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tv   News  ABC  October 18, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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accident with injuries involving a motorcycle in the left lane, stay to the right as you approach 197. this is the beltway on southwest at frederick road. outer loop congestion. it's moving better than it is north. look on the northwest side arguments live look at liberty road. we have congested traffic hitting the brakes. our drive times on 83 are fine to the beltway. 95 southbound, white marsh is 7 minutes. topside, fine. the outer loop between 795 and 70, 9 minutes. terrible story of disabled adults helped captive i in a base in philadelphia is expanding to other parts of the country. these people are held hostage, one for a decade. sherrie johnson is here with all new video and reaction to the story. >> charlie this morning police are now worried that there maybe more victims across the nation. the place they were held captive look likes a dungeon.
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police say 4 handicapped adults were held in pitch blackness with little water and a bucket for a toilet. one person was held there for a decade. the landlord made the discovery pushing a door open to find starving captives. one was chained to a boiler. police say they were held by three captors stole their social security and disability checks. police found the social security numbers of 50 people and a trail tracking the alleged kidnappers from texas to florida, virginia and philadelphia. the four people held are recovering. >> it looks like a dungeon. these people were stored like surplus meat in the basement. >> i wouldn't do that to my worst enemy. >> he took advantage of him. >> the suspected captors face kidnapping and other charges.
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fbi launched a national investigation to see how many victims of identity theft and kidnapping there are in a case called uniquely horrific. republican presidential hopeful prepare to face off tonight , the 8th debate of the year, one less person on the stage, jon huntsman, boycotting the debate and caucus. the debate will be a test for herman cane, rising in popularity. >> barb wire on the top. it's going be electrified. there is going to be a sign on the other side that says it will kill you. >> he said he was only joking. >> recent interview on face the nation he said he is nearly
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tied with mitt romney for the lead with rick perry third. if anything, the members prove right now this is still anyone's presidential race on the primary side. checking headlines this morning, shocking details about the missing baby from kansas city. the mother says the fist time line she used was incorrect. she said she saw her daughter at 10:30. now it's 6:40, the mother says she was drunk at the time her daughter lisa disappeared. police say so far they don't have leads and making no significant progress in this case. police are trying to catch a suspected thief who stole a truck during a sting in texas. the regional auto theft task force planted a video. the thief drove for several minutes before noticing a patrol car and for some reason opens the door and makes a sharp turn and crashed in to a
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house. a dad used his daughter as a designated driver. this is a 9 year old behind the wheel. the guy goes inside the gas station and can be heard on surveillance video saying he is drunk and his little girl is his designated driver. the father was arrested for what he did. through the course of the evening he was arguementtive, while in custody, he said it was his right to let the little girl drive any time he wanted to. that was his prerogative. >> he is facing charges including felony child abuse for letting her drive on a public road nchth california parents are seeing red, they are outraged that a school branded kids with color codes. they are based on how well they performed the standards test. students who scored the highest got perks like free admission and discounts to local
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businesses. parents just learned about the practice recently. >> i'm very angry. very much so. segregation between the students. that's wrong. i feel that's wrong. >> school district issued a statement saying the program was implemented with the best of possible intentions and has been discontinued. intended to be a show of support for breast cancer awareness but almost got firefighters in trouble. they were selling and wearing the pink t-shirts. administrators warned the crew they would be disciplined because they want to make sure people can easily identify firefighters. a compromise has been reached. they can be worn beneath the standard uniform. service interruptions caused problems for blackberry users. woman: we love ordering sushi,
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apple sold more than 4 million smart phones in three days. the phone was able on friday if the u.s., australia, canada, france, germany, japan and the united kingdom. maker of blackberry is looking to make amends for for service interruptions. . app for everything, including the occupy protest is. developer created the i'm getting arrested app for
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android phones. at the touch of a bullseye, sends a message to friending family and your lawyer letting them know you are off to jail. if you received a cell phone bill that was bigger thans you expected. soon you will become aware when you are about to incur the charges from overage and roaming fees and as wells that data charges. >> wireless providers will be sending alerts to subscribers to help them manage their usage and avoid unexpected overage charge. >> at&t,erer vieson sprint nextel and t mobile are among the carriers that signed off on the rule which take affect within 18 months. a murder for hire plot left a gas station owner dead. >> what happened at this station in towsen, today , the man accused of killing him goes on trial. . mystery over a woman's body in the bottom of a trash chute.
