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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  October 20, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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and that is what's making news in america on this thursday morning. >> make sure to stay with us for "good morning america." and have a wonderful thursday. and other. >> >> >> >> >> a young girl's stepfather is accused of her brutal murder. now a possible motive is revealed in court. a man is charged with using his facebook account to have sex with young boys. i'm sherrie johnson. coming up, police fear more victims could be out there. could you give up soda for the next 30 days? why leaders in howard county want you to stop drinking soda. good morning maryland. i'm charlie crowson. the weekend is just in sight. say good morning to
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meteorologist justin burke. >> reporter: you'll feel warm if you step outside. 66 in here. 62 annapolis and bel air. you can see a very clear demarcation west minister and west in the 50s. a push, will spawn showers. just rolled through the pikesville area into southern york county. we may have another shower or two sparked heading into the morning but overall, we are looking at the wind picking up. we may want to adjust that noon temperature. temperatures will be falling into the 50s with 40 miles per hour winds possible this afternoon. so hold onto the wheel, it is going to start picking up out there. here's tonya, with the latest. >> food advice. two hands on the wheel. no accidents in baltimore city or baltimore.
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let's take a live look. on come traffic is the outer loop. very light traffic in both directions. checking south of here, 695 at liberty road. if only you could stay that way. right now we have a smooth ride from pikesville down to woodlawn. charlie? >> authorities have released details about the brutal slaying of a 12-year-old girl stabbed back in may. we have more of the shocking details and i didn't know, it seems many women may have been involved with the suspect. >> reporter: david hang was the 12-year-old girl's stepfather. a possible motive was revealed hang was upset with the girl's mother. hang twice interrupt to say he didn't do it, then began to cry and deny the charge. a prosecutor told the judge
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david hang stabbed 12-year-old jessica nugent 40 times in her home. hang was furious with jessica's mother for filing for divorce because he had already married another woman. >> i believe he thought he could get out of it at some point in time and he wanted out. >> jessica nugent's mother and older sister appeared visibly shaking as they left the courthouse. they declined to comment on the case. the case of the 11-year-old boy who was found killed. the man suspected in that death, william mcquain, -- of william mcquain, curtis lopez, could be facing the death penalty. police now believe they found the boy's body yesterday. the autopsy will be used to determine the cause of death and curtis lopez was arrested last week in north carolina and could be returned to maryland to face the charges. there was a toxic discovery
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literally. frederick county authorities removed 82 cats from a home with the help of a hazmat team. the fumes were so bad officers had to wear respirators. the one of those kittens had to be euthanized. this morning opening statements are scheduled in the trial of walter bishop, the man accused of killing a gas station owner. bishop killed ray porter in a murder for hire scheme. the murder happened in march of last year. if convicted, bishop could face the death penalty. porter's life goes on trial next year and could face the death penalty as well. the man who was shot in the head in 1999 has died of a seizure. his death has been classified as a homicide. earl brown was shot and developed a seizure disorder. brown's death was ruled as a result of complications from
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the shooting 12 years ago. according to the associated press five people have died as a result of injuries in years past. if your child suffers the web you may want to listen up. baltimore police said they had a man in custody charged with having sex with two teenage boys and it all stems from a took account. sherrie johnson has more. >> reporter: detectives are searching for more victims. they say the suspect's interaction with the victims could be traced from his facebook account. police say the victims right now are 13 and 14 years old. they met 22-year-old brandon saw forth online. he used the profile of braden clark who claimed to be between 17 and 9 years old. he is in custody now because of the mother of one of the victims.
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they became suspicious after reading e-mails. the braden clark e-mail has about 1260 friends and police are concerned more victims may be out there. >> certainly not unusual with sexual predators for there to be more than one victim. we have already found two involving this suspect. we feel there may be more. >> reporter: he faces multiple sex offense. he is being held in the baltimore county detention center. reporting live in the baltimore county police headquarters, sherry johnson. kids spend an average of 42 hours a week online, but their parents think that number is much lower. a third of teens surveyed say their parents know little to nothing about what they do online and you should have to be 13 to have a facebook page.
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but 40% of 12-year-olds have one as well. we have information for you on our website coming through, you can click on the story itself about the man no carrierringconnect 57600
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go here. the protests certainly have not stopped. now the occupy baltimore movement has applied for a new permit for a square near the inner harbor. what is on hold? officials in the department of rec and parks say there is no in date on the application. that has been a problem in some cities. the permit is for 25 to 300 people to express solidarity for occupy wall street, a demonstration in new york city.
