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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  October 21, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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john bern "abc news," new york. >> may not be ha hero. the boies mom. >> but that little boy's mom, he's a hero. that's what's >> good morning, maryland, at 4:30. >> from south baltimore on a mission from libya. gadhafi, will he be coming home. the story coming up. coming up, take a look at the possibility. the countdown is on for race of the cure. how you could help with the fight to breast cancer. friday, october 21st. good morning, maryland. what does the weekend weather outlook has? let's check in with justin.
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a nice weekend coming off a lot of us enjoyed yesterday. we're going to have a modification of the wind. and typical autumn pattern where the clouds retreat and will build in the afternoon. typical numbers, uniform numbers, out in york or yeager town. you could see the arrows, long and strong. it will be cooler. we'll talk about the numbers in a moment. right now 4:31. >> and we have the incident near liberty road near chapman road. let's take a look at the beltway starting out with a steady flow of traffic in both directions. no major incidents to report.
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895 is the harbor tunnel much overnight, we have two way traffic northbound. that's now over. all is well here. back to you. >> former libyan leader, moammar gadhafi. celebrations, including here in dc. crowds gathered as the -- it's not clear how it happened. from news outlet shows, the death of the libyan leader was a big topic. first the death came in increments. first with tweets, and then he was alive. audience seems to be conflicted. was the death something that need to be cheered about. one witnessed. matthew was trapped in a libyan
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prison. after being released stayed in libya. now reaction from van dyke's mother, standing by in the studio. karin, now is it over -- >> matthew van dyke's mother, she spoke with her son yesterday afternoon, broke gadhafi's death. as for matthew returning to baltimore. he always wanted to leave libya when gadhafi was gone. he has gone from journalist to writer. and escaping a libyan prison in august. van dyke was fighting with libyan forces in the country. matthew said he heard about libya and decided he needed to be there. gadhafi who was the world's most wanted man and former libyan dictator was killed. matthew was in the town of sirte, the same town where gadhafi was killed. here's what he thinks about matthew. >> i think he sees him as a
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brother. he doesn't like the term, an american hero to them. matthew has been in libya since earlier this year. he spent six months in gadhafi's prison before escaping. the latest of the death of the former leader. go to our website, for everything you want to see. an 18-year-old is being indicted on federal charges. officers say mohammed khalid, he's in the u.s. illegally in pakistan and arrested when he was 17. he's accused of recruiting and -- khalid faces up to 15 years in prison and could be deported if convicted. man arrested in alabama, accused of killing 18-year-old hatchette. he's awaiting extradition of
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jackson. jackson's body was found saturday. first grade teachers on trial in montgomery county. several students took the stand, saying she choked him when he acted up in class. the green council and schoolteacher is facing a number of champs. he told the jury he was scared of him. on the stand, heard many different story. one boy said he was choked twice and then said it happened ten times. the teacher said she never laid a hand on any of the students. a come biep, university of college park with the university of maryland baltimore. the latest on this, she's live at the city. cherry, what do you have. >> reporter: we're live at the university of baltimore. later we will decide whether
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there lk a public hearing to decide if it's possible to merge maryland park to the university of maryland. now basically, leaders are going to be looking at the potential for more research funding coming in. while the idea is being considered, the community and the civic leaders expressed concerned that merging the university maryland and college park will have. and baltimore city mayor is expected to speak at the public hearing today. the legislation has mandated that this study be completed by december 15th. the hearing takes place this afternoon from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the university of maryland baltimore. it's located at 621 west lumbar street. so far the university of maryland college park has not given an opinion on whether or not they are for or against the merger. we will have to see what comes
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down the public hearing. reporting live in downtown baltimore, cherie johnson, abc 2 news. their athletic field and how you may ask, the alcohol tax. the issue, the money earmarked for capitol improvement. some say the improvements goes to actual buildings, not through athletic field. >> i don't find the idea of resurfacing the field for football, the true meaning people intended when they pass such a tax. >> the plan that it's in effect, the recs and park money to get the disclosed outfit, and help get it started sooner. >> late last night, it was voted to postpone on the issue. public hearings before the final decision is made. healthy foods is not on the menu. what they were serving up and why they were being judged and
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who we found lurking around. that's straight ahead. jackpot. sort of anyway. it seems like it's getting smaller and smaller. the problem getting -- taking a chunk on revenues. and first and only on this friday at 4:30, we'll have a live look at the white house.
