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tv   News  ABC  October 21, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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>> well, he has gone from feared dictator to hiding in a pipe. the last moment of gadhafi's life and what that country could expect next. a shake up on the campus this, one had to do with mother nature. what things look like after an earthquake. women, listen up, the police department wants you. what is happening today that could put you in a uniform in the near future. that is straight ahead on this friday, october 21st. good morning, maryland, i am
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charlie. let's get right to it shall we and have a check of that weekend forecast with meteorologist justin berk. >> good morning to you we are checking out the satellite radar composite cloud look like they are rolling away along i- 70. we have been tracking about this, so while we have been talking about a clear start looks like this streamer may get its way through, even flurries may be showing out there this morning. it is west of harrisburg. i know they are not watching us but i wanted to let you know what we are looking at on the screen. we say dry and in fact at 47 degrees and a clear sky, you sue a shot saw a shot of that moon here and may actually hit the beltway in downtown and may ease some of the sun glare issues that may pop up in an hour. that is their temperature. and look at those arrows not as long and strong as yesterday. we will have winds but the shift over the weekend will be light but from a different direction.
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[ inaudible ] >> -- this afternoon but how about the traffic right now? here is tonya. >> more people are getting up and out the door and on to the roads so we are starting to get some volume out there. let's take a look at our live traffic cameras, this 95 northbound at 32, steady flow of traffic but it is moving well, so no issues to report as you make your way northbound from -- baltimore. the ramp from 24 south to 95 south we do have slight delays. the traffic on the ramp ramp is getting by. the drive time is okay. [ inaudible ] >> -- is okay but 795 to 70 will take you about a minutes charlie. >> well, he is a wanted man and they finally got him this morning. the libyan nation is celebrating the death of its former dictator moammar ka defensey, and linda is here we the very latest this morning, linda. >> kelly, people in libya rushed the streets you could
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hear gunfire, horns and cheering following the death. his final hours began when fighters stormed his last stronghold of sirte. officials say he was shot in the head and died on this way to the hospital. a man brandishing the deck taters legendary golden gun says he took that finality shot. it was a shot heard around the world. president obama praising libyans for fighting against tyranny. >> this is a momentous day in the history of libya. the dark shadow of tyranny has been lifted and with this enormous promise the libyan people now have a great responsibility. >> and that responsibility now holding the future of libya. there is no question the road ahead will be difficult with a lot of challenges. linda so, abc2 news. >> some living around san francisco may be shaken up. an earthquake hit there.
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an earthquake hit the same area earlier. there have been no reports of damage or injuries as a result. making news also around the nation, five people died in an accident there. you can see how bad it was. authorities say one of the cars crossed the line and crashed into the other head on. two men and others were all killed in this accident. family members are speaking out this morning about a pennsylvania woman charged in a check scam. police say she chained a man to a boiler, abused a disabled woman and starved others while collecting their social security checks. one relative says he abecaused her own child -- died. >> -- all the time. we used to have to clean up the house, scrub the walls -- [ inaudible ] >> -- doing as kids -- >> 4 other people have been charged in this case, all of the suspects are being held on a 2.5 million dollar bail in philadelphia.
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well, new york officials are threatening to shut down a brooklyn's bus line, that is because women are reportedly being forced to sit in the back of the bus on the b-110 line. it serves jews which calls for them to be segregated. >> you can have a private bus and go do what you want on it. but we will not permit that with city monies. >> the department of transportation is threatening to shut it down if it continues forcing women to sit in the back. you want to know what your kid is doing in class. there is now an app for that. how one state is allowing parents to track their own children while still in school, details coming up. if you have wells fargo you may want to take a closer look at your bank statement. what they have to say after a glitch reveals customer's personal information. we will fill you in when good morning maryland continues on this friday morning, i want to thank you for making us a part
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of your day.
