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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  October 18, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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in the bottom of a trash chute, was this more than just an accident? could we see an increase in gasoline tax? lawmakers consider the possibility and drivers sound off. good morning maryland, i'm charley crowson. let's start as we do evhour, and ever half hour with a check of the forecast and say hello to meteorologist, justin berk. >> good morning to you. a look at the p thes locally, 54 edge mere, 53 annapolis. 40s inland. 48 degrees westminster. a little bit of patchy fog in a few spots. the clouds tatrying to roll in, this is ahead of one part of a very complex storm developing. say look out. s the winter we've had one storm rolling through the southern plains this is the one that trailing boundary, 60, 70 miles per hour winds in lubbock texas. we will show you video coming
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up. the tropical moisture, not a organized storm, not getting a name. moisture drawn up and pulled in to this system that will merge across the mid atlantic. wet and windy wednesday. this is tuesday, it's not here yet. thickening clouds, a mild 71. jumpers hole and mountain road, glen burnie, a sink hole. the intersection is closed. broking down car 95 southbound at 32. a live look at the camera, see how traffic is moving along, the outer loop, near 795, getting volume that is the traffic to the right of your screen. moving south to liberty road is where you are starting to hit the brakes. see the outer loop slows down to the right. inner loop is moving well through the construction area. this is going to affect your drive time as little bit. 83 fine. 95 volume from white marsh to the beltway. that's 7 minutes. topside of the beltway you are
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okay. right side, between 795 and 70, could take a little bit. the case received a lot of attention, police are calling it a murder for hire plot orchestrated by the owner's wife. linda so is live in towsen at the scene of the crime. what can you tell us about it this morning? >> reporter: when this happened, at first police thought it was a robbery gone bad. porter owned this fas station when the gunman shot and killed him. it turned out to be more than that. the man accused of killing ray porter will go on trial. jury selection is set to begin this morning in harford circuit court. the trial got moved there because of the nature of the case. walter bishop is accused of killing ray porter in a murder i for hire scheme. he faces the death penalty if convicted. bishop confessed to killing porter.
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he says porter's wife promised to pay him a couple of hundred bucks to kill her husband. carla is facing the death penalty sp goes on trial next year for her role in the plot. 6 people were implicated in the case. carla's sister, brother and nephew were arrested and charged. walter bishop's trial is the fist in maryland to go to death penalty case since the law got revamped. jury selection is set to begin this morning in harford county circuit court. incredible people skills but not very smart. that's what the first witness for curry had to say. ma lony who served in the legislator alongside curry testified how he helped curry draft a letter to a grocery chain and hired him as a consultant. ma lony stated the letter said curry would not apee before the legislator or local elected bodies on behalf of the company. the trial continues today.
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getting new reaction in the disappearance of an 11-year-old maryland boy. officials expected to head to north carolina to pick up a man accused of killing his estranged wife. lopez waived the extradition. he is charged in the death of jane mc quain who was found dead in her home. detectives are searching for 11- year-old william mc quain. they've been looking in woods behind an empty office in a building near clarksville. >> i can tell you it's not a hunch and not a guess. it's based on investigative leads. >> williams has been missing for two weeks. is it a coincidence or something else? baltimore police found a woman's tbhod a trash chute in a luxury high-rise. there is more to the mystery. this is the second time it's happened in a year. >> reporter: people that live
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here say this is more than just a coincidence. they are convinced this is not an accident. they say the schuetz are too small for someone to accidently fall in to. they say this is the second time this has happened in a year. police got the call early sundays morning when a body was discovered in the utility garn of the park charles apartment billeting which is an upscale -- building which is an upscale high-rise. the victim is emily house, 23, a recent graduate of the university here in baltimore. her last known address was phoenixville, pennsylvania. this is the second time in a year that this type of incident has happened here at the park charles after another victim also died as a result of falling down the trash chute. his death was ruled accidental. residents who live in the building say a so called accident is hard to believe because the shutes are about waist high, 18 inches wide and no more than two feet tall and
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a spring loaded door that closes by itself. >> i don't see how a person could get in there. two times , the same thing. it's unnerving. >> reporter: the manager of the apartment building said they are working with police trying to figure out what happened. they told abc2 news quote it's a tragedy, we are trying to communicate with the residents as much as we can to keep them informed. we will share any information we can and take precautions. a private mass was held last night on the campus of the university for the victim. police say they are waiting results of an autopsy before ruling in this case. reporting live, kuren redmond, abc2 news. a man detained in the disappearance of robyn gardner will remain in an aruben jail.
