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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  October 24, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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stranded at is south pole for months and headed home. the researcher is expected to arrive at hopkins for treatment. apple offers the public a chance to say good-bye to steve jobs. i'm sherrie johnson, a look at how you can do that coming up. devastating earthquake rocks turkey, leaving hundreds dead and more trapped in the rubble. more coming up. good morning maryland. i'm charley crowson. let's start the half hour as we do every morning with you, with a check of the forecast. hello to justin berk. good morning to you. milder than it was yesterday for many of you like charlie, chilling, hunt valley 30,000 helping to support komen's race for the cure. after fabulous end to the weekend. we start off monday with cloud cover and fog. look at the widespread
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temperatures, though, northeast 42. 41 bel air. 47 reisterstown. cool down from columbia, 41, 39 lorel. hopping towards the water of the chesapeake, we've got 46 in annapolis. dry on the most powerful doppler. no worst about rain. two waves of clouds. first wave this morning, midday, we should break out sun with next push of clouds and chance of late day or early evening showers. 67. we will talk about the rest of the week in a moment. let's go to the traffic update with tonya. frank fort at sinclair lane re-opened after eler police activity. we have a disabled vehicle, 83 south, york road. this is the beltway at frederick, through kaytonsville, outer loop moving well. ini loop no problems. looking at the jfx, northern parkway, light traffic in both directions. southbound, towards cold spring
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lane, no issues in your way. drive times are doing fine for the most part. 83 southbound, shawan to the beltway, five minutes, 95 white marsh, 6 minutes. the outer loop, bel air to providence 6 minutes. american researcher stuck in the south pole is finally making her way home. it's been a long trip. she h arrive at johns hopkins, receiving medical treatment after finding herself thousands of from home in antarctica. >> reporter: she left last nite and on her way here to hopkins as we speak. renae deshore is expected to arrive later tonight. she left the south pole last weeks stuck there since august after suffering what was believed to be a stroke. the new hampshire woman was working at the south pole research station when got stick, a rescue plane couldn't
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get to her right away because the weather conditions were too dangerous. deshore is expected back home and left new zealand last night and landed in australia. from there she will pass through san fran and washington before arriving here for treatment. she will be able to make a full recovery with treatment. expected to stay here until thursday. collision on bwi runway made for scary moments during the weekend. a spokesman says the southwest airlines jet collided with a fuel truck saturday and says it happened after the jet landed from a night to orlando. the spokesman notes the kind of incident is rare. no one was injured. man is dead after a wrongway collision on route 301, according to reports, eugene was from hazel township, pennsylvania, headed south in the northbound lanes of 301 and his suv struck a car in the
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opposite direction. he died in an area hospital. another passenger was taken to shock trauma. this in to the newsroom, lower manhattan, authorities say two cars and a subway train derailed two hours ago. authorities say an empty train backed up to the disabled train. 19 people were on board but not hurt. no word on a cause for the accident. many of you will have an opportunity to pay respects to steve jobs. sherrie johnson is here with what you can expect to see from a private service that was recorded last week. >> reporter: big day in terms of steve jobs, apple allowing the public to see his memorial service held at headquarters and a book comes out about his life. apple posted a link late sunday to show a video service, held on wednesday morning in an outdoor afternoon theater in the center of the campus.
