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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  October 19, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. it's 11:00 p.m., do you know where your children are? >> now, abc 2news at 1. . >> now do you know what your children are doing online? you will be checking after this. >> she was a teacher with no lesson plan. how do you teach courage and dignity? you will see how this teacher has touched the hearts of many. . >> it was so bad a hazmat crew had to be called in. we will take you where a house was taken over by 82 cats. . >> if your teen or younger kids spend time online listen up. . >> police have a man in cust did i charged with sexuallya abusing two boys >> reporter: baltimore county police can track that suspect's
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interactions with victims on his facebook account and they do back months. if it wasn't for an aalert parent they might still be going on. the victims 13 and 14 and met the 22-year-old online. they say he arranged meetings with each of them using the facebook profile of braden clark claiming to be between 17 and 19. he is now in custody because of the mother of one of the victims. >> his mother got suspicious that he was involved with sexual activity with the man based on some e-mail and other communication that she found. >> reporter: social media sites like facebook and twitter aren't going away so as a parent you need to educate yourself on how they work and that's not all. >> i think parents need to have the conversation about internet safety the same way you have it about sex and drugs. >> reporter: she said there is
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nothing wrong with limits on what your children can do online. >> when children tend to get in the most trouble is when they have the isolated moments with the computer and they are always online without being supervisorred. >> reporter: there was no answer at the suspect's home. he faces multiple sex offense charges and is being held at the detention center. the profile that police say he used has 1260 friends which is why they are worried more victims may be out there. >> it's not unusual with sexual predators for there to be more than one victim. we have already found two involving this suspect so we do fear there may be more. >> reporter: down load parental control software. that would let you block access to inappropriate websites, alert you own just where your children is going on the
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internet and report on activity that's going on on facebook and other sites like it. we have links to a couple different softwares on the website. abc 2news. >> to drive the point home. a research center says kids, spend on average 42 hours a week online. parents think that may be closer to 18, a third of the teens said their parents know little to nothing about what they do online. listen you should have to be 13 to have a facebook page but one study shows 40% of 12-year- old's have one. we were just talking about this last week helping your kids safe online. check out the website for safe online practices. you will find a list of the websites safe for your teen girls to use as well as sites you may want to consider keeps your kids away from. just find the tech section and that's on the money tab.
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we made this our hot topic. at what age do you let your children use facebook? join the conversation. >> new tonight an amendment to the no child left behind has some parents worried about limiting their children. that's going to get a no vote from our senior senator. bartwo kids are in main stream classes and are allowed to take a version of the test to keep them on track. the amendment to a united states senate bill could take them off that diploma trakas early as the third trade. lawmakers are expected to discuss it tomorrow. today in annapolis some changes to the state map when it comes to congressional districts. the house of delegates joined the senate in approves the redistricting map while republicans say it is really an effort to oust a long time gop
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congressman they say it reflectings the population growth. after typos are fixed it goes to the governor. >> last night we told you about the state officially adding drugs called bath salts to the controlled substances list. tonight parents got a lesson on keeping their kids clean. it's a yearly meeting mandatory for freshmen parents. it's not as easy because people who make synthetic drugs sell them as seemingly safe things like bath salts. >> a lot of the parents think well, it's a rite of passage. they have no idea how dangerous the drugs today ; much worse than we have ever seen. >> reporter: we have a guide to synthetic drugs. find what to look for by visiting the website, the link is in the spotlight area about halfway down the page.
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>> weather wise it's an ugly night. it has been unsettled all dame moisture out of the south. it's mist, it's fog, it's tough to see. the low beams heading out there and we are getting another wave of light to moderate showers pushing into southern maryland. they may welcome in to the baltimore area overnight. overnight mid60s to 70s. we have warm air off the atlantic but it's not going to last. the high temperatures will quickly fall into the 50s through the day. tomorrow and the winds really pick up. we have more on the outlook ahead. >> the man suspected in the death of an 11-year-old could face the death penalty the top prosecutor said that's something he is considering for curtis lopez. he is charged with killing the boy's mother and is suspected in the death of the stepson. police believe they found the boy's body yesterday, an autopsy will determine the
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cause of death. lopez was arrested last week in north carolina and will be returned to maryland to face charges. >> hopkins a long way from the south pole but they will soon connect. a new hampshire nuclear engineer who had a stroke on the south pole and was stranded in 58 degrees below zero for seven weeks is coming home. she slept on a plane ride to new england after being rescued. she was working at station when she suffered stroke but crews couldn't get to her because of the weather. she took a 12 hour flight. she will be looked at by doctor who will give her a ct scan and mri and then will fly back to new hampshire for more tests and eventually will come here to baltimore to hopkins to have a series of tests. >> disturbing find in a house today, more than 80 cats found living in what police say were just filthy conditions. they were inside a woman's home on putnum in frederick.