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now good morning maryland. >> 6:38, parents in kentucky have a new way to keep track of their kids and how they are doing in the classroom. the new app takes information, puts it on line and brings it straight to the parents cell phone. >> -- find out -- [ inaudible ] >> -- go out. >> the kentucky department of education launched the free app for use in schools throughout its 174 districts in the state. it is only available right now on apple devices but looking at expanding its technology to make it available for all parents. well, some wells fargo customers may want to take a
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closer look at their statement. a glitch caused their information to end up on other's statements. they appear to be the most affected. >> i want to assure them they are not designed to include social security numbers or any other personal information that could be mis-used so we feel strongly the risk of identity theft is very low. >> according to them the printer that malfunctioned has been identified and is now out of commission. the bank plans to offer everyone who has received a faulty statement one free year of protection under wells fargo. good news if you have a pension plan, next year you will be able to contribute more money. it is around 17,000 dollars for tax year 2012, that is 500 dollars higher than this year's limit. irs officials say rising inflation is behind the need for that change. well, a baltimore man in
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libya has always said he would leave that country after gadhafi was gone. >> we will hear from his mother. she will talk about his plans to return home. >> could two large esearch universities merge? i am shy johnson, coming up we will take a look at a proposal. >> and taking a look at this. sunrise. well, we still got a half-hour to go but at least they have clearing off. we will have ourselves a quiet weekend we will talk about coming up. >> accidents being cleared out of the way, not a bad morning commute. we will give you an update when good morning maryland continues.
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♪[ music ] >> time now for abc's news -- [ inaudible ] >> -- charlie kraus and let's get things started right now, a lot going on getting you ready for the upcoming weekend. karin has an update on him. sherry is live with that and tanya will keep you updated on
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the commute but first -- [ inaudible ] >> -- tranquil let's say start to the weekend, we are looking at temperatures -- [ inaudible ] >> -- a few degrees of this mark, a few -- [ inaudible ] >> -- dry sweeps here from maryland's most powerful doppler radar. we have been watching a line of clouds -- [ inaudible ] >> -- few of you, otherwise we are expecting more sun this morning but more clouds to build back in as the breeze stirs up and we are looking for the -- [ inaudible ] >> -- especially around baltimore, maybe to aannapolis and especially west and north but let's go to the roads at 6:45 here is tonya. >> 95 has been busy -- [ inaudible ] >> -- report, it is moving well
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between elkridge and laurel. taking a look at hartford county that is what is happening there. charlie. >> the human -- [ inaudible ] >> -- gadhafi. video has surfaced since yesterday showing him bloodied and walking moments before his death. meantime nato's governor body is meeting today and a primary topic is the end of a seven month bombing campaign over that country. we just got animation showing how he likely was killed. [ inaudible ] >> -- drainage pipes. well the death of moammar gadhafi might bring one baltimore mother closer to
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seeing her son. matthew van dyke who went there -- [ inaudible ] >> -- well, now with the leader dead he may be returning home but for more on that let's turn things over to ka renne redmon standing by with more from van dyke's mother, karen. >> well, matthew van dyke's mother said she spoke we spoke with her son yesterday after news of his death broke. well, as for her son, he said he would come back after he was dead. he was gone from a journalist to a machine gun toting freedom fighter, he said he ended up there because he heard about what was going on there and he decided to stay -- [ inaudible ] >> -- man and former libyan dictator was shot and killed yesterday by rebels, shannon van dyke said matthew was in the town of sirte, the same
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town he was killed in. that is what she had to say. >> they would do anything for him. they call him an american hero. >> he spent six months in the prison before escaping. he is expected to write a book about his experience. karen redmond, abc2 news. [ inaudible ] >> yeah, you hear the shouts of shame, shame, occupy dc protesters were hoping to get the attention of famous actor harrison ford, he was in a funked raising dinner with high- powered ceo, protesters -- [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ]
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>> -- merger between the university of maryland college park and the university of maryland baltimore. abc2 news education reporter sherrie johnson is here live with the details. >> well, charlie, we are here on the campus of university of maryland baltimore, where later today the board of regents will hold a public hearing to try to decide whether or not it is a good idea to -- [ inaudible ] >> -- baltimore, now maryland senate president mike miller actually called for the study of whether it is feasible for the two largest research campuses in the state university system to merge. leaders are looking at the possibility of increased research funding coming in. right now again they are in the study phase of this process. and while the idea is being considered the community and some civic leaders have expressed concern that merging the university of maryland baltimore campus with college park will have a negative impact on the city of baltimore and the anchor roll provided by