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4:47. busy this morning, we are watching rain swinging through. look at the edge of your screen. you see some blue there? that is snow. in west virginia. yeah there will be snow back in the mountains behind this storm system. look at this. 65 degrees in baltimore. 57 in dulles. back west the winds have shifted, not from a northerly direction but a west-southwest flow has brought in cool air. coastal flood advisories and we could be pushing gusts to 40 miles per hour today, with the cool down. temperatures mid-60s. a shower still possible this morning. a variable cloudy sky turns mostly cloudy with the cool air rushing in. much cooler north and west. still mild around the bay itself, this is the time of year we can get a wide variation of temperatures. on average 50s and falling with winds to 40 miles per hour.
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hold onto the wheel all morning long ea lot of the roads are drying up, that is good news. let's take a live look at our traffic cameras. 95 at 175, no issues to report traveling southbound. the traffic to the right of your screen from elk ridge toward recall. between the beltways we have no major accidents reports. fort mchenry tunnel running smoothly. problems on the newly opened intercounty connector. it is only eight months old and is already showing cracks. cracks on bridges that carry you in montgomery county. state inspections have revealed cracks in the overpasses on the ic c. the contractor says it was a design flaw and has agreed to cover any expenses to pay for the repair. the long-term modifications to
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the ic c, will come in the coming weeks. today more discussions expected on the possible amendments to no child left behind. we are going to have what you can expect today, coming up. rapper 50-cent doing his part to fight hunger. a live look in downtown baltimore. you see the wind, look at the breeze on the camera down at the inner harbor.
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five things you need to know on this thursday morning. britain's queen elizabeth second has a 10-day visit to australia. she is going to open the commonwealth. beginning in january,
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people on social security will see an adjustment for a cost of living. last year students took out an estimated $100 billion in student loans. the bank now reports that americans owe more on student loans than they do on credit cards. officials in north carolina approved a stretch of i-85 to be named jeff gordon expressway in honor of the nascar driver. how do you say this? >> 50-cent. say it again. >> 50-cent. very charitable, apparently. now using facebook in the fight against hunger. part of the initiative with the united nations food program. the rapper whose name is 50- cent plans to donate a meal to a hungry child every time his site gets a like on facebook. no more soda for 30 days. that is what howard county is now pledging to do to get
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people to put the soda down for 30 days. linda so, we are going to talk all about this. they want us to stop drinking all of this? >> reporter: not all of this. they want you to make the healthy choices. that is what this is really all about. instead of the soda, how about juice. >> a lightning standing campaign against soda. >> what is in here that is just so awful? >> reporter: lots of sugar. you have the caffeine. you know you have probably seen some of those reports where they put a piece of phone into a cup of soda, and it shows the bonus. the extra sugar not good for kids. you have obesity, heart disease, diabetes. that is why they are starting this campaign. it is called the soda 330 pledge. the hope is people would take the first step to becoming
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healthier and making healthier choices. later today the campaign will kickoff. a pledge will be signed at a local school to stop drinking soda for the next 30 days. they are hoping to set an example so other people will do that as well. that is going to happen at 11:00 this morning at talbot springs in columbia. the kids there can expect those special guests later this morning and again in our 6:00 newscast, we'll hear more about it. again some of why cutting out soda will make everybody healthier. linda so, thank you so much for your time. back to an update now. all this regarding no child left behind. we now have learned what senator barbara mccull and i says the
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amendment to the united states senate bill could take kids off the diploma track as soon as the third grade. elsewhere in an that happens, changes are made wednesday to the state map when it comes to congressional district. the maryland house rejoined the senate. republicans say the new map is an effort to oust long time gop congressmen, democrats say it reflects population growth in the suburban area. here's the story you first heard about yesterday on good morning maryland. the animals made big news. wandering in ohio. now today they are making news about their demise. all escaped animals have been found. the last one missing, a monkey was found inside wow, inside a larger cat because the monkey had been eat ep. police shot and killed 18 tigers, 17 lion and his eight
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bears. authorities say trying to tranquilize the animals would have been dangerous. the escaped animals's owner released them before taking his own life. a california teen has been missing for four months and now her mother says she is reaching out through facebook. 15-year-old elise wheeler believe she went to mexico with her adult boyfriend. then she found out the guy was married and left him. elise married a 23-year-old and is now pregnant. >> i believe she wants to come home, but she is scared for the man she is with now thinking he is going to go to jail. >> reporter: she thinks her daughter latched onto the man in order to survive in mexico. she is going to pay for them to go to california and look into the legality of the marriage. an iowa couple married 72 years died one hour apart in a hospital and they were still holding hands. they got married back in 1939 and that was the day normal
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stock graduated high school. the kids tell it as dad was the life of the party while mom simply kept things together. last wednesday there was a car accident. both were taken to icu at the hospital and nurses knew not to separate this couple. at the funeral they were holding hands in their casket. tv and a big mac. mcdonalds customers may soon be able to get food, drinks and entertainment. the hamburger chain is now launching the mcdonalds channel. the new channel is being introduced to a few stores in the next few months in southern and central california. if it is well received, this initiative could go nationwide. what do you think about that? >> >> reporter: your forecast might call for a mcflurry. we have a mcchill coming across the upper great lakes.
