then i do. look at this picture. my dog looks nervous because they may think that i may eat her. this is the last picture my husband rob took of me. my shirt barely fits. i remind myself to enjoy it.
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it's a magical time and it's over before you know it. >> and megan joins us now as she does every monday, wednesday and friday. i have a few bones to pick with you. you were in new orleans where you pulled your shirt up. when in rome, do as the romans do. >> reporter: i was so -- >> oh, no. we lost megan's audio? we'll get back with megan in a second. we have got to talk about this. are you back? >> reporter: can you hear me? >> yes, go back to new orleans. that was a great shot. >> reporter: thank you. what i was saying is that when you're pregnant, and that pregnant and in new orleans in august that is probably not the best idea. i could not help it. i was so hot. >> what about at university of
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auburn shirt? what are you doing? >> reporter: we were in alabama and that is where my husband went to school. that was the only shirt that could i fit. i'm giant. my feet are like they've exploded. they're so huge. but i feel good. i'm anxious. i'm anxious to meet these girls. it's a waiting game right now. >> so we need the big reveal. do you want to do one now or wait till 6:00. >> reporter: i thought that story might be enough. let's wait till 6:00. >> i have got to have a picture for the facebook page. i got to put a picture on facebook. >> reporter: and now i'm not getting up at all now that you said that. >> we'll check in with you in an hour. you've got to be ready for the big reveal. >> reporter: you got it. >> megan pringle joining us as she does every monday and
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wednesday and friday. she's at house arrest. a quick check of the forecast. tomorrow will be windy as we get ready for the boston run fest. >> megan, it's the stripes that show the stripe. vertical stripes will shrine you down and horizontal will stretch everything out and you look marvelous. it's a bit tropical out there. and the winds are about to pick it up. look at atlantic city. there's the circulation. i want to focus on this wider view this morning. there's not much happening in the region. we pushed the cool, damp air out of the region yesterday. and the winds will be picking up and a little sting in the atmosphere. and the waive of low pressure will be in central virginia. but that will ride just to our west. and i think the enhanced easterly wind could make is a a little bit rough, probably
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after 8:00 a.m., we'll get it. i think we're going look for showers and thunderstorms late evening. let's talk about any bumping on the roads. we hope not. just a little bit of bumping going on. 97 northbound at 100, we have an accident on the offramp that is closed, the left lane of the offramp. this is a live look and 695, no problems to report as you head northbound. top side of the beltway, we're doing fine. on the outer loop, there's a car parked on the right. no problems. the traffic is light now. innerloop and reisterstown road, we have a report of a broken down car. but no injuries there. we all want to shed the pounds and keep them off. but it's not that simple. and now researchers are studying weight loss success stories to see how people lose the weight and kept it off. they never skip breakfast and
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eat the similar foods every day and stepped on the scale once a week to keep a chart of how things were going. it's a rare sight caught on camera. we have to sar it with you. doll -- share it with you. dolphins usually swim in a group so what is so unusual about this? >> reporter: the new iphone 4s comes out today and people are lining up ready to buy that phone. i'm sherrie johnson. we'll talk to them of them live. happy birthday to all of you on this october 14th. that is joey. he has a north carolina balance cap -- ball cap on. if you have any great photographs that you want to share with us. send to the morning show on
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back in a bit.