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them. she is expected to speak today and the legislation has mandated the university of mare lanked maryland must issue a report on this. it takes place today -- [ inaudible ] >> -- lombard street. so far -- [ inaudible ] >> -- opinion one way or the other on what they think about the merger. >> [ inaudible ] >> -- but this time it is not about how much you pay it is about how the money should be spent. there is a proposal on the table that would use the monies to build turf fields at two schools in howard county. the problem is the money is earmarked for capitol improvements and some say those monies should go toward renovating the buildings, not the athletic fields. >> i don't find the idea of resurfacing a field for football the true meaning of what people intended when they passed such a tax. >> help jump up start the --
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the plan that is in effect that -- weather we use recs and parks money to get all the schools outfitted now we get an extra 2 million dollars and help it get it started sooner. >> they postponed the hearing. they found out slots are not as profitable as they originally thought. [ inaudible ] >> the cause a weak economy and increased competition from neighboring states, now it doesn't leap the largest casino -- [ inaudible ] >> -- that is not going to open until the summer. we are also waiting on-sites in the city as well as rocky gap state park. ladies, this is just for you, if you want to be a police officer head down do headquarter, at noon today the baltimore police department is hosting a recruiting event specificationly for women applicants, now, if you get your chance you will take the written test, those who pass
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that will then be invited to come back for the physical agility test later on this morning. 5 things you need to know this morning. a fun funeral will be held for him. the trial for him will resume today. the judge said that is the reason for delay. the expert is on the stand, should be there for the remainder of the day before the progress cause wraps up. the book will be hitting shelves. it portrays him as a skeptic who delayed surgery in favor of more hole holistic therapy. and this is pretty far out. they want to do that.
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private contractors can begin submitting proposals in december for work that could begin as soon as next year. do you remember the so- called karma get in carmageddon in l.a.? [ inaudible ] >> -- at any given time. well, tomorrow a new edition is coming to camden yards going to be unveiled, a bronze statute of brooks robinson. it picked october 22nd because of brooks winning the 1970 world series in this month. the statute is a gift from his friend and close personal afan tans chairman henry rosenburg. well it is called la nina and for the second year in a row it is expected to affect the way winter happens here across the united states -- [ inaudible ] >> -- been causing, what does
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it mean for us? let's ask justin because he has a new idea for what noaa. >> [ inaudible ] >> -- much what we got from them. hey i gave a taste of my outlook yesterday and i will post -- [ inaudible ] >> -- the down side is that we -- we get this sunlight coming up so late we don't get many cameras to show you but at least we have a pretty view, some clouds off to the north of annapolis. it is not that dark but at least our camera thinks so so we don't have much to show you. those a are your temperatures. all right we got a chilly
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morning. there is a band of clouds that we have been watching. [ inaudible ] >> -- watching the winds help to carry those over, not nearly as strong as yesterday but once we start mixing the atmosphere we start expanding that cloud cover, especially by late morning into the afternoon. that may cut back our temperatures just a little bit. but it won't be nearly as windy as we head through the weekend, that just means allowing the clouds to ease up overnight and those long nights to start cooling us off. here is the general set up for today. temperatures about 60 degrees, that is the low end of our two degree guarantee. now, if you are in annapolis that will be your temperature. those are your other temperatures. race for the cure we could
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start in thelys. we will go to 62, sun in the afternoon. 60s, dry next week, until we get to thursday. [ inaudible ] >> -- especially by the end of next week, tonya. >> we still have a ramp partially blocked in hartford county. 95 south a ramp from 24 south on to knife 95 due to an earlier accident. we have volume in both directions now. a little bit congested up near old court road we are actually doing okay. checking the j fx jfx at northern parkway. we are doing okay. of course this is going to increase as we get later into the morning. but hopefully it is a friday and everybody took friday off. >> all right. and we want to remind use always we are available at abc2 and on facebook, we want you to like us and take part in the conversation but
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don't forget today is national mammography day. now don't forget you can see us there. now we are going to good morning america. send comments to send comments to from ethan allen come new expressions
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