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the story is coming up. maryland lawmakers consider a possible increase in gas tax. i'm sherrie johnson, coming up, hear why drivers say no way. increase is the word. clouds on the increase today. temperatures, we are up are the at 52 baltimore. we will increase the winds tomorrow. that's next thing we will highlight. low traffic on the outer loop of the beltway. where the delay begins when good morning maryland continues.
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good morning maryland i'm charley crowson. a lot going on on this tuesday morning. sherrie johnson has the latest on a proposal that could affect how much you pay for gas in maryland. linda sos that details on the murder trial. kuren redmond has the latest on the university student found dead in a dumpster. first the forecast with justin
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berk. storm systems developing. first off, patchy fog, may break out peaks of sun. temperatures low 50s, 7:19 sunrise. clouds on the increase. may turn overcast, pushing 71, two degree guaranteed high. 60s with clouds on the increase this evening. increases the wind through tomorrow morning. these yellow arrows indicating a 10- 15 miles per hour wind. looking to miles per hour winds or strong i, especially eastern shore, east, look at these arrows, talking 40, 50 miles per hour winds, that's along the beaches. talking 20, 30 miles per hour in baltimore with higher gusts. we will break down the rain and the rest of the forecast in a moment. 6:45 now. let's go to the roads. 295 south, 197, an accident on the left shoulder. be careful. let's look out there at the beltway, thing are slowing
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down. 9, 17 a, traffic is flowing freely through howard. 95, white marsh, slowing down as well. southbound traffic to the right of your screen. pictures breaking news, coming in to the newsroom, out of new york, a tour bus crash, several people have been injured. this is north of new york city, see the camera, this is a live camera, we are taking as its developing. cars are on the new york thorough fair, developing, breaking news at of new york. looking for the tour bus. that appears to be it. several people injured. more on that that appears to be new york trailways on the side of the bus, this developing news in to our newsroom within 25 minutes. now trial for a man accused of killing a gas station owner in baltimore county, this is closer to home. the murder happened in march of 2010, a case that stunned the community and police arrested
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the owners' wife. linda so is live outside the scene of the crime it happened in march of 2010. what is the latest? >> reporter: this gas station is where ray porter was murdered and working the morning that it happened when a gunman came in, shot and killed him. now the man accused of killing him is set to go on trial this morning in harford county. jury selection will begin in circuit court. the trial got moved to harford because of the high profile nature of the case. walt ser accused of killing ray porter in a murder for hire scheme. if convicted he faces the death penalty. bishop confessed to killing porter. he says porter's wife promised to pay him a couple of hundred dollars. carla is facing the death penalty and goes on trial next year for her role in the murder i for hire scheme. 6 people were implicated in the plot. carla's sister, brother and
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nephew charged and arrested. later this morning, jury selection will begin in this trial with walter, with bishop, walter bishop, it's going to happen at harford county circuit court. we have new reaction, concerning a maryland boy missing. police believe his step father has something to do with the child's disappearance. police arrested curtis lopez at a hotel in charlotte, north carolina, back in montgomery county. his wife's body was found inside a apartment. the search is on for 11-year- old william mc quain, missing for two weeks. >> we prepared posters. we have them out and distributed in the charlotte mecklenburg area. they are distributed in the german town maryland area as well. we encourage everyone to keep their eyes open and help us look for william. >> police say the last day the
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child was seen in school was september 30th. baltimore police have a mystery on their hands, trying to figure out how the body of a woman ended up at a trash chute at a high-rise. police say it was an accident. this is the second time it's happened in aee. kuren redmond is tracking the latest. she is live outside the apartment complex. residence are saying it's not an accident. >> reporter: we spoke with neighbors here who live in the park charles building, they say they don't believe this was just an accident. this is the second time it's happened within a year. police say they got a call early sunday morning, when a body was discovered in a utility garage here at the park charles apartment building which is upscale high-rise. police identified the victim as 23-year-old emily house, a recent graduate of the university here in baltimore. this is the second time in a year this has happened. the other victim, his name was kumar, he died at a result of falling down the trash chute.