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healthy options were not an option in this event. look at what we found sampling the boneless wings. she was the one at the event thursday night. there were dozens of restaurants and silent auction for feed yourself and feed the hungry. the third year for the event and fund-raiser. and pretty tough assignment for
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lynette. >> it's hard to eat wings and look good. >> cannot do it. she didn't bring any back for us. that's the down side. it's 4:40, we have nothing to worry about in terms of rainfall for the day. look at temperatures in the 40s widespread. 46 on the storm center weather net. courtesy of weather bug. 42 columbia. and i wanted to highlight this year. elementary school, sitting at 48. southwest at 5:00. the gust overnight at 19. often times, i will toss this over at a moment to tanya. they leave the wings overnight. take that one with a grain of salt. since we were dealing with the big push yesterday. it will turn breezy this afternoon. we'll be looking at temperatures up to 60, as skies
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go to sunny to mostly partly. >> and it's good news across the bridges. we're doing pretty okay for the most part in baltimore city, baltimore county, no major accidents to report. let's take a live look over the beltway. in the outer loop of the oncoming traffic, light traffic on the interloop. 95, north of the beltway. steady flow of both directions, 95 south, past cayton, broken down car in the left shoulder. >> watching to see if they win the jackpot, law makers, see if they see the slot pot slimming. number crunches. and as large as it is supposed to be. the increased competition for neighboring states. lawmakers expected 217 million. and now that's down to 161.
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and to make things worst, the largest casino in the mills mall, that won't open until next summer. microsoft's revenue soared in the first quarter. that just ended. the business productivity and service software. sales ended september 30th at 17.4 billion. when we first back in may, billboards, marking the end of the world. why one group calls -- and why to keep it quiet about it this time. homework, detention, sure thing. you have to get the facts straight. the new way how to track how your kids are, are doing at school. that's straight ahead. you're watching good morning. good --
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today, president obama, south korea, panama and columbia. after signing, will be joined by workers who could potentially benefit from the deal. remember the so-called car ged dan in l.a. in seattle, they are calling it wye do. allowing crews to demolish the end of the alaskaia wave viaduct. where are the cars going to go? j. >> one california ministry, supposed to destroy the globe back in may. now they say it will happen today. it's the same group that called the rapture, 200 christians will be taken to heaven with return to imbued. that was supposed to happen may 21st. on the technological, steve jobs, restore monday, steve
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jobs, written by walter isaacson. eternal skeptic, delayed surgery, in favor of the holistic therapy. more study shows that more gays and lesbians are, are adopting children despite many states. more than 25,000 couples adopting in 2009. that was up from 64,000 in 2000. this morning, abc health reporter, is here with all you need to know, getting ready for sunday's big race. we heard some excitement going on in there few minutes ago. >> lots of excitement. look at these, ra, ra. if you been to the race, you know how inspiring, how empowering this is. these two women, they have been working so hard down to the last minute. we're two days away now.
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this is brittany, and coming. how are things going? >> great. very large crowd. and the numbers are, are great. it's going to be a perfect day. >> yep, yep, yep. >> and brittany, is there space. people could register. >> people could register. we have walkup reg registration. today, it's from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. we're taking reg registration on-line and take registration on the morning. race. >> in talking to some people, families who are, are undecided, looking for things to do who have kids. is this a kid-friendly event? >> it's definitely kid- friendly. kids for the kid area and kids for the kid program. registration is $10. and it will go up to $15.
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live entertainment and a ton of things to do. >> wonderful. lenore, for somebody who has never been there. i've been there and i know how exciting and wonderful this is. kind of paint a picture for us? what you could expect when you get out there. >> this is a celebration. it's all about celebrating survivorship and those who have been impacted by breast cancer. come early. it's like a festival. everything starts at 6:00 in the morning. and we advise everyone to come early, take the shuttle. get there early so you could enjoy the day. >> really, there's lots of tears, lots of smiles, lots of emotion. everybody really becomes your family. >> everybody comes together. it's a sea -- and especially, a beautiful picture. >> give us the -- everything you need to know about the race. we have a graphic up here. >> and i would advise everybody to get there as soon as possible. the race does open at 6:00. believe it or not, people are there, ready to greet the
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sponsors. there's a lot of giveaways, a lot of festivities. we get there earlier than that. the first race starts at 8:00. that's the 5k run. the 5k walk, and one mile family walk is at 5:30. >> ladies are, are working so hard to pull it off. looking forward to talk to you throughout the newscast. they've come so ready. >> preview of what's to come sunday. back to you. >> time now, 4:50. if you have family, friends in san francisco, no need to worry. ext experts say the minor quake not a sign of things to come. it hit, east, southeast of berkeley. listen. >> people want to know, is this a foreshock on a larger event? >> the reason, probable hely it's not. this is a zone where we've had dozens of earthquake in the last several decades.