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there were so many and the conditions were so bad police needed a hazmat team to remove them. we have more on how the crews rescued them. >> reporter: there is every shape, size and age, all sick to various degrees, some are blind, some lost their eyes all together. >> our goal so to save them. >> reporter: the 82 were taken from this home in the foothills in fairmont. a neighbor smelled them as they were taken away. >> horrible. almost unbearable. we will to cover our noses, our mouths. >> the smell gets really beat as you get up close. >> reporter: authorities spent five hours at the home the night before collecting the animals they found inside and outside the house. they tested the air and found unsafe levels of amnomia from
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cat feces. >> excess of what you could enter without a breathing device. >> reporter: the owner wasn't home but's saw another cat and cat food outside. >> always cats n the street. >> reporter: we called the number on the front door and reached the woman's neighbor. >> animal control is crooked. >> reporter: what is she doing? >> just trying to help them. she has a heart of bold and don't want to see them put down many. >> reporter: we asked him about the smell and she said she is having financial problems and can't remove a dumpster. >> she has been pretty much living off the help of friends. >> one of the cats had to be put down. police say they are still investigating so far no charges have been filed. >> see this firefighter? that is a dog. this firefighter is saving this dog's life. the 7-year-old lab is scratching his ear and begging for a treat. look when he went through.
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his wisconsin home caught fire. they got cooper the dog out, cooper, but this one needed help. firefighters found him inside a second floor room full of smoke, brought him outside and that is where they preformed mouth to nose and placed an oxygen mask over his nose and you see the picture . he made it, is he a little stressed but is doing well. that's what we are told. amazing. >> sheriff's deputies say it's a scene of carnagn a ohio community. deputies had to shoot and kill nearly 50 wild animals. 18 rare bengal tigers and 17lions. the owner of an exotic animal park opened their cages before killing himself. police have been criticized for killing them but authorities and experts say public safety was the main concern. >> we are not talking about
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your normal every day house cat or dog, these are 300-pound tiger that we have had to put down. >> i want people to understand my heartaches for them. also our hearts ache for a lot of people that could have died. >> reporter: one animal is still on the loose, a monkey. a wolf that was missing was found dead this afternoon. scary situation. the news think pink week continues with the story of a woman a great teach erin side the classroom but even better outside. >> she taught four subjects but the continue that touched students the most was how she lived her life. her lesson. >> and is your teen getting enough sleep in have you noticed a change in their eating habits in why parents have to be looking for these signs. >> this story, there is a dungeon with four disabled adults chained up. this story is spreading, what police are looking in to.
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. >> the case of people locked up in a basement just seems to be brought tonight. >> over the weekend police found four disabled adults chained up in a woman's basement. they suspect she and several others may have been stealing the victim's social security disability checks. today a 4th person was arrested, police in virginia are now looking in to the 2008 death of a woman who lived with the alleged ring leader. police in florida are investigating a case that also may be related. >> apple stores across the land closed this morning and drew the curtain so customers couldn't see what was going on inside. behind that employee was watching a web cast of the official memorial for the apple co founder. the private service was broadcast from the apple's headquarters. the former vice president spoke to the service and bono read u2 lyrics off an i-pad.
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jobs died after a long battle with cancer. >> october is breast cancer awareness month and we have been thinking pink. we are celebrating survivors of breast cancer and those who have lot of the battle. students experienced a moment when one of the teachers lot of the battle just days ago. paying tribute to a woman who taught them so much in the classroom. >> to know her was to love her. linda conner was a teacher. she taught reading, world history, written expression and publishing. she was so full of life and energy a quality students and staff loved about her. students say her love of country music made learning fun. >> she was like a mother to everybody at the school and she was like my second mother and
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she was a mentor, she taught people to be brave. >> reporter: linda battled breast cancer more than a decade ago and won but two years ago it was back. she took a turnover the worst with stage 4 breast cancer, she didn't return to campus this year. this hit students hard. they formed a group to participate in the komen race for the cure to race awareness and find a cure. students designed shirts, held fund-raisers like bake sales to show her just how much they cared. >> they have been great. knowing a teacher they cherish, that they feel fondly of not being here is hard for them and they have not only lasted but have been extraordinarily proactive. >> reporter: linda connor not only taught students in the classroom but also taught them about life. her illness proved to be a
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teachable moment. braden's mother has breast cancer and he was terrified. linda helped him. >> she was just very supportive, she told me that i would get through this and that i have nothing to worry about because my mom loves me and her -- condition really wasn't as serious as i thought because type 0, they found it so early it was curable and my mom is doing very well now. i have mrs. connor to thank for that. >> reporter: a sea of pink fills the hallways as students bring awareness to breast cancer. a few days ago linda lost her battle. though she is gone students and teachers say her spirit will always live on. >> no matter what happens in life, what you go through, there is constant important support for you, whether through our family, your
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friends, your teachers who care about your success, every negative gets turned in to a positive. >> reporter: abc 2news. >> so far the students have raised $2,500 to donate. more than 20 of those students will participate in the walk and the 5k event for the race for the cure coming up. >> we are going to be right there to support them and cheer them on and we hope you will join us also on sunday. abc2 will start broadcasting the race at 7 in the morning and the big event the 5k starts at eight. also a one mile walk and you can come out and support the survivors, you can get all the details on the website. while there check out the special think pink section. it's a great resource to learn about breast cancer. the screening methods, treatments, it's waiting for you right now. >> october is breast cancer awareness month, this week marks national teen safety driving week.