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his death was ruled accidental. residents who live in the building say this is hard to believe this could happen twice because the shutes are small, waist high, 18 inches wide and no mar than two feet tall with a door that closes and opens by itself it's really small. kind of a pain to open up, too. it takes a lot of force to open up the door. >> a private mass was held last night on the campus of the university. police say they are awaiting the results of an autopsy before making any ruling in the case. kuren redmond, abc2 news. super demolition in east baltimore, 7-acre site cleared out soon. four blocks of homes in north chester, is going to become -- it's been a ghost town. the area is owned by east baltimore development incorporated they are responsible for redeveloping the community around johns
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hopkins. rescordz shows the homes were bought at $235,000 a piece which one councilman says is a worthwhile venture when you look doesn't the road to the future. -- down the road to the future. >> we are looking around the time frame of 2016, you will see a new baltimore. the community and businesses included. >> the plan to build a school and community center and housing. demolition beginning within two weeks. lawmakers are looking at a proposal raising the tax by $0.15 per gallon. the governor supports raising the gas tax and drivers say they are not sure they are going to support it or not. sherrie johnson is live with reaction. that's right. there is talk in annapolis of a possible gas hike and one group will hold a rally at noon in annapolis speaking out against it. gas prices dropped more than $0.40 in the area in the past six months. drives could soon see some
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higher prices. lawmakers are looking at a proposal to raise tax by $0.15 per gallon and drivers would pay $0.15 a gallon more over three years. this means an increase of $0.05 each year. governor martin o'malley says he is considering a state commission's preliminary recommendation to increase the tax. he says it will help job growth if money is raised to improve the road and schools. government watchdogs estimate families will have to pay $500 per year if the gas hike is approved. >> to do everything in our power to create and save jobs, to support employers and to do, create an environment in which they can create and save jobs. >> this is time where the government should spend less, like we do and not more. >> the gas tax is not expected to come up in the special session this weekend annapolis but as a hot button issue during the regular session in
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january. maryland would not be too far behind new york and california. there are meetings scheduled for today on the proposed hike. sherrie johnson, job job. -- abc2 news. heading out the door, a study shows binge drinking maybe costing the u.s. billions of dollars. $224billion is attributed to heavy drinking. most from a loss of the workplace productivity and health care. speaking of money, consumers falling behind on credits it card payments, five out of six credit card companies say late payments rose last month. home improvement chain lowes will be closing 20 ununderperforming stores, 2000 people out of work. baltimore plans to build a new store. no stores in maryland are slated for closure. season is upon us.
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wal-mart saying items must cost $15 for lay away and customers must spends $50. americans who plan to travel during the holidays expect to spend 4 3% more, most of the extra $200 will be going towards dining out and entertainment. frederick commissioners are asking that slot machines be distributed. each club limited to five separate machines. today the first ever triravens tournament held at the mt bank stadium. this morning 100 kids will take part in challenges like dragon egg challenge. this is part of the unitedway hometown huddle. this system, thought it might have tropical nature to it. looks impressive. the center of circulation sits
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to the north and winds and clouds carrying all the moisture to the east, it's not very well organized and not going to get a name. notice that in florida and moisture pulled to the north added to the system. this is the low. this is the wind generator across the heart land that brought the dust storm to texas. digging to the south and pulls moisture out ahead of it. we are watch this area gaining forces with the moisture from i coast. here is the way it plays out. we are looking at clouds to roll in throughout the day. we stay dry. the winds pickses up. rain gips to move in tomorrow morning. heavy rain midday through the afternoon and evening. we could get three inches of rain. depends on how these play out. a dry slot here between the coastal and went low. if this sits on top of us we could cut the rainfall chances. now looks like we are in the
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slug of moderate to heavy rain. heaviest of the winds and strongest of the wins for us, 20, 30 miles per hour, higher gusts. 50 miles per hour at the coast. that whole thing lifts out, left with clouds thursday and then the winds diminish and temperatures drop down. 71 today, 66 with the heavy rain tomorrow. 60 earlry rain on thursday. friday, 58, low 60s on the weekend. race for the cure sunday morning. chilly in the morning with dry weather and low to mid-40s. 95 south, slow at white marsh. slow at harford road. a live look at the beltway on the northwest side, old court road near 795, slow down from 795 to 70. jfx well at northern parkway, no issues to report as you make your way towards cold spring lane and downtown. the volume is building in the southbound side of the traffic as usual. join us on our facebook page , the o official page for
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conversations throughout the day and tonight, elimination on dancing with the stars, a on going live conversation from beginning to end. have a great day everyone. for me, bedtime was tough.
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