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the ceremony was private, closed to the public and media. jobs was cofounder who died at 56 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. a book ofs a look at steve jobs, private man behind the company that impacted our lives. his biographer talks about the last conversations he had with jobs about his health. >> i've asked him that. he said i didn't want my body to be opened or violated in that way. you can find the jobs memorial on the apple's website. scroll down to the bottom here and celebrating steve, click on that, and the link comes up. this will be posted today. that's how you go to see it. it runs 81 minutes and gives a glimpse of a company in mourning. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. a devastating earthquake in parts of turkey and frantic
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search underway following a quake more on the destruction that country is suffering. >> we learned about five minutes ago the death toll increased to 239 people. that death toll expected to rise and also a number of victims trapped beneath collapsed buildings. this is new video we got in, a rescuers looking for survivors. the 7.2 quake struck during the middle of the day yesterday. here is a look at the full force of the violence wrecking this leaving behind a mess. tens of thousands of panicked residents flocked to the streets. buildings knocked down. screams for help were heard coming from beneath the wreckage. people are using bare hands to reach survivors. anguished loved ones comfort one another as we await word on family and friends. >> there was a lot of shaking
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said this man. i have relatives here and waiting for them. i pray to god they will come out alive and well. >> officials expect a number of casualtys to continue to grow as hundreds remain hospitalized and medical supplies are desperately needed in the country. latest, we will have you covered on find the slide shows for updates underneath the world news tab. no one likes to hear this, gas prices on the rise once again, just ahead, we will tell you the reason experts say you will pay more at the pump on days to come. commutes are never fun. why today's drive is expected to be bad. consider yourself warned. when does a common symptom become a concern? when it becomes pregnancy. who do these feet belong to? that's megan pringle. we will explain why her foot is
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swollen in just a bit. now to new york for the latest business news. topping america's money, world markets got a boost from hopes that european leaders will device a solution to the debt crisis. the union meets wednesday, overthe weekend agreed to address fundamental issues instead of responding to each crisis. president obama plans to promote new rules for guaranteed mortgages. the plan would help homeowners with little or no equity avoid foreclosure. leading technology companies are interested in yahoo. publish red ports say microsoft and google are backing private ins ves tores who hope to buy the search engine. if something seems strange, pair normal activity 3 was the top mauve. it took in $54 million, that's the biggest october opening ever. real steel and foot loose were second and third. that's america's money, .
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good morning maryland. swelling is a common part of pregnancy, sometimes it can turn dangerous. megan pringle has been learning this firsthand as she did over the weekend. joining us via skype to explain what happened. you talked about this friday. the images might be a bit disturbing. >> they are definitely disturbing. i apologized. i'm a little appalled that i'm sharing this with people. i go to the doctor every friday. it's routine. when i went there friday, they were alarmed about how much weight i gained in a week. they determined it was in my feet. look at the picture and see
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why. they were enormous. one leg was very, very swollen. the concern was, this is more than the common swelling that women experience during pregnancy because they have so much fluid and it's not moving as well as it used to. they were worried it could be preeclampsia or a blood clot. it was sluggish blood flow. there is an easy fix. that is compression socks, which i had heard were helpful but avoided it, maybe for vanity reasons. i bought some. as you can see, the swelling went down an incredible amount. that was less than a day, probably about 20 hours later. they are swollen in the picture. they are better. it's all because of these, goofy looking knee high socks, the swelling has gone down.
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it's attractive. it's not. but it's working. it's one of those where doctors say if you have swelling, there are things you should look out for, if it's hot to the touch, or red marks. always bring it up to your doctor. the results can be serious if you don't. >> there is a question we have. pause we know you are okay, that's great, we know when you went to the doctor friday you had to wear rob's shoes because you tried to put flip-flops on and they got stuck. who does your toes? >> [laughter] rob does. your feet still have to look nice. i needed a pedicure. the paint was cracking and looking ugly. the big fat feet need all the help they can get. >> you look great.