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this is a super pod of dolphins near a beach in
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california. they normally swim in a pod of about a dozen. but if there is an abundance of food in the area, a bunch of pods will join to have a super pod. it had about 50 dolphins in it. >> wow! you may think you're going to see some of that on the bay this morning because we have ourselves some warm air. the temperatures 64 degrees in towson, 66 in glen burnie, stevenville and rock hall. something is forcing it into the atmosphere and it's an impressive storm that we're watching done here. and the satellite and radar come positive sit, i want to -- composite here. we have an area of low pressure in virginia. that is the one that will be the problem and pivot its way through. i'll continue to say, when we have a southeasterly wind, we enhance our potential for
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getting some severe weather. we may have some alerts today. we're looking at this system swing through this evening and then tonight we'll clear things out. and i'll have more details for the runners for the baltimore running festival in the next half hour. but this afternoon, we're dealing with remnants of the storms last night. but strong winds wrap behind this storm. it will be a westerly winds and the winds tomorrow will increase through the morning. start time 8:00. we'll look at low 50s downtown we'll have a sunny to partly cloudy skies and more sun through the day. but the strong winds will be the major issue for fellow runners. gusts at 20 miles an hour. and that's just because of a developing storm. most of us around baltimore are looking at tail end of the commute. so maybe eight, 9:00 that will arrive. and tomorrow we settle down and
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51. we're looking for the weu7d for the runners -- the wind for the runners, 35 miles an hour. that is a bad thing. but we'll push this out. and we'll see another storm hit us tuesday and wednesday and dropping us below normal next week. we have an accident 97 northbound at 100 on the ramp. take a look at 95 and 695, no problems twinkle being ridge -- elkridge and laurel. no issues to report. it's a big day for the tech savvy people today. the iphone 4s is out and long lines are expected. sherrie johnson is live with more about what you can see with the iphone. >> reporter: we are here in timonium at the verizon store and the excitement is building
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for this right here, the new iphone 4s. that is what folks are waiting in line to see. we have a little bit of a line out here. we have had people out here since 2:30 this morning waiting to get inside and purchase this brand-new phone. and this morning i have the store manager dave green joining me live this morning. >> welcome to iphone 4 launch day. this is the newest line up. it has a new processer and brand-new camera and a new system that is a personal assistant. it's amazing technology. >> reporter: wow!. have you had it do anything different for the customers coming in today? >> we'll have additional security and we'll do our process a little different. we're opening at 8:00 a.m. and we're excited to have the customers here. >> reporter: wonderful. out here since 2:30 in the
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morning. what do you think about that? >> that is amazing. we had a lot of inquiries this week and presales. we're expecting to have a great weekend. >> reporter: joe, how long have you been out here? >> since 3:00. >> reporter: why do you want the phone? >> basically i've had the oldest model and i'm behind a power curve. so i need to get with the cool kids and get the new one. >> reporter: all right. this is the one to get. thank you, joe. so like i said, these folk have been out here since 2:30, 3:00 this morning and very excited about this phone and what it has to offer. and the store opens up at 8:00. reporting live in timonium. and charlie, i did tell them to download that app. i got you covered. reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. why won the they. it's live traffic news and weather for you in the palm of
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your hands. before you head out to buy the latest smart phone, be sure it's something that you really want. up next in tips, we'll get you filled in with all you need to know. a record number of people riding trains these days. how the numbers are stacking up for amtrak that is straight ahead when "good morning maryland" continues. it's 4:30 show the first and only for you.
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welcome back. a record number of people are now riding the train. amtrak reports that the number of 30 million riders hopped on board during the fiscal year that ended last month. the previous amtrak record was 28.7 million and. and now $1.9 billion of tickets have been sold and that is up 8%. we told but iphone 4. it may sound like a perfect smart phone for you. don't just be part of the latest trend.
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be sure what you're looking for. the blackberry is mostly keeping up for business on the go. and if you're switching the smart phone it could cost you so need to look at possible data cost increases. and streaming videos can cost you a little more too. the streets willing filled with runners tomorrow at the baltimore running festival. we'll tell you everything that you need to know before the races get underway. and they've been occupying wall street and they made it clear that they had no plans of leaving. and they are coming up on a month and why they're being asked to leave in a few hours. so let's head to new york for the latest tech bytes. >> reporter: in today's tech bytes, blackberry is back. research in motion said that the three day blackout is over and fixed the problem and the service is returning to normal. many customers are still angry. company officials said they'll work hard to win back users' trust but


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