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lawyers for businessman giordano claims there is not enough evidence to hold him. they will file the same appeal when the detense orlandoer expires. prosecutors are on a seek to eke tend the order. a man jumped from a second story window trying to escape a fire. it happened at a apartment building on thorn dale avenue. police say the man has been taken to shock trauma and listed in serious condition. police need your help catching two men who robbed a restaurant. they did it at gunpoint. it happened at a chick-fil-a. the manager and the crew were walking in when two men pushed them through the door. they got away with undisclosed amount of cash and drove away in a chefry cobalt. lawmakers looking at a proposal to raise the gas tax by $0.15. the governor supports raising the tax. sherrie johnson is stands big
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with new reaction to the proposed gas tax. what are people saying? >> all this talk about a possible gas hike, may have people concerned especially when people are struggling during this tough economy to pay bills. one group will hold a rally in annapolis speaking out against it. lawmakers are looking at a proposal to raise gas tax by $0.15 per gallon. drivers would pay $0.15 more over the next 3 years. this means an increase of 5 $0.05 each other. o'malley is considering a preliminary recommendation to increase the tax. he says it will help job growth if more money is raised to improve the roads in schools. watchdogs with americans for prosperity estimate families will have to pay $500 per year if that gas hike is approved. >> it's a necessary evil. i drive the roads and replaced tires because of dings in the road. bridges are falling apart.
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>> this is time where the government should spend less, like we do, not more. >> the gas tax is not expected to come up in the special session this weekend but could come up a hot button issue. if the gas tax is approved, maryland would not be too far behind new york and california. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. area in the city will get a facelift what is going to happen to the roads, abandoned homes in east baltimore. a look coming in a bit. a cruel scheme discovered in pennsylvania. the victim mentally disabled. police are concerned they scratched the surface of the case. we got gorgeous weather here. just ahead, reminder we need to enjoy it. other parts of the country are going to deal with the high winds. snow in colorado. that's coming up in a bit. going to new york for the latest in business news.
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cleaning up to do in texas, strong winds churned up by a dust storm making it hard for drivers to see. city activated eoc and reports of downed power lines, damaged buildings and roads blocked by falling trees and power lines. the airport sustained damage. winter is almost upon us before long, we will deal with this, snow hit colorado in time for monday morning's rush, there were minor accidents and the snow prompted winter weather advisory for the day. warm weather during the weekend kept the roads from getting icy. truck drivers use chains as precaution. some don't think the rule was
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necessary. >> it was no problem at all. a few icy spots, i think maybe it might have been worse earlier. >> the weather expected to get warmer today and melt that off. my question for you is, has it snowed in october here in maryland? >> yesterday the anniversary of a trace of snow in 1977, october 10th, remember the world series starting off with snow. 1979, officially. that was 3/10th in baltimore. more outside the city. we want to talk snow. we got to talk about tropics. looks like it lost the potential because the surface low pressure here, all the moisture pulled off to the east, a lot of sheer. upper level winds, see the pull now to the north. that is important because that's a sign of this system, the same one that brought the
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haboob that dust storm to texas, now helping to draw all this moisture ahead of it. you can see the circulation here, trailing cold front, louisiana and arkansas, helping to pull this moisture, this weave of pressure, the initial one, developing low coming out of florida, gaining forces on the mid atlantic. check out the future models. this is the one we get to show you on tv. we are generating the rain through the day. may come in before sunrise. that's a 7:00 time stamp. there is the heavy rain midday. i got an email from someone, they wanted a rocket launch with the students. that's not going to happen. we are looking at heavy rain and wind throughout the area in to the evening. low here and stalls for a few days. rain out. i have to show the winds quick. i'm running low on time. picking up the winds tomorrow in the morning. watch the orange arrows. 20-30 miles per hour winds,