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>> keep in mind, it's the 24th, identify deposit the 29th in the -- i've got the 29th in the pool. you owe me 2 bucks. >> five days. hold off for five days. >> i will see what i can do. >> get some rest. how about that? rob does the pedicure. we will get in touch with his kindergarten teach tore show he can color in between the lines. i'm going with november 1st, matching mommy's birthday. it's 44 baltimore. that has a nice ring to it. 50s to the west. this is a sign of warm air surged ahead because for 51 detroit, to 41 green bay and to the 30s across the northern plains, that's around this boundary. there is a surge of warm air. there is a distinct line of showers. area of low pressure in through southern sections of canada. here is the deal. one bands of clouds ahead of
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it. some clearing and we've got that surge with the showers. this is what we are going to have. bands of cloudiness. there is patchy fog mixed in. we will have to deal with clouds swinging through for the first half of the day. midday, partly to mostly sunny. late in the afternoon, the surge. this is 5:00 p.m., notice, that next wave of clouds just trying to sneak in here. we will winds up with a decent first half of the afternoon. this is gauging this model with a grain of salt. this maybe holding back a little bit on the time frame. we may want to speed this up a little bit. it's a late afternoon to evening event. passage of the showers, we will clear things out tonight and tomorrow. sunshine and a decent day. we will surge another round of warm weather ahead of the next frontal boundary on wednesday. line of rain will be hitting us. that will mean business.
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warm weather, it's late october standards. good day yesterday, warmer today. 67. variable clouds, that band of at least some clearing midsday and early afternoon before we get the next surge. chance of showers in the northern tier of maryland. from cecil to harford. south of baltimore, we will stay try all day long. we clear out tonight and drop to 45. tomorrow, more sun, 66, 69 to near 70. shower showers wednesday. falling behind the front, high of 56 friday. 50 on saturday with more clouds. it's starting to feel more like late autumn. harrisburg expressway, south at york road, a broken down car reported. on the right lane, stay to the left if you can. looking at the traffic cameras this is the beltway at frederick road, through kayton'sville, towards ar ar
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arbutus and 95. southbound to the right of your screen towards arbutus. accident recorded in milford mill at church lane. drive times doing fine, harrisburg southbound ring five minutes, 6 minutes to travel 95 southbound, white marsh to the beltway. 6 minutes between bel air and providence. traveling north avenue, lane closures in effect at 9:00 this morning, all due to utility work. eastbound and westbound north avenue, between howard street and mount royal will be closed except for one lane of through traffic. closures expected to last for two months. seattle is bracing for via document, sound like a movie coming up. the biggest freeway shut down will begin or did begin friday
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night. the true test is the commute. drivers scrambling trying to find alternate routes to work. it carries 100,000 cars through the heart of downtown seattle everyday. closed until halloween, aging roadway will be replaced by a tunnel and someone who has driven that, that's a good thing. gas prices are rising, the average price of a gallon is $3.47. the spike follows a rise in crude oil prices and dramatic increase. the cost of ethanol. drivers will pay around $3.39 a gallon for regular unleaded and to find the least expensive, head to, click on the traffic tab, input your zip code to find the least expensive price. the world's largest retailer announced a price matching strategy, luring shoppers in for the holiday season. wal-mart will match prices on
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products even after purchases are made. shopper whose bought a product on the website or in stores, from november 1st to december 25th, and find the identical product for a lesser price, they will receive a gift card for the price differential. wall street, coming up, carter evans is live in new york, tracking three important stories, two involve maryland. let's talk about the markets. see the green behind me. it's good news. look at numbers on friday, dow closed up in 2-point 3%. nasdaq sp, 1.4%. i'm looking at or markets in europe, in the green as well, so are futures up 26 points. it's suggesting a stronger open for the day. while the congressional super committee mulls over defense
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spending cuts, defense contractors aren't waiting to find out what is going to happen and downsizing. last week the electronics systems division said it would trim 800 jobs, most in maryland. that's on top of 500 jobs eliminated in the division this year. these two steps easily represent 100 million out of the economy. it's a small portion of the overall continuing shrinkage of defense spending. 40% of those -- of maryland's private sector job growth is due to those verizon wireless workers going back to work after the strike. maryland's shows it added 10,000 jobs in september. that's according to the u.s. labor bureau data. of that, about 4000 of those were the result of verizon workers ending the strike. overall maryland's unemployment rate, increased actually to
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7.4%. that explains why the rate wept up a little bit. the number of jobs looked like it was getting better. a lot is due to the people going back to work so it wasn't new jobs added to the economy. coming up, tax season is something that you are probably not thinking about. con artists are thinking about it. what they are trying to do now to get hands on your money. look for products that are bpa free for kids. a study says moms need to be careful before babies are born. the details coming up in a bit. a great birthday, william allen turned 90 during the weekend and lives in kaytonsville.