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you want to talk about mcwaves, 20-foot waves off chicago with the winds pushing 20 miles per hour. i tell you that, because our weather will seem better. the mountains much cooler this morning. there is our area of low pressure, this is the low and we did essentially try to have an area of low pressure roll its way up the coast and we are caught in between. that is the warm up we had to morning. but wrapping around this low is really cold air, just beginning to nudge its way into the region. by the way, i wanted to highlight the fact there are mcflurries and we may pick up a few inches up near snow shoe, west virginia west virginia. some of the ski areas will be intermittent with clouds and hang on to a few extra clouds tomorrow. 69, look that was our temperature at midnight. that is our two degree
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guarantee. can't avoid that even though most of the day will fall through the 50s. winds gusting at 40 miles per hour and tonight you'll notice a cool down. we'll talk about the weekend outlook in a moment. right now, mctraffic time. >> reporter: i knew he was going to say that. mcroad work not affecting mctraffic. let's look at our mctraffic cameras. fine outer loop moving well. inner loop no issues past frederick road. 695 at baltimore national pike. all quiet here as well. very light traffic in both directions. so far you have good to go. back to mccharlie. off to break now. 16 years ago her son was executed for a crime she said he didn't commit. the fight this morning that mother is doing to get her son cleared of the crime. coming up, we are going to look at newly reressed photos
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of the helicopter crash. you are watching good morning maryland, first and only at 4:30. a live look at i-95 this morning. back in a bit.
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around the world this morning there has been a big number of celebrations along the gaza strip since israel released more than 1000 prisoners. for this daughter having her father back after more than 23 years in captivity is like starting life all over. cook was only two when her father was sentenced for killing two israeli soldiers. the celebration continues, welcoming loved ones home. imagine this. a member of your family is wrongfully accused and executed for murder and then someone else comes forward and confesses to the crime. at a farmhouse, 60-year-old yang twice a month visits a local
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courthouse as she fights to get her son's name cleared for the rape and murder of a woman. he was later executed after a closed door trial. >> i went to my son's grave to tell him son, you fight in your world and i will fight in mine. he will thank me, because he knows a mother cannot live without her son. >> the other man who confessed to the crime that his not been formally charged. the execution has fueled a nationwide debate about the flaw in his china's criminal justice system. in august a helicopter crashed in afghanistan killing all board. it was one of the biggest days for the loss of life in afghanistan. the military has released the first photos of the crash site. in all, 38 people, including 22 navy seals, were killed in that crash. in chile, thousands took the streets in protest. the students are demanding high
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quality, free public education. they want to reform the system imposed by the former leader that forces them to assume huge amounts of debt. police used water cannons after protesters burned buses. more than 200 protesters have since been detained. more details in the brutal slaying of a 12-year-old girl by her stepfather. that story, coming up. the source of listeria, the outbreak in colorado. an investigation into the whole thing and what may have started all of that. straight ahead on thursday, october together. good morning, maryland. i'm charlie crowson. let's get it started with meteorologist justin burke. we are going to feel high winds out there this morning? >> reporter: highest winds we have had so far. by the way we have already had our high temperatures that are now starting to fall off. this is extreme lower eastern
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shore of maryland. winds now sustained close to 20. take your pick 7 or 8 miles per hour in hagerstown. temperatures in laurel 60 and falling. both places identical winds with the gusts up to 35 miles per hour. yes, our forecast calls for the wind. there may be a brief shower left over this morning, otherwise, we are mixing clouds and sun. i think the clouds will dominate into the afternoon. i want to let you know, temperatures are going to be tough to call. we have had our high at bwi, of 6, and it is dropping. we may very well be in the 50s before lunch time and stay there. an average for the region, 40 miles per hour wind gusts means it can blow some vehicles over a lane on the roads. tonya is going to talk about that and the impact on traffic. >> yes, be careful there. if you have any high-ended vehicles, especially at our bridges, be very careful. it is easy to


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