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aaa is out with lots of information that confirm what some suspectedt. shows the most dangerous time for teen drive he social is the first month they drive alone. they are 50% more likely to crash than in the whole first year. aaa said the three mistakes they make the most are failing to slow down, failing to yield and not paying attention to the road. >> and another study shows a number of them are using anti dedepressants. what should you be looking for if you think your child is depressed? one of the big thing big things is change in habit. loss of interest in things they used to like, changes in sleeping eating could be a big sign and extreme changes in mood can also be a sign something is wrong. >> people tend to keep to themselves, their energy level
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lessens, their sadnescauses them to withdraw and as a result they suffer often silently and quietly without the ability to reach out and get help. >> it's not just kids, the study showed they are the third most commonly prescribed medication in america. >> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> and let's get into that radar and we find light showers out there but of course the radar has a hard time seeing the fine mist and that's out there everywhere right now keeping it damp. heavier showers on the lower earn shore, moreover spreading southern maryland. back into the southern half of washington dc. lighter showers around the immediate baltimore but the
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radar into more sensitive san mode and we pick up the moisture better but that's more of a mist. a fine foggy mist type situation and it make itself hard to see. if you have to head out use the low beams. temperatures around six miles an hour. pressure is low but beginning to rise just a little bit. we have 75 so far, may get another degree or two. warm air with all the rain. annapolis, sunset and the rain keeps pelting, ocean city, very wet finish to the day at the ocean as well. this was the story throughout the state today. across the entire area. couple things going on we have the warmer air off the ocean. cool air trying to punch into western maryland and for the next several hours temperatures in the 70s. it's warm outside, around baltimore. the ocean shore. won't last that long. the easterly winds that are up
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around 14 will start to switch out of the north and west and pick up in speed tomorrow. the 20, 30-mile an hour gusts and it'll be a cooler, dryer wind that comes in. that dryer air you can see it starting to over spread areas south and west. we have showers in our area for at least another three, four hours, we should start to dry out toward the morning, at least in terms of more rain but the roads will be wet. here is the dry air to the west. the main storm in the midwest. its been miserable places like michigan, ohio, as we look at the trend, that last wave comes through by daybreak tomorrow. then we will still have the clouds, the wind wills pick up. temperatures will drop as the storm keeps spinning to the west. i doubt we will get much more rain after early tomorrow morning. it'll just be a mix of sun and clouds through friday before we get the sun back in a bigger way this weekend. overnight 65, showers breezy,
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mist, fog, the forecast call it sunny and cloudy but plenty of cloud around, strong winds could go 20 to 30, anything that likes to blow around and tomorrow night not as windy but still a good breeze as we fall in to the mid40s. the seven day forecast, it's crisp here for a few days, as we go in to the weekend sunshine returning, and i do think that komen our big sunday morning for the station for the organization, for all of the runners looks good. it'll be crisp probably around early in the morning but clear. >> clear. >> sounds good. >> let's run. > how bo n jovi is working to feed the world. >> coming up on night line a -- police forced to kill dozens of deadly animals set loose from a preserve. should black women cross racial lines to marry? the author of a controversial
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book says yes. that after the news at 11. verizon 4g lte.
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america's fastest and most reliable 4g network in over 140 cities. verizon. built so you can rule the air.
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. a california judge showed no mercy for lindsey lohan, had her cuffs and sent november the 2nd for her hearing she could face up to a year and a half in jail. this is because she got thrown out of a court ordered women's center because she didn't show up. a lawyer said she is out of the country working and the judge cut her off and said she is supposed to be an actress from
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what i hear. > bon jovi has opened up a pay what you can kitchen. wonder what they serve? >> there he is. that's good stuff. >> not bad. >> weather? >> quick check. look at this. more of that mist and drizzle coming through. i tell you, things will begin to improve by morning. the roads may still be wet. breezy but then windy and dryer later in the day. be ready.
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. i'm going to be sporting lovely -- if you want to get one for your wife or significant other just like us on facebook. this is the official komen -- necklace piece stone and we are giving it away on sunday. just like us on facebook and you will have a chance to win it. it's an opportunity to support the cause. i will be wearing on sunday. hopefully it'll keep me warm. >> yeah. right. we will see you tomorrow. have a great night. >> have a great night.
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