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welcome back to good
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morning maryland. scammers using refunds and exemptions to get your personal informs. joce sterman tells us about bogus emails. >> reporter: we are months from april 15th, you've got time before you have to think about crunching numbers. scammers have tax season on their minds. better business burreau row warns they are sing emails to try and get your information. take a look at this one bbb sent us, looks official like it comes from the irs. it says you need to verify your status and complete this form that asks for tons of sensitive information and copies of your passport. it's just a if scam.
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all you have to do is fill out the form and you're good to go. with both the emails sending back those forms gives scammers access to personal information. the irs says it never discusses tax issues by email. no matter how scary or tempting the messages sound, hit delete and wait until spring to deal with the tax man. >> for scams, go to click on the scam alert link. recovery has been nothing short of a miracle. a lot of work to do, how congresswoman gabby giffords starts the next journey afshot in the head in january. janet jackson rescheduling part of her australian tour. why she is putting it on hold for now. all that straight ahead. just how profitable was the baltimore grand prix race?
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i'm sherrie johnson, crunching the numbers, coming up.
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good morning maryland i'm charley crowson. you may have noticed in the past couple of breaks we haven't had commercials and gone to black and come back to us. technical issues. we will keep you up to date with everything going on. let's turn things over to justin berk with a check of the forecast. i get time to talk about where i will be. out to california tomorrow to the air force base as i get to partake in some of the festivities surrounding the rocket launch in a next generation weather satellite mpt, we will have an interviews i get to sit besides
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astronauts. we will talk about the actual launch here at the end of the week. i'm excited about that. we got a lot of action this morning. 44 baltimore. 48 hagerstown. 45 easton. cloudiness this morning. intermittent fog. we will have variable clouds. it could be mostly cloudy, or partly cloudy or clear. that's what the picture shows us now. band of cloudsness, you will see the winds south and that helps to boost temperatures through 5:00 this afternoon. watch the winds shift. that's when we clear out behind this front. surge of winds. temperatures tank towards the end of the week. this morning no action locally. a dry sweep, and we will look at clouds this morning, and a break midday through a good chunk of the afternoon, we will see sunshine and a nice day
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stacking up. late afternoon and evening, a chance of a shower, a high of 67 degrees. we talked about action, a new tropical storm. the latest on the earthquake in turkey and baseball sized hail. wait until you see that video i get to show you in just a bit. harrisburg, southbound, at york road, report of a broken down car in the right lane. stay to the left if you can. i'm not seeing problems in the cameras. traffic camera, the outer loop at old court, near 795, south of 795, the traffic is finally starting to slow down on the outer loop. trying to get on here is stop and go traffic through pikesville, southbound, towards 70. taking a look at the jfx, this is the jfx from the 41st street overpass, moving well southbound, no problems to report, northbound. down towards north avenue, it's
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running pretty smoothly heading in to downtown. milford mill, an accident reported millford mill road at church lane. just be aware of that. drive times are slow in some spots. we are slowing down a little bit, 95 southbound, white marsh to the beltway, taking 7 or 8 minutes instead of 6 minutes. outer loop, topside is okay. the slowdown is between 795 and 70, that will take 9 or 10 minutes. baltimore first ever grand prix race, was it ultimately worth it. sherrie johnson is here with more as people are sitting down to crunch the ever important numbers. >> the final economic report is due out today. it's been more than a month since the first baltimore grand prix race and supporters of opponents sat down to look at numbers, many eyes will be on the report, a previous study showed the race did not generate nearly as much money as the people of baltimore were promised. at a news


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