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it's a known active area. it's a cluster of earthquake. you know, we won't say this is really very unusual at this location. >> there's no reports of any injure as or damage. in san antonio texas, one person still missing following a train derailment. looking at a scene for yesterday. and it turned up nothing. a lock at the station, reported one person was spotted near the site before the accident. how would you like easier access to the kids' teachers. there's an app for that. campus mobile, allows parents, easy access to see what's going on in the classroom and takes a different current information that schools put on-line and brings it to your cell phone. the department of education launched the app for use in schools. and it's only available for
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apple devices. leaders say the technology is expanding. check this out. it's free. now check this out. a restaurant in michigan has been busy in the kitchen trying to break a world record for the biggest burger. this is gross. it's 350-pounds of pure beef. check it out. 20 chefs to make 370-pounds of beef. that thing weighs a bun at 100- pounds. there's 20-pounds of cheese in the thing. tomatoes and onions and bacon and lettuce. that, no way, no how, mary beth is covering her mouth right now. justin? >> kind of disgusted just a bit. >> kind of disgusted. what's -- >> going back and rerack and eating chicken wings? that was much more pleasing. good morning. to you. 47 in baltimore and buffalo. uniform conditions. we don't identify too much of an issue here in terms of major
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transition because we've gotten into the cold air mass. show your stuff just under lighter winds. and holding things intact across the great lakes. we're still under the influence of the large storm system, that we will continue to push the northwesterly flow. fairly typical pattern and when the clouds line up or overnight. essentially they were retreat. once we store the winds and atmosphere, will gather the clouds further east. that's why i expect we go to a sunny morning to partly cloudy to mostly cloudy afternoon. more sun south and east and more clouds north and west. that could play a factor on what your temperature will be. overall, i expect to get more clouds in the afternoon and overnight. tomorrow, mostly sunny to partly cloudy. we're looking at a nice weekend. clear nights will allow the temperatures to really start to tank. we get longer nights and shorter days, we start losing some of the heat. going to the low end,
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guarantee, because of the build- up of clouds. low 60s of indianapolis across the bay. 50s north and west. winds gusting 20 miles an hour, but not as strong as yesterday. with the clearing skies, we're down to 42. outside the beltway, we'll find some 30s. we can find the first frost. widespread frost in the weekend. and back to 60s tomorrow. 39 on saturday night through sunday morning. it means we start race for the cure. and sunny day, light winds up to 62. good looking weather at least for the first half of next year. >> south, past cayton. had a broken down car in the left shoulder, left lap. that's out of the way. you don't have to worry about that any longer. traffic cameras, 95 at 175. no issues to report. and which is heavier right now. top side of the belt way, a live look at harper road.
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we're doing okay as well. both directions to the left of the screen is the interloop. people make their way to bel air road and 95. charlie. should be arrested and thrown in jail. protesters are making the arrest of former president, george w. bush. when good morning. maryland continues this friday morning. as we go on a break, take a look at the road. this is 95 highway. be back in a bit.
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a few minutes before 5:00, sad news from around the world. we've been telling you for days about the 2-year-old chinese girl who was ignored after being hit by two cars. that young lady has died. she died early this morning. this video showed more than a dozen people as that child lay in the street. the incident triggered outrage across the web and starked a
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fierce debate about the state of china's morals. some canadian protesters want george w. bush arrested. they demonstrated outside an even where he and president bill clinton were speaking together. this happened yesterday. amnesty international is calling on authorities to arrest bush for war crimes. they also announced an occupy wall street protest for the economic summit. a reign of terror comes to an end with moammar gadhafi begging for his life. more on the former libyan leader's final moments. a journalist from south baltimore held in a prison in libya for months. will he be headed home now that moammar gadhafi is gone? a public hearing today to
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decide whether or not to merge two large research universities. it's friday, ork 21st. good morning. let's check the weekend forecast. i heard from a few people yesterday saying they like this weather because they like their new fall jackets. we're chilly and clear. we're watching some clouds west of frederick. there may be some flurries up there in southern pennsylvania. whole stay dry. we'll watch that win flow carry more clouds through mid- to late morning. we start off with clear skies and that sunshine early in the morning. 45 had in bel air, 50 toward northeast and chestertown, low 40


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