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stronger on the eastern shore. talking 40 miles per hour winds and stronger. that's east of baltimore, yes windy tomorrow evening but the worst will be along the coast. today 71. clouds thicken up. tonight the clouds holds us to 57. rain day break. rain and wind tomorrow 66. gets out early thursday and upper 50s to low 60s. the dry weather through the weekend. starting to slow down in spots. one of them on the north side of the beltway. looking at 95, live traffic camera, shows us 95 at 175, volume in both directions, 75 moving well. broken down car is reported on 95 south at 32. out outer loop, liberty, slow down is there, congested here. moves better by baltimore national pike. doing okay on 83. 95, 7 minutes, topside, 6
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minutes. that's your normal time. 795 to 70, 9 minutes. soon you could be flying in to space. billionnary richard branson hopes enough test lights can be done by the end of 2012 to start flights after. more than 450 people purchased tickets to fly with virgin galactic. . alert, if you are not in the habit of wiping down your cell phone you may want to start. a study shows one in six phones is covered in fecal matter. researchers looked at hundreds of swab samples and found 16% were contaminated with the bacteria e. coli, which comes from feces. it's likely because people don't wash hands after using the restroom. just how safe are your cell phones? a report out from the environmental health trust with troubling news. cell phone users are exposed to higher levels of radiation.
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government tests were done on plastic mannequin but the signs corresponds with someone 6'2", weighing 220. >> standard for cell phones developed based on old science and models and assumptions. that's why they need to change. >> there are different types of radiation. ionizing radiation. there is no good evidence that that radiation causes cans i. >> the what can you do? limit the number of minutes you or your children talk on the cell phone. use a hands free device and consider texting instead of talking. gearing up for a big event. the race for the cure is this sunday. abc2 news will broadcast live at 7:00 a.m. the race starts at 8:00. on the air until 9:00. show support for the fight and help raise awareness and cheer on t not too late to sign up fo
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the run or walk, all that information you need is on the website, baltimore is showing its support. today there is a pink pep rally at the court nous towsen at 11:00. join us friday, starting at 10:00, abc2 news begins teaming up with doctors, med star health, for a call to breast health. doctors here answering your questions. the video you are about to watch is difficult. the details harder to hear. how could someone hit this toddler twice and people watching, they did nothing. details coming up. campaign to get people in the think pink almost didn't happen. why, coming up when good morning maryland continues.
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hardware store. what happens next is too disturbing. a van barrels in to the toddler, running over her twice and the truck drives over her. a dozen people walked by and never stopped to help. a woman when was picking up trash saw her and helped her. the child has been taken to the hospital and currently in critical condition. israel palestinian deal and a prisoner swap. the trade brought freedom to a thousand palestinians and one israeli soldier, shalit, handed over to egypt after held by hamas for five years. authorities will transfer shalit home to israel. you thought running a marathon at the underarmor running festival was a challenge but not compared to what this 56-year-old did. he left home and walked 75,000
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kilometers. he was doing it as a protest about children facing violence. he moved through 64 countrys and 54 pairs of shoes, pushing a baby strollers searching for a place to stay and having a close call with a lion at one point. his next step is to write a book giving other as taste of what it's like to walk a mile in his shoes.
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li s id li s m ba llral,was id unl m ba
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llral,was vet.veou more than a year ago, a gas station owner was killed after legal hurdle as murder trial is set to begin today. a gruesome discovery in downtown. a graduate student found dead in a dumpster.
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a mother of a missing 10-month- old speaks out, what she is admitting to the night her daughter disappeared. let's say good morning to justin berk. >> good morning, a lot of something about to go on. patchy fog north and west. temperatures mid to upper 40s. 49 bel air and northeast. 55 by the water in edge mere. 52 centerville and easton. we have been watching clouds rolling back in overnight. after we had some nice moonlit sky. the clouds taking over. this is part of a larger storm. this storm system diving to the deep south is going to pick up this tropical moisture out of florida and gang up here in maryland. we will highlight the wind forecast coming up next. if you are traveling 295 southbound at 197, there is an


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